Intersections of Art, Technology, Science & Culture - Links

  Algorithms, Art & Mathematics, Code, Genetic Art, Artificial Life
Algorithmic work - still

Roman Verostko
Ken Musgrave
 Manfred Mohr - 3d motion etc
Artists working with algorithmic generation - Martin Sperka,Frieder Nake, Raymond Lauzzana, Peter Beyls, Gerd Doeben-Henisch**
 lin Hsin Hsin - 3-d forms
Tim Quinn - Flattened Space
Bogdan Soban - generative art 
John Gerrard -  Smoke Tree
Paul Hertz  Prairie, Criadero

Algorithmic work - animations

Mark Stock - Smoke Water Fire sig08  vid
Charles Csuri  main site, Siggraph site
Casey Reashistorical site  
Ben Fry
Jim Andrews     Nio  (synchronized graphic/audio)
Charles Forman - Playing with Fire  (simulate fire)
Rick Mullarky - Barnyard Algorithm (process visualization)
George Stadnki  - Lumia animation
Anne-Sarah Le Meur - Eye-Ocean
VideoCode02: - (abstraction of ecological system)
Paul Brown- Sandlines ,4'16
Andrew Noren (historical abstract animation)**
Brad Borevich -  Broken Wave (data toy sin wave) , 10 concepts of computation

Algorithmic work - sound
@c + Lia - performance with algorithmic graphics/sounds
Thor Magnusson - ixi software
Amit Pitaru - Sonic Wire Sculptor
Cheth Rowe - A Reward-Driven Process for Local, Noospheric, and Computational Detection  of Stochastic Deviation Fields
Ge Wang and Perry R. Cook - On-the-Fly Counterpoint (code as instrument)
Alessandro Cappozzo - Abstract-Codex
Markus Lerner, Andre Stubbe -Fairytale (visualize energy interactions), Bar
Shawn Decker - algorithmic control of sound generating kinetics
Miguel Carvalhais, Pedro Tudela, Lia  - c + Lia (algorithmic music) alt
Sever Tipei, James Bohn - Manifold Music
antoine schmitt - the nanomachine (sound generator)  World Wide Ensemble (audio and visual automatas influenced by track ball)
Ethan Bordeaux, Ben Recht, Noah Vawter and Brian Whitman - Concrete Music
Yuko Mohri, Soichiro Mihara - Composiiton in Progress - Vexations (sound ecology of places)
Brad Garton  - algortithmic music

Algorithmic work - installations, interactive, conceptual
Martin Riches,, Masahiro Miwa  - Thinking Machine (algorithmic machine AE08 )
George Legrady - algorithmic Visualization
Brian Knep - Healing Series, Drift Wall
John Maeda  (MIT)
Antoine schmitt -  algorithmic art, GamePlay, Devox, Psychic
Ade Ward Signwave Auto-Illustrator
Tobias Grewenig  Bitmirror  (ascii conversion of motion video)
Turing Train Terminal - Severin Hofmann, David Moise
Golan Levin - Drawn, secret lives of numbers
Jason Lewis - Dynamic Poetry ,
SingleCell Double Cell collection of algortimic forms
Tom Kemp - Partilce Painter  (generative images simulating charged particles) 
Cristobal Mendoza - Ghostly Mirror -(video processing, particles based on motion)
Gerald de Jong, Fluidiom (build bodies, evolution system)
John F. Simon -  Every Icon  (generate every 32 bit icon), unfolding object
Yacine Sebti - Move in a frame (movements affect asynchronous image grid)

Shirley Shor & Aviv Eyal - architechtural algorithmic art
Brad Borowitz - algorithmic art
Cristobal Mendoza - Ghostly Mirror
Camille Utterback - External Measures, Untitiled 5, Liquid Time. Intimate Transactions
Zachary Lieberman  - Drawn (shapes take on own life)
Douglas Edric Stanley, interview, blogAsymtope (abstract machine generate games, cinema,sound)

Erwin Driessens, Maria Verstappen (NotNot)   - E-volver (audience breed images)
tim otto roth - Imachinations (images generated based on pi)

Alorrithmic galleries, shows, organizations, tools, links
AlgoArts Links 
PARC Algortithmic Art Show
Pioneers of Algorithmic Art
Antoine Schmitt - Algorithmic Artists site
Iota Organization - Archives of Visual Synthesis (Larry Cuba et al) 
Benjamin Fry, Casey Reas - Processing (graphic authoring environment)
MIT Aesthetics and Computation
Bitforms Gallery 
International Society For Mathematical And Computational Aesthetics
Read_me software art show   main site     read_me
John Simon  interview
Christiane Paul -Whitney - CODeDOC  ars electronia
Fishwick - aethetic computing 
GeneratorX show 
Fine Arts Forum List

Algorithmic Text

Jason Lewis
links from thought shop list of references

Chloe Chao, Kinetext
Peter Cho, Computational Fonts
Paul Haeberli, 3-D transformations of text
Suguru Ishizaki, Kinetic text
Golan Levin - Alphabet Synthesis
John Maeda - Flying Letters
Tara Rosenberger-Shankar - Prosody based animation
Bill Seaman - Recombinant Poetics
David Small - Rethinking the book
Douglas Soo - Temporal text
Josh Nimoy - Textension
Camille Utterback - TextRain
Yin Yin Wong - Temporal Typography
Sha Xin Wei - Hubbub

Charles Sandison - Conclusion (language pattern animations)

Fractal Art

Clifford Pickover 
Art by Math 
Yahoo Fractal Listings 

Genetic, Evolutionary, Complexity, and Organic Art

Lionel Theodore Dean - Holy Ghost (chair modified by genetic algorithms sig09)
Miguel Chevalier - Virtual Herbarium, Ultra-Nature
Francesca de Santis - insects
Marc Lafia - Ambient Machine
Alain Lioret - Beings Paintings
Penousal Machado - NEvAr  (evolutionary art  )
PicBreeder - Interactive Evolution of Images (Jimmy Secretan, Nicholas Beato et al) 07
Tatsuo Unemi 
Jeffrey Ventrella
Matthew Lewis

Nathan Selikoff - Tiled Faces (complexitygenerated images) sig08
Kevin Mack - Divine Instruments of Technology - Neurosymphonic Self Reflection  sig08
Francisco Javier Fernndez Herrero -
Artificial Architecture, 1.0  (generator artificial architecture spaces)
Open Ended Group (Marc Downie, Paul Kaiser, Shelley Eshkar) - Loops (dance motion capture and aglogrithms)
sdvila group - wanderer project (web self organizing poetry generator)
Simon Biggs Book of Books - (exploration of random generation of texts)
Carlos Castellanos  -  Particle Evolver

Genetic Art  and Music  Links, Conferences

Emergence (generative art conference) 
GA :  International Conferences on Generative Art and Design   Milan, Italy 
Genetic Art Links
Matthew Lewis links
Generative Art Conference
Complexity - Art and Complex systems art show  (curated by Ellen K. Levy and Philip Galanter) Includes artists - Manuel Baez, Jonathan Callan, Remo Campopiano, Nancy Chunn, Janet Cohen, Philip Galanter, Frank Gillette, David Goldes, Hans Haacke, Paul  Hertz, Ellen K. Levy, Brian Lytle, DaroMontag, Jack Ox, Daniel Reynolds, Marianne Selsjord, John F. Simon Jr., Karl Sims, Nell Tenhaaf, Steina Vasulka, Woody Vasulka, and Leo Villarea )
Celestino Soddu - Generative Design
European Workshop on Evolutionary Music and Art
evo art site  alt site-(EvoMUSART)  exhibition  "ArtEscapes"

