World Unix Command Summary

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Append to a filecat fileA >> fileB
Change Directory To Anothercd dirA
Change Directory To Homecd
Compress a Filecompress fileA
Copy a Filecp fileA fileB
Current Directorypwd
Decompress Fileuncompress fileA
Disk Space Leftdu
Display mail inboxsubj
Download File Zmodem Binary sz -b fileA
Download File Zmodem ASCII sz -a fileA
Edit a Filepico fileA
File Transfer Kermit (Upload/Download)kermit
List File-Sizels -l
List File-Typels -F
List Filesls
List Hidden Filesls -a
Mail a text filecat fileA | mail freduser@site
Make New Directorymkdir
Manual Pages for a Topicman topic
Move File into a Directorymv file dir
Pine (E-mail)pine
Pine - Attachments attchmnt (within pine)
Pine - Compose E-mailc (at pine main menu)
Pine - FoldersL (at pine main menu)
Pine - View Mail within pine select I (mail index), select message, press Return
Remove Directoryrmdir dirA
Remove Filerm fileA
Rename Filemv fileA fileB
Search Internet - Archie type archie to list options
Search Internet - Gophergopher
Suspend an OperationControl-z
Upload File Zmodem ASCIIrz -a
Upload File Zmodem Binaryrz -b
Usage Fee - Monthlycharges (month)
Usage Fee - Totalcharges
Usenet Newsgroupstin or nn
View Contents of a Fileless fileA
View Contents of a File Rapidlycat fileA
View Contents - Compressed Filezmore fileA.Z
Weatherhelp weather
What Does This Command Do?whatis (command)
What's Their Login Name?whois freduser
Who is Online Now?finger