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  Biology: Microbiology, Bioengineering, Stem Cells
Heredity, Genetics & Bioengineering

Ruth West et al  - ATLAS in silico (n-dimensional glyphs from genomics database - sig09)
 Georg Tremmel and Shiho Fukuhara - Biopresence (human dna trees as memorials)  alt site   Common Flowers - Flower Commons (reverse engineer gm flowers via tissue culture - AE 09)
 George Gessert   Iris Project, Scatter,  paradise now show Art Life  Genetics Culture site
Critical Art Ensemble  biotech - Flesh Machine (Eugenics), Society for Reproductive Anachronisms, Cult of the New Eve (trangenic beer/wafer) alt site ,  Geneterra (bacteria encoded with blood dna, release) , Contestationla Biology (reverse engineer roundup),  Free Range Grain (test food for gm attributes) , Marching Plague (simulate germ warfare)  alt
 Christopher Ebener & Uli Winters  Ebener main site Byte
Dmitry Bulatov - Biomediale - color gene altered tadpoles, Bitbabble
Gina Czarnecki's -main stie  Silvers Alter 
Joe Davis  Microvenus Scientific American article Davis article     alt link   Polyptycha
Jon Tower   Gene Room**
Adam Zaretsky Ecoli events   main site 
David Kremers  Kremers main  alt link
Knut Mork Skagen   Drop of Blood
Gail Wight main site, alt site,
Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey main site  Mother and Child Portrait  Sunbathers** (geneitcally manipualated imagery in grass) 
Gary Schneider:gen site  self portrait
Du Seid - Blood Lines (Out of Sight show)** 
Eduardo Kac  Transgentic Art - GFP Bunny, Eighth Day  Natural History of the Enigma  (hybrid of petunia and kac  ae09)
Kathy High - Transgenic Rat Pages
Natalie Jeremijenko  main sit OneTree official site  biotech hobyist
Beatriz DA COSTA Molecular invasion  Transgenetic release machine   biotech workshops
Reinhard Nestelbacher  Green
Karl S. Mihail & Tran T. Kim-Trang - Gene Genies   The Creative Gene Harvest Archive
Future Physical - biotechnology x-change 
Stanza - Genomixer (web mix chromosomes)  alt site  DNAlab
Laura Cinti - Cactus experiments  alt site new scientist article c-lab  marsproject  (bacteria in extreme conditions)
Steve Miller - Protemics  alt  article
Chng Nai Wee - Biotechnics, Molleculux
Marc Quinn  -main  Molecular Self Portrait  A Genomic Portrait  DNA Garden,  statues of disabled
Heath Bunting - Natural Reality Superweed Kit 1.0
Brandon Ballengée - Hymenochirus Breeding . frog species reclamation From Farm 2 Pharm, Ever Changing Tide, Fort Tilden Project
Andre Brodykn - trans genic ecoli
jun takita - light & dark
Koen Vanmechelen - Cosmopolitan Chicken Breeding  alt site
Paul Vanouse - Latent Figure Protocol  (electphoresis affected by different methodologies) Relative Velocity Inscription Devicemain ae07
Jonathon Keats - breeding religious bacteria  main
Dave Powell - artcats (cats bred as art)
Kathleen Rogers - Tremor, (zebrafish genetics & development)., Cardiogenesis (genetic development of heart) , Imagination of Matter, DNA.Corn (Corn DNA)
Zbigniew Oksiuta- Biological Habitat: Breeding Spaces Technology, Made in Space ae07 

