Intersections of Art, Technology, Science & Culture - Links

Telephone Art/ Cell Phone **See also wireless and locative sections

!Mediengruppe Bitnik,Sven König - Opea Calling  (bugs in opera house randomly call homes to send opera performance AE09)
Helgard Haug, Daniel Wetzel, Stefan Kaeg - Call Cutta in a box (linstallation link viewers with people in call center in Indica AE09)
Willy Sengewald - Jammer Horn (blowing the horn jams cell phones within vicinity AE09)
MHarwood, Wright, Yokokoji - Tantalum Memorial (historic telephone switch installation activated by calls among Congo community - AE09)
Kelly Jaclynn Andres -Finally, We Hear One Another- IS08 (clothing transmits people's auditory environment to others via wireless)
Don Ritter - O TELEPHONE (phones create spontaneous reaction to callers)
Jim Conti - Show your Stripes (public light display controlled by cell phones)
Jim PallasDiale- vents Phoene-vents
Disembodied Art Gallery  Disembodied Voices, Answering Machine Solution Temporary Line
Brett Ian Balogh - When Airwaves Swing (experimentation with sound vibrations of radio waves)
Heath Bunting  Kings Cross Call-in, Cybercafe  (possibly dead link) 
Ian Pollock and Janet Silk  Museum of the Future, Area Code, Local 411, Dead Air, Radio from beyond the Grave main stie**
Neal White?s - Telesymphony 
Fred Forrest  Watch-Towers of Peace
Benoit Maubrey  Celluar Buddies, Electronic Speakers Corner
Stephen Wilson  Is Anyone There
Nick Wray Living Garden
Center for Metahuman Exploration Boundary  Link
Dialtones -TelesymphonyGolan Levin
Lance Shields Tele-phony
Christoph Ebener  Uli Winters If you don't think this is art, call this number!  **
Imahima **
NUIT BLANCHE  - payphone event
Teri Rueb - Open City 
victoria Vesna - notime: cellular trans_actions
Sergio Maltagliati& Alessandra Rossi  NextOpera (cell phone opera) Random Cell phone event
Kevin Haywood, Myriel Milicevic - cellular gaming
Emil Hrvatin - Miss Mobile
Antonia Hirsch's - Lines Spoken For (voice messaging)*
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer rAmodal Suspension (cell phone messages convert to searchlights)
Robert Whitman - cell phone works  samples
Francis Alÿs/ MATRIX 145
I love Bees (pay phone event)
Greg Neimeyer, Dan Perkel, Ryan Shaw-  Away from the New (cell phone game ) REDUX - CallSpace
List of cell phone links
Lotte Meijer, Matthew Biederman, Adam Hyde , Erin Moore - Paper cup Telephone Network
George Legrady  - Global Collaborative Visual Mapping Archive
Steve Bull, Scot Gresham-Lancaster and Tim Perkis - Cellphonia
 Germaine Koh - relay
Shawn Micallef, Gabe Sawhney, Ana Serrano - murmur
James Rouvelle, Joe Reinsel, Steve Bradley - URBANtells
Daniel Jolliffe - San Jose Voices 
Hoyun Son - FYI
Barthol Aram - Silver Cell (cell phone distrupter)
empfangshalle - As if we were alone
M+M - Song fuer C
Jenny Chowdhury - Cell Atlantic CellBooth
Mohave Phone Booth
Thomas Charveriat -  Free 2 Talk (sms based event), Inmersión sonora (fm radios), Telephones (sound synthesis on sex line)
Don Ritter - Otelephone  (concert of ringing telephones)
Ron Kuivila - answering machines event**
Scot Gresham-Lancaster - telephone art links
Markus Kison - Charming Burka (sends images of person in burka)

