Curriculum Vitae
Jane Veeder

1975-77    The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (MFA)
                  Video, filmmaking
1967-69    California College of Arts & Crafts (BFA)
                  Ceramic sculpture, photography
1966-67    The Maryland Institute, College of Art
                  Arts foundation
1962-64    Antioch College
                 Art foundation, theatrical production

1988 - Present    Associate Professor, Inter-Arts, Cinema,
(currently) Design & Industry Departments

San Francisco State University, College of Creative Arts Teaching courses in 3D computer animation, interactive multimedia, and design of virtual worlds. Currently coordinator of digital media curriculum development for the D.A.I. Visual Communication emphasis. Founding Director, Advanced Computer Imaging Center, an advanced study area for 3D computer animation (1988-1994); Founding Co-Director, Faculty Multimedia Research and Development Center (1992-1994); Director, Creative Arts Computing Lab ( 1988 - Present). Member of New Media Institute Advisory Group (1997-98), University Educational Technology Advisory Committee (1992-94), College of Creative Arts Computer Advisory Committee (1988-).
   SFSU: Selected Course Topics (created and taught):
   Design of Virtual Worlds (1999-)
   Integrated research, design theory, and production practice of
   interactive 3D virtual worlds for CDROM and internet. Investigation
   of issues of theory, conception, and design applicable to interactive
   worlds, e.g. navigation and interaction for non-linear media, spatial
   perception, information visualization, user cognition, non-linear
   narrative. Overview of interactive 3D worlds as a developing field
   and research topic, the evolving technology, and the various
   application areas and related theory, creative goals, design gestalt
   and content requirements.
   Class website under construction at
   3D Computer Graphics and Animation (1988-)
   Introductory and advanced studio courses to develop conceptual,
   technical, and design skills in 3D computer graphics and animation.
   Students learn 3D software and gain a working overview of 3D motion
   graphics design considerations and production process by working
   through a progression of basic technical/design problems then design
   and execute a personal creative project in consultation with the
   instructor. Various works are shown and discussed for content/design
   analysis and to gain an overview of the field. Other design, media,
   animation, performing arts courses are strongly advised as prior and
   companion study.
   Rethinking Digital Visual Media: History, Technology,
and Content (Fall 2001-)
Interdisciplinary lecture/discussion course engaging digital visual media (computer animation, interactive media/internet, virtual worlds) viewed through the lenses of history, cultural influences and impact, technology and production techniques, content, creative roles, and application areas. Open to all SFSU students.
   Contemporary Animation: Focus on Computer Animation (Spring 1977)
   Lecture course. Exposition and analysis of computer animation, its
   history, current developments, and future trends as viewed through
   the evolving lenses of content, the role of the animator, technology
   and production techniques, application areas, and cultural influences
   and impact. Class attracted students from the humanities and
   sciences as well as creative arts.
   Digital Media 2: Graphical Interaction Design (Fall 200-)
   Focus on design and prototyping graphical interfaces for
   human-computer interaction. Topics include audience research and
   user testing, information structures and navigation, interaction
   design, and visual theme. Analysis of applications including
   internet, software, instructional media, online communities.
   Interactive Multimedia (various formats)
   Intermediate course focusing on multimedia authoring, generating
   digital assets of various formats, and introductory user interface
   design toward a variety of aesthetic and content goals.
1985 - 1986    Visiting Professor in Computer Graphics,
Design Department
Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR
Created a new computer graphics lab, courses, and workshops as part of a grant-supported initiative. Produced an evening presentation of computer animation and curated a computer art exhibition for the school gallery.
1977 - 1983    Freelance Educator/Trainer
   Many courses, seminars, and intensive workshops in computer graphics,
   real-time animation programming, microcomputer art, and video
   Academic/Media Center Art Courses and Workshops - Banff Centre
   School of Fine Arts, Canada; Kent State University; Cleveland
   Institute of Art; The American Center, Paris; Creative Arts Magnet
   School, Buffalo; Armory for the Arts, Santa Fe; California State
   University at Sacramento; Media Study/Buffalo.
   Professional Training Seminars - Datamax Training Seminar,
   Chicago; Center for Medical Communication, East Carolina University;
   Cleveland Design Society.