Shows, Conferences etc

Contemporary Art in the Post-biological age video documentation  show (bulatov)
Still Living Show (Jens Hauser, Symbiotica 07)
Biotechnique Show (Yerba Buena, San Francisco)
sk-interfaces (FACT UK)
Wiki Biotics (biotech and environmental art related issues, events, and list of artists - created for Bios 4 show in Seville)
Bio-Tech Network Exchange (Banff, Futrue Physical) 
Symbiotica/ BEAP - biodifferences show  Biodifferences 04 (part of BEAP)
Arts Catalyst - Clean Rooms Show
Henry Art Gallery - Gene(sis) Show (Artists Explore Human Genetics) 
Leonardo Art & Biology Exhibit  Art&bio bibliog
Smithsonian Artist Book Exhibit 
Paradise Now: Picturing the Genetic Revolution (show & commentary) 
Genomic Art. Org ( exhibitions, gallery)
Arft & Genomics Research Center
L'Art Biotech at Lieu Unique  (Nantes, France)**
Ars Electronica - Life Sciences (99)  Next Sex (2000) 
Biofeel Show (Australia)
Bioart show   (02)
 Review of 02 ousiders art show (original website no longer has information.  
Art of the Biotech Era  Andre Brodyk  Experimental Art Foundation
Course Genetics and Culture Links
Mini-survey of artists focusing on bioengineering**(Steve Wilson)
Same Difference Bio Art Show - BEAP 2004
From Code to Commodity show alt   - Ellen Levy
Blue Genes Show
Hunter O'Reilly - course in bioarts  Radioactive Biohazard
Art & Genomics Centre (NL)
Arts and Genomics project
Evolving (Un)Naturally? Artists Enter the Biotechnology Debate - Ellen Levy et al
Art Bologic show
Growing Things - Banff workshop
Genomic Art site
Kloone4000 Project  (Rob Zwijnenberg)
Artbiotics show
L'art Biotech  (Jens Hauser)
Organismos: esto es vida  (Monica Bello)**
BioTech Exchange (UK)
Dias de Bioarte (Spain)
Unnatural Selection - UCSC - Eliot Anderson
Justine Cooper - RAPT mri , Lamina (light sculpture of your DNA)
Bioart (CZ)
Organism Web Stie (Douglas Repetto)
Genomic Issue(s): Art and Science  (CUNY)
Multiplicity: 24 artists look at cloning - Friendly Fire Group
Human future list of artist,novels,movies (Kent College)
-gene patents in the arts
-Genetic Discriminiation in the Arts
-Germline Intervention in the Arts
-Human Cloning in the Arts
werehouse gallery - networked nature show
Field Museum - Art Inspired by Genetics (Susan Derges, Cornelia Hesse-Honegger, Katherine Dowson, Rob Kesseler, Christine Borland)
Biotechnique Show (San Francisco)
Bioarts and Science webstie
Pier Luigi Capucci - Diagram analyzing Bioart

Heredity, Genetics & Bioengineering cont.

Nancy Burson - Human Race Machine 
Thomas Grunfeld Misfit 
Shawn Brixey, Richard Rinehart, and Fabian Wagmister Chimera Obscura
Catherine Chalmers - main  Transgenic Mice Series
Eva Sutton - Egg (program to craft bioengineering experiemtns 
jun kakita - biolemuescent garden **
Virgil Wong - genetics
Daniel Lee - Manimals, Judgement
Coalition of Artists and Life Forms Let it Breed -Bio Arts Gallery **
Gabriel Harp - Reflections on evolution 
Beryl Korot and Steve Reich - Three Tales  (opera )
Liz Lerman - Genome: Ferocious Beauty (dance )
Elio Caccavale - Hybrids
Alberto Estevez - Bioluminescent Plants fo Urban and Domestic Use 07

Chromosomes. DNA, Virus, Proteins, Molecular Biology

Fernando Velázquez, Julià Carboneras - Dialéctica - 2 computers  play games with each other based on the DNA of the artists - LV08
Susanne Anker - Zoosemiotics, main site  geneart interview,Celluar Script
Susan Alexjander and Dave Deamer  DNA Tunings
list of dna musidna music list 2
Gene2Music list of projects
John Dunn & Mary Anne Clarke  DNA Music Dunn site
Biotechnology Journal list Genetics/proteins  and Music  Clark list of genetics/protein inspired music
Nigel Hilyer    - Genemusik
Rie Takahashi and Jeffrey H. Miller - protein sequence music
Kevin Clarke  Portraits
Steve Miller - Protein series
Y.Y. Cai. and C.W. Chan. X.J. Shi - Electronic Music for Bio-Molecules Using Short Music Phrases (Protein sonification)
Thomas Kovachevich  DNA Portraits **