Radio, TV, Wireless, Art Radio , Spectrum

Free/Pirate Radio - Free Radio Network
KunstRadio  Horizontal Radio, Famile
Auer,Rivers and Bridges  ((Heidi Grundmann, Horst Hoertner)
Bjørn Melhu  - Seven Screens (digtal display sculpture stelae recognize and conver speech on radio programs)  08
Acoustic Space (including artist use of old kgb parabolic antenna) 
Ricardo Zufilga  - Broadcast Cart
New American Radio
Radio art mobile 
HMKV -Waves - The Art of the Electromagnetic Society  show
Neil Wiernik  How To Become An Amateur Radio
gregory whitehead, kathy kennedy, christof migone, hank bull, tetsuo kogawa, dan lander, julia loklev, helen thorington, jean frocois denis 
RadiaLx - art radio festival 08
Evolution 2002: PROCESS Cell phone event  **
John Duncan - phantom broadcast 
Mobile Radio Art
Sommerer & Mignonneau Ikki ikki - alive via cell phones   Mobile Feelings  - (mobile phone send body data)
Yury Gitman and Carlos Gomez de Llarena - Noderunner (wireless game) 
Christophe Bruno - A Pain in my SSID (wi-fi pain inducer based on words on news sites) 
radio days (interactive radio)
rafael lozano-hemmer - Frequency and Volume (motion tracking tunes radios)
  Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA) -
Joyce Hinterding, spectrum works
 Stephen Wilson - presentation on Wireless Art - past, present, future (Cuxhaven, Germany) 
Bas Van Koolwijk &  Derek Holzer  Ozone (feedback via electromagnetic emanations )  Digital Futures
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Frequency & Volume
 Thomas Weyres - coding in mobile 
Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby - Placebo Furniture, De-Electrification Center
Igor Stromajer - Custom Mobile software
Iso-phone James Auger, Jimmy Loizeau, Stefan Agamanolis 
Christian Terstegge - electromagnetic sponge
yuta nakayama - 3d muscle**
Amelia Kirby, Donna Porterfield, & Nick Szuberla - Thousand Kites
TAO G. VRHOVEC SAMBOLEC - portable radio
Michael Hohl, Stephan Huber - Radiomap
Jon Brumit - Neighborhood Public Radio
chris Byrne - free radio
Geert-Jan Hobijn,) Carsten Stabenow - YOKOMONO
Radio Gallery  - Anna Colin
Berlin Audio Drive - Radio Einzueins  (sound composition with cars)
Rafael lozano-hemmer   frequency and volume (radio tuned by motion)
Fernando Orellana - Looking for God (automatically tunes radio and stores snippets)
Guillermo Galindo - sound design, Transmission Mission (fm transmitter)  (with Chris Brown)
Edwin van der Heide  -  Radioscope (fm transmitters composite sound)
Saul Albert, Michael Wienkove  - Traffic Island Disks (interview people on street)
Shaina Anand / - KhirkeeYaan (closed circuit multi station tv)
Erich Berger - Tempest (radiation from screen picked up by radios)
Edwin van der Heide  - Radioscope (several people with transmitters create composition)
christian moeller- On Air (touch poles, hear transmission in different langauge)
Transmission Art - list of radio based works
Timo Kahlen - Radio wave/physical installations

Telecomferencing, Videoconferencing, Satlellite, Instant Messaging, Streaming and Internet (except web)  

