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Motion, Gesture, Touch, Gaze, Manipulation,  Haptics

Steve Wilson - Web survey of artists exporing motion
David Rokeby - Seen, Taken, Very Nervous System, Silicon Remembers Sand, 60, Measure
Hirakawa  Norimichi -  Global Bearing (geosynched control of image of earth via control rod)

Motion - Surveillance

Golan Levin with Lawrence Hayhurst, Steven Benders and Fannie White- Double Taker-Snout (large organic shape track people in musuem AE09)
David Rokeby - San Marco Flow, Seen, Taken, Wathched and Measured,  Very Nervous System, Silicon Remembers Sand, 60, Measure
Paul Garrin - Border Patrol , White Devil , Yuppie Ghetto
Rafael lozano-hemmer   Homographies (motion activated lights show paths) , Vectoral Elevation (web control spotlights),  subtiltled public (text projected on people) , glories of accounting (video of hands follow person), standards & doublestandards (belts follow people), frequency and volume (radio tuned by motion)
Scott Sona Snibbe -You Are Here (track movements of people in gallery)
Marie Sester - Access project  ( track anonymous people - focus spotlight & audio beam, web also), mirror (mirror track person)  threatbox (track and project media near them)
Jordan Crandall - Homefront, Trigger, Heatseeking, Drive (body tracking
Carl-Johan Rosen / Henrik Wrangel - Predator?  (system hunts the visitor)
Seiko Mikami - Desire of Codes (60 devices tracking)

Motion - navigate media space

Yan Kit Keith Lam - Moving Mario ( activate game b y moving body AE08)
Christian Croft, Ed Purver, Ariel Efron - Future Perfect - (motion reveal impact of proposed development plan)
Marnix de Nijs - EI4 - Exercise in Immersion 4 - viewers where helmets that mix physical and virtual worlds based on movement  DE07
Gabriel Barcia-Colombo - Animalia Chordata (people in bottles activated with visitor motion)
gretchen schiller - shifiting ground
Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss  - Rigid Waves , Net Spanning Visualising Cultural Identity 
Nancy Paterson- The Meadow
Stephen Wilson -  Body Surfing, (activate movie by running)  Excursions in Emotional Hyperspace (4 mannequins try to tell their story when approached)  Father Why  (4 different emotional spaces activated by movment)
Keith Armstrong - Shifting Intimacies (control sound/ media projected on sand/dust)
Miroslaw Rogala -  Lovers Leap, Divided We Stand, Garden: NatuRealization
Henry See - Regard 
 Don Ritter - Crowd Control, Skies, TV Guides, Intersection (dark space 3-d sound control by movement)  Vested - (spotlights follow viewer media changes)
George Legrady - Kinetic Flow (movement on metro stairs/escalator affect algorithmic display), SensingSpeakingSpace (ambient sound controlled by movements), Transitional Spaces (text afftected by motion), sense of place (object focus affected by motion), tracing (2-sided screen narratives affected by motion)
Doris Vila  - Story Machine (kids navagate story by movment)
Olga Kisseleva  - Doors
Tiffany Holmes - Nosce Te Ipsum (reveal more as walk)
Simon Biggs  - Metropolis (NYC & Bagdad distorted by walking) , Stream (text activated by walking) , Parallax(change point of view by walking), The Waiting Room (dancers activated) , Halo (activate video figure relations with viewer and each other)
Martin Riches, Interactive Field  soundbag 
Elliot Anderson - Temptation of St. Anthony;  Agora 
Anneke Pettican, Spencer Roberts   The Trespass of Her Gesture alt site  (elusive grafitti writier activated by movement)
Emanuele Mazza - Dssombra  
Animalia Chordata (videos of people projected in bottles interact with viewers) ae07
Vincent Elka - Sho (U) T ae07
Kuan Huang- Space Invader (movement control game projection on building facade)
Marek Walczak, Martin Wattenberg -  Third Person (interpose prior recorded images follow person), Parade (exagerated body cinema respond to viewer motions), WTCThe Podium Light Wall (strip of light follow people)
Jody Zellen - Tirgger  (motion brings up urban life projections)
Atau Tanaka  - Bondage (reveal elements of photo)
Alok Nandi - Immersive Emotions  paper
Studio Azzurro, Landing Talk** 
Seth Hunter - Still Watching, Metadome (respond to motion/stillness)
Onno Ernst -  Artscape**
Masayuki Towata and Yasuaki Matsumoto, Transgression**

motion affect  narrative

Karolina Sobecka - SNiff. (Artificial dog projection tracks motion of visitors and establishs relationship with viewers -LV10)
Glen Murphy  - Robot Mirror  (brightness of viewer control time location in movie)
Tiffany Sum and Jonathan Minard - Fingering  (movement control narrative)
Magali Desbazeille, Siegfried Canto - You think therefore I am (projection of people in public space - hear what they are thinking)
Toni Dove - Artificial Changelings , Spectropia (movement changes narrative - eg inside character head, outside)
Tina Gonsalves - Feel  series (videos read audience emotional state by movement)
Shawn Lawson, Wafaa Bilal - A Bar at the Folies Bergère (virtual bar maid responds to customer movements)
Vicki Bennett - Remote Controller (movie activated by motion) 

motion affect abstract graphics

Kirk Woolford, Carlos Guedes  - Echo Locations (graphic particles affected by motion) sig08
Miseong Lee, Tek-Jin Nam  - Through The Time Tunnel (motion images of past and present persons in tunnel graphic) sig08
Zhang Peili - Lowest Resolution - video clarity affected by motion - DE07
Wolfgang Münch & Kiyoshi Furukawa - Bubbles (control flow autonomous bubbles)
Camille Utterback External Measures, Untitiled 5, Liquid Time. Intimate Transactions
Brad Hyppa - between yourself and you
Miguel Chevalier  - Ultra Nature (garden affected by motion), Crossborders (maps,international information)
Perry Hoberman  (w Roc Pares) Lightpools (El Ball del Fanalet_(semi autonomous light objects linked to viewer movements)
stefano coluccini - pixel vision, efashion (movement affect details)
Tatsuo Unemi , Daniel Bisig - Flocking Messengers -motion activated communication via A-Life agents (LV9)
Cristobal Mendoza - Ghostly Mirror -(video processing, particles based on motion)
Ernest Edmonds - Shaping Forms
George Legrady - Dynamic Modulations (graphics from motion tracking of fish)

Motion - movement affect sound/music

Emiliano Causa, Tarcisio Lucas Pirotta, Matias Romero Costas - Tango Virus (LV9) - movement deforms music
nick bontrager - movement video data converted to sound
Marc Behren - Tokyo Circle ( 3 sounds weighted by movment)
Don Ritter - Crowd Control, Intersection (dark space 3-d sound control by movement)
Rafael lozano-hemmer    frequency and volume (radio tuned by motion)
Squidsoup  -  Driftnet, Come closer(3-d), Freq2 (position senstive abstract - rf transmitters)
George Legrady -  SensingSpeakingSpace (ambient sound controlled by movements)
David Rokeby  Very Nervous System, Silicon Remembers Sand, 60
Martin Riches,, Masahiro Miwa  - Thinking Machine (algorithmic machine )
Rejane Cantoni,  Daniela Kutschat - OP_ERA: Haptics for the 5th dimension 07
Donald Glowinski - InfoMus Lab - Laboratorio di Informatica Musicale
Rudolfo Quintas , Andr Gonalves -
Swap Project

Motion -   access database

Ruth West et al.  Ecce Homology (motion activate human genome data experiment) 
Mariano Sardón - Divergencia Diferente de Cero (motion, sound move projected words from texts 01)
Hirakawa Norimichi  - Driftnet  (Internet visualized as waves- position of viewer pick links)
Burak Arikan - Follow Dada - (data representation get more detailed as walk closer)
Georg Tremmel, Shiho Fukuhara, Yousuke Nagao.- alt  alt  Sourcing Water - IS08  (dowsing to find water sources combined with motion sensitng and GPS)
Brian Knep -  Deep Wounds (movement reveals history of Harvard alumni in civil war in walking in church)

Navigate Space, control objects

rAndom International (Stuart Wood  Florian Ortkrass , Hannes Koch, Chris O'Shea) - Audience (64 robotic mirrors follow people they are interested in, other social metaphors - AE09)
Chu-Yin Chen - Quorum Sensing (group motion affect alife)
Akitsugu Maebayashi Velocity, Audible Distance, Cause and Effect 
Philip Beesley, Rob Gorbet -
Hylozoic Soil - coral like growth, shape metals, diffuse peristaltic pumping, acrylic fern like growth - LV08
Chico MacMurtrie - amorphic robot works - 16 birds - sense audience LV08
Ruairi Glynn, Reino Unido - Performative Ecologies - kinetic objects, sensors, ai agents - detect viewers - artificial biology LV08
Raquel Paricio García, Juan Manuel Moreno Aróstegui - POEtic Cubes - glowing moving cubes react to proximity of people and each other - LV08
Peter Franck and Daniel Schwartz - D- rhum room (motors respond to people)
Matt and Susan Gorbet - Traces - Drake Hotel Project  (track activity in hotel public space)
Dana Moser  - Spirited Ruins  (objects respond to proximity)
Joshua Churchill & Larnie Fox -   Reverse Flow
Rania Ho - Ho Fatso  (control inflatable fat suits)
Daniel Palacios Jiménez - Waves  (affect kinetic wave generator)
Sawad Brooks and Urapong Amornvivat Emotional Lighting (proximity)
Daan Roosegaarde-  Maastunnel (tunnel react as people pass) , Flow 5.0 (ventilators controlled by motion)
Jean-Marie Dallet- Saturne, In_out (lights, sounds activated by movment)
Gustav Hellberg -  Zone – out of vision 07
Studio  Roosegaarde - Flow 5.0 (sculptures control by audience sound/motion)

Motion - Play

Myron Krueger - Critters, Small World
Richard Marks - EyeToy (playstation motion video game)  interview1  interview2
Christian Moeller - Audio Park-The Party Effect, Electro Clips, Electronic Mirror 2, Chronolysis
Sponge - Membrane, Tgarden
Joanne Jackovich and Kirsty Beilharz - Sonic Tai Chi (gestures interact wth abstract color alife)
Debbie Does Art - Cockroach Lounge (bugs interact with person stepping on projection)

Motion (cont)

Motion -  Shadows, lights, images in shadows

Daniel Sauter, Fabian Winkler - n the Line of Sight (100 tactical moving flashlights project low res image of person moving in gallery AE09)
Hanna Haaslahti - White Square   Time experiment, Space of two categories, Scramble Suit, White Square (shadows or media respond to motion)
Rafael lozano-hemmer     under scan (video portraits in shadows), subtiltled public (text projected on people) , glories of accounting (palms follow person), Body Moves (photos projected into shadows), Re-positioning Fear, Trace
Electronic Shadow  Naziha MESTAOUI, Yacine AIT KACI - (movement of body interact with virtual shadows, silouhette)  - 3 minutes2  , Double Vision, realite hybrid
Jim Campbell -main site   Untitled (for Heisenberg) ASU exhibit  UCLA statement
Scott Sona Snibbe -Visceral Cinema: Chien, Shadow Bag, Cause and Effect, Screen Series, Deep Walls,You Are Here, Near, Boundary Functions 
Charles Forman - Shadow Stories (children shadows control animations)
 Mark Cypher - Biophilia , Weed, Concrescence, (creatures grow on shadows), Mimesis (perspective change with motion)
Jeldrik Schmuch/Ulrike Gollner - Momento (leave portion of shadow when leave)
Mario Gutiérrez. Desarrollo C++: Martín Nadal -  Travectos/Passages  (leave a trace when leave)
Juan Pablo Alberca- Txampa  (project into shadow)

Motion -   Analysis of space, relationship, time

Scott Sona Snibbe - Near, Boundary Functions 
Nell Breyer - Motion perception
Brian Knep -  Drift, Healing Series (chages with person walking then heals)
Chris Dodge - What Will Remain of These?  (mirror track but them images dissovle)
George Legrady - Kinetic Flow (movement on metro stairs/escalator affect algorithmic display)
Bill Keays - Virtango inc - Maze (movement moves virtual marble through maze), MetaCity Sarejevo (movement brings forth different information) 
Seiko Mikami/Sota Ichikawa     'Gravicells' - Gravity and Resistance Project
Judith Donath, Martin Wattenberg and Orkan Telhan -  Pasts and Presents (abstract visual represent activity in cafe, past & present)
Mark Cypher -  Mimesis (perspective change with motion)
Sonia Cillari  -  Se Mi Sei Vicino   visualize electromagnetic fields around bodies , Conscious Space ae07, lv9
Gregory Shakar  - Mood vector   Undertoe  (virtual water surface track viewer)
Squidsoup  -  Driftnet, Come closer(3-d), Freq2 (position senstive abstract - rf transmitters)