A-life Sculpture

Louis-Phillipe Demer - Tiller Girls (Precision robotic dance troop respond to each others motion- LV10)
Douglas Easterly, Matt Kenyon, Tiago Rorke - Tardigotchi (alife physical and virtual creatures interact - LV10)
David Bowen.  Growth Modeling Device (simulation of growing onion with rapid prototyping system LV 10)
Andreas Muxel Connect. (robotiic suspended balls interact to create emergent behavior LV 10)
Kelly Dobson OMO  (machine like entity interacts with people via non intentional cues - LV07)
Jed Berk - Autonomous Light Air Vehicles  (LV07)
Leandro M. Nuñez Propagaciones  (electromechanical realization of Conway Lfe game LV07)
Ken Rinaldo The Flock, Autopoesis, SpiderBots 
Joel Slayton  - Telepresent Surveillance
Simon Penny - Fugitive, Petit Mal , Sympathetic Sentience
Bill Vorn -  Evill/Live 3  (wall light installation based on alife),Hysterical Machine, Belam,  Aesthetics of Artificial Behaviors, Scavengers (w/ Louis-Phillipe Demers)<>
 Reva Stone -  Carnevale 3.0
Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen Breed, Tickle, Notnot, Etickle
Louis Bec  Hypozoologie  ARAPUCA/Alternealt site
Theo Jansen - Strandbeest
Adam Brown & Andrew Fogg - Bion
David Birchfield -  Avian  (bird call evolution)
Christof Teuscher - Biowall  (self healing wall)
Christian Soucaret, Aurien Oliva - Rob-o - (Alife robot explore virtual spaces)
Tatsuo Unemi , Daniel Bisig - Flocking Messengers -motion activated communication via A-Life agents (LV9)
Yves  Klein  Scorpiobot, Lady Bug, Octofungi**
David Rokeby - Clouds (robotic mirrors with autonomous patterns)  lv10
Julius Popp - bit-flow (liquid flow analyzed by video - orchestrate patterns) lv10
Jed Berk - ALAVS 2.0 (lighter than air vehicles affected by alife patterns and interactions with cell phones/people) lv10

Theory Related to Artificial Life  & Genetic Art
Simon Penny "Darwin Machine" article on artificial life 
Edward Shanken paper on ALife "Life as it Could Be
Ken Rinaldo paper on ALife** 
Thomas Ray paper on"Evolution as Art"
Latham&Todd  "Evolutionary Art & Computers
Nell Tenhaaf   "As Art Is Lifelike" 
Mitchell Whitelaw  Metacreation
Tim Otto Roth - Pixelsex
Synthetic Video/ Algorithmic , Computational Cinema

Marc Lafia and Fang-Yu Lin -  Battle of Algiers (algorhmic presentation of movie)
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy  - Soft Rains , We Like to Watch, 2001: A Space Algorithm, Every Shot, Every Episode (user editing on the fly)
Lev Manovich Soft cinema  project/dvd,   Soft Cinema installation (zkm)
Future Cinema show(zkm)
Michael Joaquin Grey - computational cinema
Douglas Bagnall - Mimetic TV (Broadcast TV emulator), Filmmaking Robot
Gheorghe Dan, Alisa Andrase - Phylotic BodyScapes
Douglas Edric Stanley - Concrescence
Michael Grey  -  computational cinema
Julien Maire  DEMI-PAS , Exploding Camera  
Bill Seaman - Recombinant Aesthetics
Bradley Hyppa - algorithmic video

Resources from Manovich Soft Cinema site (software for the construction of interactive movies)
VideoWave Movie Creator

Office Voodoo
 Garage Cinema Research

[research in media metadata, automated media capture and automatic media editing at UC Berkeley]
> informedia
[digital video understanding research @ Carnegie Mellon University]

A-life Art

Álvaro Castro-Castilla - Vacuum Virtual Machine (on screen architectural graphics that is always trying to evolve - LV10)
Karolina Sobecka - Sniff. (Artificial dog projection tracks motion of visitors and establishs relationship with viewers -LV10)
Matthew Warshaw - Rediscovering The Organism (a-life system tthat projects the organisms and the underlying analysis - LV10)
Marloes de Valk, Aymeric Mansoux. Metabiosis: GOTO10 (open source environment for creating interacting digitial entities LV10)
Code31 - SE/30 (old macintoshes activated with automata code - De07)
Hans Diebner, Rudi Hinterwaldner, Florian Grond - KI Arena (04) (creatures let loose in environment)
Santiago Ortiz/Bestiario -Mitozoos 06
Bioplus Group - Emiliano Causa, Tarcisio Lucas Pirotta& Matas Romero Costas.  Ephemeral creatures, (Program listens to music, generates virtual instrument, and artificial graphic creatures 06)
Criaturas Efmeras - Ephemeral creatures 06
Thomas Ray    tierra 
Shawn Lawson - Migrations (simulated abstract bird flocking) sig08
Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau - A-volve, pico_span (link alife development to body signals)  GENMA, Verbarium, Phototropy, Life Spaces II  Life Writer
anna dumitriu - relationships of a-life and biology
Jane Prophet Technosphere,
Karl Sims  - Panspermia
Michael Grey  - Jelly Life, computational cinema, zoob
Troy Innocent- Iconica, Lifesigns, Osmotic Signals
Nell Tenhaaf
Jon McCormack - Bloom, The Deep, Eden, Turbulence  (artificial ecologies)
Mitchell Whitelaw - Us is Them, Boom (simulation of particle moments)., Metacreation - book on Artificial Life
Rebecca AllenBush Soul 
john tonkin  - Body works (Personal Eugenics, Elastic Masculinities, Elective Physiognomies)
Ulrike Gabriel  Perceptual Arena
Chu-Yin Chen - Quorum Sensing
Lionel Dean -  Creepers, tubers- rapid prototype
Tsuneya Kurihara  Dolphins 
Scott Draves Electric Sheep , Dreams in High Fidelity
Transnational Temps (Andy Deck, Fred Adam and Veronica Perales) - Novus Extinctus
Richard Brown -   Biotica   
Willy LeMaitre and Eric Rosenveig  Appearance Machine  (self programming machine based on analysis of what it produces)
Perry Hoberman, Roc Parés and Narcís Parés, LightPools
Mauro Annunziato & Pero Pierucci - Swarm, E-Sparks, Aurora di Venere(dance with alife)  
Scott S. Fisher, Michael Girard,  Susan Amkraut Menagerie
Peter Broadwell, Rob Myers, Rebecca Fuson  Plasm:Yur Mug
Boredom Research (Vicky Isley / Paul Smith) - Wish, Ornamental Bug Garden, Forest of Imagined Beginnings
 Michael Tolson  - Las Menias
William Latham  Evolutionary Images
Life Drop **
Jeffrey Ventrella - Swimmers/ Darwin Pond
Leonel  Moura - Swarm Paintings
Craig Reynolds Boids
Sharon Daniels Alife-info works
Alain Lioret - Beings Paintings
Joanne Jackovich and Kirsty Beilharz - Sonic Tai Chi
Ebon Fisher - Nervenet,  Wigglish , (many year evolving social structure)
Ursula Damm - double helix swing  (fleas interact w/artificial life)
Andy Webster, Jon Bird- The Tuning of Pask's Ear (artificial ear evolve from electrochmeical processes, alife) 
Eduardo Fuentesal Escudero, Pedro Diaz del Arco (Sculptor Zeta Cluster)  -  Dadatron
thomas jourdan  Kandid (online evolving creatures)