Achim Mohné and Uta Kopp - Remotewords (disseminates statements via Google Earth and other virtual globe systems)
Richard Kriesche  Telematic Sculpture 4
Felix S. Huber and Florian Wüst - re:site montreal
Paul Sermon Main site Telematic Dreaming, Telematic Vision
Sara Diamond - Code Zebra (chat interchange/game) 
Brian Springer   Celluar Phone Events, Spin Satellite Monitoring, 
Gregory Garvey  Smart Stall
David Guez  - DotRed (online multiplayer games)
Adriene Jenik, Lisa Brenners - Desktop Theater 
Keith Roberson  C-U-See Me Events main 
Nel Tenhaaf   Neonudism 
Adrianne Wortzel  Starboard
Ebon Fisher  Wailing In the Alula Dimension
Tina LaPorta - C-u-see-me work 
G.H. Hovagimyan - Art Dirt 
La Fura dels Baus  Work in Progress
RHIZOMEBOT  Christopher Fahey. (instant messenger) 
Shu Lea Cheang - Buy One Get One, 
Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel, Ajay Naidu and Michael Uwemedimo - ambienttv (streaming roving theatre) 
Switch Journal - Collaboration projects and articles 
Jeffrey Shaw - Web of Life
Anabel Fearson -Baudr   - chatroom intervene
Geert Lovink - Trebor Scholz  - Free Cooperation  
Joseph DeLappe - online games
Kingdom of Privacy 
Rhizome - Carnivore events (commenary on cia email listenting software) 
Email art show
Maurizio Bolognini - teledemocracy
Moonpeace   (sms sent to moon)
MTAA + RSG - Want  alt site
c6 - Want & Need (sms(
Janine Fron, Tracy Fullerton, Jacki Morie, and Celia Pearce - Ludica
Deborah Solomon - the_living
Angela Main, Caroline McCaw - Animalia  alt (online with animal avatars)
Fakeshop - Multiple Dwelling, Distributed Capsule
Avatar Slide Show

Visualizing Net & Telecom Activity

Jens Wunderling - default to public (Twitter signals made physical on projections, stickers etc  AE09)
boredomresearch (Vicky Isley and Paul Smith) - RealSnailMail [RSM snail carries email) ] sig08
José Carlos Martinat, Enrique Mayorga -
Ambiente de Estereo Realidad 4 (device searches internet for phrases, shoots out flyers of what it finds 07) vid
Douglas Easterly / Matt Kenyon - S.W.A.M.P. (plant watered with Home Depot stock level)
luca bertini - yazna and ++ (viruses searching for each other)
Stelarc   Parasite, Ping Body
Project Taos  Sensorium, Web Hopper  alt page 
Nacny Paterson, Stock Market Skirt
Art+Com - Ride the Byte
Mark Hansen, Ben Rubin - Net sound level event  Listening Post  
Atau Tanaka& Kasper Toeplitz. - Global String
Joseph Nechvatal - computer virus  project , viral symphony
Lisa Jevbratt - TROIKA (each pixel interface) 
kate pemberton - tracert**
José Carlos Martinat / Enrique Mayorga - Ambiente de Estereo-Realidad 2
Laura Beloff / Erich Berger - Spinne (Searchbots generate sound event) 
Linda Wallace - Love Hotel
Chong - CrossTalk
Chris Chafe, Greg Niemeyer Ping -Crossfade alt site
Randall Packer, Steve Bradley - Telemusic
Gilberto Prado - telecom art
Igor Stromajer - Oppera Internettikka (singing html code)
Golan Levin Kamal Nigam ,Jonathan Feinberg  Dumpster (visualization of online teenage breakup texts)
Paul DeMarinis  - Messenger (pupets/bubbles visualize messages)
Gavin Baily, Tom Corby  - cyclone.soc (link weather with extrme talk in newsgroups)
**see also visualizing net in wilson webart stie
Jee Hyun Oh - GORI.Node Garden
Tom Igoe - Network sculputre
Yunchul Kim  - (void)traffic  data traffic visualization

Parapsychological Communication

Kathleen Rogers  PSInetExper iments** 
ICC Show - Portable Sacred Grounds** 
Camille Baker - Telepathy
Bill Seaman site

Telepresence in Virtual Worlds

Bill Seeman  World Generator Masaki Fujihata's projects

Second Life Events

Gazira Babeli  - events
Second Life Ballet
Open-Source Museum 
Second Life Architecture Awards  (Tanja Meyle's "Living Cloud",DC Spensley - "Full Immersion Hyperformalism", Adam Nash's "17 Unsung Songs", Max Moswitzer.- "White Noise")
Virta-Flaneurazine (VF) (a potent programmable mood-changing drug for SL)
joseph delappe - 200 mile avatar (real treadmill linked to virutal events)
Fred Forest - Dump your trash
**see also web art pages