Motion - Performance

Damien Cooper, Robin Fox , Paula Levis, Gideon Obarzanek, Frieder Weiss, Ben Frost / Chunky Move - Mortal Engine (movement responsive dance, laser, projection - AE09)
Rudolfo Quintas -Swap Project
Michael Saup - Supreme Particles Group Binary Ballistic Ballet, Melkway , Plasma:Architexture
Open Ened Group (Marc Downie, Paul Kaiser, Shelley Eshkar) - Loops, Ghostwatching, Arrival, Playground, Musical Creatures (motion capture and aglogrithms - often dance- ai analyze motion)
supernaut - computer controlled choreography
Eva Perez de Vega Steele and Ian Gordon -
choreographing space

Motion - Visual Text / speech

nathaniel stern - [odys]elicit (movment begest speech and screen text)
Camille Utterback, Romy Achitu -Text Rain
Simon Biggs  -  Stream (text activated by walking)
Jason Lewis - Thought Shop, Obx labs (animated text, voice recognition, motion activated text)
James Patten - Drift  (community bulletin board text  affected by movment and gesture)
Jean Dubois et Philippe Jean PRESENCE -MOVEMENT (text accumulate at foot of viewers)
George Legrady - Transitional Spaces (text afftected by motion)


** see previous section on activated objects, mixed reality in robotics section

Quartet  alt.  IS08 -Morphing Physiology (multidisciplinary project to connect gesture with video musicians, dancers, robots, link virtual and physical )
The Sancho Plan (Ed Cookson, Edd Dawson-Taylor, Adam Hoyle, Lewis Sykes, Olly Venning) - Spacequatica (drumming affect sound,graphics)  sig08
Mark  Coniglio, Dawn Stoppiello - Isadora / Future of Memory Improvisation; Future of Memory (midi suits)
Dr.Hugo Heyrman - Body Language Sequences
Pamela Z - Body as Instrument  (sound controlled by gesture)
Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau - Trans Plant, Intro Act  (abstract plants respond to motion, gesture)
J. Marshall, S. Mills and S. Benford - eye-balls (system tracks juggler and balls)
Wayne Siegel - Movement Study  (sensors measure body limbs)
Maubrey -Audio Ballerinas  (wearable sensor/sound generators)
Cyber Bunraku  (3-d graphics controlled by body & gesture)
Sally Jane Norman  culture lab, perfromance, puppetry
Xin Wei Sha, Sponge Group Sponge siteT-garden
Ranjit Makkuni - main siteCultural Learning Projects - The Crossing
 Loren Carpenter -  Audience Events  via held up indicators
r3nder.neti2off.org - livE (3vil)
Andrea Polli 
Naoka Tosa  - Interactive Poem, Interactive Theater
Camila Valenzuela, Chris Fayers, Isabel Rocamora - Memory Release (motion detection hanging body) 
James Patten - Audio Pad  (objects as interface), Sensetable, Tactile Photograph (laser cutter make tactile surface from photo)
Plasm - Mathe matically Illustrated Musical Insturement MIMI

Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel, Ajay Naidu and MichaelUwemedimo - orchestra of anxiety (harp built out of razor wire) , Ambienttv (streaming roving theatre) 
Ephemeral Gumboots - dancer interface
Eric Paulos, Experimental Interaction Unit
Marek Walczak, Martin Wattenberg, Jakub Segen - Noplace (virtual architecture created from online utopias - installation use gesture to navigate)
KAWASHIMA Takashi - Open the Blind  (peeper image caught on blind )
Brian Knep - Healing Series  (abstract forms rupture and heal around shadow)
David Kousemaker - Blended - TouchMe
Simon Penny -  Fugitive (control analytic cinema by gesture/motion) , Body Electric (simulation of electric fish search for prey)
Pekka Ala-Siuru - Ubiquitous computing art  
Artakt - Quartet (Performers and dancers wear sensors) 
Bioplus (Emiliano Causa, Tarcisio Pirotta, Matías Romero Costas) - Spectral Mirrors, On Sonorities
Victoria Vesna - Mood Swings  (particles and text react to gesture)
ruth west - ecce homology (viewers naviagate genetic info via gesture)
Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss -  MARS (Media Arts and Research)  - Liquid Views, Rigid Waves, PointScreen, BodyTracking, Erena
Jamy Sheridan -- Tree of Life
Suguru Goto - Augmented Body 05
Topological Media Lab -   - sha xin wei  (merge gesture, wearables)
Zachary Seldess and Jane Rigler - Music Cre8tor (a sensor/software interface)
Nathaniel Bobbitt - haptics research  alt

Gesture - free hand control drawings

Magic Coloring Wall - Ubi De Feo
Steven Schkolne Surface Drawing (3d gesture drawing /goggle vr system)
Zachary Lieberman - Drawn  (hand gesture cause ink shapes to become animated),  Rotosketch (add ink to video projection)
golan levine, Zachary Lieberman - Manual Input System (real time gesture visualizaiton)
Zack Booth Simpson (Mine-Control)  - Calder, Moderation, Shadow, Interferece, Marble Marshall, Fractal Zone  (shadow, gesture manipulate image sound) , RNA Folding, Salt  (manipulate models of substances)

Free hand control sound/ lights

Laetitia Sonami Lady's Glove
  (midi controls by hand gesture)
Kuan Huang- Virtual Instrument (gesture control synthesizer) .
Haruo Ishii - Hyperscratch  (hand gesture control lights & sound)
Jakub Segen Visual Conductor
Atau Tanaka, Cecile Babiole, Laurent Dailleau - S.S.S. (sensor activated music)
Kirsty Beilharz - gesture instruments/ installations , sonificaiton
Sriram Viswanathan - MusiKal (5 people gesture)  07
Laurie Anderson 

Gesture - control dawing/access on surface

Jeff Han Multi-Touch Interaction Research
Bill Keays - Beatles Revolution Lounge (drawings on tables go to common graffitti board, Fabrix (deformed fabric as interface)
Marek Walczak, Martin Wattenberg, Jakub Segen -  Dialog Table (gestures explore information)


** please also check breath monitoring in body/ biology pages

Inami Laboratory - byu-byu-view (blowing interface)
Char Davies - Osmose, Ephemere
Ulrike Gabriel - Breath
Elaine Brechin- Windgrass
Michel Bret  Edmond Couchot - Les Pissenlits  (dandelion seeds move with blowing)
Scott Snibbe  - Breath Mirror  Blow-up (blow at small fans control big fans)
Thecla Schiphorst - Exhale
Kate Pullinger,Stefan Schemat, babel- breathing wall
Sabrna Raaf - Breath
Chris Chafe and Greg Niemeyer Oxygen Flute  (plants and people exchange carbon dioxide via breathing)
Peter E Charuk - AquaLux II  (breathing change event focused on ocean bed)
Rebecca Allen - Coexistence (breath affect mixed reality/vr)
byu-byu-view - breath activated interface

Gaze, Facial Expression

Scottie Chih-Chieh Huang and Shen-Guan Shih - MSOrgm (Motivational Sensitive Organism)  (robot plant responds via movement and facial recognition - Sig09)
Momoyo Torimitsu  - Smile :-), Wear It Like a Costume! IS08 (matching smiles with database of smiles)
Jonathan Bachrach - The Intimacy Machine sig08
Lynn Hershman - Room of One's Own, America's Finest
Seiko Mikami - Molecular Clinic  (gaze investigate images)
Kazuhiko Hachiya Vanishing Body,   Seeing Is Believing**
Jochem Hendricks  Eye, 2001 (gaze drawings) 
Dirk Lüsebrink, Joachim Sauter sauter main site - Zerseher** Iconoclast (eye tracker) 
Chris Sugrue - Re-Gaze
Jessica Walker - value, awe, punctum
Golan Levin - Observation as Interaction 
Hans H. Diebner, Sebastian Fischer, Lasse Scherffig - eyebot ,  Performative Science - aesthetics and media
stefano coluccini - faces, eyes on people, hot-zones (more details with longer gaze)
Mika Satomi - Gutsie  (viewer changes details based on gaze)
Angela Bock - eye2eye, trans-parent, blanks, point of view, innen-außen
Darij Kreuh & Davide Grassi - Brainscore (visualization of 2 people gaze track)
Daniela Alina Plewe  ultimate ratio  (gaze affect narrative)
Jordan Crandall - Trigger (video installation track gaze)
Brigatta Zics -  Mirror_space  (person reflection as network of informaiton, face scanning)
Andrea Polli - Intuitive Ocusonics
Seth Hunter - Eye Response (gaze tracking)

Hans H. Diebner - links to eye tracking based art

Complex Actions - Balance, Walking, Bicycling

Joe McKay and Greg Niemeyer with Nik Hanselmann - Matter of Balance
Feng Mengbo  - Ah_Q  (game controlled by feet action)
Jeffrey Shaw - Legible City Distributed legible city, 
Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss MARS (Media Ars Research) - Spatial Navigator, House of Illusion, Skywriter  index site1  index2
Seiko Mikami/Sota Ichikawa    - Gravicells
Christain moeller - Virtual Cage  (balance platform affect sound)
Kazuhiko Hachiya - Over the Rainbow, Light/Depth , Airboard
Brian Duggan,  Jason Ditmarsr and  Ronen Mintz Virtual Wheeelchair
Marnix de Nijs - Run Motherfucker Run, Panoramic Acceleration
Peter Broadwell and Plasm Group - Plasm Above the Drome, Plasm: A Nano Sample
Times Up  Body Spin
Roberto Larraguibel  - balance event 
Volker Morawe,Tilman Reiff - furminator  (first person pin ball device)
Jon Windet,  Margaret Crane, Sunset** 
Beryl Graham  - Games
Kim Binstead, HyperMask
Stephen Wilson - BodySurfing (body actions stretching, running, drumming affect meda) 
Shaking the World - (Galvanic balane stimulator)
Masahiko Inami et al - straw-like user interface
Andrew Hieronymi  - Move
Michal Rothschild & Michal Rinott  - Laughing Swing
Orna Portugaly, Daphna Talithman and Sharon Younger - Jumping  rope
Bioplus (Emiliano Causa, Tarcisio Pirotta, Matías Romero Costas)  - Tango Virus
Coby van Tonder - Skatesonic (skateboard interface) , Ephemeral Gumboots
Keith Armstrong - Intimate Transactions  (bodyshelf back, feet, etc communicate 2 spaces)
Adrien Herbertz - Infinicity (3-d generative world created by dance/dance revolution type movements) 

Touch, Tactility

Junji Watanabe et al - Touch the Invisibles (superimpose tactile information onto digital images - sig09)
Alvin Law et al Multimodal Floor for Virtual Environments (tactile/kinesthetic floors - sig09)
Lenka Klimesova- Future Kiss (people wear masks with kiss sensors, try to find matching person - AE09)
Takahiro Matsuo  - Phantasm (touch unleashes graphic events) sig08
Yunsil Heo, Hyunwoo Bang - Oasis (manipulation gravel leaves light trails) sig08
Sietske Klooster-TouchMeDare (activated only when multiple people touch 07)
Naziha Mestaoui, Yacine Aït Kaci  -
(electronic shadow)  - Vibration (touch affect color, sound)
Thecla Schiphorst - BodyMap, Int eraction97 des (touch)  Whisper (body signals networking)
Stephen Wilson - Demon Seed  (squeeze rod control robots) Body Surfing (stretching control media)
Christain Moller - Audio Grove, The third dimension of the painting 'Ritratto di Gentilumo
Iain Mott - Squeezebox  (squeeze control sound)
Stahl Stenslie and Kirk Woolford - CyberSM  - Erotogod
Stahl Stenslie - Senseless 
Kazuhiko Hachiya - Interdiscom munication Device, Inter-skin
F.A.B.R.I.CATORS  - Tracking the net,
City Cluster (gesture work on vr world)
ted krueger - synthetic sense
Alvaro CASSINELLI - Kronos Projector
Art+Com (immersive movies interact with touch)
Jean Dubois  - Les Errances de l'écho, Tact (manipulate image sound via touch sensive mirrors )
Tetsuaki Baba  - Freqtric Project (touch via currents in skin)
Yeoh Guan Hong - Shifting Nature  (hands affect organic shapes)  
Grahme Weinbren- Frames (cinema installation activated by pointing)
Philip Beesley and Diane Willow - Reflexive Membranes (microcontroller activated responsive textiles)
Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby -Fields and Thresholds
Karolina Sobecka - Okay (lifesize doll store and communicate hugs)
Alison Lewis - Closer Wearables (touch reactive clothing - Closer2 respond to hugs)
Eddo Stern - Darkgame (played by isolated senses of touch, sight, hearing)

