Sound Resources for CIA programs

Stephen Wilson

*******Macintosh & Windows sound editing programs*****

Lists of programs ----------
Shareware music machine list of macintosh sound software
all categories -

Shareware music machine list of windows sound programs
all categories -
sound editors -

Hamony Central List of sound edition programs

Tom Erbe - list of macintosh experimental sound programs (techical)

Macintosh sound editors -----------
audacity  (mac & pc sound editor)

Bias peak deck le 3.5  (trial system)

Sonic works basic (free)

sound studio (shareware)

pro tools free  (professional program - learning curve)

soundapp (mac converter & playback)

Sound Effects 0.9.2    Sound editor with effects plug-in architecture

------MIDI composition program------------


******** Sound Archives

Free Site List of sound archives

Partners in Rhyme archive

gr sites sound effects

find sounds search engine

alta vista sound search engine  (pick sounds)