Industry and Other Experience
Creative Management - Interactive Entertainment
   8/1994 - 8/1995    Director of Animation
Time Warner Interactive, Inc., Milpitas, CA Upper level management position in charge of the animation functional group of a large, established videogame company (the former Atari Games, Coin-Op Division). Group was comprised of 50+ computer animators, stop-motion animators, video production lab, coordinators, art directors, graphic designers, technical research and administrative support staff. Directed recruiting, training, reviews, and research and evaluation of new computer animation and production technology.
Software Development & Commercial Animation
   1987 - 1988    User Interface Technical Support Specialist
   Wavefront Technologies Inc., Santa Barbara, CA
   Member of group which designed and developed a new graphical user
   interface (look and feel, high level command language, and the
   supporting object-oriented UIMS) for 3D animation software.
   1986 - 1987    Customer Training and Documentation, Wavefront Technologies
   1980 - 1981    Artist-In-Residence
   City of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois
   CETA arts program artist-in-residence to Board of Education/Public
   Radio/ITV Division. Produced promotional computer animations for
   television and a study on nationwide applications of cable TV to
   1979 - 1985    Animator and User Interface Designer, Graphics Software Designer
   Real Time Design, Chicago, IL
   Member of startup company which developed computer graphics software
   languages, graphics applications, and graphics hardware.
Event Design/Management
   1983    Audio/Video Chair (volunteer)
   SIGGRAPH '83 Annual Computer Graphics Conference
   Responsible for $258,000 budget planning/management, contracting A/V
   management, overseeing design/planning/performance of systems and
   1979, 1981, 1982    Audio/Video Management (paid)
   SIGGRAPH '79, '81, '82 Annual Computer GraphicsConference
   Co-managed conference audio/visuals: event room design, systems
   design and specification, A/V personnel support, interface contact.
   Media Facilities Design/Management
   11/78 - 5/79 Media Center Manager
   The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
   On an interim basis, managed Media Center/Photo Dept. facility,
   supervised employees, budget lines, designed new facilities and
   implemented re-organization.
Theatrical Production
   1966    Center Stage Repertory Season, Baltimore, MD
   1965    McCarter Theatre Repertory Season, New Jersey
   1964    Antioch Summer Shakespeare Festival, Ohio
   1964    The Loft Experimental Theatre, Yellow Springs, Ohio

Major Creative Works and Selected Exhibitions
   Bumper Car Landscapes    Work in progress (2000 - ), interactive 3D
   virtual worlds (VRML) combining landscape elements with bumper car
   interaction as user moves around realtime 3D desktop environment.
   Allegorical Worlds    Work in progress (1999 - ), interactive 3D
   virtual worlds (QTVR) which use interactive experience (visual,
   spatial, and sonic) to drive non-linear narratives dependent upon an
   evolving point-of-view. The piece focuses on choice, learning and
   loss. Fall semester, 1999, sabbatical project.
   JG3D (Jane Goes 3D)    3D computer animation relating my personal
   creative history and formal investigations of 3Space and 3Motion.
   Sound track composition by Richard Marriott, of the Club Foot
   Orchestra and a games composer for Time Warner Interactive.

   • Evergreen College, OR, Electronic Media Series, 1998

   • Museum of Modern Art, NY, Video Viewpoints Series, 1996
   4KTAPE    Commissioned by Ars Electronica 1986, Annual Festival on
   Arts and Society in Linz, Austria, for their "NEW IMages" Project.    A
   four minute computer animated work for presentation at the festival
   and broadcast on the Austrian Broadcasting Network. 1986. Created
   in response to an impulse paper by Fritjof Capra entitled "The
   Challenge of the Turning Point". An ode to resonances between
   cybernetic, biological (sexual), and cultural looping.
   • The Second Emerging Expression Biennial: The Artist and The
      Computer, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, 1987-88