Telematic culture

Roy Ascott Shanken telematic article  archetecture of cyberception

Free Radio, Piraate Radio

Tetsuo Kogawa Polymorphous Space

Historical Survey of Precedents

Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Jennifer Laughlin - visual survey of precdents to amodal suspension (art history/ communication/ public art/ tech)


Net Radio/TV

VanGogh TV- Ponton European Media Art  Piazza Virtuale,  Media Bus, 
Radio Lada, Aura Radio, Celluar Pirate Radio, Free Planet Radio, 
Radiotopia  (ars electronica) 
Kunstradio Soundrifter 
Audio Hyperspace
Radio Internationa Stadt
Jerome Joy homestudio, Audiolab,
AudioHyperspace list


Olga Kisseleva & Vincent Tordjman - DG-CABIN  (networked sculptures) 
James Auger, Jimmy Loizeau, Stefan Agamanolis - Iso-phone   (isolation tank communication)
Sherrie Rabinowitz & Kit  Galloway Electronic Cafe
Ken Goldberg    Mercury Project, Telegarden, Shadow Server, Momento Morin  Legal Tender, Ouija 2000  alt site Tele-actor Public Keys
Elza Mazeau merged images
Eduardo Kac  Ornitorrinco in Eden,  Rara Avis,  Ornitorrinco on the Moon, Teleporting an Unknown State, Uirapuru  
Joachim Montessuis (FR), Eléonore Hellio (FR) - M.U.S.H.
Eric Paulos   PRoP: Personal Roving Presence, Mechanical Gaze, Ubiquitous Tele- embodiment via Blimps
SRL (Survival Research Labs - Mark Pauline)  Lethal Experimentation, Increasing the Latent Period in a System of Remote Destructibility 
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer  main site , Idle Hands Fear
Nina Sobell and Emily Hartzell  Virtual Alice Parkbench
Michael Rodemer  About Nowin Chicago; About Here, Now
Shawn Brixey, Richard Rinehart, and Fabian Wagmister  - Chimera Obscura
June Houston  Ghost Watcher
melanitis Yiannis - Pleasure Machine (control of person)
Garnet Hertz  Interface, Doppleganger
Rosa Trujillo Bonalo  Amazonas Interactive**
Joel Slayton Telpresent Surveillance
ArtLab, sound creatures
Lynn Hershman, Difference Engine
Moeller & Sauter, Netskin
Fusion  - telpresence/collaboration project**
David Rokeby - Memex
Cassandra Lehman - vehicle event** 
Knowbotics Research - Mental imMigration - (global telework) 
George Coates - Crazy Wisdom Sho (callers control actors) 
Multimind (local video, wearable network) 
Project Combutt (linked chairs) 
Association.Creative Bump (physical bridge transmitting actions between places) 
Art Node, Users Club (museum web connection)
Jeff Mann, Michelle Teran - LiveForm:telekinetics
Ivan Pope north/east/west/south (web visitors request mobile  information) 
Adrianne Wortzel - net controlled robots
Sommerer & Monginniueu  Life Sapcies (affect alife by email), mobile feelings (skn conductivity, smells)
Interactive Institute.  Emotional Communication via stones
Fabricators - CITYCLUSTER virtual-reality 
Victoria Vesna - Cellular Trans_Actions
Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla - Traffic  Pattern Puerto Rican Light - link with light in puerto rico. solar energy store
Garnet Hertz - core dump (net activity of many users affect robotics) 
stephanie owens - liquid eden
Chaos Computer Club, Blinkenlights
Transmute Collective - Intimate Transactions
Zhang Ga  - The Peoples' Portrait
Steve Mann - Tlematic Tiubs
Robbert Smit & Graham Smith - Telemoby  robot hooked to Internet
Judith Donath, Karrie G. Karahalios -  Chit Chat Club
Rikayo Horimizu, Kenneth Haller, Kentaro Okuda, Michael Schneider - Rock My Chair  
John  Houck - enCODe (virtual fish carry messages)
Jeff Mann and Michelle Teran - LiveForm:Telekinetics 
Thomson & Craighead - Light from Tomorrow
Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman - Guerilla Net events  VolksNetBallet,   Ballettikka Internettikka 
Kohji Setoh - Global Windchimes
smart studio - remotehome, orb 
Paul Klotz  - 3D- Messenger, internet connect) LED-ART
Laura Beloff - airquarium  (head wearable globes simulate weather in distant places), Eye (hole in ground connect two metro stations)
Simon Penny & Bill Vorn - Bedlam (telepresence activated robotic prostheses mediate interactions between remote actors), Telepanoscope, Traces
Mathieu Briand - Exhange helmets (Interactive robotic turntables) 
Edwin van der Heide  -  push pull (floating device duplicates manipulations of similar device),
foAm - |yt_A (telecommunicate touch)
Nurit Bar-Shai,Zachary Lieberman, Rich Miller - Nothing happens (web people activate physical object play)
Carlos Corpa and Ana Marie Serrano - Poco - internet connected robot wheelchair asks for change gives out synthetic poetry
Doyon/Demers — Capture Sites  telepresence
Nurit Bar-Shai with Zach Lieberman and Rich Miller - Nothing Happens (sculptural assemblage activated by web visitors)
Greyworld - WorldBench (public bench with screen connected to other public benches)
Paul Sermon - There's No Simulation Like Home (multicamera link two architectural spaces )
Doyon/Demers - Capture Sties (telematic linkage of diverse places)