Bruce Damer  - book chapter on orgnaic evoloutionary Art  - Stephen Rooike, William Latham, Charles Ostman, Darrel Anderson
Iota Organization
UCLA Art & Aethetics of Alife Artists (visual survey)
Nick Gessler  course in alife, links
Simon Penny - Spectre2 (Ir data modeling of face which then has autonomous behaviors)

Shows, Conferences, Organizaitons 

Biota - Biota@home
UCLA Show, ECAL97**
VIDA Artifical Life Art Competions 
Santa Fe Links
Alife Organization Links  conferences/competitons
Generator X (Art from Code)
Alife links

Art & Mathematics 

Stuart Dickson 
Brent Collins  , alt site
Carlo Sequin
Helaman Ferguson   alt site  interview
John Sullivan
Donna Cox
Brian Evans
Bridge Conference (art, music, mathematics 09)
R&Sie(n) & François Jouve - Architecture of Moods architecture and mathematics  (Le Labatoire research) 09
Keith Tyson - ArtMachines (randomness)
David Auburn Proof (a play)
Nathan Selikoff
Hollis Cooper - artificial spaces
Gertrude Reagan - math as metaphor 
Thomas Briggs - periodic functions
Kenneth Huff - organic constructiojns
Daina Taimina - crocheted hyperbolic planes
Andy Lomas  - Images of Aggregation (mathematics of natural forms)
martin bonadeo - moebius display
Reuben Heyday Margolin- Math and the Night Sea
tom dukich - Math Songs (music based on famous constants)
Cheth Rowe - A Reward-Driven Process for Local, Noospheric, and Computational Detection of Stochastic Deviation Field (detection of meaningful 3-letter patterns)

Art & Mathematics Links, Conferences, Projects
Ars Numerica conference
BRIMS Art & Math Project
Bit Art Archive
Mathematica Gallery
Bridges 2000: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science. Southwestern College 
International Society of Arts,     ISAMA 2000:  SUNY/Albany 
Math & Art essays
Mathematics & Sculpture links
Mathematics & Architecutre  (list of conferences 98-04 & other resources )
Sito Math Art Gallery
Ivars Peterson - Mathematical Art Review  (includes links to artists)
4-D Website**
Margaret Wertheim - Coral Reefs crochet from hyperbolic geometry  alt
AXIOM Gallery - Art and Math Show (Bathsheba Grossman, J.Michael James, Keith Peters, Nathan Selikoff and Kevin Van Aelst) Flickr photos


  Atomic Level Physics, Nanotechnology
Atomic & Molecular Level Physics, Light 

Installations - Performances

Shawn Brixey Alchymia, Instruments of Material Poetry, Aurora, Celestial Vaulting,Eon (sonoluminescence)    main site
Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand  - Camera Lucida (sonuluminescent chambers) ae07
Richard Henschke - AIR residency at the Australian Synchrotron
TIM OTTO ROTH: I SEE WHAT I SEE NOT   (Live research images control of building lights)
Takuro osaka -cosmic wave based sculpture
Nigel Hilyer    -  Theorem (sound activated by particle decay)
Carsten Nicolai-  nebelkammer (cloud chamber)
Gianni Motti - HIGGS LHC CERN (walk the accelerator ring)
Mariko Mori - Tom Na H-iu (lights connected to Neutrino Detection Experiment
)fernando ariasalt   Radioactive Installation


Goodsell (curator)  Molecular Graphics Show 
Bettina Brendel  Quantum Art (visualization of science imagergy)
Marina Koraiman Signatures of the Invisible Superstrings  (dance)
Tom Kemp - Partilce Painter  (generative images simulating charged particles)  
Melissa Grakowsky Shippee - Indeterminancy paintings
Carter Hodgkin - Microsites (particle interactions), velocities & aftereffects
Jan-Henrik Andersen - Sized Matter (drawings and sculptures of subatomic particles)
Mahmoud Sabri - quantum realism (paintings of quantum phenomena)
Kuesta (painting inspired by physics)

Atomic & Molecular Level Physics, Light  cont


Ken McMullen - ART, POETRY AND PARTICLE PHYSICS (dvd)  interview  John Berger dvd
Parm Kaur - Textual Timespace (Einstein relativity metaphors)
Jonathan Keats - Speculations (multi-dimensional space)
Grace Weir - In my own time (film - black holes, notions of time and light, Einstein's theory of relativity)
Keith Tyson - Large Field Array
Scientists dance their Phd theses

Signatures of the Invisible  CERN press release (artists work at CERN on projects - Roger Ackling, Jérôme Basserode , Sylvie Blocher , Richard Deacon , Bartholomeu dos Santos , Patrick Hughes , Anish Kapoor, Ken McMullen, Tim O'Riley, Paola Pivi , Helen Storey, Monica Sand)

eva laramee - fluid geographies  (new mexico radioactivity) Misplaced Data (gravity anomalies)
John Duncan - The Crackling **
Anthea Maton Art & Physics Education**

Nuclear Science

Simon Hollington & Kypros Kyprianou - (siting of nuclear facilities )
Chris Oakley -  (film 'Half-Life')
James Acord  Hanover Monument
Kim Stringfellow Safe as Mother's Milk   green museum   
Steve Hartzog - main site
Peter D'augostino Traces
Cai Guo Qiang - The Century with Mushroom Clouds
eva laramee - Fluid Geographies

Gudrun Bielz - Rays, an additional catastrophe
Cornelia Hesse-Honegger After Chernobyl , studies of nuclear sites

Jacob Kirkegaard - imperia (sounds inside nuclear plant)
Michael Light - 100 suns  (book documenting nuclear tests)
Nuclear: art & radioactivity conference


Installations / Conceptual

Olivia Ong - Gliterati garments  (nanoparticles)
Victoria Vesna /Jm Gimzewski - Zerowave    main site Nano Mandala, Quantum Tunneling, Fluid Bodies (/LA County Musuem show)  Blue Morph (nanoscale sounds as buttterfly transfoms07)
NanoVic competition on nanotechnology and art  07
Graham Smith - Morphing Machinery - metaphor for changing cities DE07
shane hope - Molecular Modeling prints, Atomolecular Collages (software visualize nanotech modeling future)
Paul Thomas - Midas (visualize place between skin and gold), Nanoessence (comparison of AFM images of living and dead skin cells.)
Julie Freeman (residence in nano lab)
Open Source Nano
Ken Rinaldo -Machinic Diatoms 05
Jane Bearinger - Chaos Control on the Nanoscale
Victor Puntes - Nanotech and art  alt
Karl Bohringer and Ken Goldberg  Invisible Cantilever
Bruce Lennox  Ælab - Data, Influencing  (Scanning Electron Microscope Nano scale imagery)
Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau  - nanoscape
Diane Ludin and Ricardo Dominguez - Particles of Interest:
Graham Smith - Morphing Machinery
Chris Robinson
Zack Simpson,Carl Batt ,, David Goodsell, Eric Siegel,New York Hall of Science - Diffusion (lets visitors control virtual chemical reactions at nanoscale)   vid
@rt Outsiders - Invisibles show 08
Loka research  alerts