   • Pacific Northwest Computer Graphics Conference Film & Video Show, 1987

   • Included in SIGGRAPH Video Review vol. #25, 1987
   VIZGAME    Interactive computer graphic and sound synthesis
   installation. Player uses graphic interaction to develop a complex,
   cyclical real-time animation. Sound track is determined by choice
   and placement of figures. Features animated instructions. 1985.
   • 4th Annual Pacific NW Computer Graphics Conference, Eugene, OR, 1985

   • SIGGRAPH '85 Art Show, 12th Annual Computer Graphics
     Conference, San Francisco
   FLOATER    Real-time computer animation with both visuals and
   synthesis sound generated by the same program. Real-time graphic
   processes merge with cycling the system's 16 screens to generate
   combinations of periodic motions that play to visual reflexes. 3/4"
   Color NTSC Videotape, 1983, 6:12 minutes, Dual Monaural Sound. 1983.
   • Included in "The Independents: DIS/PATCHES", a series for
      broad/cablecast produced by The Learning Channel (Gerald O'Grady,
      executive producer) in association with the MacArthur Foundation and
      the National Endowment for the Arts.

   • Computer Animation Award, VideoCulture 1984, Toronto Canada

   • Included in the SIGGRAPH Video Review, vol 8

   • "The Second Link: Viewpoints on Video in the Eighties", via
      Walter Phillips Gallery of the Banff School of Fine Arts, Canada
      (1984), 6 locations in Canada, US, and Europe, including the MOMA, NY
      and the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

   • "SIGGRAPH '83 Exhibition of Computer Art", via ACM/SIGGRAPH,
      1983-84, locations: 15 US, 11 Japan, 4 France, 1 Italy
   WARPITOUT    Interactive computer graphic and sound synthesis
   installation, supporting real-time color graphic play with a
   digitized (facial) image of the current player using a menu-driven
   selection of drawing and processing modules. These modules are based
   on personal drawing tools and animation routines. 1982.
   • Ontario Science Center, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada. Featured
      in "The Artist As A Young Machine" exhibition (1984), and a permanent

   • SMART ART: A Small Exhibition of Visual Computer Works, Wentz
      Gallery, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, OR (1986)

   • CHICAGO: Biographies of an Interactive Lifestyle, Walter
      Phillips Gallery, Banff Center School of Fine Arts, Canada (1985)

   • CURRENTS 5: Video Installations, Milwaukee Art Museum, WI (1984)

   • SIGGRAPH '82 Art Show, Conference on Computer Graphics, Boston
   MONTANA    Real-time animation work involving images gleaned from 5
   years of video-making expeditions from Chicago to the Mountain West.
   Computer graphics is used as a synthetic medium in which to
   manipulate and combine images, geo processes, info associations, and
   future-fantasies. 1982.
   • Video Time historical restrospective, Museum of Modern Art, 2000

   • Shown internationally and acquired by the Museum of Modern
      Art, NY, the Banff Centre, Canada, and the Virginia Museum, Richmond.

   • "The Artist and the Computer", Travelling Exhibition via Long
      Beach Art Museum, 1983-84, 3 locations in US and Europe

   • "Highlights of the 1982 National Video Festival" Travelling
      Exhibition, PhotoShow International, via American Film Institute,
     1982-83, 6 locations in US

   • Acquired by and distributed by the Museum of Modern Art, NY

   • Film & Video Show, SIGGRAPH '82 Computer Graphics Conference

Creative Works - Other
   1988    VIZGAME Document 10:00, color, mono

   1982    WARPITOUT Document 7:30, color, stereo

   1981    TARGET SIGGRAPH/81 17:00, color, stereo*

   1980    SURFACE TENSION 20:00, b/w, mono

   1979    SIGGRAPH SAMPLER 1979 10:00, color, stereo*

   1979    PROGRAM #9 (Amateur TV) 29:00, color, stereo*
PROGRAM #7 (Revised for TV) 29:00, color, stereo* 1978 LOOPCYCLE 5:00, b/w, stereo 1977 BELLY/HANDS 5:00, b/w, stereo PROGRAM #1 29:00, color, stereo*
FEEDBACK FACE 2:00, b/w, mono 1976 S-TAPE 23:00, b/w, mono * co-produced with Phil Morton