Networked Performance,Dance

share dj
Jane Grant, John Matthias, Nick Ryan - The Fragmented Orchestra (24 places linked on model of neuronal network to create sound event AE09)
Jean-Baptiste Barrire and Maurice Benayoun - Emotional Traffic (play emotional state of world extracted from web 05)
Jeon Byeong Sam  - Telematic Drum Circle  (online participants activate robotic drum machines 08)
Jack Stockholm - Eavesdropping v2: Interactive Mood Ecology 08 (play music on people's networked laptops influenced by mood data)
George Coates - Crazy Wisdom Sho
Furtherfield (collective network experimentaiton)
Internet and Dance Project  Eurodans Sita Popat, Hands-on paper
Helen Thorington-Adrif (network perform)
Rieko Nakamura, Rengai-za 
Susan Collins - In conversation (remote mouth projected on sidewalk) 
William Duckworth & Nora Farrel - Cathedral Project
Interface list of interactive performance
Atau Tanaka - Frankensteins Netz
TransDance** (telematiac performance) 
Shibuya Suzuki, remote moppe
Laura Knott-world wide simulatenaous dance
Teledramatics program - CSU Monterey 
Time's Up Closing the Loop
Plaintext Players 
Guide to Performances on the Internet
The Association for Dance and Performance Telematics (ADAPT
Workshop in performance telematics (ASU) 
guide to performances on internet
Facade -  interactive drama  
Pixelache (Exstream - WJ - system for web performance) 
Annina Rüst,- Rock'n Scroll
Josephine Dorado, Vedat Emre Balik, Laura Escude, Elizabeth Haselwood, and Rachel Bishop  -  RPM's Remixed
Paul Sermon, Steve Dixon, Mathias Fuchs,Andrea Zapp  - Unheimlich (audience join play)
Mare Tralla -  Friendship of All Nations  (live streams from many counries)
 barabara campbell - 1001 nights cast
Graham Smith - MOBI (network controlled mobile robot)
turbulence - networked performance blog

Mobile Phone

MobiLenin,- mobilspray - gestures with mobile hooked to projector makes visual grafiti
Ocarina - iphone turned into flute - instant linkage to random people playing their phones anywhere on the earth