Activated Spaces

**see also interactive architecture in robot, kinetics pages

  Consuming Spaces - Creative Time 
Latent Architecture
Ruairi Glynn, Reino Unido - Performative Ecologies - kinetic objects, sensors, ai agents - detect viewers - artificial biology DE07
Marcos Novak, Transarchitecture
Subtle Technologies conference06 - Responsive Architecture
Naziha Mestaoui Yacine  Electronic Shadows
Ashok Sukumaran -  embedded urban architecture
Matthew Hockenberry, Rob Gens - placemap
Stanislav Roudavski, Giorgos Artopoulos -  It's a Parasite
Neil Denari - architecture/computers
Arch-OS  - operating system for a building  - Cybrid Landscape (map to 3D space)
zachary lieberman - picturing family (family photos navigated by elevator position)
Philip Beesley - Hylozoic Soil (interactive geotextiles and reflexive and responsive membranes, networks of actuated objects 07)
doubleNegatives Architecture - Corpora in Si(gh)te 08


suzi webster - Electric Skin (hybrid object/performance breath of the wearer into pulses of light)
Exploratorum - Second Skin: fashion show
Teresa Almeida - Modes for Urban Moods (wearable coping mechanisms that explore relationships in public spaces)
Jenny Tillotson - Scentsory Design (emotional clothing, aromas, colours and healt)
Olivia Ong - Gliterati garments  (nanoparticles)
susumu tachi - invisibility cloak, teleexistence projects
Roshan Lalintha Peiris et al - AmbiKraf: An Embedded Non-Emissive and Fast-Changing Wearable Display (fast changing fabric diisplays = sig09)

Joanna Berzowsk - wearable computing. Skorpians  XS Labs sig08

Soomi Park - LED Eyelash (LED's worn on eyelashes - AE08)
takuya Yamauchi and Toru Iwatake - Sound Jewelry  (networked interaction on jewelry) alt
Ryoko Ueoka, Hiroki Kobayashi  - Wearable Forest: Feeling of Belonging to Nature (remote forest sounds emanate from dress) sig08
Thecla Schiphorst - exhale
Hannah Perner-Wilson and Mika Satomi - Massage Me (interface activated by massage 05)
Takehito Etani - Masticator (audio-visual feedback of chewing 05)
Amanda Parkes - clothing extract power from human motion 05) alt
Stephanie Sandstrom -  EPA Dress (dress sensors read air quality and crumple on bad days)
Symbiotic Computer Laboratory- U of Oklahome - Pulse Pool - wearables send and receive pulses of nearby people - irepresentative mages projected of waterdrops. 08
Magnenat-Thalmann - Fashionizer (combine graphics, mathematics, simulator for clothes)
Alyce Santoro - dress made of audio table can be read by tape head
Lucy Dunne - expressive evening gown
Younghui Kim -HearWear (skirt react to environmental noise)
Alison Lewis - Closer Wearables (touch reactive clothing)
Laura Cesari - Clouds in Sunset (human-powered animation gown)
txOom  (integration of wearables / architecture)
Isa Gordon - cyberfashion show
Future Physical - wearable pages
 Ingrid Bachmann -  Clothing textile installations
Jill Coffin - conductive textile** alt site
Alyce Santoro - Sonic Fabric  main
Jill Scott - E-skin
Hoyun Son - Unspoken_Series (led message vests)
Martin Frey - CabBoots (navigational shoes)
Junya Watanabe - glow in the dark clothes
Manel Torres - Fabrican - spray on clothes
Maggie Orth - electronic textiiles, nternational fashion machines**
Laura Beloff, Erich Berger and Martin Pichlmair - seven mile boots  (walk through vr)
Maubrey -Audio Ballerinas  (wearable sensor/sound generators)
Hung-Chih Pen - One Eye Ball (wearable tube with camera - view dog eye view)
Leah Buechley - electronic textiles, wind board, beaded LEDs  (cloth connectable electronic elements)
Jennifer Chowdhury - Intimate controller (game controller touch partners body)
Cati Vaucelle (w/Yasmine Abbas) - touch-sensitive dress (massage and sensory therapy) alt
Lucy McRae - Skin Probe (intertwining of fashion, architecture and the human body)
Lisa Stead - Emotional Wardrobe (change display based on mood)
Philippa Brock - smart textiles
Carole Collet - intelligent textiles**
Jenny Tillotson - Scentient Beings (fabric change odor based on mood)
Louise Provencher and Charles Halary - Electromagnetism & Wearable projects
Jefferson Kulig - digital fashion
Future Physical - Wear Me Show  & Conference
Siggraph 04 Cyberfashion show   report
Future Physical - Wearable Links
Korea Wearable Fashion show
steve mann - wearable computing site
Andy Felong -  wearable computing resources
Karen Lancel and Hermen Maat - Stalk Show (wearable billboard), Touch Me , Explosive Jacket
Thecla Shiphorst  - Wearable literature review   review of projects
Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann - Fashionizer (virtual clothing system- ch)
Dead Rat Fashions
Social Fabrics Show (CAA) Intelligent Agent Article
Skin to Skin Show - Fremantle
talk2myshirt - weable blog

 Artificial Intelligence & Agents

Algorithms for Creativity


Harold Cohen- Aaron main  lnks2  article
Institute for Artificial Art 
Paul Brown - DrawBots (study of creativity for robots)
Andy Gracie - hostprods (Phumox - ai collaboration)
Artur Matuck - Landscript
Julius Popp - Bit.flow (composite of small spheres self observed to generate self understanding - AE 08, LV 07)

Music / Dance

Bioplus Group - Emiliano Causa, Tarcisio Lucas Pirotta& Matas Romero Costas.  Ephemeral creatures, (Program listens to music, generates virtual instrument, and artificial graphic creatures 06)
Beatriz DA COSTA  Cello (self adjusting cello) 
Artbot  - leonel maura 
Gil Weinberg, Scott Driscoll, Travis Thatcher- Haile Project  (music undertanding robots), iltur , Listening Machines, (music understanding systems)
Open Ended Group (Paul Kaiser, Marc Downie, and Shelley Eshkar) - Enlightenment (analyze mozart to create animated images), How Long (anlayze dance motion), Musical Creatures (autonomous agents) , also dance, perfromance work
Nick Collins  - music understanding programs
Alex Rae, Jagadeeswaran J  - Dangum (intelligent program generates music in response to drummers) 07
Vamsi Bharadwaj, Anand TM - Simon Listens 07
Music, Mind, Machine Research
Musical Agents 07

**see also later section of algortihms, generative, alife
Penousal Machado - Artifical Artist
Patrick Tresset - Aikon (generative protrait sketching program from photo)
Simon Colton - the Painting Fool (paintings from photo)

Shows/conferences/ web resources

Computer Generated Artworks exhibition
Smart Graphics conference
MIT - Aesthetics and Computation Group
Design Computing and Cognition Conference
Conference on Web Intelligence
Creativity and Computers Web Site
Computational Creativity Workshop

Speech Recognition

** see later section in voice/speech

Image Recognition

** also see surveillance

Victor Liu -  Turn All Things (automatic movie editor)
Christian Giordano - Smart Transitiions
Amy Alexander, Jesse Gilbert, Wojciech Kosma, Vincent Rabaud, Nikhil Rasiwasia - Sven (public space video recognition)  (LV9)
James Coupe- (re)collector  (cameras in Cambridge UK ai programmed to collect socially significant scenes.)
Christophe Bruno - Logo.Hullucination (faces from google search)
Antoine Schmitt -  psychic (describes what sees with audience)
David Rokeby -   Gathering (video sorted analytically), Taken, Sorting Deamon
Jim Campbell - Last Day in the Beginning of March, Illuminated Averages (read scenes extract visual quality)
christophe bruno - logo.hallucination (image recognition software look for logo ip violations) 06

Interactions with Artificial Characters/ Artificial narrative 

Sara Roberts - Early Programming, Elective Affinities alt site 
Stephen Wilson - Excursions in Emotional Hyperspace, Is Anyone There
Sarah Ciracì - RobotCub (conceptual studies of ai, mysticism, fuzzy logic)
Luc Courchesne - Landscape One, Hall of Shadows, Family Portrait  (convince artificial characters to trust viewer)
Joseph Bates  Oz  zooesis  (ai animated characters)
Bruce Bumberg - MIT Media Lab Synthetic Characters
Catherine Ikam & Louis Fleri - The Other, Le Messager Virtuel   alt site
Janine Cirincione and Michael Ferraro -  RL - (Real Life - game characters react to world) 
Elbot - chatbot
Michael Girard  Susan Amkraut - artificial characters 
Philip Pocock, Gregor Stehle, Onesandzeros, Axel Heide - Unmovie
Jessica Field - Semiotic investigation into cybernetic behaviour
Andrew Stern - Procedural arts, virtual ai characters, virtual Babyz ,Dogz, and Catz,  interactive drama Farcade
Atau Tanaka & Antoine Schmitt - Frankenstein netz
Lynn Herhmann - Agent Ruby  (ai chatterbot) , Tillie,  Technolust - Rosetta 
christophe bruno & jimpunk - gogolchat
Antoine Schmitt - Avec Détermination (character fight against box), gameplay (dancer and virtual character), devox (coverse with audience), psychic (describes what sees with audience), puppetpresident (chatterbox)
Kelly Heaton -  Bibiota, Pelt (elmo dolls retrofitted)
Claudio Pinhanez I/It , Computer Theater
Daniela Alina Plewe  ultimate ratio , Cascades of Doubt, (help characters make decisions)
Stelarc - prosthetic head
Jean-Claude Bustros - virtual characters
Mark Chavez - Clone3d, Nadia
Andrew Stern - Procedural Arts - Virtual Babyz, Dogz, and Catz
Simon Schiessl, Saoirse Higgins - Mechanism #2 Emergency Siren (ai generated sounds of crowd fleeing)
Bill Tomlinson - Artifical Raft , Alphawolf
AI game site
Adrianne Worrtzel - Eliza Redux (telerobotic psychoanalyst) 07
site to more artificial characters

AI Narratives

Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern-  Facade -  interactive drama  
Michael Mateas Terminal Time - Expressive AI   Michael Mateas, Paul Vanouse,Steffi Domike - Terminal Time (AI Interactive cinema)
Naoko Tosa - I-Plot (artificial narrative), Zen Computer, ZENetic Computer (with MATSUOKA Seigow)
Liquid Narratives  (ai generated narrative)

Face Recognition, Biometrics

Joseph Hyde - RememberMe  (remember faces) 
Alexa Wright and Alf Linney - Alter Ego (respond to facial exptression) , cover story (face abstraction of person)
Trevor Darrell, H. Baker, F. Crow, G. Gordon, and J.Woodfill Mass Hallucination, Magic Morphin Mirror
Rob Myers, Peter Broadwell, Rebecca
Fuson & Delle Maxwell - Plasm:Yur Mug
Jeffrey Shaw - Web of Life  (biometric reading of palms)  alt
franc solina - 15 seconds of fame
Nicolas Anatol Baginsky - Public Narcisism
Knut Mork Skagen - Mirror (put blobs on video of audience)
Face recognition research links
Tina Gonsalves - face recognition and affect

Affective Computing

MIT Media Lab Affective Computing
Naoko Tosa - Interactive Poem, Romeo & Julliet in Hades , I.plot
Jonathan Klein, Turnsyles
hristoph Bartneck  - Emuu (emotional robot)
John Collomosse , Maria Shugrina , Margrit Betke - Empathetic Painting 
Paula Gaetano Adi  - Alexitimia  (LV9) object models emotions in  touch and wet response
Thecla Schiphorst, Hiveworks - Soft(n) - (networked game use of emotional tags)   whisper site
Jiri Cernicky - Panasonic Emotions (sound simulator of emotions- parody?)
Bill Seaman - Thoughtbody Experiments (working toward sensient computer)  alt
Emotional Machines site
Affective Computing Portal

Data Mining

James Coupe -  Difference Engine, 9++ spin
Juan Pampin - Tropos
Douglas Bagnall - Cloud Shape Classifier
Irene Chien, Ken Goldberg, Jane McGonigal, Greg Niemeyer and Jeff Tang - Bounce (common experience life game cross age)
Anna Munster and Andrew Murphie - assemblage for collective thought (act)


Ruairi Glynn, Reino Unido - Performative Ecologies - kinetic objects, sensors, ai agents - detect viewers - artificial biology LV08
Brenda Laurel, Abbe Don Guides** 
Jean-Marc Gauthier Intelligent Avatars
MIT Media Lab Agents Group
Bibilography on believable agents
Philip Pocock , Gregor Stehle Onesandzeros , Axel Heide  - UnMovie  (future cinema including autonomous agents)
Robert Nideffer - agent based art 
Vesna & Nideffer - Information Personae
Forest Entertainment - Creets (agents play games with other agents via wireless)
Yuri Martin Kaltenbrunner, Avon Huxo - Marvin
Diane Ludin,Ricardo Domínguez - Fake shop, Avatar/agent art

Music, Performance, drama, cinema

Todd Machover - brain opera   Sharon Daniels - brain opera

Stanford virtual theatre (artificial characters)
Mary Flanaghan -  Virtual Performance 
Michael Young , Liquid Narrative
Laurie Spiegel, MusicMouse
Ray Kurzweil, Cybernetic Poet
Micahel Mateas/ Andrew Stern - Terminal Time, Facade
David Link - ECHOHCE, (generate projected texts of associations based on singer's words), Poetry Machine  (semantic net derived from web

