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Fundamentals: Research and instructional development in Web3D.

Areas of research include the perceptual and cognitive spaces of interactive desktop 3D virtual environments.

Areas of development include interactive demonstations of the basic principles and features of Web3D fundamentals via AXELedge by Mindavenue.

Web3D Cursor Guide
Curved Arrows: Drag to orbit camera or rotate object
Pointy Hand: Click to trigger a reaction
Closed Hand: Drag to manipulate or move an object
Horizontal Arrows:
Drag to move camera or object side to side
Vertical Arrows: Drag to move camera or object front to back

Fundemo is a growing collection of spaces in space. In Web3D space, some Fundemo spaces or scenes are devoted to auditioning a suite of Web3D features and capabilities centered around animation, relations, handles, etc. Others are experimental spaces one step up the creative food chain, combining fundamental characteristics of Web3D to visualize a particular concept.