Varieties of Wireless Art

Stephen Wilson, Professor, Conceptual & Information Arts, San Francisco State University

Don't Forget about Radio
-The first wireless, inexpensive technology
-Historically dominated by government and commercial interests
 one to one (walkee talkee, phone,sms) one to many (broadcast radio, net radio, sms)
many to one (???) many to many (conference call,maillst)

-Revolutionary Potential  - eg Bertolt Brecht "Let the listener speak as well as hear"
-Many similar issues now in wireless artistic experiements
 'The Radio as an Apparatus of Communication' -

Bertolt Brecht
Artists as Broadcasters

-Free Radio, Pirate Radio
-Mini-FM movement (eg Tetsuo Kogawa)

Making visible the content of 'Hertzian' Space
-Simon Penny - Lo Yo Yo  (rods access different stations as they rock)
Christian Terstegge - Radio ? Active (Sponges with embedded receivers)
-Scanner - Music made of intercepted cell phone conversations
-Usman Haque - SkyEar - Balloons pick up the electromagnetic melange of signals as they ascend

Simon Penny - Lo Yo Yo

Christian Terstegge - Radio ? Active


Usman Haque - Sky Ear
Making conscious the Electromagnetic "cloud"
- Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby (Placebo Furniture/ De-electrification center  - furniture that reacts to electromagnetic fields)
- Cahterine Richards (Curiosity Cabinet - copper plated to protect from electromagnetic fields)
- Haruki Nishijima  - 'Remain in Light'  - (special butterfly nets capture 'electronic insects' radio waves of sound) 

Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby (Placebo Furniture

Cahterine Richards (Curiosity Cabinet

 Haruki Nishijima  - 'Remain in Light'
Location based events affecting particular locations

Stephen Wilson  - Transit Time
Real time positions of San Francisco light rail system trains and buses (via GPS) control sound, video, and kinetic experiences in gallery

Location Based Authoring

Teri Rueb - Trace - People left voice memories tied to certain locations
-urban tapestries
Hoshi Takuya - "Spatial Memory Architecture" people link text with particular locations
Stephen Wilson - Telepresent - people upload images as they move through their day

Traces - Terri Rueb

Hoshi Takuya - "Spatial Memory Architecture"

Urban Tapestries
Location Based Games
Communication with other groups at specific places - Reflection on Smart Mob, Collective Intelligence

-cntrcpy˘ - SMS game to send astronauts to Mars
-Blast Theory  - 'Can You See me Now' - Virtual chase game  activated by tracing real runners moving through city.  Also 'Uncle Roy All Around You'  - viewers help people in city find uncle Roy
-Raby, Clavin,Farrington,  Gosling, Durrant, Kitchen, Hooker, Patel, ,Sweeny, Walke   Flirt, Lost Cat, Herd  - Location based games and systems
-Yury Gitman and Carlos Gomez de Llarena - Node Runner (Wireless scavenger hunt)



Can you see me now
Location based sound events and stories

-Iain Mott -  Sound Mapping - Place activated sound
-Stefan Schemat  -  Water - Location activated story

Iain Mott - Sound Mapping

Stefan Schemat - Water
Active audience via mobile phones, wi-fi

- Golan Levin  Telesymphony  (sound composition using audience calls to cell phones)
- Ken Goldberg  Teleactor  (web visitors tell a mobile person what to do and what to say)
- Sheron Wray, Fleeta Siegel   - Texterritory  (audience members converse with eath other and the performers)

Levin Telesymphony

Goldberg et al  - Teleactor

Sheron Wray, Fleeta Siegel   - Texterritory 
Mobile phone activated public sculpture

-- Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Amodal Suspension - (people activate search lights via SMS and conversion into light pulses)
- Electroland ? Urban Spectacle  R-G-B" - callers control light patterns on a building

Rafael Lozano-Hemmer  - Amodal Suspension

Electroland ? Urban Spectacle  R-G-B
Conceptual Works

-Igor Stromajer - Wpack - (downloadable packages activate on mobile phones)
-Paula Levine - San Francisco/Bagdad - (map real coordinates of war activities into San Francisco)
-Marko Peljhan - (link mobile people with Makrolab)*-

Igor Stromajer - Wpack

Paula Levine - San Francisco/Bagdad

For more information about artists working with wireless and gps technologies, see Stephen Wilson art and technology links.