Imaging / Animation

Charles Ostman  - visualization of nanoworld
Steve J. Oscherwitz  nanomedicine
Felice Frankel  visualizing science books- (Envisioning Science, On the Surface of Things )
Semiconductor - main site200 Nanowebbers (animated vision of nanoscale)
Filipe Rocha da Silva, Sky Cleaning (painting based on nanoscale)
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - molecularium  (kids site simulating atomic behavior)
Cris orfescu. - Nanoart/ (scanning electron microscope work)
Nanoart Competition (artists invited to do variations on SEM imagery)
Nanotechnology Now Art Gallery
Nanomedicine Art Gallery ( Robert A. Freitas)
Erik Viktor - Spaceworld2000
Phlesch Bubble - film company doing scientific animations
Nanoart21 links to nanoar artists, companies, etc
Ken Rinaldo - Machinic Diatoms
Victor F Puntes - nanolàdia
Lorella Abenavoli and Nicolas Reeves - Nox Mater (electroacuoustic influences by particles)
University of South Carolina Nano Center-  Images of the Nanoscale
Alessandro Scallobin, Robin Goode - Nanoart -

@rt Outsiders - Invisible Territories Show -  Nano art
Exploratorium - land of the lilliputian show
Ars Electronica Endo 92
res-qullia nanotech forum
Alexa Smith  nanoart gallery (not updated)
 Kurt Kohl  Nanorobotic images** 
Cris Orfescu - NanoArt Competition 


 Natural Phenomena - Non-linear Dynamic Systems, Water, Weather, Solar Energy, Geology, Mechanical Motion
Non Linear Systems - Chaos

Exploratorium  Turbulent Landscapes Show
ICC  Sensitive Chaos
Ned Kahn Main SiteTornado, Fluvial Storm,
Sculpturesat Exploratorium, alt site1 
ronald warunek, conplexity
David Fried - Self Organizing Still Life (waves activate spheres)

Sky, the Winds, and the Weather, Climate

Andy Goldsworthy  - works
Sota Ichikawa, Max Rheine), Ákos Maróy,Kaoru Kobata), Satoru Higa, Hajime Narukawa, / doubleNegatives Architecture - corpora in Si(gh)te (sensor networks convert temperature, wind, etc data into virtual architecture for live location AE09)
JAKE LEE-HIGH - Rain Field weather/olfactory

Federico Muelas Romero - Dripping Sounds lv7, smoke, drops
Ernesto Clar -Convergenze parallele (track, visualize, and sonify dust particles moving in the wind)
kathy marmor - Weather Maker: (rocking chair motion manipulate media) 08
Tomas Saraceno and Arts Catalyst - Poetic Cosmos of the Breath (wind influenced inflatable dome)
Project Taos  Sensorium
Walter De Maria Lightning Field
Gene Cooper Lightning/body events
Amy Youngs - Alchemical Bloom
Luke Jerram - Tide , Aolean
Patrick Clancy, Writing Machine (weather influenced text)
Sei Makoto Watanabe - Fiberwave (lights on rods indicate winds)
En el Cielo (skywriting) 
Dance of the Auroras---Fire in the Sky - Choreographer Maida Withers, artist 
Tania Fraga, composer Oystein Sevag modelled aurora
Jon McCormack  alife w/links to weather - 4 imaginary walls
Tom Dukich - Weather Songs, Weaher Near 4 things, etc
Gertrude Regan - science based art
Natile Jerijemko  One Tree
Jeremy Hight - right as rain (narrative connected to weather in 20 cities) 
Martin Bonadeo  - wind chime, Underground Sky
John Duncan - Infrasound (barometric measurements, seismic data, tidal readings}
Andrea Polli - atmospheriecs/Weather Works
Ozone Watcher (screensaver showing ozone levels) 
Elliot Anderson - Mercurial Refractions
Christina McPhee - Slipstreamkonza (breathing prairie) 
Sabrina Raaf - Grower (CO2 detecter)
Ghany Kenawy, Amal Kenawy - sculptures
Steve Heimbecker - POD,Wind Array Cascade Machine (rods indicate wind qualities)
Stephan Barron - weather in various sites
Theo Jansen - wind powered robots
Simone Aaberg Kærn - Open Sky (flying)
Gavin Baily, Tom Corby  - cyclone.soc (link weather with extrme talk in newsgroups)
out of the Blue - an exhibition about weather and the creative process
Jenny Marketou, Katie Salen - 99 Red Balloons
Marko Peljhan, Samo Stopar, Nejc Trost, Dan Overholt -  C-ASTRAL
London Fieldworks - Syzygy  (weather, materials science)
Olafur Eliasson - Weather Project  -  Tate description
Jason Nelson and Rory Henning- Vholoce: Weather Visualiser
Peter Richards - wind based works
Chris Welsby - Tree Studies - (video driven by international weather)
TAKEMURA Shin-ichi - Earth Literacy Project , tangible earth, sakura (cherry blossom blooming tracker)
John Klima earth, ecosystem  datascapes  (weather financial visualizations)
Laura Beloff - airquarium  (head wearable globes simulate weather in distant places)
Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt) - animated films - microclimate
Douglas Bagnall - Cloud Shape Classifier (software & projection)
janine randerson  - rorschach clouds
Inigo Manglano-Ovalle - cloud data
Tavares Strachan - Cloud Chamber 
Joyce Hinterding - Spectral   (weather satellite signals)
Maria Miranda and Norie Neumark - Talking about the Weather (breath as entry into weather)  Out of Synch site
Ned Kahn - sculptures monitor wind, fog, water
Vik Muniz- Pictures of Clouds
Otto Piene - Lightspace
ramon guardans, adolph mathias, mathias gommel  - algorithmic echolocation (climate sonification and visualization) pdf
Roni Horn, ArtAngel - VATNASAFN| LIBRARY OF WATER (display waters from glaciers)
Bob L. Sturm - Pulse of an Ocean: Sonification of Ocean Buoy Data
Half Machine (performance, installations simulating weather)
Arts Catalyst - Artists Airshow  07
Semiconductor - The Sound of Microclimates 07
Laura Paresky Gould - Miami Weather Almanac (paintings of weather data)  07
Tomas Saraceno -Air-Port-City 06

Extreme environments, Arctic, Antarctic

Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman- Arctic Internet Ballet
arts catalyst - Polar conference 07
Laurent Duthion - experiments inspired by odors, sensations, speices from Antarctica
Simon Faithful-  Antarctic Dsipatches
Research Station for Antartica - macrolab/sciarts - Marko Peljhan
Agnes Meyer-BRANDIS - SGM-Iceberg-Probe  an explorative interface  ae07
Jane Marsching - About Here and Later,  Arctic Listening Post
Simon Faithful - Ice Blink
Karin Beaumont - antartica art/science(pdf) 
Andrea Juan - Antartica Project
Tavares Strachan - Distance Between What We Have and What We Want: Arctic Ice Project  (bring ice block to tropics)
Ingo Gunther. - World Processor
Sensorium - beware satellite (thermal representation of earth temperature)
Inigo Manglano-Ovalle - iceberg installation  cloud data
Matthew Burtner  - Ecoacoustics - snow, winter, ice, wind.  In a White Light, Windprints, Snowprints, Tingnikvik
Art in Remote Locations Project

Climate Change 

**see also ecology in bio

Strange Weather Blog   List of Artists 07
Joy Garnett - Strange Weather - paintings
Cape Farewell Project - climate change show
Prevailing Climate Art Show (Joy Garnett,  Boukje Janssen,  John Jurayj,  Jason Middlebrook,  Andrea Bowers,  Margarita Cabrera,  Yumi Janeiro Roth,  Catarina Leitão,  Anna von Mertens,  Christoph Draeger,  Anthony Discenza,  Karina Aguilera Skvirsky,  Type A,  Joan Linder,  Eric Anglés)