Capturing Life Processes

Mateusz Herczka - Life Support Systems: Vanda

Conferences/ shows/courses 

machinista 2003
Marc Cavazza -Alternative Reality: "Ways of Worldmaking" with Artificial Intelligence

Information Systems, Surveillance, Science as Information System, Shadow Corporations
Bar Codes & ID Technology

Paul Vanouse - Items 1-2,000: A Corpus Of Knowledge On The Rationalized Subject
Perry Hoberman - Bar Code Hotel , Workaholic
Eduardo Kac  Time Capsule
Andy Deck Bar Code Shakespeare
Scott Blake - Bar Code Artist Site  (graphics, culturejammers, tattoos, etc)
Dion Laurent  Barcodes of Life (conceptual proposal - barcode all forms of life)
Vezomi-  Bar Code
Droog - System Almighty (bacode activated funhouse), Barcode Interpreter

RFID/ ID chipts/ Smart Cards

Stephen Wilson - Smart Space (rooms customize displays based on people present 08)
Mediamatic - Reader for Hybrid world (08)
We make money not art rfid archives
Beatriz Da Costa, Jamie Schulte, Heidi Kumao,  and Brooke Singer - Swipe,   Zapped!, Preemptive Meida
Nancy Nisbet - rfid works -  pop goes the weasel, Tracking Virtual Identity , Exhange
kevin warwick - body embedded chips UBERMORGEN - ART FID
Gizmodo -  RFID pages
Ryota Kimura  -  S.U.I. (smart cards scanning recreate elements of person's life)
Zai Chang - Collective Subconscious  (movement through space, rfid tracking, leave messages)
Doria Fan - Medical Alert bracelet
David Kousemaker - iTea table (conference tag read and information on internet revealed), StraightJacket Embrace (play media based on reading) , Wixel Play (game)
Joshua Klein - Ownyourstuff  (tagged all possessions)
 Meghan Trainor - Transmission, Filter (activate sound by physical objects with rfid chips, activate with chip embedded in arm)
Jussi Angesleva and Marcus Kirsch - Urban Eyes (pigeons with webcameras associate image by implanted rfid)
Timo Arnall   alt
Han Halewijn - Tagged Space
Polar Produce - MEASC  (walk around tagged space simulate consumerism)
Tagged show - Space Media gallery
Reader for Hybrid World - RFID, mapping ,Internet of Things, etc
boredomresearch - real snail mail   (messages  sent by rfid tagged snails)
Processing Plant ( Louis-Philippe Demers and Philippe Jean )  - I-Tag (tmake music from codes) alt
Mute-Dialogue - Origins and Lemons -. (pick up tagged items get their history)
C6 - Antisystemic Distributed Library Project  (move against category systems)
Paula Roush - Arphield Recordings (music from Oyster Cards)  mobile strategies of display and mediation (mdm)
burak arikan - Auction Machine
Leon Cmielewski & Josephine Starrs - Floating Territories (cards simulate immigrants)

Proximity Lab - Footprints (walkable surface respond to rfid chips in shoes)
Monochrom - RFID song
Miyajima Tatsuo, Tachibana Hajime - 1000 Deathclock in Paris  (time to die, web, rfid link tag)  alt ae04
James Patten - Corporate Fallout Detector (read barcode, click based on corporate record)
Osman Khan - Khan Artist, Net Worth, Data Dump, Weapons of Mass Consumption (read credit card strip)
Mediamatic Reader for Hybrid World (RFID, Internet of Things)
Regine Debatty - review of rfid art

Databases, Research Processes

George Legrady- Cell Phone Tango, Global Collaborative Visual Mapping Archive (cellphone tagging database), Making Visible the Invisible (displays determined by library borrowing activity), Pockets Full of Memories II (scan personal belongings - self organize database), Eternal Summer (text, nature scenes affected by stock quotations from internet)
George Legrady, Angus Forbes, Zachary Davis, Nicole Starosielski -Global Collaborative Visual Mapping Archive
Natalie Jeremijenko -Bureau of Inverse Technologies,  Slit, Suicide Box  main site
Stephen Wilson CrimeZyland  (public art robotic installation based on crime data)
James Coupe -  Difference Engine, 9++ spin
Konrad Becker - Synreal Systems
Karen O'Rourke , ArtChivist, Paris Reseau 
Sharon Daniels,Mark Bartlett - Subtract the Sky
Simon Biggs  Babel  (shared 3d data space) 
Shawn Brixey, Richard Rinehart, and Fabian Wagmister  - Chimera Obscura
Andrei Savitsky - trashback
Robert Nideffer - proxy
Robert Niderffer, Victoria Vesna, Database explorations
Natalie Bookchin - Databank of the Everyday
Krzysztof Wodiczko  -Interrorgative Design
Martijn Engelbregt (EGBG) - Surveys, Data + Statistics
Carsten Nicolai, Marco Peljhan -  Project Atol Polar
Lynn Hershman Leeson - Life to the Second Power: Animating the Archive
Natalie Jeremijenko, Chris Dierks, Jesse Arnold, Robert Twomey - how stuff is made (collab research to create wiki)
Alberto Frigo  - SOBJECT (all actions by right hand) 

Database Imaginary Show  (Banff)  links Cory Arcangel, Julian Bleecker, Natalie Bookchin, Kayle Brandon, Heath Bunting, Alan Currall, Beatriz da Costa, Hans Haacke, Harwood/Mongrel, AgnesHegedus, Axel Heide, Pablo Helguera, Lisa Jevbratt/C5, George Legrady, Lev Manovich, Jennifer + Kevin McCoy, Muntadas, onesandzeros, Scott Paterson, Philip Pocock, Edward Poitras, David Rokeby, Warren Sack, Jamie Schulte,Thomson&Craighead, Brooke Singer, Gregor Stehle, University of Openess, Angie Waller, Cheryl L'Hirondelle Waynohtew, Marina Zurkow
V2 Information is Alive conference    Making Art of Databases (conferences and books)
Galloway, Rhizome 
CoDe of Practice - tate
Arts Electronica Infowar
Eugene Thacker-Database/Body Paper
Trebor Scholz, Geer Lovink - databases, free cooperation
David Weinberrger - Everything is Miscellaneous  other info organizaiton sites - Digg.com, Rojo.com ,  Rollyo.com, Cluetrain, Small Pieces Joined

Reflections on Science

Jennifer Willets - InsideOut:L aboratory Ecologies
Sara Diamond - Code Zebra (chat interchange/game) 
Charles Tucker and Saul Ostrow - aesthetic Compass  (interdisciplinary work space)
Eve Laramee - Apparatus for the Distillation of Vague Intuitions, Instrument to Communicate with Kepler's Ghost
Todd Siler - Metaforming
Catherine Wagner - Investigating Matter, Cross Sections
Edward de Bonov - Lateral Thinking
Simon Robertshaw Nature of History
Smithsonian - Science and the Artist Book
Gail Wight  - Sliding Scale , Meaning of Minuscule, Ghost, Aurelians
Christine Borland  review 
Marta Lyall, Catherine Richards, Mark Dion (see other sections) 
Koan-Jeff Baysa - Dark Science
Jane Marsching - About Here and Later,  Arctic Listening Post , Emissions
Steven Davies  - sculptures
Eli Gur-Arie - natural unnatural
Burbano - Ways of Neuron
Arijana Kajfes  physics reflections  interview
Angelo Vermeulen  - Blue Shift [LOG. x]  (science art experiemnt on water flea behavior)
Carsten Holler - perceptual experiments
Sharon Daniels - Subtract the Sky (public engagement with astronomers)
ArtsCatalyst- Dark Places (artists and scientist interrogate research settings) 07

Organizations as Information Art Structures

Knowbotics Main Site,   Main Site alt, Annoymous Muttering, IO_Dencies
Dialogue with the Knowbotic South, (Yvonne Wilhelm, Alexander Tuchacek and Christian Huebler)
Joel Slayton  C5
Gregory Green -  State of Caroline
Stephen Soreff, AGAR 
carsten nicolai; marko peljhan  POLAR
 Code Zebra
Sheila Pinkel Information Art
Art & Idea
Randall Packer, John Anderson - US Department of Art & Technology

robert thill - patent/art crossover(pdf)  course
arts active patent network
Bill Seaman - hybrid invention generator
Daniel Wright - Patently Silly (Comedy rouitines on dumb patents )
Diane Ludin and Ricardo Dominguez - iBiology Patent Engine ,b.a.n.g lab site

shows, articles

Hacktivisim in the Streets article
Making Things Public show (zkm)   alt - (public space interventions)
MassMoca - Interventionist Show

 Places & Spaces: Mapping Science exhibit   (** some of the following derived from website)
List of The Most Beautiful Data Visualizations (digg.com)
Regine Debatty - Information Visualization as a Medium
Gallery of Data Visualization - Michael Friendly
VisualComplexity by Manuel Lima
Inf@Vis! by Juan C. Dürsteler
Information Aesthetics by Andrew Vande Moere
D-Art Visualization conference art show i
John Tonkin - The All Star Data Mappers Show
Joshua Frost - Glass bead game and semantic web ++
Christiane Paul - Reflections on Information Visualization
MemeMapper - online ezine
olapehrson- NASDAQ Vocal Index (convert stocks to sound)
John Tonkin (curator) - All Star Data Mappers show - Dataterra  alt
Wiki information visualization, ilnks on the web, wiki psychogeography, knowledge discovery

Surveillance, Viruses 

hasan elahi - tracking transience (compreshensive self surveillance on web)

Video in Public Spaces

Julia Scher - Security by Julia, Securityland 
Ken Goldberg - Demonstrate  (surveillance of free speech plaza - Berkeley)
Marie Sester - Access  - track anonymous people , Mirror (follow people), Threatbox (project media images change to spotlight)
Annina Ruest , LAN group - Track the trackers  (device makes visible wireless camera transmissions)
Surveillance Camera Players (performances for surveillance cameras)
Tagny Duff  - Seen and Unseen (public space surveillance)
Shootback day
Nungu  (hypercontrol) - Telematic Surveillance (parody of surveillance company)
Panoptican online  (urban interventions against surveillance)
Zoran Todorovic - noise (video created with surveillance devices in publi space)
John Evans, Drew Hemment, Theo Humphies and Mika Raento - LOCA: Location Oriented Critical Arts  (link locative, surveillance, sms)
Taeyoon Choi , I&P media art team - Shoot me if you can** alt (web camera locative urban game)
Amy Alexander, Jesse Gilbert, Wojciech Kosma, Vincent Rabaud, Nikhil Rasiwasia - Sven (public space video recognition - music video)
Ed Osborne - Wandering Eye (video made from surveillance camera - processed, edge detection)
Tiffany Holmes - Your Face is Safe with Me
shaina anand - ChitraKarKhana , Khirkeeyaan, Short-circuited TV (interject surveillance into broadcast tv)
Michelle Teran - Life: Users Guide (wireless camera surveillance made visible)
Institute for Applied Autonomy - Isee (mapping surveillance cameras)
LAb[au] 12M4S  (track movements of people in building, image analysis, generate sound)
Natalie Bookchin - Location Insecure (video from international security cameras)
Steve Symons - Aura (traces of movement through public space) 07

Surveillance gallery installations, Performance

Feng Mengbo  - Ah_Q  (video game quake with viewer)
josephine starrs - Trace (biometrics)
mark david hosale & Hohn Thompson - defender espgx
Simon Penny - Big Father  (transmit information when presence detectred)
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer   - Standards and Double Standards (belts follow persons), Homographies (light fixtures follow people) etc
Ashok Sukumaran - The Neighbour (mobile homes track each other)
Paul Vanouse Security Bra
Paul Garrin Border Patrol, White Devil, Yuppie Ghetto  alt site
Joel Slayton Telepresent Surveillance
Minna Langstrom - The Chinese Room  (follow animated characters via security control room)
Christine Meierhofer - Pretty Good Privacy
Eve Laramee -  Scientific Observation of a Private Obsession
Building Association - Super Vision (performance with surveillance technology)
Judy Malloy - Revelations of Secret Surveillance    (hypertext on historical wwII surveillance)
Masamichi Udagawa, Sigi Moeslinger - Nosy Parker  (images move around chairs)
martin bonadeo - art closed circuit (cross surveillance signals from 3 galleries)
Michiel van Bakel/Bill Spinhoven - RealTimeWarper - realtime wrapper (cameras respond to bioelectric signals)
Scott Sona Snibbe -You Are Here (track movements of people in gallery)
josephine starrs,leon cmielewski - Traces (biometrics, automatic camera)
Seiko Mikami - Desire of Codes (60 devices tracking)
Ursula Damm - Zeitraum (inside and out video surveillance)
Jenny Marketou - Flying Spy Potatoes, 99 Red Baloons (weather baloons with wireless cameras surveillance)
Paul Davies - Surveillance (portable video surveillance)
Christina Kubisch - Magnetic Nets (record electromagnetic emanations of security gates)

