DAI 327 Digital Media 1: Introduction
Introductory course covering conceptual approaches to designing new media, basic graphic design considerations germane to this medium, and production skills using digital media applications.
Instructor: Jane Veeder <jveeder@sfsu.edu>      Office: Fine Arts 317      DAI Office: Fine Arts 121/415-338-2211, dai@sfsu.edu
Fall Semester 2010
Course Info Current Students
Course Syllabus Samantha Bacic
Course Schedule (assignments, etc) Michael Ball
  Cassie Bratberg
Resources Carlos Candedo
Download Intro to Course slideshow Natalie Christine
Shawn Coleman
HTML Help - WebMonkey - Making HTML Doc Roxzann De Marco
HTML Help - WebMonkey - Positioning w/DIV tags Sophia Francis
HTML Help - WebMonkey - HTML Cheat Sheet Carrie Fung
Lorem Ipsum Generator Kevin Funk
Online Resources Samuel Gee
Flash Teaching Demos Hui Liu
ActionScript 2.0 Dot Syntax Targetting Daniel Martinez
  Karen Newsom
Readings / Info Sheets Larisa Ocanada
Crawford - What is Interactivity? Hayley Oddi
Cloninger - Hotwire your Creative Process Jennifer Olsen
Mok - Information Structures Kyle Olsen
Wurman - Information Design Fernando Padilla
Storyboard Notes Rachele Rangoni
Symbol-Swapping Info Sheet Ashley Richards
  Carla San Roman
  Nisha Sembi
  Richard Thi
  Rebecca Woods
  Michael Yra