** also see gps/locative media section below
PLAN Pervasive and Locative Arts Network **

Michelle Teran - Life: a user’s manual
Julian Bleecker  wireless experiments Hector Canonge - Ciudad Transmobil
Marc Tuters /, Jaanis Garancs  - Cartographic Command Centre (CCC)
MAPTIVIST 2.0  (wireless sharing of surviellance) 
cntrcpyô - SMS game
Wilson - paper on wireless art
maurizio bolognini - smsms project
Marc Fournel - (Skin-P) public space manipulation
Shu Lea Cheang - Baby Love (amusement park spinning teacups)
Anab Jain, Tom Jenkins - Yellow Chair
John Klima-  Saint Joe  (images captured from transit(
Damon McCormick, Sean Savage, Parker Thompson - PlaceSite
Marc Tuters, Luke Moloney, Adrian Sinclair - Fête Mobile (wireless surveillance blimp)
Igor Stromajer - wpack (wireless mini programs) , Ballettikka Internettikka (tactical wireless events)
Ami Wolf, Jin-Yo Mok  - WiFisense (purse that indicates wifi signals)
semapedia - (cellphone-readable physical hyperlinks physically placed in environment)

Blast Theory - Desert Rain (multiperson audience paprticipant game)  Can You See Me Now? Day of the figurines (sms city game, model in city represent state)
Mobilized - mobile communications media practices and technologies
Eric Paulos  - Urban Technologies
igor staojamer -Ballettikka Internettikka tactical media web/wireless
Mobile (wireless surveillance blimp)
Igor Stromajer - wpack (wireless mini programs)
Ami Wolf, Jin-Yo Mok  - WiFisense (purse that indicates wifi signals)
Blast Theory - Desert Rain (multiperson audience paprticipant game)  Can You See Me Now? Day of the figurines (sms city game, model in city represent state)
Mobilized - mobile communications media practices and technologies
Eric Paulos  - Urban Technologies
igor staojamer -Ballettikka Internettikka tactical media web/wireless
Wireless Art Conference  ohne_schnur 
Joeseph DeLappe - wireless games 
Julian Bleecker, Scott Paterson and Marina Zurkow - Mobile Scout
Aware- a spatio-temporal weblog
The Locative Network
Geo caching
Play Undercover

 Urban Tapestries
Julian Bleeker - wifiartcache
Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Katherine Moriwaki -DIY Urban Challenge
Mark Pesce, John Tonkin -  BlueStates 
Shu Lea Cheang - Baby Love ( Spinning amusemen park teacups with rubber clones linked wirelessly to visitor choices of music)
mobile strategies of display and mediation (mdm)
Forest Entertainment - Creets (agents play games with other agents via wireless)
Kisky Netmedia (Katie Lips & Paul Stringer) - freeloader (mobile audio community)
Ami Wolf, Jin-Yo Mok -Wifisemse  (purse that senses wi-fi signals)
Michelle Teran - 2.4 (wireless camera surveillance, bikes)
N[ ]EX (wooden blocks generate sound through tracking spread in city, wireless signals)
Beatrice Valentine Amrhein
Steve Bradley (Baltimore)
Family Filter   Jonah Brucker-CohenTim Redfren
 Duncan Murphy
Informationlab  Ursula Lavrencic and Auke Touwslager  (Cell Phone Disco)
Golan Levin 
Paul Notzold
Mark Shepard Tactical Sound Garden Toolkit
URBANtells  Steve Bradley, James Rouvelle, and Joe Rensel
Angie Waller
Mobile Nation (cellphones, games, locative)


Web Art
Web Art Links, Competitions (Stephen Wilson)