Internet, cell phones, virus

Willy Sengewald - Jammer Horn (blowing the horn jams cell phones within vicinity AE09)
Jonathan Bachrach, pacula - Viral Programming
Brad Borevich -  Journal of American Thought (encrypted mailing list)
Rhizome - Carnivore events (commentary of cia email monitoring sofware) - artists Limiteazero;  Joshua Davis + Branden Hall + Shapeshifter;  Mark Napierl Cory Arcangel;  Mark Daggett; Scott Sona Snibbe; Entropy8Zuper!l Vuk Cosic; Golan Levin;  MTAA;  Lisa Jevbratt; Jonah
;  RSG; the Witness; Marcos Weskamp; RSG; Area3
Annina Ruest , LAN group -  Disinformation on Demand, SuperVillainizer -
Conspiracy Client

Jamil - Virus Writer
Mary Flanagan, Phage  ('virus' surveys hard disk, turns into graphics/sound)
Ryota Kimura -10 Minutes Into the Future (cell phone mutual surveillance)
John Aycock - Painting the Internet: A Different Kind of Warhol Worm (virus like internet worm visualize Internet activity)

credit card, rfid

Beatriz da Costa, Jamie Schulte and  Brooke Singe - Swipe (reads people's credit card) 

Military technologies, night vision, face recognition, biometrics
Richard Lowenberg - Infrared Events
Lucia Bucklin - infrared installations
Jordan Crandall -  Vehicle RF-7600, Homefront , Trigger, Heatseeking ( night vision)
Zina Kaye &  Kate Rich  sensitive areas broadcasts** 
Steve Appleton - About Face (capture faces of visitors, analyze)
Night Vision show curated by Joy Garnett (Jordan Crandall | Christoph Draeger|Joy Garnett  | Adam HurwitzBill Jones + Ben Neill /John Klima  | Joseph Nechvatal  |  JonathanPodwil  |  Radical Software) 
Mark Bohlen - Keeper of Keys  Open Biometric Project 
Bjoern Schuelke - solar, surveillance robots, Drone, Observer
Golan Levin - Eye tracking as Interaction  main site
Mathieu Briand - SYS*05.ReE*03/SE*1\ MoE*2-4 (Audio-Visual exchange helmets)
Osman Khan, Omar Khan - Unviewed,  Seen (infrared image only viewable on recording devices)
Sommerer & Monginniueu  living room  (multiple tracking - motion, gesture, voice recognition)
James Coupe- (re)collector  (cameras in Cambridge UK ai programmed to collect socially significant scenes)
Marko Pelham et al  - Civil Counter Reconnaissance alt (autonomous uav spy flights)
Joanna Griffin - Breaking the Surface (submarines, helicopter monitoring) alt
Jack Stenner - playas: homeland  (simulation game about terrorism & suburbia)

Balance and Power: Performance and Surveillance in Video Art (Brandeis show)  Vito Acconci, Antenna, Sophie Calle, Jim Campbell, Peter Campus, Jordan Crandall, Shelley Eshkar, Harun Farocki, Subodh Gupta, Kevin Hamilton, Tiffany Holmes, Tim Hyde, Paul Kaiser, Kristin Lucas, Jill Magid, Steve Mann, Jenny Marketou, Jonas Mekas, Antoni Muntadas, Bruce Nauman, Marshall Reese, Martha Rosler, Julia Scher, Kiki Seror, Gregory Shepard

Hacktivism/Technological Subverson Copyrights, Patents, Open Culture

Benjamin Maus , Julius von Bismarck - Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus (prints out stories via patent drawings AE09)
Steve Lambert -  New York Times Special Edition (fake good news edition AE 09)
Wachter, Christoph and Mathias Jud - Zone Interdit (forbidden places)
Superflex  - CopyShop
Shilpa Phadke, Shilpa Ranade & Sameera Khan - Gendered Strategies for Loitering (inhabit prohibited spaces)
Jee Hyun Oh - DIY GORI:  seed_1216976400 IS08 (objects released on web to be remixed) alt
Institute for Applied Autonomy  list of other groups
Center for Metahuman Exploration
Critical Art Ensemble
Experimental Interaction Uni
0100101110101101 organization
Art and Activism Show -  Mejan Labs -  (Heath Bunting, C6, Kate Rich, Andy Deck and Eva and Franco Matte)
isabel saij - Copyleft project
Andy Cox  - Together we can defeat capitalism
Electronic Disturbance Theatre
Subversive Media Group IO - ts not a Game
Angelo Vermeulen - Translucent Futures (track civil rights impact of technology) 08
Ben Rubin - Dark Source (voting machine software revealed)
Cult of the dead cow 
2600 Anti-online
pirated sites 
Artistvist film festival 
Raqs Media Collective + Sarai Media Lab  Mrityunjay Chatterjee + Iram Ghufran) 
neterotopia - 11 artists take over web spaces usually used for advertising

Mirjam Struppek - Interaction Field - public space
José Carlos Martinat / Enrique Mayorga - Ambiente de Estereo-Realidad 2  (project web text on buildings)

Barbie Liberation Front
Plantoniq   Burnstation 
Evan Roth, James Powderly and the agents of the G.R.L - Graffit Research Lab
Cory Arcangel - D.I.Y.W.I.K.I.  lecture
Prohaska, Saegmueller, Demblin - Unplugger (instant short circuit)
World Hug Day
ubermorgen.com, Amazon Noir (recapture books from inside books feature), Google Will Eat Itself (buy stocks based on adsense payments)
0100101110101101.org  - Nikeground (spoof on corporate sponships)
Natalie Jeremijenko, Chris Dierks, Jesse Arnold, Robert Twomey -  How Stuff Is Made 
Sharon Daniel - Public Secret**
Michael Frumin - OpenGLExtractor  (extract 3d data from flow)

Information Visualization


Eric Gunther, Justin Manor, John Rothenberg / Sosolimited - Reconstituton (live remix of presidential debates - 09)
\Daniel Sauter; Osman Khan - We interrupt your regularly scheduled program 
Dimitris Dokatzis - WELCOME YOU TO ALL THE PLEASURES (tv image manipulation)
Heidi Kumao,  Chipp Jansen - CNNplusplus (broadcast news modified)
Jefferson Han - Media Mirror  (mosaic of live news channels makes image of viewer)
Peter Frucht - Stay Tuned 07
Zach Poff , N.B. Aldrich - Appropriate Response IS08 (tv sets dialog with each other)


Hal Bertram - OpenStreetMap 2008: A Year Of Edits (visualization of open mapping project - sig09)
Ebru Kurbak, Mahir M. Yavuz - News Knitter (news items become pattern for knitted sweater -sig09)
Jens Wunderling - default to public (Twitter signals made physical on projections, stickers etc  AE09)
Mark Hansen, Ben Rubin Listening Post  AE
Jonathan Harris10x10 (news feeds from Internet), Universe, We Feel Fine (emotion report visualization) , Lovelines, Phylotaxis (science meets culture)
Jack Stenner - Public News Network  (3D space representation of Web news sources ) 
Haruki Nishijima Remain in Light (visualize electronic waves)
Lisa Jevbratt - 1:1, Migration, Infome Troika, Carnivore (Internet process & structure visualizations)
Martine Dodge,Rob Kitchin- Cyber-Geography Research
John Klima - Context Breeder (people pick genes, system combines with others Rhyzome)
Norimichi Hirakawa -  Driftnet (internet movement interface)
Marcos Weskamp  - Newsmap , Text Mining Tool, Flickr graph
Mauricio Arango - Vanishing Point  (news visualization)
David Link - Poetry Machine  (semantic net derived from web)
mary flanagan, andrew gerngross - ineffable (analyze shared words in body of email)
Art+Com - Ride the Byte

Science, Financial, computation
Ruth West et al  - ATLAS in silico (n-dimensional glyphs from genomics database - sig09)
Donna Cox- Information Visualization - Black Holes, astronomy, math
Princeton - Art of Science show  (aesthetics in science visualization)
John Klima earth, ecosystem  datascapes  (weather financial visualizations)
Tom Dukich - Weather songs, Pi & other constants
Tom Corby -dietext, mesh, cyclone.soc
Richard Kriesche - Capital + Code

Marjus m. v. vogl, Margarita Benitez  Circadian Capital - sonify currency trading
Gordana Novakovic - Fugue  (collaborative art/science  system - 3D human immune system, interactive, fugue structure)
Felice Frankel - scientific visualization
Jason Nelson- Weather Visualizer
ingo gunther - worldprocessor  (illuminated globes visualizing sociological, political, ecological, geographical information)
Ryoji Ikeda - Dataplex (hard disk errors transformed into 3-d imagery and sound)
betty beaumont - Decompression (visualization of environment of Ocean Landmark Installation)
Laura Paresky Gould - Miami Weather Almanac (paintings of weather data)
** note also see , water, etc in physical sciences and ecology sections below
Michael Young, Paul W. Adderley - Here Is Now and There Is the Sound of the Land (visualization of desert formation)


Roland Seidel, Achim Stiermann - MAN OS 1  (human form represent computer process)
Rick Mullarky - Barnyard Algorithm (programming process visualization)
Lisa Jevbratt - Infome (geological metaphor for data)

Urban, Anthropological, Personal, Architectural, Sociological

Eunju Han - Rhythm Analysis; A Temporal Stereopsis of Urban Telecommunication Data Topography - sig09
Rebecca Ruige Xu, Sean Hongsheng Zhai  - Out of Statistics: Beyond Legal  (crime statistics rendered as drawings - sig09)
Michela Magas , Rebecca Stewart, Benjamin Fields  - decibel 151 - (spatial audio technology and isocial networking turn individuals into "walking soundtracks" sig09)
\Mark Formanek- Standard Time (video of time display being constructed - AE 08)
Xn croft - Freudster (automatic analyis of Myspace profiels by Freudian theory)
Carlo Zanni   The Possible Ties Between Illness and Succes,  (with Yucef Merhi )
Brad Borevich - abu-ghraib (photos color analysis)
Greg Judelman and Maria Lantin - Fl;ower Garden (visualize growth of concepts at a conference)
Wachter, Christoph and Mathias Jud - Zone Interdit (forbidden places)
 Time Out NYC(NYC tourist database visualization) 07
Harun Farocki - Deep Play (12 screen analysis of soccer match, data, etc AE08)
Helen Evans  Heiko Hansen  / HEHE - Pollstream - Nuage Vert (laser projection on cloud of energy usage AE08)
Aaron Koblin - flight patterns (visualize flights from FAA data -JM06)
john tonkin - Strange Weather (web amass personal data visualization- mood health)
Greg Judelman, Maria Lantin - Flower Garden (visualize social networks) Aurora (visualize texts from Banff)
maurice benyaoun - Emotional Traffic (emotional state of world assessed through iInternet)
Rachel Strickland Portable Effects  alt  (people scan their personal effecs)
Fabrice Oehl**
Fumio Matsumoto - "CT" (City Tomography city informaiton 3D space) , Ryukyu ALIVE  (3D info space), InfoComb (TV informaiton)
Stanza - main  The Central City (algoarithmic, mix of live net and city scenes morphing) 
Knowbotics - IO_DENCIES, SMDK, Eventmodul::anonymous.databody.muttering, Minds of Concern**
Margot Lovejoy - Turning Point  (life stories)
Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss - Energy_Passages– Reading and (De)Scribing the City  (words projected on city streets about places)
Daniel Sauter - Light Attack  (projected public space video on places to go/not go from tourist guide)
Marcos Weskamp  - Flickr graph, Social Circles (visualization of networks)
Julio bermudez -  Cyberprint (convert life space to architecture), visualization research
Diego Diaz and Clara Boj Tovar-  Free Network Visible Network
Ursula Damm, Matthias Weber, Peter Serocka - timescape (51° 13.66 north, 6° 46.523 east)   (surveillance, analysis, and visualizaiton of people's motion patterns)
Ben Hooker,  Shona Kitchen - DataNature   alt
Olga Kisseleva - Landstream  (visualize information flows via electromagnetics)
Gerhard Dirmoser  Dietmar Offenhuber -SemaSpace  (graph relationships of information nodes - eg ars elecgtronica)
Burak Arikan - Real Time Rome, Stock Market in Life, Collective Creative Experience, Fashion Micro System , Open I/O (visualization of everyday life as financial info)
ingo gunther - worldprocessor  (illuminated globes visualizing sociological, political, ecological, geographical information)
Álvaro Castro , Carlos Cabañero -Interacciones Constrtuctivas (architectural visualization system )
Brigatta Zics -  Mirror_space  (person reflection as network of informaiton, face scanning)
Hans Haacke - exhibition
Andrew Bucksbarg -  Consumertopia 01
Judy Malloy - Concerto for Narrative Data 05
Paul Thomas - I-500 Ambience  (visualize data in building)
Marek Walczak, Martin Wattenberg, Jakub Segen -  Noplace  (virtual architectures built from ideas)   alt
zachary lieberman - picturing family (family photos navigated by elevator position)
Seth Hunter - Eye Respons

