Stephen Wilson  - GPS/Wireless Events

The Telepresent (1997)
  • Automatically uploads images from whereever a person goes
  • Uploads location information via GPS
  • Remote viewers can talk to the telepresent via speech synthesis
  • A gift of telepresence - each person has it for 1 day 
  • Take it to special or ordinary places
  • Then they must decide who to give it to
  • Leaves of record of where it has been and who has carried it
  • Issues - Surveillance, Solitude, Freedom to Wander, Human Networks
  • Great innovation in 1997 - now technically easier with picture based mobile phones
View Telepresent movie documentation (33mb) 

TransitTime (2003)
  • Creates sound, video and kinetic experience based on the positions of all San Francisco MUNI light rail trains
  • Uses GPS and track sensors to determine positions via tne NextBus system
  • Sounds include train sounds, passenger interviews, ethnic music from the city



View TransitTime movie documentation  (38.5mb)

Magic Muni Seat 
  • Links gallery visitors with a real train
  • They see location coordinated video that matches what passengers are seeing out the window at that precise time 
  • The seats vibrate when the train is moving and stop when the train stops