GPS (Global Positioning System) / Locative Media
Iain Mott Sound Mapping
Paula Levine - Shadows   bannff site
Masaki Fujihata  Proposal of Impressing Velocity FieldWork 
Laura Kurgan - You Are here
Teri Rueb  Trace, The Choreography of Everyday Movement" , Drift 
Stefan Schemat, Osmotic Minds**  Water   main site
Jeff Knowlton, Naomi Spellman,Jeremy Hight  - 34 NORTH 118 WEST 
Hugh Pryor and Jeremy Wood,  GPS Drawing
Marek Choloniewski  GPS-Trans Sound Map of Krakow
Marc Tuters - gps works 
Paula Poole and Brett Stalbaum - Remote Location 1:100,000 
spectropolis show Mobile Media, Art and the City, (nyc)
Warren Sack - Conversation Maps
Diego Mometti ,David
Boardman-  Mea Hist√≤rica de la Alameda
Christin McPhee - slipcity GPS events
Elisa Giaccardi - The Silence of the Lands
Eric Rodenbeck, Stamen Deisgn - Cabspotting
LEA Gallery on Locative Media
Angela Piccini - guttersnipe
Jang-Won Lee - suntracer
Erika Block & Hilary Ramsden - Walking Project 
John Evans, Drew Hemment, Theo Humphies and Mika Raento - LOCA: Location Oriented Critical Arts
Qin Ga - Long March
Jesper Dyrehauge, Marie Markman and Nis Røme - Planteundersøgelser / Plant investigations
Mark Shepard - Tactical Sound Garden
Teri Rueb -
Choreography of Everyday Movement
Taeyoon Choi , I&P media art team - Shoot me if you can
Kevin Hamilton - CHRONOZONE
Blast Theory - I love Frank
James Rouvelle, Joe Reinsel, Steve Bradley -  URBANtells 
C5 - Quest for Success  Perfect View(sublime places visited
Glowlab - Drift Relay
Drew Hemment, Mika Raento, John Evans, Theo Humphries - Loca
Damon McCormick, Sean Savage, Parker Thompson - Placesite
Norene Leddy, Andrew Milmoe - Platforms- Aphrodite Project  (shoe video, gps safety devices for sex workers)
Julie Newdoll, Jim Pallas and Michael Mosher -  Pioneers Hitchhiking  (GPS enabled sculptures hitchike)
Manhattan Story Mashup
Franck  Ancel - Utopia of Theatre , 5G
Bruce Wands - Variations (Music from GPS data)
Thorsten Knaub -  (self tracked  for a year)
Rodrigo Derteano - Recomputing Space, ( spatial recreation of sounds recorded in city 06)
Yolande Harris - Sunrunsun 06
Transborder Immigrant Tool
Hung-Lin Hsu and Cheng-I Tsai - Open Space 2.0 (leave photos geo marked)
simeon nelson -Cryptosphere
Urbanistan Laboratory (Ásta Olga
Magnúsdóttir and Anna María Bogadóttir)
Jeremy Wood - Personal Cartography 

Georg Tremmel, Shiho Fukuhara, Yousuke Nagao.- alt  alt  Sourcing Water - IS08  (dowsing to find water sources combined with motion sensitng and GPS)

Takuya HOSHI    spatial memory architecture 
Oliver Flexman - tracking people/webcameras **
GPS Drawing Project 
Seiko Mikami/Sota Ichikawa    - Gravicells  (motion and gps)
Fujihata - Mersea Project
Esther Polak - PIENS (Amsterdam mapping projec,  MILK
Kati Rubinyi - The Gambit
Janet Cardiff - art encyclopediamain site** locative installation
Daniel Libeskind - locative
Interaction Field - public space
Center for land use interpretation
Kati Rubinyi - The Gambit
Jonah Bruecker-Cohen -  umbrella.dotnet
Amsterdam Realtime mapping project
Aware- a spatio-temporal weblog
Esther Polak, Ieva Auzina und RIXC
Peter Brinson  Julian Bleecker - Vis-a-Vis
Projekt Atol Communications Cyborgs for Urban Survival  Clunes
Andrea Di Castro Drawing with Global Technologies
Stephen Wilson  The Telepresent
David Rokeby - Memex
Daniel Jolliffes GPS Experiments** 
Tom Bonauro, John Randolph, and  Bruce Tombs  Gnomon
John Craig Freeman - Imaging Place
Joel Slayton  GPS events  C5 Landscape initiatives
Ingrid Koivukangas  gps/ecology
Annina Ruest , LAN group - Track the trackers,
Hasan M. Elahi  - Tracking Transience  (photos/gps of all places traveled)
Yuri Gitman - Beating Heart
NYC Geographically organized photos
Nancy Nowacek, Katie Salen, Marina Zurkow - Karaoke Ice 
Matt Roberts - Mobile Performance Group (MPG)
Alison Sant - Redefining The Basemap 
Jill Scott - E-skin
1575.42 MHz - satellite-controlled kinetic installation