Music, Dance, Literature, Texts

Boris Müller, Florian Pfeffer  - VisualPoetry (programs turn poems into images- sig09)
Maria Palazzi, Norah Zuniga Shaw, William Forsythe  - Synchronous Objects for One Flat Thing, Reproduced (visualization of choreographic structures - sig09)
Lev Manovich et al - Cultural Analytics Research Environment (data mining and visualization humanities research sig09)
Jack Ox Archive Rooms  (visualize music structure)
Ron Pelligrino, Visual Music 
Dr. Paradise - visual music links
Kevin Seifert - Model of Harmony
Christine Paul - Cybertopography of Hypermedia (Unreal City:A Hypertextual Guide to T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land)
W Bradford Paley - TextArc, CodeProfiles, Map of science collaboration
Ben Fry - Valence
mez Mary-Anne Breeze - netblog to log[]arhythm 
Ryoji Ikeda - Dataplex, Datamatics
Charles Sandison - received text, Living Rooms (projected animated text)
Jason Nelson- Poetry Machine (projected texts related to prime text - semantic web)
Adelheid Mers -  Text Diagrams   (of texts, artworks)
Ononomy Labs - Future of Reading (twisty table etc)
Crew - Degenerator (degrade language)**

Physical Data,
MIT- Object Based Media (physical respresenttation of data - tokens)
John Klima - Terrain (physical surface visualize 3D data)
Marc Böhlen - Fridge Companion (visualization of heat flow refrigerator)
Jim Mason - Stock Puppets   article  (puppets affected by stock market)
Lynn Hershman Lesson- Synthia Stock Ticker (virtual character mood reflect stock data)
 S.W.A.M.P. (Douglas Easterly / Matt Kenyon) - Spore1.1  (watering system linked to stock price)
Norimichi Hirakawa - Global Bearing  (physical interface to world position)

Greyworld - The Source (sculptural baloon visualization of stock prices)
Futurelab - Welcome to the Neighbourhood (space signpost point to positions)
Franck Ancel - Information Screens (projection on buildings)
sensorium.org - beware satellite (satellite images thermally represented)

Physical and biological data - sonification, tactile

Junji Watanabe et al - Touch the Invisibles (superimpose tactile information onto digital images - sig09)
Jonathan N. Middleton and Diane Dowd. "Web-Based Algorithmic Composition from Extramusical Resources
oded ben-tal, jonathan berger - Sonification studies  (sonifying data sets)
Carrie Bodle, Philip Erickson - Sonification / Listening Up (35 public address speakers on outside of building sonify atmospheric data)
Tonya Wimmer - Scotian Shelf 1  (seismic and cetacian sound interpretation)
Flow Motion(Eddie George & Anna Piva) -  Astro Black Morphologies (data from black hole converted to music)
Weinberg Gil., Thatcher T - Interactive Sonification of Neural Activity (installation people manipulate neural data 05)
Stephen Barrass,Mitchell Whitelaw, Freya Bailes - Listening to the Mind Listening: An Analysis of Sonification Reviews, Designs and Correspondences   (27 composers respond to brain activity dataset)
Richard Garrett - Weather Songs (Sonify weather data from automatic station)

  Speech Synthesis, Voice Recognition, and 3-D Sound
3-D sound

Michela Magas , Rebecca Stewart, Benjamin Fields  - decibel 151 - (spatial audio technology and isocial networking turn individuals into "walking soundtracks" sig09)
Iain Mott  - Talking Chair, Opera-glass project , Close (3-D sound of person getting total haircut)
Brenda Laurel & Rachel Strickland Placeholder
Christian Moeller Light and Audio Park:The 220 V partyeffect, Botschaft der Musik
Susan Alexis Collins AudioZone
Damian Murphy - Spatial Audio Measurement
Stephen Wilson  Father Why, Oratorio for Religious Opinion, Memory Map
Squidsoup  - Driftnet (fly through 3d/sound environment), Alt Zero Come closer, Freq2 (navigational spatial music 
Nigel Heyer'sTransit of Venus
Naut Humon, Sound Traffic Control , Recombinant Media
Thanos Chrysakis - Aural Terrains (3-d sound spaces)
Gerhard Eckel  Camera Musica , Fenster, Poeme Spatial
Hugo Zuccarelli - Holophonics**  alt
Marnix de Nijs and Edwin van der Heide - Spatial Sounds
Kaffee Matthews,Annette Works  - Music for Bodies,  Sonic Bed_London
Rebecca Allen - the Bride Stripped Bare (audio spotlight aim focused sound at audience members)
Akitsugu Maebayashi - [I/O] distant place (3-D sound), Metronome Piece, Radio Room
Peter Dittmer  - Die Amme_5 (AI responds with filling glasses, squirting, speech) 
Mark Shepard - tactical sound garden (3-d sound for wi-fi public space)
fijuu - 3-d sound, game, installation controller
Theodore Watson- Audiospace (leave messages in 3-D space)
spacenet 07
Annette Vande Gorne - Spatialised Interpretation Workshop 

Acousmatic Music Research Site
Spatial Sound conference - mobile devices
Holophonics information (modeling ear displacement)
Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter - Spaces Speak, Are You Listening? (book)
Sonarama Sonar 2007 Festival (space & sound)   alt
Spatialisation Competition "Espace du Son"


Anil Raj- Brain Port (Sonification of sight)
Jonathan Berger
Erwin Driessens, Maria Verstappen (NotNot)   - Sonic Visualizer
Kirsty Beilharz - gesture instruments/ installations , sonificaiton

Speech Synthesis & Manipulation

James Coupe - Diffference Engine
Juan Pampin - Tropos
ricardo del farra - Integrados
Barbara Musil  Alert  (reprogram car alarms)
Golan Levin, Zachary Lieberman, Jaap Blonk, Joan La Barbara - Messa di Voce
Arthur Elsenaar, Remko Scha  Huge Harry
David Rokeby Giver of Names, (describes what it sees) ,  n-Cha(n)t  (network of talking computers - respond voice reocgniton to viewer), Universial Translator
Jim Campbell   I Have Never Read the Bible
Ken Feingold Orpheus , You, Eros and Thanatos Falling/Flying
Ron Kuivila - On Schedule** (clocks all reading the time)
Hu Jie Ming - Go Up!, Go Up! (people yell at videos of people climbing - they fall - De07(
Barbie Liberation Front 
Don Ritter  Vox Populi (video audience respond to tone of viewer speech). Oh toi qui vis la-bas
Bruce Cannon speech sculptures
david Rokeby - Universal Translator
Iain Mott - summorned voices
nathaniel stern - [odys]elicit (movment begets speech)
Amy Alexander - Netsong 
Gustavo Romano - IP Poetry
Jeff Burns - Speech works **
Martin Riches  Talking Machine**
suzete venturelli - vozes **
Barbie Liberation Front
Michal Rothschild & Michal Rinott  - Laughing Swing
Ron Kuivila - Fast Feet, Slow Smoke
Human Browser (human connected to Internet speaks via tts) 04

Speech Recognition

tEnt (Hiroya Tanaka + Macoto Cuhara) -Call <-> Response  (bird chirps synthesized and evolved AE 08)  
rg Piringer - text animated by voice
Naoko Tosa - Neuro Baby,  MIC, MUSE (assess emotional tone in visitor voices)
Jonathan Klein - Turn Styles (assess frustration in voice)
greg neimeyer - Good Morning Flowers a.k.a. Away from the New (game controlled by voice)
Eddo Stern - Waco siege (voice activated game)
Topological Media Lab -  - Concordia site - sha xin wei, anne-maria korpi, james hsu  - Hubbub (speech recognition in public space)
Marc Böhlen - Dinner Table (automatic conversation tone interpreter)   Amy and Klara  (argue over items found on Internet) ,  (with JT Rinker) - Universal Whistling Machine  (recognizes and generates whistles)
Heather Cassils and Cathy Davies  - Microsoft Me / Click and Drag  (speech synthesizer) 
Golan Levin, Zachary Lieberman, Jaap Blonk,
Joan La Barbara- Messa di Voce   alt , RE:mark, The Manual Input Sessions
Jason Lewis -City Speak (people talk to digital display billboards) , Interlocutor.  Thought Shop, Obx labs (animated text, voice recognition, motion activated text)
Sommerer & Monginniueu  living room  (multiple tracking - motion, gesture, voice recognition), riding the net (navigation through recognition of words in casual conversation
Alexa Wright - Listening Room (disembodied vocies interact with visitors)
Ken Fiengold -  You, Box of Men, Eros and Thanatos, If/Then
Antoine Schmitt - devox (coverse with audience)
David Rokeby - n-Cha(n)t (chanting computers pick up on visitors)   Universal Translator
Sharon Grace  Millennium Venus **
Stephen Wilson  Synthetic Speech Theatre, Inquiry Theatre
Liz Vander Zaag - Talk Nice, Say & Yell (analyze prosody)
Greg Niemeyer, Dan Perkel and Ryan Shaw, jane mcgonigal - Organum  alt
Martha Carrer Cruz Gabriel - Voice Mosaic (people on internet control part of web image vy voice 07)
Hoyun Son - FYI
Corebounce Art Collective  - Digital Marionette
Kenji Yanobe - GIANT TORAYAN COMMAND DEVICE (differentiate adult & childrens voices)
Daan Roosegaarde/Peter de Man - 4D-Pixel Interactive Wall  (react to voice frequency)
Don Ritter  Vox Populi (video audience respond to tone of viewer speech).
Toni Dove -  Spectropia (audience can ask questions of movie characters)
David Link - ECHOHCE, (generate projected texts of associations based on singer's words), Chorus (public space respond to voices) Poetry Machine  (semantic net derived from web
greg neimeyer - Good Morning Flowers (game control ship via voice 07)

Koh Sueda - Chang-tei System (images depended on conversation) 

  Virtual Reality (immersive)
Unorthodox Spaces

Markos Novak - Allobrain@Allosphere (vr space modeled on brain fMRI)
Brenda Laurel and Rachel Strickland - Placeholder 
Michael Naimark, - BeNow Here
Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun - Inherent Rights,Vision Rights
Char Davies - -Osmose, Ephemere
Richard Brown    alt  - Alembic , Biotica
Michael Scroggins & Stewart Stuart Dickson - Toplogical Slide
Ulrike Gabriel & Bob O'Kane - Perceptual Arena  alt
Teresa Wennberg  Paralell Dimension ,Digital Runes (with Sandra Gering)
Virtual Architecture competion
Canali & Campione, Satori
Sophie Lavaud - Centre Lumière Bleu  n°2 
Darij Kreuh, Iztok Bajec - Trajectories of presence

Tamiko Thiel - Travels of Mariko Horo (06)
Tom Coffin  - vr works
Margaret Watson. Liquid Meditation
Marty Allor  - Immersive environments
Gabriella Kardos, Michael Casey - time based vr painting
CAVE -Electronic Visualization Lab home page
List of CAVEs

Alexei Shulgin - Super-i Real Virtuality System (changes perception of real world)
Masaki Fujihata - Unreflective Mirror (reality behind display)
Lucy Petrovich and Johnie Hugh Horn - Desert View, Desert Deaths  (CAVE based vr reflection on border crossings)
jeffrey shaw, agnes Hegedues,  Bernd Lintermann - reConFIGURING the CAVE
Marc Cavazza -Alternative Reality: "Ways of Worldmaking" with Artificial Intelligence

VR Music and Theatre
Jaron Lanier - Chromatophoria
Mark Reaney - Adding Machine, Wings, Tesla Electric
George Coates - 20/20 Blake and other productions
Tapio Takala - Virtual Orchestra,EVE (vr environment)
Mark Palmer   - Maelstrom
Projection and Virtual Reality Performance at WPI

VR World as Metaphor, Metaphors for the body, Narrative

Maurice Benayoun -  World Skin, Is God Flat
Sheldon Brown - Apparitions
Teresa Wennberg- Parallell Dimension, Digital Runes Welcome to my Brain 
Alok Nandi - HyperAdventures & Lingua moo 
Margaret Dolinsky- Dream Girls, Blue, Alive on the Grid, Cabinet of Dreams
Todd Margolis -  Lockup, Perfect Parlor
Bino & Cool - Yggdrasil, Virtual Vouni
Tamiko Thiel  - vr events
Tim Portlock  - Super Spectacular **
Geoffrey Baum and Keith Miller - Syn.aesthetic**sound composition)
Jackie Matisse - New Art Volant  (physical kites and virtual?)
Petra Gemeinboeck - Uzume (japanese folk tale)
Joseph Tremonti - Les Fleurs du Mal (Baudelaire landscape)

Relationships Between the Physical and the Virtual

Josephine Anstey - Human Trials, 365 Days/365 Days Week, PAAPAB, he Trial The Trail  ( real and virtual actors, networked vr)
Masaki Fujihata - Global Interiors
Eben Gay, Amatul Hannan, et al - Faery Garden
Agnes Hegedus - Handsight
Ellen Sandor - art)n Laboratory
Diane Gromala vr & the body 
Maurice Benayoun- Crossing Talks
Fakeshop, Multiple Dwelling
Desert Rain by Blast Theory (U.K) - a virtual reality game/installation 
Kaeko Murata Fisherman's Cafe
marnix de nijs - Exercise in Immersion 4 (goggles represent the physical reality of viewer)
Scott Fisher - Linking Virtual Environments to the Physical World

