Web How-to Index to Quick Guides and Links for Adnced Web Authoring

Stephen Wilson, Professor, Conceptual/Information Arts, Art Dept, SFSU (contact details below)

Review of Basic HTML

Compression Formats




Client Side ImageMaps

Guides to Using Netscape Computer for Editing Web Pages

Web Page Construction Using Netscape's Composer

Beginner's Guide to Netscape Composer 7

JavaScript Tutorials

Wilson Unpublished Book on Javascript & Other Guides

JavaScript Links

Javascript control of cookies

Web Based Quicktime and QuicktimeVR

Digital Video

Animated Gifs

Embedded  Sound

Tutorials on sound
  • *Wilson Guide to using audio in web pages
  • Developer Zone tutorial on sound
  • Web Reference guide to embedding sound (list of tutorials)
  • ArtBytes Additng Sound to Web Sites
  • Tips and Tricks sound page
  • WDVL: Embedding Sound in Web Pages  (web developers virtual library)
  • Sounding Off  (think-ink.net)
  • The Web Diner's Tutorial on Adding Audio to Your Web Site
  • Audio Guide for Web Developers  (Learning Tree - sound files, html code, javascript)
  • McWebber Web Page Sound Help (includes real audio, slightly out of date)
  • Microsoft Developer Network information on bgsound
  • W3org pages explaining new synchronized multimedia format SMIL
  • JavaScript and Sound  (Web Monkey)
  • Wilson-Guide to using LiveAudio embedded sound (focus on the Netscape LiveAudio Plug in)
  • Wilson-Guide to using Javascript to control LiveAudio embedded sound
  • PC sound program - Audacity 1.0      http://download.com.com/

  • Javascript examples which feature sound manipulaton

    Explanations of web sound formats General Guides to Multimedia on the Web

    Streaming RealAudio Sound

    Javascript Control of Images

    Director Shockwave (Interactive Multimedia)

    Style Sheets

    Dynamic HTML (Netscape 4 and IE 4)


    XML (Xtensible Markup Language)

    PHP - server side scriptiong

    Miscellaneous Features

    Intermediate and Advanced Web Authoring Guides

    Compatability guides

    W3 Organization

    Services to help tune up web sites and pages

    How to use Meta tags to indicate content for search engines and for client-pull animation

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