Alexander Mihalic**
Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle - Garden of Delights
Gregor Mobius- DNA/RNA
Jaq ChartierBlots and Dilutions,Dye Sequence
Jan-Willem Wartena  DNA sculptures
Marta de Menezes - Nucleart (paint with DNA) , Protein drawings
Green Reinhard Nestelbacher **
Jill Reynolds - Family Tree
Susanne Anker - Bio Blurb Show
Joseph Nechvatal - virus work (computer viruses model human) 
JulianVossAndreae - Protein sculptures
anna dumitriu - cellular images, virus, protein,  main (institute of unnecessary research) Natural Flora Project, (what is growing on phones, in homes), Bio-tracking (use of GPS to locate orgainisms)
Laura Splan - doilies 
Art Olson - Molecular Store Window Display
Mara Haseltine - Waltz of the Polypeptides
Hunter O'Reilly -  Bioluminescent bacteria
A. M. Hoch - Mitosis: Formation of Daughter Cells (metaphoric)
Helen Donis-Keller - Genotype:Phenotype
Eva Lee - Wired Vacuole
Frances Whitehead - Arguably Alive
Gabriel Harp - Oranelle View (vrml potein visualization)
Susan Rankaitis - Painting/ Dance/ Dna
Heather Barnett - Small Worlds (microscope images) , Metamorphosis & Design (change in biology) , Cellular Walpaper, Cultured Colonies (footprint organisms),  Pathological (body fauna)
Myrtle Bremmer (microscopic structures)
Reva Stone - Imaginal Expression (robot simulate proteins)
Digiville - Forms of Life Lighthouse Show 07
Milton Mermikides, Simon Park, Steve Downer and Pattie Hendrie - Microcosmos (bacterial images and sounds from color and shape of DNA)  vid  alt
Chris Dury  fungal spores
Paul Brown - Sandlines (Alife - Cellular Automata)
Jon McCormack (Alife - artificial selection)
Anna Dumitriu - Normal Flora
Akos Maroy - Biodisplay (biolumiscent bacteria)

Stem Cells, Tissue, Near-life 

Philip Gamblen, Guy Ben-Ary, Peter Gee, Dr. Nathan Scott & Brett Murray
 in collaboration with Dr. Steve Potter Lab (Dr. Steve Potter, Douglas Swehla & Stephen Bobic) - Silent Barrage (robots activated by different regions of neuron activity in culture dish - AE09)
Neil Theise, Jane Prophet - Cell (virtual/web commentary on cell processes) 
Tissue Culture & Art, Symbiotica (Oron Catts, Ionat Zurr)  stem cell projects, If Pigs Could Fly,  Fish and chips (fish neurons activated robotic drawing arm)  ae07
Gina Czarnecki, Human Stages **
daniel mange - biowall (self-healing materials)  
Bioteknica  - sean Bailey, Jennifer Willet  Teratological prototypes
Subrosa - Cell Track  (stem cells) 
Marta Lwin - Episkin (artificial skin jewerly)
Aine Duffy or Sue Bradburn - Biojewellery (bioengineered bone cells)
BioKino (Tanja Visosevic, Guy Ben-Ary, Bruce Murphy) - Living Screen
Donna Franklin - bio-textiles (microbes and clothing) Gary Cass
Polona Tratnik Microcosmos alt
Gil Weinberg - brainwaves (cultured neuron cells signals are sonified)
Gregory Fischer - tissue sculpture
Philip Beesley with Diane Willow - Orpheus Filter, Orgone Reef (build architecture meshes that funciton as living skins)
Joe Davis, Katie Egan - Audio Microscope (listening to cells )
Marion Laval-Jeantet,Benoit Mangin - Art Orienté objet (create culture of their skin cells, affix to pig)
Gallery Aferro.  biological imperative show 08. (mixes ideas of partial personhood, the possibilities of regeneration, multiples, fecundity, the semi-living, and the undead)