Speaker/Visiting Artist
2000    Lecturer, Design Lecture Series, CSU Monterrey Bay
            "Design Process for (Emerging) Digital Spaces".
1999    Panel Speaker, Organization of Black Designers Symposium,
            Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, S.F.
           "Digital Diversity: Expanding Innovation, Access, and
            Equity"; talk focused on the evolving relationship between digital
            media "creatives" and Rennaissance-style corporate patrons.
1998    Lecturer, Evergreen University
           "Tricky Futures: Notes to Young (Digital) Authors"
1997    Panel Speaker, SIGGRAPH '97 Computer Graphics Conference
            Panel on educating animators for the entertainment industry;
            talk focused on factors behind the shortage of animation teachers and
            taking a long view on the role of animators in relation to evolving
            animation production technology.
1996    Panel Speaker, San Francisco Art Institute, Art Writing
            Conference panel, "Online Interactivity: Will the Online Media Live
            Up to Their Technological Potential?"
            Lecturer, Museum of Modern Art, NY, Video Viewpoints Series,
            "The Digital Artist and Tool Development Trends" including a
            presentation of JG3D, 3D animation work in progress.
1995    Panel Chair, SIGGRAPH '95 Computer Graphics Conference
            Two panels on the videogame industry:
           "Videogame Industry Overview: Technology, Markets, Content,
            Future". Speakers were (History of Videogame Content) Mark Stephen
            Pierce, Time Warner Interactive, (Videogame Display Technology)
            Eugene Jarvis, Williams-Bally-Midway, (Market Trends) John Latta, 4th
            Wave, Inc., (Videogames for Women) Sherri Graner, American Laser
            Games, and (Videogames Move into 3D) Jez San, Argonaut Software, Ltd.

