Cultural Issues Related to Wireless Art - Media Archeology - Why is wireless interesting/ important ? 

Same origins of interest as Telecommunkcations in general

Magic of communicating at a distance through wires.  Considered amazing in its time.
- Curiosity about the Other - places, persons 
- Desire to project into another place
   to know what is going on, to act at a distance
- Escape from the limits of place, time, and the body, ability to be in stwo places at one time
- Cultural Imperialism or Multiculturalism?
Travel, curiosity vs domination, homogenization


Specific Interest in Wireless

Even more than telecommunications in general - What is the interest in Wireless communication?
Magic of Communicating without wires
people were amazed

Marconi's early radio station
Electric and Magnetic Fields -  Freedom from the physical, gravity, exploring the ether, invisible forces 

Magnetic field - iron filings

Aurora Borealis  - Natural visualization of earth magnetic field in the atmosphere
Originally it was thought radio voices were from the spirit world  - the voice of the ancestors, of God.

Moses and the burning bush

Plasma field


Information, data everywhere, anytime,
Communication everywhere,  mobility, spontaneity
Lack of privacy, solitude, exploitation
Location based events - Place is important - GPS - Global Positioning Satellites - Location based services, entertainment
Galileo - EU GPS system
New social forms - spontaneously forming networks - Collective Intelligence - Smart Mobs
Smart Mobs - Howard Rheingold