maya_vincent_fly.jpg Instructor:  Jane Veeder,
Active-research and experimental design
studio; Interdisciplinary
Instructor’s permission (students are strongly advised to contact prior to S09)
A perspective, a coherent body of skills to support your perspective, initiative, and commitment.
 Image:  Maya and Vincent Fly
Virtual Worlds Design
DAI 627 Advanced Projects in Visual Communication Design
Fall 2011    DAI 627    Friday 10-1, 2-5    FA119
Relevant to: Online Virtual worlds concept and visual design, graphical interaction, both entertainment and serious game design, augmented reality mobile apps, product design virtual prototyping and testing, Machinema, virtual marketing and commerce, accessibility in virtual worlds, cultural and social uses of cyberspace, education and learning in virtual worlds, etc.

Your Perspective: Some experience, interest, talent, discipline of yours that intersects somehow with virtual worlds. Perhaps your perspective connects with one of the items listed under "Relevant to", above. A VARIETY OF PERSPECTIVES IS INVITED.

Your Body of Skills: Should fit your Perspective and support it. This course is NOT about equipping you with a NEW body of skills, but rather about interfacing your ALREADY EXISTING body of skills to the challenges (constraints and opportunities) of virtual worlds design.

Methodology: Students will engage introductory 3D modeling and work within various interactive virtual worlds.

"In-world" exercises, prototypes, and projects as well as analysis and reporting.

Readings from the fields of virtual worlds, virtual reality, computer grames, etc. Students will gain an understanding of both the current issues and the historical background of virtual worlds and their relationship to virtual reality, augmented reality, social networking, etc.

Students will produce writing and images for blog development, and use appropriate design documents to produce a well-researched concept design for an original virtual world.

Visiting speakers.

Interdisciplinary: Other than developing competency with the applications mentioned above, this course is not specific to any one technology or software specific - i.e. it supports an interdisciplinary range of approaches to the subject in terms of research, analysis, and design direction or flavor.

TO APPLY: Email and tell me:

  1. Your Name, ID Number, Email address
  2. Your Major, Standing (junior, senior, graduate student)
  3. Briefly explain your interest in the class, including identifying what Perspective on Virtual Worlds would define your participation.
  4. Briefly describe the body of skills you would bring to support your perspective in this class.
  5. Briefly describe any prior experience with virtual worlds or in any way related topics/activities.
  6. You may include links to prior work but if you email the work as attachments, PLEASE LIMIT YOURSELF TO 4 FILES.

Required supplies:

  1. Must have a computer (laptop or at home) that meets the technical requirements of SecondLife:
  2. Active research IN virtual worlds from home requires broadband internet access, i.e. cable modem or DSL (like on campus).
  3. Must possess a credit card for purchasing monthly membership in the virtual world being studied.
  4. Membership dues and other In-World expenses for online virtual worlds - probably under $200 total (and I am working on getting educational discounts)
  5. Purchase of 2 books TBA.