LEA Special Issue Gallery of Locative
curators Suhjung Hur, Annie On Ni Wan, Andrew Paterson
Bowville Fictitious Constituency - Paula Rausch
Teri Rueb - the Choreography of Everyday Movement 
Angela Piccini- Guttersnipe 
John Evans, Drew Hemment, Theo Humphies and Mika Raento - LOCA: Location Oriented Critical Arts
Lu Jie -  Long March
Jesper Dyrehauge, Marie Markman and Nis Rømer  - Planteundersøgelser / Plant investigations
Taeyoon Choi - Shoot me if you can
Jang-Won Lee - SunTracer
Mark Shepard -  Tactical Sound Garden [TSG] Toolkit 
Erika Block & Hilary Ramsden  - The Walking Project
Scott Snibbe, Stamen Design - Cabspotting -
Riga Center for New Media Culture - (imagines GPS track bio signals attached to places)
Bio-tracking (virtual stickies)
Alter Audio - links
Martin Frey - Just in Time Watch, Cabboots (with gps sensors)
jaanis garancs - Parallel[land]scapes, Tactical Cartography Command Centre  (VR built on locative data)
Atau Tanaka - Net_Dérive  (location sensitive musical devices) , Malleable Mobile Music

 Disinformation on Demand, SuperVillainizer -
Conspiracy Client

Links to locative projects
The Locative Network links
Locative Media Reader (articles, projects)
Geo-caching - multiplayer search
Play Undercover
Urban Tapestries
Paula Levine - GPS art links
SocialLight - tagging spaces
Human Pacman
Waag Society - FREQUENCY 1550
One Free Minute
Manhunt Wall Street
Zhong Shuo (People Say...)
Time Translations
Remapping High Wycombe
Yellow Chair Stories
Gender Anarchy Project
Collective Subconscious
HeHe Association - Helen Evans & Heiko Hansen
REDUX - CallSpace
leonel moura - GPS Paintings
Hz journal (locative)
Nigel Hilyer    -  Audio Nomad (3-d locative sound)
reinhold grether -  directory to mobile art and locative media
Margot Kelley - Local Treaures (geocaching)
Brandon LaBelle & James Watts - Radio Flirt (loactive sound building sounds)
Fumio Matsumoto - I-compass (direct you to things of interest)
Daniel Sauter - Light Attack  (projected public space video on places to go/not go from tourist guide)
Charlie Todd - Fozen Grand Central - Improv Everywhere ( mass absurd public events AE08)
John Evans , Drew Hemment , Theo Humphries  Mike Raento - Loca : Set To Discoverable (cell phone comments on positions and actions - AE 08)
Gordan Savicic- Constraint City / the pain of everyday life  (body corset tightened in relation to wi-fi signals - AE08)
allard van hoorn - Platform for Urban Investigation (PUI)

Rodrigo Derteano - Ciudad Nazca - small robot tractors draw imaginary city in earth to be viewed from above like Nazca lines - AI simulate city growth - GPS - LV08

anna dumitriu - ,  main  Bio-tracking (use of GPS to locate microscopic orgainisms growing on phones)
Experimental Geography show - ICI gallery 08

Walking as art. overview


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