Tomas Saracen - Solar Dome 08
Ken Rinaldo, Amy Youngs  - Solar Powered Hydroponic Herb Garden 05
Andreas Zingerle - SOLARGRAFICA (lenseless cameras record sun passage) sig08
Solart Global Network

Jurgen Claus
Christina Kubisch Clocktower Project
Robert  Mulder  & Kristi Allik  Skyharp
Seth RiskinSketches of Rainbow Man
Dance of the Auroras-
Alex and Martha Nicoloff Spectralwave
Arts Catalyst  Eclipsing the Millennium
Therese Lahaie Solar Sculptures
Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla -  Puerto Rican Light - link with light in puerto rico. solar energy store 
Pascal Blissmann,Martina Hifflin Elf**
matt Gorbet - solar installations
Leonel Moura - Robotarium
Charles Ross Solar Burn 
Ernie Althoff: Heliosonics  (solar instruments)
Bruce Gilchrist, Jo Joelson and photographer Anthony Oliver  Polaria  (Greenland change from 24 hour day)
dennis summers - crying post
REDUX - CallSpace
Bjoern Schuelke - solar, surveillance robots
Jang-Won Lee - suntracer
Adam Somlai-Fischer, Bengt Sjölén - Ping Genius Loci (solar powered pixels)
Koray Tahiroglu, Joni Lyytikainen - SolarDuo (sonification of solar data)
Jaq Chartier - sun tests (different effects on materials)
Seth Riskin Light Dance  (box generate mist to crate rainbows behind )
Dan Rose - Solar powered kinetics
Nigel Hilyer    - Swarm, Lotus
Ameila Amon & Wendy Brower. -  SolSpherica
Graham Chalcroft. - Solar Stills Sculpture Project
Joaquin Fargas -  Sunflower
Kathleen Laziza & William Laziza. -  AC/DC Window
Mark Yukiw. FireFly, solar powered lighting sculpture

Natural Phenomena - Oceans, Moving Liquid, Water

Yoon Chung Han,,Gautam Rangan,Erick Oh,Mubbasir Kapadia - One - (pigment in water spread - Sig09) alt
Clea T. Waite - The Water Book - IS08 (water touch pad bring up media related to water)
Georg Tremmel, Shiho Fukuhara, Yousuke Nagao.- alt  alt  Sourcing Water - IS08  (dowsing to find water sources combined with motion sensitng and GPS)
Nigel Helyer, the AudioNomad Research Group.  Run Silent; Run Deep IS08  (3-d mapping of hydrophone recording of underwater environments)
Alexander Ponomarev - wave (artist breath controls pulsing of wave - AE-08)
Anna Ursyn - Water Planet sig08
thomas Mcintosh - Ondulations (water movement, beams of light projection - De07)
ATLAS in Silico (3-D immesive based on Ocean Survey)
Joan Pealman  - on ice
Transnational Temps( Andy Deck, Fred Adam, and Veronica Perales) - Aquanode (globes areleased into the Aegean sea in the style of a (digital) message in a bottle) 06
Peter Richards and  George Gonzales  Wave Organ 
Dan Torop - Ocean (swells and subsides according to the laws of fluid dynamic)
Yolande Harris - Taking Soundings (sounds based on surveys of ocean floor)
Don Torop - Ocean (swells based on fluid dynamics), Snowbound
Stephen Wilson  Ocean Merge
MIchael Brown  Meanderings
Paul Matisse  Frame of Harmony
Alex Wilkie  ph sensing umbrella
Ex-isles   - Electronic Shadow
Sally Webber Threshold of A Singularity   Alignment
Paul Sermon & Andrea Zapp - Body of Water
Lewis Alquist Fickle Oracle
Sam Bower - Moisture
TOMIOKA Masahiro  - chaosmos
Andy Goldsworthy - water/snow/ice 
Pam Davis Taylor Column
Athena Tach water works
Joan Lederman -Sediment based glazes
Leonardo Virtual Africa Water Project
Yuki Sugihara - water membrance image projection
Jose-Wagner Garcia &  Paulo Roberto Martini - Amazing Amazon : Esthetique Evolutionnaire
Michael Rodemer Water based works
Nodoka Ui Wave Rings
Splendid Flow V2 Show - (Sandro Canavezzi de Abreu, Graham Smith, Sonia Cillari, Hermen Maat& Karen Lancel)
Edwin van der Heide - water pavilion
Charles Forman - Interactive Waterfall
Peter E Charuk - AquaLux II  (breathing change event focused on ocean bed)
nicolai carsten  - snow noise, frozen water
Federico Muelas Romero- Water Dripping sounds, Smoke  (sound generated by ink in water)
Luke Jerram - Tide - sound influenced by graviy meters
Ruben Margolin - wave sculpture
Gregory Shakar - Undertoe (walking causes ripples on ceiling)
Angelika Middendorf - Outer Space (swimmer in endless pool)
 Robin Petterd -  Water Project
yota Kimura - Gradual Grain  (ripples used to compose music) 
Half Machine (performance, installations working with water)
Bart Vandput- PhoEf – Photons and the electric kiss
Julius Popp - bit-flow (liquid flow analyzed by video - orchestrate patterns) lv10


Sonia Sheridan Time Concepts  main

Electromagnetic Spectrum, Auroras, thermal, Light, cosmic rays

Petko Dourmana - Post Global Warming Survival Kit (scences only viewable in infrared - Sig09)
David Hines, Joyce Hinterding- Earthstar (smells of the sun and air  AE09)
Tim Otto Roth & KASCADE  - Cosmic Revelation  (field of lights activated by passing of cosmic rays - AE09)
SPECTROPIA - art festuvak ithe electromagnetic 08
Horia Cosmin Samoila, Marie Christine Driesen, Ghost Lab -Aurora Consurgens IS08 (visualize electromagnetic fields)
Andy Gracie - hostprods (positron array)
Bill Spinhoven and Michiel van Bakel - realtimewarper/ timmering  - (body fields control cameras)
Petko Dourmana - Post Global Warming Survival Kit (infrared, night vision)
AElab (giesele trudel) - Sparks (based on Tesla)  In/fluencing (tesla energies)
Marie Jeanne Musiol - Kirlian photography
Craig Baldwin - Spectres of the Spectrum
Austin Richards - dr megavolt  (performances with tesla coil)
Richard Box  Field (florescent tube installations under power lines), Glow
Eric Orr - Electrum Tesla Coil
mathew butrner - sound directly from radio waves
ANDO Takahiro - alt Bio photon, Photon Counting
Honor Harger, Adam Hyde - r a d i o q u a l  i a  (radio telescope signats to Interent)
Heather Barnett   - Transient Touch, Trace Elements (thermal imaging)
Takuro Osaka - Revelation by Cosmic Rays
London Fieldworks - Little Earth (visualizing the magetosphere),  Polaria
Sabrina Raaf - Unstoppable hum (sense electromagnetic vibrations)
  L. Oliver Duffy   schuman resonance - ionosphere reflections
Catherine Richards: I was scared to death / I could have died of joy (plasma tubes respond to visitors)
Louise Provencher and Charles Halary - Electromagnetism & Wearable projects
Christina Kubisch - Magnetic Nets (record electromagnetic emanations of security gates 05)
Banff Centre - cosmic ray research workshop