            "New Developments in Animation Production for Videogames".
            The Panel Speakers were Paul Lewis, Time Warner Interactive, Robert
            Greenberg, R/GA, Robert Stein III, Trilobyte, and Craig Upson, SGI
            Silicon Studio.
1994    Panel Speaker, "Women in Multimedia" Roundtable Discussion,
            Yerba Buena Art Center, S.F. Talk focused on new technology-centered
            work cultures, gender influences in technology design,
            interdisciplinary working environments and enterprises,
            cross-cultural issues relating "women and new technology" to
            "creatives and new technology".
1994    Lecture, "Visualize Yourself, or Getting Ahead in a
            Post-Literate World, or The New Media Education for Artist and
            Scientist", St. Mary's College, Science Dept. Visualization as
            imperative for an information-rich world, read-write-animate as the
            new fundamentals, interdisciplinarity in the new art-research-work
            place, common concerns and educational priorities for the sciences
            and the arts.
1993    Panel Chair, SIGGRAPH '93 Computer Graphics Conference
            "Updating Computer Animation: An Interdisciplinary Approach"
            Panel featuring speakers from Mathematics Visualization (Charlie
            Gunn, Technisches Universitaet, Berlin), Entertainment Character
            Animation (Tina Price, Disney Features), Forensic Animation (Scott
            Liedtka, Forensic Technologies, SF), Animation History (Bill Moritz,
            Cal Arts), and Fine Arts Animation and Animation Education (Jane
            Veeder, SFSU).
1993    Panel Speaker, "Art in the Age of Electronic Media: Artists
            Using Multimedia", Film Arts Foundation Panel Series in collaboration
            with SF Cinematheque and Bay Area Video Coalition.
1993    Lecturer, Emmenger Lecture Series, Mathematical Sciences
            Research Institute, Berkeley, CA. Talk dealt with my personal
            creative research and teaching application of theories of sensory
            perception, creativity and visual thinking.
1992    Presenter, Educom '92, Conference on Educational Computing,
            Baltimore, in collaboration with Macromedia software company.
1991    Presenter, San Francisco Amiga 3D User Group Meeting, SF.
            Showed examples of student work and talked about my courses.
1991    Panel Speaker, SIGGRAPH '91 Computer Graphics Conference
            Panel on "Making Virtual, Artificial, or Real Computer Art", Las
            Vegas, Nevada. Talk addressed educational and creative process
            issues of 3D computer animation.
1991    Visiting Artist, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia,
            CA. Evening lecture on my work and a day of student consultations.
1991    Invited Participant, SIGGRAPH '90 Workshop "Teaching Computer
            Graphics in an Art and Design Environment".
1990    Visiting Artist, University of Massachusetts Art Department,
            Amherst. Evening lecture "Time, Space, and Process" and student
1990    Course Speaker, National Computer Graphics Conference Course
            on "Motion Graphics". Focus on motion-teaching strategies for
            computer animation.
1990    Presenter, "Bay Area Computer Graphics Education", Bay Area
            SIGGRAPH Chapter Meeting.
1989    Panel Speaker, NCGA/CADRE Arts Conference Panel on
            "Collaborations and Contradictions of Computer Animation". Talk on
            the contrast between low and high-end technologies and production
            environments, studio artist vs collaborative production, and
            ramifications for education.
1989    Course Speaker, Supercomputing '89 Computer Graphics
            Conference Course on Design & Aesthetics for Scientific
            Visualization. Talk on interdisciplinary strategies for
            visualization design and production, in particular self-education in
            design, motion and depth perception, and creativity.
1988    Course Speaker, SIGGRAPH '88 Computer Graphics Conference
            Course on User Interface Considerations of Windowing Systems.
            Invited presentation on (newly invented) windowing systems from an
            artist's perspective and diagonal approaches to graphic design,
            metaphors for window content and behavior.
1986    Museum of Modern Art, NY
            Reed College Symposium, Portland, OR
            University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
            Massachusetts College of Art, Boston
            1985 Honolulu Academy of Arts, Hawaii
            Hui Noeau Art Foundation, Maui
            IMAGE Film/Video Center, Atlanta, GA
            University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC
            Highland Park High School, IL
            University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

1984    Loyola College, Chicago,
            Ars Electronica '84, "Digital Culture" Section, Linz, Austria
            Videoculture New Media Festival, Toronto, Canada
            1983 Kent State University/Blossom Art Festival, OH
            Cleveland Society for Communicating Arts, OH
            Lyons Township High School, LaGrange, IL

1982    Women in Computing Association, Chicago

1981    The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
            Media Study/Buffalo, NY

1980    SMPTE Annual Seminar Meeting, Chicago
            Chicago Industrial Television Association

1979    Antioch College, OH
            National Federation of Local Cable Programmers
            Chicago Editing Center

1978    California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA
            University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

1977    Alfred University, NY

1976    California College of Arts & Crafts, Oakland, CA

Exhibition Record
Videotape Exhibitions - Broadcast/Cablecast/Satellite

   The Learning Channel (Satcom IIIR), "The Independents" (1984)
   Rogers Cable / Videoculture Festival, Toronto, Canada (1984)
   KQED San Francisco (1983)
   WTTW Chicago (1977, 1979, 1980, 1981)
   KBDI Broomefield, CO (1980)
   Southhaven Cable System, MI (1980)
   Lynchburg Cable System, VA (1979)
   Athens Cable System, OH (1979)
Videotape Exhibitions - Travelling

   • "Computers and the Creative Process", via Visual Arts
      Resources of University of Oregon, 1986-87, 42 locations in the
      Pacific Northwest.