Altrernative Objects & Characters

Jeffrey Shaw - Legible City
Golden Calf , Place - a User Guide
Robert McFadden - Picture Yourself In Fiction**
Scott Fisher - Menagerie Chemerium
Ampcom - Conversations with Angels
Tania Fraga - shamantic journey
Selectparks - ACMI Park

Alternative Technologies, Displays
Seelinder  (3-d imaging system)

James CLAR - 3D Display Cube 
Toshio Iwai - Morphovision
times up - SPIN - Spherical Projection INterface
Jeffrey Shaw - ICinema (360, interactive)
Scenocosme - SpherAleas (hemispheric display)
James Sears - the Orb  (rotating v irtual 3d display)
Luc Courchesne - Panoscope360
Alvaro Cassinelli - KHRONOS PROJECTOR  (tactile time deforming screen)
Christopher Bauder, Till Beckmann - w-h-i-t-e-v-o-i-d  (distort, project on 3d objects) electric moOns (project on baloons)
Ikuo Nakamura - The Mirror  (holographic space projection)

Links, Conferences

U Wash Links to VR Art
Virtuality  CAVE based work - Josephine Anstey, Bino & Cool, Franz Fischnaller, Hans Hauska, Torbjorn Johansson, Jackie Matisse, Dan Neveu, Dave Pape, Agueda Simo
Theatron links

Information Visualization

  Dirk Lsebrink/Joachim Sauter Art+Com 
Invisible Shape of Things Past
Paul Hertz - , Fools Paradise   F.A.B.R.I.CATORS  (Maharaj Singh, Franz Fischnaller)  City Cluster, Multi Mega Book,  'LUl tima Cena,,Kali, 
Flavia Sparacino, Alex Pentland, Glorianna Davenport, et al - City of News
MARS (Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss)  Home of the Brain
Rita Addison, Marcus Thiebaux, and David Zeltzer   - Detour: Brain Deconstruction Ahead
T+T  Tamiko Thiel + Teresa Reuter -Virtuelle Mauer/Reconstructing the Wal (Berlin Wall)
Benjamin Britton - Lascaux Caves
Knowbotics Simulationsraum  SMDK 
Carmen Gerstl / Jeroen Keijser - Déjà Vu of fresh water, a nightmare environment
Marcos Novak, Transarchitecture
Open Source Architecture
Agueda Sim- Microworlds, Sirens and Argonaut**
Carmen Gerstl / Jeroen Keijser - Déjà Vu of fresh water, a nightmare environment
Teresa Wennberg Brainsongs,Welcome to my Brain
Sheldon Brown - Scalable City  (self generating cityscapes)

Ulrike Gabriel  - Perceptual Arena
HIRAKAWA Norimichi - Driftnet  (ocean metaphor for Internet)
Maurice Benayoun -   Cosmopolis (unified vision of world cities), Parallel Architectures (biogaphy of architect projects) 

Distributed VR

Carl Loeffler
Sylvia Eckermann, Mathias Fuchs) game spaces
Simon Penny Traces (Cave based remote interactions)
Daria Tsoupikova - Rutopia 2 (vr portal for network communication)
Bino and Cool - Yggdrasil, Virtual Vouni  (distributed vr game)
Mark Palmer & Jonathan Mackenzie - Maelstrom  (Alterne - Networked VR - multiple control)


VRML 3d art stite
Container (vrml environment to store memories)

  Computer Media

Knowbotics - BlackBenz Race (BBR) 05
Jill Scott  Frontiers of Utopia, Paradise Tossed
Lynn Hershman  Lorna, Deep Contact
Christine Tamblyn She Loves It She Loves It NotMistaken Identities
George Legrady - Main Site An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War,  The Clearing,  Slpery Traces, alt site
Peter Weibel   Curtain of Lascaux
Sonya Rapoport  Arbor Erecta
Marita Liulia   Ambitious Bitch
Greg Garvey  Gender Bender
Arno Coenen & Rene Bosma events
Zoe Beloff media history
Claude Closky  Do you want love or lust?
1000 Deathclock in Paris - Miyajima Tatsuo, Tachibana Hajime 
Perry Hoberman   The Subdivision of the Electric Light
Majorie Franklin   Digital Blood
Rapaport Make Me A Jewish Man    Alternative Masculinity
Carlo Zanni a.k.a. beta 
Grahame Weinbren Frames
ZKM, Net_condiiton
Shilpa Gupta - Blessed Bandwidth
Sharon Daniels et al - community computer
Leon Cmielewski, Josephine Starrs -Seeker (migration, internet news storeis)  ae07
Christian Croft, Ed Purver, Ariel Efron - Future Perfect  (visualization of building project - coordinated cameras)


Susan E. Metros 
Good Daughter
Graham Harwood   Rehersal of Memory
Lisa Prah   Bernadette
Kevin & Jennifer  McCoy   Small Appliances
Paul Badger - Cyborg Resolutions**
Peter D'Augostino   Traces
Roderick Coover - Voyage to the Unknown (documentation of 1869 journey in the US West)
Mike Mosher Community Art Machines 
Annette Weintraub Sampling Broadway
Lev Manovich, Freud-Lissitzky Navigator
Jenny Fraser - other[wize]
Valentina Nisi, Dr. Ian Oakley, Dr. Mads Haahr - Media Portrait of the Liberties 
Margot Lovejoy - Turns
Dr. Hugo - Body Language Sequences

Interactive Events

Artefact Festival
Casey Reas MicroImage
Peter Luining Formulas
Seidel & Stiermann Man OS
Justin Manor XYZABC
Stewart Smith Jed's Other Poem
Eddo Stern Vietnam Romance
Bas Van Koolwijk FDBCK/AV-Red Flag
Alan Price - tartalus
Kate Armstrong, Bobbi Kozinuk, Simon Levin, Laurie Long, Leonard Paul, Manuel Piña, and Jean Routhier - in[ ]ex
Guillermo Galindo, Gustavo Vazquez - Glance
Ashok Sukumaran - main  Park View Hotel (people light up hotel rooms()
Zachary Lieberman  - Drawn
Alvaro Cassinelli - Khrronos Projector
NY See
Paul Hertz -  Fool's Paradise, Ignotus the Mage

Builders Association / dbox - Super Vision
Graham Daniels & Tolly - Addictive TV
Frieder Weiss & Emily Fernandez & Julia Eisele - Palindrome (dance)
Joe Reinsel - Collapse
Daniel Sauter - Light Attack (projections in city from car)
Markus Abt David Dessens Jan Dusek Leander Herzog - Nomadix (kinetic projection)
Derek Holzer,  Sara Kolster - resonanCITY
Arnout Hulskamp (Beyond Expression Fdn) - Open Wound
Julie Andreyev - VJ-Fleet, 4-wheel drift (drive car collect street sounds - basis of performance)

 Painting/ Digital interface

 ANALOGUE SURFACE** show - Sybille Berger, Juan Bolivar, Lis Fields, Mauricio Ortiz, John Stark
michael buckler - art meets science (link painting with materials/thematics  of science/technology)
James Faure-Walker - paint/ digital systems 
Gail Dawson -
Animated Painting Show (San Diego Museum 08)


Bill Seaman  - ThoughtBody Environment, Hybrid Invention Generator Exquisite Mechanism Of Shivers,  Watch Detail, Passage Sets,  World Generator,  DEAF site
jason lewis - Nine, Text Organ,  Know What You're Thinking, ActiveText
Tamas Waliczky - Landscape. Focus, the Forest
Erwin Redl  - You me and  Truth is a Moving Target
Shibayama Nobuhiro  Bio-Morph Encyclopedia**
Paul Brown Red Wedge
Joseph Squires  Urban Diary **
Annette Weintraub  - Waiting Room, Pedestrian
Constance DeJong, Tony Oursler, Stephen Vitiello   fr antastic prayers
Chris Hales   The 12 Loveliest Things I Know
Julliet Martin  Please Stay on the Line**
Erik Adigard and David Kushmerick  -  Site of Hours **
Pamela Jennings - Solitaire
Dr. Hugo Heyrman - Museums of the Mind
Kursweil Poetry Generator
netartefact - Virtual poem
Studio Azzurro Landing Talk  Animisms 
LA Freewaves - experimental video artists
Jason Lewis - t's Alive!  TextOrgan
Beverly Reiser -  Black Hole of Destire
Collectif Anonymes (Benoit Blein/Sylvain Barra/Laurent Padiou)
Ghany Kenawy and Amal Kenawy 
Jocelyn Roberts - The State of the Union**,  Politique
 Sachiko Hayashi - Flurry
Animated Stories show
Miikka Poutiainen - TimeDreams
Jean-Marie DALLET - Ile de Batz 
Brian Knep- Deep Wounds (projection of multi message piece of civil war on Harvard church floor) ae07
Jun Fujiki - OLE Coordinate System (perceptual animated optical illustion) sig07
Melinda Rackham - Empyrean
diane bertolo - channel untitled, breathe, book
Rick Mullarky - Designing a Bird from Memory, Guilt, Chrysalis
Ellen Fellman - Rot, Gras  (Music/Image compositions)

Multi Person Events

Toshio Iwai   Resonance of Four  main stie
Scott Sona Snibbe  Motion Phone

Hyperfiction / hypertext/ Hyperpoetry/ text & technology

Wilson - Hypermedia links in the Webart links web site
Epoetry conference (samples of work)
 annie abrahams , alan bigelow ,  a.strid , jim andrews , lucio agra /,paulo hartmann , bjay bolter , , ambroise barras  , marcus bastos ,  philippe boisnard ,  wilton azevedo , patrick burgaud ,  serge bouchardon/,aymeric , philippe castellin , philippe bootz ,, me fletcher luc dall'armellina , chris funkhouser ,  alexandre gherban ,  infolipo , xavier leton,zervos komninos ,  benjamin gomez , ,bjorn magnhildoen , maria mencia , loss glazier , talan memmott,xavier malbreil ,  nick monfort ,  ,jason nelson , clemente padin,mez ,miekal and jeorg piringer ,heather raikes , patricia rydzok ,jim rosenberg ,tibor papp , ,stephanie Strickland, cynthia Lawson, jaramillo, linda suthiry suk ,alan sondheim ,  eduardo kac , eugenio tisselli  , agence topo , giuliano tosin  , lawrence upton /,john drever , guido van der wolk ,,marc veyrat,

Hyperliterature Exchange
Jean-Pierre Balpe, - hypermedia
Jason Nelson - Uncontrollable Semantics, Dreamaphage
Iowa Review Web Issue on "Instruments and Playable Texts"
Nick Montfort Twisty Little Passages, Implementation
Scott Rettberg  - The Unknown, Kind of Blue, Implementation
Interactive Story.Net
Judy Malloy - Concerto for Narrative Data 
Yael Kanarek, World of Awe
Transliteracies (online reading)
Craig Saper - Reading Machine
Digital Poetry Show
(> Jean Pierre Balpe > Giselle Beiguelman > Simon Biggs  Philippe Bootz > Christophe Bruno / Jimpunk > John Cayley / Giles Perring > Johannes Auer, Reinhard Döhl, Sylvia Egger, Oliver Gassner, Martina Kieninger, Beat Suter> Dragan Espenschied / Alvar Freude > Frank Fietzek > Ulrike Gabriel / Oskar Pastior > Loss Pequeño Glazier > Young- Hae Chang Heavy Industries > Jaromil > Jodi > Aya Karpinska > Mez > Andreas Müller-Pohle > Jörg Piringer > Daniela Alina Plewe > Jim Rosenberg > Stefan Schemat / Heiko Idensen > Bill Seaman > Romy Achituv / Camille Utterback > André Vallias > Marek Walczak / Martin Wattenberg > Uli Winters / Frank Fietzek > Zeitgenossen)

LEA special issue of electronic poetry
Aya Karpinska
Jim Rosenberg
Shawn Rider
Loss Peque
Tim Peterson

CD-ROM Interactive Events

Centre Pompidou CD-Rom list  (including Actualité du virtuel/Actualizing the Virtual) 
Cornell CD ROM Art links


Concrete Poetry Sites 

List of Concrete poetry -The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry   - http://www.rediscov.com/sackner.htm
Concrete Poetry index - Michael P. Garofalo - http://www.gardendigest.com/concrete/

Natile Bookchin - Intruder 
Nio- Jim Andrews 
Poems that go 
Poems that go sound/concrete poetry links 
John Maeda - Reactive Graphics 
Media Lab - Aesthetics of Computing Group 
sound concrete poetry site 
ubu web - http://www.ubu.com/ 

(See also animation links in Wilson web art pages)