Luke Jerram - Aurora Study
Dan Holdsworth - At the Edge of Space (northern lights )
Jacob Kirkegaard, Thor Magnusson, Birta Thrastard - Secret Sounds  (record aurora, the earth, buidlings)
Anna Hill  - Auroral Synapse
Marko Peljhan, Makrolab -Aurora project
 Laurent Grasso - Magnetic Palace 08

Catherine Richards   curiosity cabinet, shroud (copper protect from electromagnetic)
Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby -Fields and Thresholds
Gregory Shakar - Energy Fluxion Band (wearable device showing surrounding fields), lightning organ
Zita Joyce - Ethermapping  (all stations emanations)
Usman Haque - Sky Ear  (baloons indicate electromagnetic waves); - Haunt (temperature, temperature, electromagnetic)
Jean pierre aube - Elegance (appliances), , spying the electronic workforce, saving the waves
David Haines, Joyce Hinterding - Purple Rain (tv emanations)
Olga Kisseleva -  Landstream (measure electromagnetic radiation)
Ursula Lavrencic and Auke Touwslager - Cell Phone Disco  (LEDs light with strength of signal)
Mark Dixon - light displays activated by cell phone activity
(in)visible sounds show
peter hasdell (Magnus Schön, Torbjörn Lundell, David Valldeby - smoke landscapes, artificial ecologies (cell phone magnetics move fog)  alt  terra-izer  (shape landscape with movement of people)

David Behar - light preservation
Arijana Kajfes  - Occular Witness (micro analysis of light)

NINA CZEGLEDY - Aurora Universali show
Stephen Kovats, Willie Stehouwer, Nina Czegledy, Louise Provencher (curators)  -
Electromagnetic Bodies:Aether, Desire and Resonance in Art and Technology  V2 description
ELECTRA AND MAGNETICUS conference (Montreal)
brian thomas carroll  - Electromagnetic Education Initiative. story of electromagentism, book
(In)visible Sounds show

Mechanics -- Oscillation, Pendulum Action

Jodi Rose - The Global Bridge Symphony - IS08 (global collection of oscillation sounds from bridges)
Thomas Shannon Nothing Magnified
Normal Tuck  Art Machines
Anna Valentina Murch Water Sculpture/Archictecture, Chaotic Chains 
Michael Rees - Sculptural User Interface
Soda Group, Constructor
Tomas Waliczky - Marionettes (animation based calculated physics of body)

Gravity / Simulations

Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand - Sonolevitation (levitation of gold particles through sound wave phenomenon AE09)
Seiko Mikami / Sota Ichikawa - gravicells
Times up -  gravitron
Euan MacDonald -  Poor Blumfeld  (video simulation)
Mario Ramiro- Gravity Zero (magnetic simulation)
Job Koelewijn - Panorama (gallery simulation trampoline)
Doug and Mike Starn - Gravity of Light (light and photo installation of gravity space)
Tom Shannon  -  Weightlessness . Compass Moon Atom Room, Against Gravity (floating steel sculputure)
Luke Jerram - tide  (gravity effects of moon)
Monica Sand - Can Gravitation be Cancelled
Hirakawa Norimichi -  Global Bearing, connective_circuit,abstract symmetry (pendula, sensors, motion correspondence)
Eve Laramee - Misplaced Data (tracking gravity anomalies)


Eve Laramee Eroded Terrain of Memory
Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger  - Lost Grotto, Falling Garden,Blooming Saltgarden (exploratorium)
Al Jarnow  Terraforms
Gloria Brown Simmons Oceanet, Earth and Planetary System Science Game Engine  Visualization of Tectonic  Features
Rachel Rosenthal Pangaean Dreams
Jon Roloff  - geology, envrionment
Bill Thibault, Scot Gresham Terrain Reader
Martyn John Fogg - Terraforming Pages
C5 Landscape initiatives  (mapping, navigation)
Diane Maclean - Mountain (geological sound, sculptures)
Jens Brand - g4 (play the earth topography)

David Rogers - Parkfield earthquake simulator
Ken Goldberg, Randall Packer, and Wojciech Matusik Mori alt site
Ken Goldberg - Ballet-Mori 06
Lorella Abenavoli seismic music,    Le Souffle de la terre
John Holland - Seismic Waves, Cosmic Wave
Christina McPhee, Jeremy Hight, Sindee Nakatani  - Carrizo-Parkfield Diaries
Florian Dombois, Auditory Seismology
Ingrid Bachmann, Barbara Layne - Fault lines (seismic info control weaving machines)
jean pierre aube - vlf earth magentics based sound
David Haines ,  Joyce Hinterding - Two Works for Wilhelm Reich  (vlf)
Bill Tayler- Inspire (lightning, earth sounds)
Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt) - animated films - All the Time in the World (visualize earthquate data)
Paula Levine - Signature (recreate 1906 earthquake)
moon river blog - mapping based art and others
Diane Burko - Flow (flow of volcanoes, glaciers,etc.)
Franz John: Turing Tables. An Untitled Composition for Tectonic Spaces 07

LorOlafur Eliasson  - Fog, Geyser influenced art (Iceland)
Ilana Halperin - Nomadic Landmass, Where the Wild Things are (volcanoes)
Robert Dell - Geothermal based works  Thermal Gardians
Natalie Robertson  - Uncle Tasman (geothermal vibrations)
J a c o b  K i r k e g a a r d - E l d f j a l l (recording geothermal vibrations in iceland)

Richard Brook Cathcart   Responsive Super sculpture
Mel Alexenberg -geneisis

Materials Science

Etienne Krähenbühl - shape alloy sculpture
Philip Beesley, Rob Gorbet - Hylozoic Soil - coral like growth, shape metals, diffuse peristaltic pumping, acrylic fern like growth - LV08, sig09
Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelf and Richard Chartier - Coccyx (chemo-luminescent)
London Fieldworks - Syzygy  (weather, materials science)
Nanovic workshop on electroluminescence 
Zach Kaplan and Keith Schacht - TED talk on new materials
Lilliane Lijn - Stardust (work with Aerogel)
Rachel Wingfield - Digital Dawn (printed electroluminescent e-ink blinds)
Strange Matter exhibit  (web guide to materials science)
Ted Apel - Potential Difference (piezo installation)
Richard Lerman  Piezo audio installations
Mari Velonaki - Embracement - liquid crystal work- main site   alt site   beap06
MICHALOU(di)S  -  aergel sculpture
Ellen Levy - Sm(ART): Art and Design that Learns from Nature panel
Ayako Ono - An Endless Phenomenon (liquid crystal cosmos)