   • "The Second Link: Viewpoints on Video in the Eighties"

   • "SIGGRAPH '83 Exhibition of Computer Art", via ACM/SIGGRAPH, 1983-84

   • "The Artist and the Computer", Long Beach Art Museum, 1983-84, US and Europe

   • "Highlights of the 1982 National Video Festival", PhotoShow
      Internat'l, AFI
Selected Videotape Exhibitions - Single Site

   2000    Video Time Exhibition, MOMA-NY, on the history of video art
               drawn from its permanent collection ("Montana", 1982)

   1990    3rd International Video Festival, Geneva, Switzerland

   1987    Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY
               The Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY
               Film & video Show, Pacific NW Computer Graphics Conference
               TechnoBop IV, The Kitchen, NY

   1986    Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria
               TechnoBop III, Anthology Film Archives, NY

   1985    Asahi Video Festival, Japan

   1984    Chicago: Biographies of An Interactive Lifestyle, Walter
               Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre, Canada
               Montreal Video '84, Canada
               The Electronic Palette, A Selection of Chicago Video Art,
               Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN
               Louisville Art Gallery, Louisville, KY

   1983    25th American Film Festival, NYC (Honorable Mention)
               United States Film and Video Festival, Utah
               San Francisco International Video Festival, CA
               Electra '83 Exhibit, Musee D'Art Modern de La Ville de Paris, France
               Art of the Computer Age, Indiana University, PA
               2nd Pacific NW Computer Graphics Conference, Eugene, OR
               VideoCulture, Toronto, Canada (Computer Animation Award)
               IV Festival International D'Art Video, Locarno, Switzerland

   1982    Film & Video Show, Pacific NW Computer Graphics Conference
               Latest & Greatest Show, SIGGRAPH '82, Boston, MA
               SIGGRAPH '82 Artshow, Boston
               National Video Festival, Washington, DC
               The Designer & Technology Conference, R.I.T., NY
               Video From Chicago, MOMA, NY, curated by Barbara London
               Chicago Videotape Review, The Kitchen, NYC
               Experiment '82, Utrecht Art Center, Holland

   1981    Video Chicago Style, Global Village, NY and CF's, Chicago
               Film/Video Show, SIGGRAPH '81, Dallas
               Report from Chicago, Anthology Film Archives, NYC
               Serious Video: The Technology and its Art in the 80's, Long
               Beach Museum of Art, curated and presented by Gene Youngblood
               Computer Film Festival, German Film Archive, Berlin

   1980    Electronic Animation: New Forms/New Technologies, Media
               Study/Buffalo, NY
               Video Art: The Electronic Medium, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chgo

   1979    Artists Video, Biddick Farm Arts Centre, England
               Video Roma '79, Museo Folklore Romano, Rome, Italy
               City Parks Electronic Art Event, Rome, Italy
               ACM National Conference, Detroit
               Third Annual Atlanta Independent Film Festival, GA
               Film & Video Retrospective, SIGGRAPH '79, Chicago

   1978    10th International Encounter on Video, Tokyo, Japan

   1977    Magnetic Image-3, Atlanta, GA
               Fellowship Exhibition, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL

Electronic Media Events Producer/Curator/Juror
1991    National Computer Graphics '91 Conference Animation Competition (juror)

1989    SIGGRAPH '89 Art Exhibit (committee member and liaison to
            catalog designer)

1988    SIGGRAPH '88 Art Exhibit (juror, interactive installations section)

1986    "SMART ART: A Small Exhibition of Visual Computer Works",
            Wentz Gallery, Pacific NorthWest College of Art, Portland, OR
            (curator, producer)

1985    Evening of Computer Animation, PNCA, Portland, OR (producer, curator)
            NW Film and Video Festival (juror)

1984    Videoculture New Media, Toronto, Canada (juror)

1980    The State of Two-Way (Airplane ATV to Japanese Cable),
            Chicago (producer, curator)

1978    Third Electronic Visualization Event, Chicago (co-producer)

1977    Electronic Activity Under Art Surveillance, Chicago
            (producer, contributor)

• Publish Magazine, July, 2000, "Making It Real", a heads-up
   article on Web3D.

• Inaugural Chair, SIGGRAPH Arts, Design and Media Committee.
   Wrote, conducted, and analyzed a survey of the SIGGRAPH arts
   community and in 1993 published a survey report to the SIGGRAPH
   executive committee and art exhibit organizers.