Sascha Paflepp. Growth Assembly (visualization of future sysems from genetically modified components - LV10)
Sonja Rapoport  Transgenetic Bagel, Redeeming the Gene
Andrea Zittel  Breeding Unit 
Michael Spano - Scientists at Work **
Ruth West - course on genetics/art   ruth west et al.  Ecce Homology (motion activate human genome data experiment - similarities human and rice dna) 
Neil White and the Soda Group - Inheritance
Neal White - Uncontrolled Hermetic (contamination)
Kamau Patton -biological complexity and cellular automata
Creative Time  DNAid projects (Copyright your DNA, genetic game, billboard exhibitions)  Copyright your own DNA
Arts Catalyst - Biotech Project
Gina Czarnecki - (breed virtual humans)  interview
Natalie Bookchin  Biotech course - links to essays/art Metapet (transgenic virtual pet game) 
Natalie Jeremijenko & Eugene Thacker - Biotech Hobyist Guide  biotech hobyist magazine
critical art ensemble bio-life event
rtmark - Biological Property Mutual Fund 
John Tonkin - Meniscus & Personal Eugenics
Cornelia Hesse-Honegger After Chernobyl  article
Larry Miller -Genomic License No. 7
Catherine Wagner - Still-Lifes  (reflection on reseach labs/ processes) 
Subrosa  (cyberfeminist group)   with Elena Jovanova and Liz Rosenfeld - Epidermic! DIY Cell LabCell Track  (stem cells)   U-Gen-A-Chix
Amy Youngs - transformed cactus
Christine Borland HeLa
Chapman Brothers
Adrian Van Allen   Fauna  main
Bill Scanga - Eighteen Frogs with Pants
Dario Robleto-  If We Do Ever Get Any Closer At Cloning Ourselves  
diane ludin  i-biology  main site projects 
Mez - code mimic bio system
Slyvia B - fused organism sculptures
Anje Roosjen - clone series
France Cadet, - radiogrades,
Hanneke van Velzen - DNA studies
Naan Rijks - Metamorphosis
rune peitersen - clone video
Olga Ast - Reconstruction of Adam 
caitlin masley. - evolutionary architecture
Erika Biddle - From one take one
shoko ariba - evolution & decay
daniel lee - evolution
alexis rockman - biotech, clones, etc
Eliot Anderson - UnNatural Selection
Michael Joaquin Grey - biological studies 
Natalie Bookshin, Jim Lee  Metapet  
Shawn Bailey, Oron Catts, Jennifer Willet and Ionat Zurr - BIOTEKNICA: Laboratory Remix
Elio Caccavale - Utility Pets
Diane Ludin and Ricardo Dominguez - iBiology Patent Engine ,b.a.n.g lab site-
Jennifer Willet ,  Shawn Bailey -  Bioteknica
Gina Czarnecki Silvers Alter
Neal White Uncontrolled Hermetic
Stanza -main,  Genomixer
Eugene Tsui  - Organic Architecture
Virgil Wong - Genochoice (website to select your children)
Gair Dunlop - Writing DNA (installation about discoverer of DNA)
Donna Rawlinson MacLean - patent own genes
Adam Brandejs - Genpets
Tim Head - Computational Biochemistry**
David Peat -
Art and Biotechnology Discussion Forum
Genetics and Society Organization - newsletter, etc
Pier Luigi Capucci - diagram analyzing varieties of Bioart

  Biology: Animals & Plants

Stephen Wilson - Protozoa Games
Gail Wight Turb ulent Landscapes**
Neural Primer,Spike Projects 
Simon Park - Physarum Dynamic (different artists working with slime mold 08)  Bioluminescent Photo Booth (with Anne Brodie)
Andy Gracie - Deep Data - microbes optimized for deep space exploration combine  ai pattern recognition with data from deep space probes - LV08
Elizabeth Demaray - trans_evolution-  ants surviving on McDonalds 08
Levent CAVAS, Ebru ERERIS,  Dominique HORST - Sea Slug Fashions
Andrew Kare   Moosesc ape
Athena Tacha  Human Body: Invisible Ecosystem
Daro Montag - microorganism action on photo emulsion, Down to Earth (study of soil)  - alt site  alt site  images
Nole Giulini Puppets
Lizzie Burns - Molecular Designs (art based on microscopic images)
Yang Jiechang - E. coli Project
Softday Bacterial Ensemble (music based on flea immune response to bacteria)
Ken Rinaldo   Technology Recapitulates Ontogeny,  Delicate Balance
Them show
Amy Youngs Digestive Table, Intraterresital Soundings
Garnet Hertz - Experiments in Galvanism (worm web server)
Laura Splan events
 Victoria Scott  - Social Prototypes, (worm activated) , Warm (worm digest food activate heating coil)
Ellen Levy - Mendels Garden (painting with bacteria) 
Sabrina Raaf - Breath Cultures
Christine Borland video.microscope
Lane Hall & Lisa Moline  - Parasite, Avatar  Bad Science Web Site   Criminal Animal Site 
Val Valgardson
JosE Wagner Garcia- Frankensculpture** 
Felice Frankel - viruses  **
Frances Whitehead Virus Installation **
christain evans, jeff farrell, jeff warremn - slit - film exposed to organic matter **
Jill Reynolds Family Tree II**. - (yeast sculpture)
dorjan kolundzja - hydra event **
Adi Rizanksy Nir - mciro images**
Architecture + Urban Research Laboratory - bioluminescence 
Bioglyphs(paint with bioluminescent bacteria) 
Phillip warnell - Living Room (bioluminescent organisms synched with exhibit times)
tom cross, dorothy cross - Medusae
Catherine Watling - Temporal Manifestations  3D immersive environment explore microscopic world.
roy amiss - bacterial photographs
heather barnett  - cultured colonies, microbiology
Ben-Jacob Eshel-Katsir Yael - Bacterial Art
Karin Beaumont marine organism   jewerly
Michelle Glaser, Victor Gentile, Patrizia Washer, Paul Watt,,  Stewart Washerv- Apocrypha (bacteria interpret calls)
 Christine Borland, Dorothy Cross, Mark Francis and Sophie Roët - Leopold & Rudolf Blaschka: The Glass Aquarium  (Wellcome Trush show focuse on Jellyfish)
Eduardo Kac - Specimen of Secrecy about Marvelous Discoveries
Houben Tcherkelov - bacteria etch images
Edgar Lissel's Bakterium
Joanna Woodward, Stephen Gos, Milton
Gunnar Green - living letters (plants, ecoli, and ants following paths make letters)
 Mermikides- Ophelia  bacteria sound**
garnett hertz - Experiments in Galvanism (worm)
Diane Willow - Light Sensitive   alt  alt  (bioluminescent bacteria as part of structures)  langlois project  bio
Anna Dumitriu - Normal Flora

