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The giant earthworks of the Llanos de Mojos in Bolivia show the engineering skills of the ancient inhabitants.
Find out about the three child mummies discovered on a volcano in Argentina.
Visit the Nova TV series "Ice Mummies of the Incas."
Learn about the Peruvian "ice maiden" on the National Geographic site.
See the paleolithic cave art from Ardèche in France.
A thoughtful page discussing the whole "Neanderthal problem" can be viewed at Neanderthals, while an extremely interesting page on putting faces back on Neanderthals in a high tech manner (although the old myth of uncombed hair and leather rags for clothes is still alive, even in high tech) is at "Neanderthal faces"
The Hall of Maat is a fine site full of debunking the weird and wonderful world of those who see dinosaurs and outerspacians and similar phenomena
And, for up to date news of Asian archaeology check out the "Ancient East Asia" homepage for news, articles, information concerning meetings and organizations concerned with the archaeology of China, Japan, and Korea at "Ancient East Asia"
General resources:
For all the news and image databases concerning stolen/looted archaeological and historical cultural property
ArchNet:WWW Virtual Library for Archaeology
Archaeology at About.Com

Archaeological Institute of America
Archaeology Magazine
Society for American Archaeology
Precolumbian Art Research Institute
FAMSI : a foundation which maintains a lot of Mesoamerican resources, like the Kerr Archive on line

Directories of Fieldwork Opportunities:
The Archaeological Institute of America's fieldwork guide
About.com has a great page of dig opportunities, too.

Some Recommended Field Schools:
The Maya Research Program at Blue Creek, Belize (and now also at Yaxunah). A great way to spend two weeks!

The California Institute of Peruvian Studies offers field schools in bioarchaeology, ancient textile analysis and archaeology in Arequipa and on the south coast of Peru. Good people; good programs.

Earthwatch places volunteers with projects in a wide variety of field disciplines, including archaeology. They are pricey, but worth it if you have only a limited time.

The Catholic University in Lima, Peru is offering field schools in archaeology (at the famous Moche site of San Jose de Moro), ethnomusicology, environmental studies, and telecommunications. Instruction is in English. Or you can take the stay in Cuzco and learn Spanish program!

Specific sites:
Cihuatán, El Salvador
Universidad Francisco Gavidia, San Salvador, also maintains a site on Salvadoran archaeology and history
Those swell mummies from the Laguna de los Condores and where they are today
Maya Research Program, Blue Creek, Belize
El Pilar Archaeological Biosphere Project, Belize