Board Elections 2015-2016


Heena Patel

Hey All! My name is Heena Patel and I am currently a senior at SFSU majoring in Biology with a concentration in Physiology. I think I would make a great president for ISA because I have been a part of this club for the first two years is was brought back, both being on board as Social Chair and Web Master. Having the knowledge and experience I have gained from these positions I will be able to fulfill the duties of being President. I love my Indian Culture and I want to spread it around campus for others to see how amazing it is :)

Vice President

Jipsa Panchal

I would like to run for Vice President because I have been an active member of ISA for a long period of time and I love ISA. Even though I was not a board member I have helped the club with all the events that took place since the club became active, including the two huge events Diwali Dinner and the Bollywood Night and besides that other events like Bonefire and India Day. I have been assisting Chandni, the current Vice President, with all the duties associated with the position. For the Diwali Dinner in Fall 2014 I did tabling with her and helped her set up the fashion show, decorated the venue with Heena and also helped with cleaning at the end of the night. For the recent event, Bollywood Night in Spring 2015, I took care of the entire fashion show under Chandni's supervision, from approaching people to participate, getting dresses for people to dressing up people. Fashion show was a big success at Bollywood night!! Moreover, I helped Priya, the current President, decorate the venue, and also, I did tabling with Heena, Chandni and Priya. I think I am best fit candidate for this position because I have been closely working with Chandni for more than a year and I know what it takes to handle the position. Besides all the work I know that a VP must do, I also want to show the school the traditions and the culture we carry as Indians and show how proud we are of being Indians. Jai ho!!

Shefali Parekh

I am running for Vice President of the Indian Student Association. India is a home to some of the most culturally rich people in international arena, yet in my opinion, the Indian culture at San Francisco State University is understated, let alone widely appreciated. Through my election, I would utilize my position to represent India’s rich culture and bring people together, regardless of one’s race or ethnicity. I would plan events with welcoming atmospheres, bring people of various cultures and beliefs to socialize, learn more about our rich history and culture, and enjoy Indian cuisine. I will incorporate different elements under one umbrella. I will work hand in hand with the President to delegate different tasks and make an effort in furthering the ISA’s mission. I am hard working, dependable, and have great communication skills. I am committed to bringing a positive change to ISA and to help it grow.


Rabia Shah

Hello! My name is Rabia and I am currently a sophomore going into my junior year next fall and I will be majoring in Communicative Disorders. I have been a part of the Indian Student Association for 2 years now and this year, as ISA’s Events Coordinator, I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful team of board members who managed bring to you some of the best events that we’ve had this semester. I have learned so much over the past year about what it means as well as what it takes to be on the board. Next year, I hope to become ISA’s future Secretary and with this position I am sure to bring the same level of enthusiasm, and more, in order to help ISA grow as an organization and plan events that will keep our beautiful culture alive and known to our community.Giving me this opportunity would not only benefit me in various aspects of my college experience but would also benefit this organization as whole because I am a worthy candidate, friendly and outgoing. I'm very excited to see what next semester has in store for ISA and I cannot wait to be a part of it.


Anish Patel

My name is Anish Patel and I would like to run for Treasurer. I would like to run for this position because I feel like these will fit me best especially since I know what kinds of skills I can bring to the table. I’ve been wanting to do something more than just be an ordinary board member. Though I don’t have any leadership skills to bring for this position, I am eager to run for Treasurer because I know this position will help me build strong leadership skills as well as taking on more responsibilities. Though I don’t have much leadership experience, I can definitely handle what I have on my plate. For instance, I am a full time student here at SFSU, have two jobs, and part of many organizations. My first two years here at SFSU consisted of just school and home especially since I was anti-social. But over these past few years I have been able to break that shell and grow as an individual. Which is why I feel that these positions will continue to help me grow as an individual as well as part of team. An experience that I recall from Diwali dinner has some significance. Though I am a volunteer coordinator, I was assigned by the President of ISA to be in charge of the food assembly and distribution line. I had a team of members help serve food to fellow SFSU peers during that night, while I maintained and regulated. Lastly, I feel know I would be fit for these positions because of my strong organizational skills, sociable skills, multitasking skills, and Gujarati skills. I hope to continue to strive for the best interest of ISA! Jai Hind!

Social Chair

Catalina Zimmerman

My name is Catalina Zimmerman, and I would like to run for Social Chair. I think this position is fitting for me because it's way to interact with not only club members but play an active role in meeting new perspective members. I can handle a job like this because although it does require commitment, it ​does not appear over whelming. I've ran the Facebook page for a previous employer, and created simple flyers to post on the page and send out via email, and I currently do that for CAD. This position is a great way to be hospitable and reach out to the faces on campus. When I first joined ISA, everyone was so welcoming and positive that I immediately felt apart of the club, and since this is something I enjoy, I definitely believe I can give that impression to others to join or be active members.

Events Coordinator

No Candidates

Volunteer Coordinator

Tanishta Kapoor

Hi ,I would like to run for the Volunteer Coordinator’s position.I would like to run for the Volunteer Coordinator’s position because I am very organized and love helping people out.Some of my experiences that show leadership are that I volunteered as a summer coordinator where I helped set up a summer camp for a weekend. Also I was part of the leadership program in high school which helped freshmen and incoming freshmen to adjust into the new school.I think I am good for this position because I love meeting new people, again like I said above I am very organized and volunteering is my passion.


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