Wireless Art - Past, Present, Future

Stephen Wilson, Professor, Conceptual Information Arts Dept, San Francisco State University

Topics Covered

Cultural Issues Related to Wireless Art - Media Archeology -(cultural issues ink)

Why is wireless interesting/ important ?

Same origins of interest as Telecommunkcations in general

Specific interest in Wireless

Categories of Wireless Art  (wireless art link)

Stephen Wilson Installations  (Wilson installations link)

Future Research Developments - Opportunities and Challenges for Artists  - (future research link)

Link Resources in Wireless/GPS Art


Stephen Wilson links

Compendium of artists working with emerging technologies (including wireless and GPS)
Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology (MIT Press, 2002)

Art Shows/conferences

Ohne Schnur  -  kunst und drahtlose kommunikation - art and wireless communication conference & show
ResFest - Wireless Art Show - Korea    Competition for wireless art graphics  (multimedia works for screen)
Deep Wireless - Celebration of Experimental Radio Art - Darren Copland / New Adventures in Sound Art
Wireless Event - Tate online examination of wireless culture and art  - theorists  -  http://www.tate.org.uk/audiovideo/wireless.htm
electra and magnetics  (Conference on electromagnetics - Montreal)
ResFest - Wireless Art Show - Korea    Competition for wireless art graphics  (multimedia works for screen)

Courses/ Articles/ Talks  on Wireless Art

Future of Wireless Art  (Nikolas Tesla)
Jeff Golman - Art of the Mobile Phone
Radio vs Wireless  Micz Flor  - (tate streaming video)   - Flor main Site
The Phenomenology of Wireless Technologies - Tetsuo Kogawa  - (tate streaming video)
Tetsuo Kogawa  main site - micro radio manifesto, radio party,  etc
Wireless Intermedia and the birth of Terraportals - Pete Gomes  - (tate streaming video)
Receiver - Vodaphones ezine with articles and descriptions of wireless artists work (articles by Timothy Druckrey, Usman Haque, David Toop, etc)
Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution by Howard Rheingold
Yury Gitman  Wireless Art (parsons)
Bertolt Brecht  'The Radio as an Apparatus of Communication' - http://home.freeuk.com/lemmaesthetics/brecht1.htm
Wireless artists create art for screens - article in Texuality
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer - Amodal Suspension precedents - link list of wireless/remote art works

Wireless Review ( trade journal)