You can participate in this psychology study to get health workshop credit:


Resilience, Early Experiences, and Affective Functioning (REAF) Study,


What is it?: The Resilience, Early Experiences, and Affective Functioning (REAF) Study, is being conducted by Melissa Hagan, Ph.D., and Sarah Holley, Ph.D., in the Psychology Department. This study examines resilience, adverse experiences, and mental health. The questionnaire will ask you about a range of areas, including early and recent adverse experiences (e.g., qualities of your childhood family environment, past or recent experiences of victimization), mental health, emotional functioning, and relationship functioning.

To Qualify:  To be eligible for the study, you must be: a) 18 years of age or older, b) a student at SFSU, and c) fluent in English.

How it is conducted: online questionnaire you do at home.

Time Commitment: 45-60 minutes

How to Prove You Had Participated: When your survey is complete, Dr. Holley’s team will send you a Certificate of Completion within 2 business days. You will need to print this form and submit it to Ivy in order to receive your Health Workshop credit.

How to Sign Up: To participate, follow these instructions:

Click on this link (or paste the url into your browser) to go to the study registration page:


·      Enter your name and e-mail address. This is for registration purposes only. Your personal information will never be matched with your survey data.

·      Under the section "Study Credit," click the circle to indicate that this is to fulfill the workshop requirement for one of Professor Chen's courses (HED 320 or SXS/PSY 320).

·      Within a day or so, you will receive an e-mail with your study ID and the link to the online questionnaire survey.

·      When your survey is complete, you will receive the Certificate of Completion within 2 working days by email. Print out the form and give it to Ivy as proof of participation.


 If you have any questions, you can email This study was IRB approved by San Francisco State University (#X16-50R1)


Thank you so much for your time and participation!