Explanation of how to add new data types to sfsu web pages

To:  SFSU web authors
From: Julliane Tolson (via Steve Wilson)
Re:  Configuring public_html folder to handle media file types

I have recieved many requests to add new MIME types to the server. I am
pleased to announce that any user (on www or userwww) can set additional
MIME types from within their account by creating a file called .nsconfig

The .nsconfig file should be placed at the root level of an individual's Web

        userwww    ~jtolson/public_html/.nsconfig

The file should contain the MIME types listed as the following Shockwave
example illustrates:

....begin file contents

<Files *> AddType exp=*.dcr type=application/x-director AddType exp=*.dir type=application/x-director AddType exp=*.dxr type=application/x-director </Files> place it in public_html directory - remember to rename it to .nsconfig (lowercase) This way you can add other Plug-in and sound/video MIME types whenever you wish. If you experience any problems or have any other questions please let me know.> .