Chemistry, Explosive, Fire

Roman Kirschner - Roots (iron crystals form structures - affected by electrical current - De07)
Anab Jain. Alex S. Taylor - Life and Death of Energy Autonomous Devices (breakdown of sugar create energy)
Roger Hiorns - Seizure (subject sculptures to chemical processes) alt
Evelyn Rosenberg, Detnographics
Ccornelia parker - cold dark matter
Rchard Brown - Preservation of Entropy (chemical reactions of metals)
Julian LaVerdiere - Lodestar (electroluminscent floating sculpture) Cryongenic Bed
Dove Bradshaw - Indeterminancy   (materials subjected to chemical events)
Paula Levine - Bible Battery / As if the laws were maleable (chemical battery power)
Nicholas Stedman** - Transubstantiator (chalice of wine as battery, read bible)
Ronald Warunek, Chemical Painting
Chemical Garden (robots, web cams, crystals)
Luke Jerram - Ghost Plane- (sound influenced by wind tunnel pressures on mercury)
Jaq Chartier - sun tests (different effects on materials)
Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger  - Lost Grotto, Falling Garden,Blooming Saltgarden (exploratorium)
Yoshimasa Kato, Yuichi Ito - White Lives on Speaker  (starch mixture takes shapes influenced by sound & brain waves) ae07
jochem hendricks - bubi, right leg left leg (convert  amputated leg into diamonds)
Chemistry & Art Show(Hyle journal) (David Clark ;Blair G. Bradshaw ;Paula Levine ;Brigitte Hitschler ;Christopher Puzio ;Gabrielle Hattesen ;Erich Fllgrabe ;Tamar Schori ;Cheryl Safren ;Lane E. Last)
Amy Youngs - Alchemical Bloom (copper growth)
Andy Webster, Jon Bird- The Tuning of Pask's Ear (artificial ear evolve from electrochmeical processes, alife)
Brendhan Dickerson - Fire Sculpture 
Sharada Srinivasan - connections Indian dance and archeometallurgy

Magnetics / Ferro Fluids

Sachiko Kodama,  Minako Takeno - Porotrude Breathing Chaos (magneto-ferric flluid)  main
Grupo Sciarts - Magnetic  Fluid
Herwig Weiser zgodlocator  (activated magnetic sand, ferrofluids)  Death before Disko 3.1
Mona Hatoum - Continental Drift

Sabrina Raaf - Icelandic Rift (floating sculpture, ferrofluids)

Heather Mcgill & Stan Axelrod Magnetic Field Patterns**
Nick Bertoni and Maggi Payne  Flame Speaker**

Bill Parker Turbulent Business
Juanita Miller Point of Criticality

  Space Art
Space Painting/Photography Leah Lubin - Cosmos Paintings
Jonathan Feldschuh  - observatory based painting
David Hardy - Asteroid Impact
Michael Böhme - Terraforming (mars depiction) Coming Event (finding seti)
Ian Clothier  - what order is this chaos (reflections on gravity)
Kara Szathmary
Ludek Pecek - mars paintings
Michael Buckler - Art meets Science (painting/ media reflecting on space science)
Space Art Gallery** 
Space Photography  also clipart etc

Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

Richard Clar - Spaceflight Dolphin, New Butoh Space Dance
SETIi org (Douglas Vakoch)  - Interstellar Communication Project
SETI -  Life in the Universe - projects, papers
Vacoch - The Art and Science of Interstellar Message Composition: Leonardo Special Section Introduction(1.9 M .pdf document)
<>Encoding Altruism - Conference on art & science of extraterrestial communication Olats, Leonardo (2003)
Art & Science Interstellar Communication conference Olats, Leonardo (2002)
Sonya Rapaport - Kabbalah/ Kabul: Sending Emanations to the Aliens
Matthew Hurley - UFO Art 
Richard Lowenberg - Flying Saucer crash
Craig Baldwin - Spectres of the Spectrum
Alexander L. Zaitsev - Teen-Age Message to the Stars , One-dimensional Radio Message for 'Blind' Aliens
Michel Redolfi, Earthsounds ** (collection of sound to send to eti)
Julien Civange and Louis Haeri - Music 2 Titan (rock music to titan)
Rob La Franais The Incident Conference 

Space Art Organizations

OLATS (Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et des Techno-Sciences), Space Arts Projects, Conferences
Arts Catalyst - Space Projects
OURS Foundation exhibitions 
ZKM - orbitspace (database of artists)
Space Arts Database
Journal Leonardo Space Project
Ars Astronautica organization - links, projects, papers
International Organizations of Space Artists
Brief History of Space Art - Arthur Woods 
Space Art Bibliography
Olats Leonardo workshops
Outsiders Space Art Show
Space and the Arts Database (Leonardo)
Zero Gravity Arts Consoritum

Sun, Solar, Stars

Vadim Fishkin -Sun Stop (image of sun around the world projected)
Gianni Motti - Big Crunch Clock  (countdown to end of sun)
Solar Eclipse expediitons -Capsula

Gillerman,Terry sun/moon  (eclipse)
Olafur Eliasson - Sun Machine  (room track sun)
Charles Ross Solar Burn  (systematic track sun focus burn)
Nancy Holt  Sun Tunnels, Annual Ring, Dark Star Park  
Janet Saad-Cook Sun Drawing
liliane lijn  sculptures & installations  (solar hill track sun)
Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joseph Gerhardt) - Space Sciences Residency - animated films - Brilliant Noise (solar physics)
Alberto García Pi. with  Julio Obellerio, Martín Nadal y Alberto Cortés -  Magic Torch (accumulate light of many stars)
Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand - Transit of Venus (viewing Venus & sun)
James Turrell - Kielder Skyspace
Flow Motion(Eddie George & Anna Piva) -  Astro Black Morphologies (data from block hole converted to music)

Conferences, shows 

EXTREMOPHILES: Surviving in Space
Olats/Leonardo Space Conference
Space arts Conference
Outsiders Space Art Show
Space Soon Artists (arts catalyst)
Mir - Art in Variable Gravity Show

Views from Space

Jason Wee - So Close the Desert Isle - IS08 (satellite imaging of disputed island, boat visits, 3-d modeling)
Pierre Comte  Signature Terre  alt
Tom Van Sant  GeoSphere,  Earth Situation Room

Art Viewed from Earth / Proposals Conceputal

Pierre Comte Dialogues with Space   alt
Joe Davis - Aurora   alt ** 
Richard Kriesche    ARTSAT 
Arthur Woods - OURS,  Cosmic Dancer,
Jean-Marc Philippe -  Keo,  Minitel Project
Ezra Orion  Milky Way Sculpture
Moonpeace   (sms sent to moon via satellite )
Helene von Oldenburg, Claudia Reiche - Mars Patent
Marko Peljhan and Zacharias Kunuk - Polar_tangent (artist designed microsatellite)
Delta-Utec Space Research (Michiel Kruijff, Erik Jan van der Heide)
Joanna Griffin - satellite investigations (translate position to text)
Claudia Reiche & Helene von Oldenburg - Mars Patent (allows proposals of projects)

Art Executed in Space and Weightlessness

Arthur Woods Cosmic Dancer
Kitsou Dubois Gravity Zero, Arts Catalyst conference & gravity art project  Leonardo Article Trajectoire fluide, FILE/AIR
Charles Wilp and Burkhard Bratke Michaelangelo Project (international space station)** 
Arts Catalyst/V2/Leonardo Zero Gravity projects MIR Collaboration v2 site  Arts Catalyst site 
takuro osaka - space art project

 Zero Gravity experiments ( Eduardo Kac, Marina Benjamin, RobLa Frenais, Kodwo Eshun, Marko Peljhan, Mikhail Ryklin, Judith Palmer)
Takuro Osaka - Proposals for gravity free art
Pierre Comte  - Prisma (gravity free sculpture)
Andrey and Julia Velikanov  - Universal Substitute
Frank Pietronigro  - Painting in Microgravity
Yinka Shonibare - Space Walk (fake space walk)
Ansuman Biswas Diary of a Flight  zEro Genie (with Jim Finer) wave/particle  zero genie  (behavior of balls ) 
Jem Finer - wave /particle (behavior of liquids)
Yuri Leiderman - Kefir grains are setting off for flight
Mike Stubbs - Zero (movie)
Ewen Chardronnet -  Star City  (weightlessness training in water movie)
Dragan Zivadinov-  Zero Gravity Biomechanical Theate
Vadim Fishkin - Kaplegraf - Zero Gravity (water drops)