• SIGGRAPH Video Review Interactive Index (SVRII), publication
   of ACM/SIGGRAPH. Co-Developer along with Copper Giloth, University
   of Massachusetts. The SVRII is a Hypercard stack which indexes the
   100+ issues/hours of the SIGGRAPH Video Review (SVR) by topic.
   (1991 - Present)

• IRIS Universe (SGI User Magazine), "Iris Goes to School",
   description of ACIC program, personal and student art sides, 1990

• Leonardo, Spring 1990, "Viewer into Player: Notes on the
   Interactive Computer Art Installations at the 1988 SIGGRAPH
   Exhibition of Computer Art"

• Computer Graphics , Quarterly Journal of ACM/SIGGRAPH, vol.
   20, #1, 1986, Cover Design

• IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications 7/85, "The Paint
   Problem", co-authored with Copper Giloth

• SIGGRAPH Video Review, vol. 14, 1984, "Floater Final Sequence"

• SIGGRAPH Video Review, vol. 8, 1983, "WARPITOUT Document"

• Chicago Editing Center Newsletter, 1980, "Two-Way TV"

• Amateur TV Magazine 12/78, Cover Design

Works Reviewed/Cited
Showcasing Articles

• The Register-Guard, Eugene, OR, 11/7/85, "Computer Art" by
   Bob Keefer Video Games Magazine, 4/84, "Five Bytes To A New You",
   by Dan Persons

• Softalk Magazine (for Apple, IBM PC Users), 2/83, "Chicago
   Artist Accelerates to Warp Speed," by David Hunter

• Computer Pictures Magazine, May/June 1983, "The Computer
   Artist: Jane Veeder, Interacting Images, Geology, Fantasies," by Tom

• Send Magazine: Video and Communications Arts, Issue #8, Fall
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   Works Reviewed/Cited

• Afterimage, March 1992, "SIGGRAPH '91: Gambling on Empty"
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• The Event Horizon: Essays on Hope, Sexuality, Social Space &
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• Drawing With Computers: The Artist's Guide to Computer
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• Micro Systemes Magazine (French periodical), 11/84, Cover Image

• Hardcopy Magazine (for DEC Users), 9/84, "Painting By Pixel"

• Kaleidoscope - A Literary Magazine for Disabled Persons,
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• Science News, vol. 122, 11/20/82, "Computing for Art's Sake,"
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• Digital Image, 1981, by Yoichiro Kawaguchi, ASCII Publications

• Creative Computing Magazine, 11/81, "Zgrass - A Language for
   Graphic Users" by Tom Meeks

Grants/Awards/Special Recognition
1999    Sabbatical (SFSU award is based upon a process of competitive
            project proposals)

1995    Donation by Vast Tech, Inc. of Electric Image 3D Animation
            Software ($10K)

1993    Donated Software: $205,000 worth of Wavefront high-end 3D
            computer animation software (2 licenses of full product line) and

1992   SFSU Faculty Affirmative Action Grant

1992    SFSU Faculty Research Grant

1992    SFSU Computing Opportunity Grant ($36,500) to found the
            Faculty Multimedia Research & Development Center (with Evelyn Miller,

1992    Donation by MacroMedia, Inc. 3D animation and multimedia software

1991    Individual Artist Grant of Software, Wavefront Technologies
            (High-end 3D computer animation software

1990    SIGGRAPH Special Project Grant, SIGGRAPH Video Review Interactive Index
            Elected Director-At-Large, SIGGRAPH Executive Committee (2 year term)

1989    CSU Academic Computing Enhancement Grant ($36,000) for 3D
            animation recording system.

1983    Illinois Arts Council Individual Artist Grant
            VideoCulture Festival, Computer Animation Award, Toronto, Canada
            25th Annual American Film Festival, NYC, Honorable Mention

1977    Brown Travelling Fellowship, School of the Art Institute of Chicago

   Museum of Modern Art Videotape Library, NY, Inaugural Collection
   MonteVideo, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Selected Acquisitions:
   Virginia Museum, Richmond
   Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre, Canada
   Museum of Modern Art
   Ontario Science Centre, Toronto