Future Research Developments in Wireless and Telecommunications 

Artst as Researcher

Brief Survey of Emerging Research Areas  in Telecommunications and Wireless

Access Everywhere - Low orbit satellites 
No large antennas required, No wi-fi infrastructure
Data/Voice/Image everywhere on the earth, 24/7

mmarsat system
Haptics - Sending more than image and sound
Send kinestetics, tactile, internal body states

- cyberSM send skin stimulation
- Interactive Institure send heat

Stahl & Stenslie  - cyberSM

Interactive Institute - Emotional Communication
Ubiquitous/ Pervasive Computing
Activated Objects and Environments
All things are in communication with humans and each other

- NEC prototype of pen with projection and virtual keyboard capabilities
- Cup with sensors and communication
- Association Creation - Bump - 2 interlinked sidewalks - steps in one place activate the same place in other sidewalk

Nec - pervasive object design

Bump - association.creation 

Enabling Technologies for Activating Objects
Smart Dust - sensor chips with self organizing radio networks - each chip bounces messages to its neighbors 
RFID  - id chips powered by radio waves - all objects can store and communicate data

Samrt Dust


UC Berkeley Motes 
Location Based Research
- Augmented Reality - superimposed data based on location
- GPS location based ideas = tracking children, prisoners, objects

Columbia University - Data about activities inside buildings is places on a semitransparent heads up display based on the location of a persion and the direction of their view.
Alternative Power Sources

-Flexible batteries - can become part of the skin of an object
-Wireless power ransfer - power sent like radio signals 
-Human generated power - power generated by natural act of walking - capicitance changes

powerpapoer laser.pwer shoes
Telerobotics - Telepresence -
Control of devices from a distance.  Proxy eyes and ears at a distance
Unmanned aerial vehicles


Electromagentic Spectrum
Exploring all ranges  of the Spectrum.  Each range has its own characteristics - line of sight, wall penetration, interference, etc

Electromagnetic fields - dangers and benefits on the body

Physics experiments with quantum teleportation

IBM quantum teleportation of particles
star trek
Television series Startrek teleportation