The Otolith Group (Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun, Richard Couzins)
Otolith Group (Anjalika Sagar and Kodwo Eshun, Richard Couzins)
Richard Clar - ALMA da AGUA  (mix waters from many places in weightlessness)
Javier Tellez  - One Flew Over the Void
(human cannonball simulate weightlessness)

Cosmic Rays, Radio Telescope
Tim Otto Roth - Cosmic Ray activated events
Takuro Osaka - Revelation by Cosmic Rays, Lunar Project, he Fullness of Emptiness
Michael Heivly  Deep Space Microwave -Terrain Sculptures
OPEN SKY  Ewen Chardronnet (repurposing soviet radio telescope) (artists use radio telescopes)
Brian Duffy - Optophonic Lunaphone (telescopes aimed at stars create music)
r a d i o q u a l i a - radio (broadcast radio telescope signals on the net)
Zina Kaye and Mr. Snow - Firmament (interpret radio telescope signals)
Takuro Osaka - Revelation by Cosmic Rays
HMKV - Satellite Voyeurism workshop


Yoshio Itagaki - Tourists on the Moon (mock tourist shots) 
Axel Roch-  The MoonPeace Project  (fake moon with internet)
Takuro Osaka  - Lunar Project: Capture the Moonlight  (mirrors concentrate moonlight)
Ayako Ono -  Lunar Base 1 (design for moon base)
James Downey  - Paint the Moon (concentrate laser pointers on moon)
Craig Kalpakjian  - Proposal for a drawing on the Moon #3 (earthworks on the moon)
Pauline Oliveros, Scott Gresham-Lancaster - Echoes from the Moon
Luke Jerram - tide  (gravity effects of moon)
Roman Signer - Moonflight  (model helicopter fly over moon map)

Conceptual and Electronic Works

Scientists dance their Phd theses
Stephen Hughes - Asteroid Collisions
Michael Joaquin Grey - Past Proprioception computational cinema based on Space Science
Norimichi Hirakawa - plaything for the great observers at rest (shift point of view of sun and earth AE08)
Sara Mast - Star Charts (Paintings based on astrononmy)
Herwig Weiser - Death Before Disko 3.1  (plastic, light, magnetic liquids - activated by outer space sounds De07)
Andy Gracie - Deep Data - microbes optimized for deep space exploration combine  ai pattern recognition with data from deep space probes - LV08
Anna Hill  auroral synapse, space synapse
zbigniew oksiuta - Biological Habitat (architecture, space, biology)
Irene Schlacht - (information design in extreme environments)
kathy marmor - Bird Watching: (ham readio track telemetry of satallites) 07
Vera-Maria Glahn and Marcus Wendt - Orbiter (place star projections by gesture)
Helene von Oldenburg and Claudia Reiche - mars-patent (exhibition space on mars)
James Turrell  Roden Crater
Stephen Hughes - Asteroid Colissions
Lowry Burgess Boundless Cubic Lunar Aperture
Steven Hartzog Nukes
Nicky Forster, Villoh Weiland - Yelling at Stars
Eddie George & Anna Piva  - Flow Motion Astsro Black Morphologies (black hole music)
futurelab - Welcome to the Neighbourhood (space signpost point to positions)  Adam Nieman
Ingo Gunther. - World Processor  (globes with conceptual themes
Edgar Martins - photos, reflections on perception science
Martin Groisman - El Cuarto Infinito  (installation based on physic concepts)
Kate Tierney - sound in space (study of astrocosmology)
Jean-Pierre Aubé - Titan, and Beyond the Infinite - visualization of data from Titan
Valery Grancher - Heart Time / Time Heat,
Martyn John Fogg - Terraforming Pages
Michael Klant - Florida Sky Piece (picture of sky in 2 places)
Kurt Foge  - Lunar Anomaly  (star maps)
Wenyon and Gamble - Space Waves (astronaut pictures of moon)
Olia Lialina - Some universe  (disappearing stars in photos) , Zombie and Mummy in Space (comic strips)
Gary Hill - Liminal Object #7  (abstract thoughts of gravity)
Aether Architecture  - Satellite Algorithms
Damien Hirst -´Beagle 2 (Mars)
Olaf Nicolai - Welcome to the Tears of St. Lawrence: An Appointment to Watch Falling Stars
Semiconductor - Brilliant Noise (based on residency of space sciences lab)
Jean-Pierre Aub| - Titan, and Beyond the Infinite (video based on data of Huygens spacecraft colliding with Titan)
Ezra Orion - Super Cathedral 1 (laser beams oriented to Milky Way)

Space Travel, Space Program

Max Grüter - My Own Private Space Programme
Space fashion contest
Ewen Chardronnet  - Star City (films of training in neutral bouyancy pool)
Jane and Lousie Wilson  - Cosmonaut Suits Mr
max grueterMy Own Private Space Programme 
Andrey and Julia Velikanov   Universal Substitute
Jane and Lousie Wilson -   Cosmonaut Suits Mir
Kenji Yanobe  - Atom Boy Returns to Save the World
Yinka Shonibare - Space Walk  (mock walk)
Aleksandra Mir - Gravity  (sculpture built of rocket junk etc) artist rocket
N55, Neal White - Space on Earth Station
London Fieldworks - SpaceBaby  (suspension)
Space Architecture Show
Simon Faithful - Escape Vehicle no.6, 30km (chair taken up with camera to near space)
London field works - Hibernator, space baby - (suspended animation)
Nina Katchadourian - the Extraterrestial , Indecision on the Moon
Lunar Reclamation Society - Mars Homestead Moon Manor
Leah Gilliam: - Agenda for a Landscape (plan for mars rover)
Simon Faithful - Escape Vehicle 07
Pink Tentacle - Space based solar power

Space Junk

Richard Clar - Collision II  (concept for sculpture)

Rapid Prototyping Sculpture
David Bowen.  Growth Modeling Device (simulation of growing onion with rapid prototyping system LV 10)
Essay "La sculpture numerique" 
Richard Collins - stereolithography   for sculptors
Andrew Werby -Computer Sculpture Homepage 
Dan Collins      ASU course on vizproto 
International Raipid Prototyping Exhibition  IIT 2004
Rapid Prototyping Sculpture Show 
Suzanne Anker - Golden Boy  alt
Sharon Englestien - computer aided manufacture sculpture
Madee Gage - Body casts, body scans (rapid prototype)
Castle Island links to artists
Lionel Dean -  Creepers, tubers- rapid prototype
Marius Watz - Object #1
Lionel Theodore Dean - Creepers
Grégory Chatonsky - Dislocation (objects in 3 states (3d, stereolithographic decomposition, video of explosion)

>Cyberarts show "Mind into Matter"
Roxy Paine SCUMAK No 2 
Karin Sander  1:10 
Anthony Padgett Winged Figure, Circle of Figures
Michael Rees  articles on Rapid Prototyping
Tom Longtin
Keith Brown, Arghyro Paouri, Masaki Fujihata 
Kate Chapman - Falling Down**
Sheldon Brown, Istoria
Koen Vanmechelen - Cosmopolitan Chicken Breeding
Robert Michael Smith  - rapid prototype sculptures
DPT- Fast  - Rapid Prototyping list of technical links
Fabrication 04 show (alternative processes)

Holography art links
Yahoo Holography art links
Search the Light ** online catalogue 
Holography [
Philippe Boissonnet

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