Unorthodox Environments, Public display

Tsutomu Mutoh - Optical Tone (sculptures that manifest color space AE08)
Du Zhenjun - Globe Fire - ( People inside Large Dome with 12 temperature sensors light up  images of fire (AE08)
Cathy Davies - Idle Time, Holding Pattern  (screensavers and software as cinema)
Mirjam Struppek - Interactionfield  (interactive media in public space - buidling displays)
Animalia Chordata (videos of people projected in bottles interact with viewers) ae07
Trampoline - Billboard works
Osman Khan - Seen, Bank (displays only visible to infrared ccd)
José Carlos Martinat / Enrique Mayorga - Ambiente de Estereo-Realidad 2  (project web text on building)
 G.R.L - Graffit Research Lab

Video Installation

Ross Phillips - Replenishing Body  (system to build composite movie of body - AE08)
Edrex Fontanilla - Interactive Video Installation Sig08
Shilpa Gupta - The Dwindling Power of Individual Reason - Interactive Video Installations 06 alt
Philip DeCamp, Amber Frid-Jimenez - Misty Dawn (delayed and real time video)
Slavko Kacunko - Closed Circuit Video Instation 
Alexei Shulgin & Aristarkh Chernyshev - Media Mirror (processed variations of user image)
Paul Slocum  - Color Sequencer (atari 2600 generate color patterns in wall reflections of screen)
Naziha Mestaoui, Yacine Aït Kaci - 3 minutes²
Daniel Miller - Robotic video
Elizabeth Diller & Ricardo Scofidio - Indigestion
Alexander Hahn, Yves Netzhammer - Room for Thought 08
Mirjam struppek - urban screens
Paul Kaiser - Arrival
Ed Tannenbaum  Recollections,  Sym-ulations,  Elastic Surgery
Tamiko Thiel  Totem of Heavenly Wisdom  Virtuelle Mauer (reconstruct Berlin Wall) , Travels of Mariko Haro
Gary Hill
Bill Viola(sfmoma)  main site 
Jennifer Steinkamp  - installation, abstract video
Janet Cardif 
David Pledger, Jeffrey Shaw - Eavesdrop (360' manipulative cinema(
Omar Cherkaoui -     Interactive Television and Virtual Communities
anthony mccall - projective environment
Raymond Deirkauf w/ Beyond Expression - Video performance
Trace Redell
Bjoern Schuelke - Orgamat
Lincoln Schatz
Peter Callas
Woody & Steina Vasulka
Harun Farocki
Kristin Lucas
Akira Hasegawa - (D-K) Digital Kakejiku
Adriene Jenik - SPECFLIC 2.0
Tamiko Thiel - Travels of Mariko Horo
Øyvind Kolås - Pippin
Zev Robinson - Artafterscience
Anthony Discenza - degraded signal video
Kota Ezawa - video
Julia Page - video installation
Nate Boyce - eats tapes
Elise Irnving
Joe McKay - platformer   
Tom Igoe - video installations
Yang Zhenzhong - Surrounded
Tabaimo - public conVENience
Raqs Media Collective -Five Pieces of Evidence
Gabriel Barcia-Colombo -
Doug Aitken - video installation
David Rokeby - San Marco Flow (shifted time, manipulated, public space video),  Gathering (video sorted analytically)
Jeffrey Shaw - Icinema centre (immersive cinema)
MIT Media lab - Interactive Cinema
Jennifer & Kevin McCoy - softrain, everyshot every episode (dioramas, tv show databases)
Video Art World blog

Nam June Paik electronic superhighway site, alt site
** see also Synthetic Video/ Algorithmic  in algorithms section below

Video Experiments in Time/Space, Signal, Perception

Julius von Bismarck - Image Fulgurator (short duration image flashed invisibly into photo - AE08)
Hye Yeon Nam - Wonderland (everyone else moves backward) sig08  vid
Christian Kessler  - Transverser  (time snap shots)
Jim Campbell main site  ICC documentation,  Hallucinat ion**  Memory Recollection  Transformation
Masayuki AKAMATSU  Time Machine  mainpage
Sidney Fels  Iamascope.
Virgil Widrich and Martin Reinhart - tx-transform  (switch time/space)
Tatsuo Miyajima   Floating Time  (projected floating clocks each with own time)
Alex Killough - Signal Investigation, Video Symphony, (manipulation of signal)
Sylvie Boisseau and Frank Westermeyer - Copy & Paste (live blue screen dislocation)
Thom Kubli -  Hybrid Space , What sound does a color make, territorial sounds
Golan Levin - An Informal Catalogue of Slit-Scan Video Artworks (time representation)
Hyun Jean Lee - Cross-Being: Dancer (The Spinning Screen) sig08


Multimedia: From Wagner To Virtual Reality (On-line)   Randall Packer, Ken Jordan 
Arte Vision: Una Historia del Arte Electrnico en Espaa (Art Vision: A History Of Electronic Art In Spain) - CD ROM 
Video History Project
Siggraph pioneers profiles
Richard Rinehart - Archiving Digital and Video Medi
Arts, Contexts, Histories (UK history of computer art) 
Net Art timeline  (natalie bookchin)
 Idea Line (Martin Wattenberg - visual catalog  of net art works)
RE:SEARCHING OUR ORIGINS: Critical and Archival
Histories of the Electronic Arts - Paul Brown, Catherine Mason 
International Database of Virtual Art
Alt- X  curated show of web art  (History of Web Art - TECHNE - u Colorado)

  Artist Games
Artist Games

body tracking games
Feng Mengbo  - Ah_Q  (foot activation quake)
Oliver Pietsch  - Heroes  (motion track 1st person shooter )
Paras Kaul   Brainwave games

Stephan Eichhorn, Tjark Ihmels ,  KP Ludwig John, Michael Touma Die Veteranenrreview
Webster Lewin, Bill Barminksi ,Jerry Hesketh   Encylopedia of Clamps
Jutta Kirchgeorg   Information Age
Youn H. Lee   Land of Time  (puzzle)
Jacques Servin  Beast
Beverly Reiser  Voice Garden
Rafael Lozano Hemmer - 33 questions per minute (generate all questions)
Jim Andrews - Arteroids (literary computer game for the Web)

Timothee Ingen-Housz, A-aktion.co
Ben Benjamin Superbad
Robert Nideffer - creepy comics

Take-off on commercial games, game lists
 ZKM - , esc to begin (art knockoffs of games)
Ilias Marmaras and Nina Vagic - Personal Cinema (artist wargames list)
Selectparks game art archives  (art games, location based games, political games, open source games, mobile games, browser games, sex games)
Eddo Stern, Summons to Surrender Shiek Attack*
Bang Bang (you're not dead?)
Ben Langlands and Nikki Bell - The House of Osama Bin Laden

city games wireless
Blast Theory - Desert Rain (multiperson audience paprticipant game)  Can You See Me Now? Day of the figurines (sms city game, model in city represent state)
Joesph DeLappe - Wireless games performance,  Political Avatar
Jane McGonigal - Avantgame  alternative games
Subversive Media Group IO Its not a Game - (public space interventions)
Ludic Society

network game
Thecla Schiphorst, Hiveworks - Soft(n) - (networked game use of emotional tags) whisper site
Samuel Bianchini and Peter Hanappe If I were U  (network 3d game)
John Simon  Every Icon (generates all possible 32x32 icons)
Sara Diamond - Code Zebra (chat interchange/game)
ricardo miranda zuiga  Vagamundo: A Migrant's Tale  (ice cream cart mobile game event) 
greg neimeyer  Dan Perkel and Ryan Shaw - Organum (3d net game) ,Good Morning Flowers a.k.a. Away from the New (game controlled by voice)
 Natalie Bookchin, The Intruder   Metapet 
Janine Cirincione and Michael Ferraro -  RL - (Real Life - game characters react to world

Beryl Graham  - Games

Games (cont) 

Real Time Strategy Group: Kristian Lukic & Vladan Joler - Civilisation V Eastwood Game - IS08 (simulation game focused on Web 2.0 companies)

Olga Kisseleva - Instrument Flying Rules
Anne-Marie Schleiner, Madame Polly

John Klima, Tierra
Sissyfight 2000 (developmental games)
Andy Cox - Bush Targeted
Josephine Starrs & Leon
Jim Andrews - Asteroids (literary game for web)  03

Aaron Oldenburg - The Mischief of Created Things  sig08
Cmielewski, Dream Kitchen

Mary Flannagan - Domestic,Career Moves , Phage (vius)
Alex Dragulescu, Suspended Gardens
Jason Freeman, Mark Godfrey, Andrew Beck - Flou (game 3d world music generator)

  // LUCKYKISS_XXX > adult kisekae ningyou sampling ^_^
The Sims
( links from Adriene Jenik  Course )
Lonnie Flickinger- Pencil Whipped 
Thomson & Craighead, Trigger Happy 
Zachary Booth Simpso - mine control
Switch hacking art
Joan Leandre - Retroyou Nostal(g)  modfied flight simulators)
Virtual Marathon
Brody Condon - The Youth of the Apocalypse
Greg Neimeyer, Dan Perkel, Ryan Shaw-  Away from the New (cell phone game )
Emerging Forms Research Group – RASTER Vladimir Todorovic, Goran Andrejin, Damien Lock  -  Transcoded Nature (games with rodent movements)
 Katherine Isbister, Rainey Straus  - SimVeillance
Jack Stenner, Yauger Williams and Andruid Kerne - Playas: Homeland Mirage  
Robert Nideffer- unexceptional.net 
Benjamin Vigoda, david merrill, et al  Mandala (group musical instrument)
Alan Price  - Tartarus
Vladimir Todorović - Game music
Thomas Charveriat - Sonorous + Sonanos (game narrative)
Workspace Unlimited - Common Grounds ( multi player game)
Warren Sack - Agosnistic (email translated to graphics game)
peter d'augustino - VR/RV (drive virtual rv through war environments)
Cory Arcangel - game hacks
Ubermorgen - Chinese Gold (factories to win game features)
Anne-Marie Schleiner - Artist Games

greg neimeyer - Good Morning Flowers (game control ship via voice 06), Bounce (game require young and old to answer 06)
Victoria Fang -  Living Room - Mystery Game
Angelo Vermeulen - Biomodd (ecology, games)
Joseph Hocking (3d immersive games)

vICTORIA FANG: The Living Room - (narrative gaming and theatre)

David Guez  - DotRed (online multiplayer games)

Theory/ Organizations/ Shows

Gamasutra game development site 
Digital Games Research Association
Digital Performance archive
Bit Forms show
Game Over show 
Gamelab - independent game dev
Jane Veeder
OnePlay multiplayer games
Art +Games Festival
Game Art Show - Mejan Labs 07

Game Studies Journal
Game Developer's net
Henry Lowood course in game design with links
Select Parks ( Independent games) 
Future Screen 2003: Plaything (australia) 
GameOn - UK exhibit on history of computer games
Art of Computer Game Design - Chris Crawford - online book
Mary Flannagan Games courses and writings
Adrienne Jenik - Computing in the Arts Course
Natalie Bookchin - Course
Breaking the Game online conference
Digital Disobedients - War Games
Team Waco (Michael Wilson, Eddo Stern, Jessica Hutchins, Brody Condon, Peter Brinson, Mark Allen) - Waco Resurrection
UC Irvine - ALT+CTR show on artist games
Mindplay conference UK-Group for Research in Interactive Media (GRIM)
Women in Games
Breaking the Game
Game Culture and Technology Lab (GCTL)
Breaking the Game (online symposium)
Mathias Fuchs - Art Games
Artificial (zine( - special on art games
Flack Attack (critical theory journal inside game)
Endless Forest Game
 Down with Serious Games
Games course (andy cox)
Game Culture and Technology Lab - UCI
Tale of Tales - http://tale-of-tales.com/blog
EDGE http://www.edge-online.co.uk/
GameWorld art show  more
Serious Games challenge & conference
V2 Test_Lab Play 08  steamed
Mejan Labs - game art show  (John Paul Bichard, Petra Vargova, Natalie Bookchin, Göran Sundqvist, Feng Mengbo, Linda Erceg, Gonzalo Frasca, Joseph Delappe)
Game challenge - Interspecies game

Games with physical component

Mei-Kei Lai - Does it make scents to have fun? IS08 (game navigation via smell)
Tilman REIFF Volker MORAWE - Mr. Punch.  Pain Station
Frank WERNER - las familias 
Victoria Fang - Murder in The Living Room
Douglas Edric Stanley - abstract machine, Concrescence
Gameboyzz Orchestra
Dirk Eijsbouts - Interface #4 TFT Tennis V180  (physical interfaces to games)
C. Chaplin, Hillary Mushkin, S.E. Barnet - Mario's Furniture (Game participants moving of furniture is tracked 07)
Exonemo - Object B (first person 3-d shooting game - robotic objects affect the characters -de07)
Jenny Marketou, Katie Salen - 99 Red Balloons
Aram Bartholl - Speed , Vagamundo  Speed-alt

Natalie Bookchin & Jacqueline Stevens - Agora Exchange (online colaborative game design)

Eddo Stern - Waco siege (voice activated game)
Ze Frank and Jane McGonigal - Avantgame (real world games)  Emoticon comments on World of Warcraft


 Angelo Vermeulen  - You Tube Machima
Joan Leandre - retroYou  mods of racing games
Alison Mealey - 30 mins (bots change first person shooter perspective images)

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