Timo Kahlen - SoundSculpt (event based on sound of bees) 08
David Bowen- Swarm (roaming device shaped like a broomstic detect direction of flies)
Hubert Duprat  Caddis Worm  
Joseph Scheer - insect scans
Miya Masaoka  Ritual With Giant Hissing Madagascar Cockroaches,  Bees
Marta de Menezes (butterfly patterns embryo manipulation) alt
Mark Thompson   Bee Installations
Martina Schneider  - recycled fly art
Amy Youngs Cricket Call
Nikolaj Recke Dialogue II  (fireflies) 
Ed Tannenbaum  Bee- vision
Garnet Hertz - Fly, Experiments in Galvanism  (fly and cockroach with embedded web servers, cameras)Fly with web server , cockroach controlled robot
 Barbara Bartos, Philospher's Stone (bees), John Knuth  flies in painting
Andy Gracie - hostprods (robot & insect) 
Laura Beloff - Fruit Fly Farm Sculpture (a portable colony to carry around with cell phone camera access)
BioPong (cockroach as the puck)
Yasushi Matoba, Hiroshi Matoba  Micro Friendship .video interface to insects
Ursula Damm  - double helix swing  (fleas interact w/artificial life)
Pestival - insects in art
Angelo Vermeulen   home   - Blue Shift [LOG. x]  (science art experiemnt on water flea behavior)  alt 
Shawn Decker  chorus
Center for Tactical Magic - Cricket-Activated Defence System (to stop illegal logging)
Yukinori Yanagi - ant farms
Amos Latteier - Ant & Human Societies Performance
Damien Hirst - A Thousand years (maggots) 
Catherine Chalmers - main  houseflies, cockroach
Nigel Hilyer   - Host (crickets comment on lecture)
jane d. marsching, deb todd wheeler - Moth House
 Tavares Strachan- Sound of an Ant Walking
Victoria Vesna and James Gimzewski - Blue Morph (nanoscale sounds as buttterfly transfoms07)
Gerald Hushlak, Jeffrey E. Boyd, Paul Nuytten, Maxwell Sayles and Marcin Pilat - SwarmArt (animations simulate behavior of biological swarms)
Ingrid Bachman - digital crustacian (crabs search the web)
Yukinori Yanagi - Ant Farm Drawings
Etre Nature**

David Bowen - Growth Rendering Device tracks pea plant growth sig09)
Nina Tommasi - Biological Instrumentation (Mimosa plants play music as they open)  sig09

Philip Ross - Self contained hydrophonic environemnts
Thomas Traxler - Idea of a tree (solar activated machines that simulate factors influencing growth of trees AE09)
scenocosme - Gregory Lasserre and Anais - Akousmaflore, (reactive plant installations 07)
Juliana Rosales - nature_08 (Plant adaptation to artificial environments)
Ryoko Ueoka, Hiroki Kobayashi  - Wearable Forest: Feeling of Belonging to Nature (remote forest sounds emanate from dress) sig08
Richard Lowenberg  Secret Life of Plants 
Psychobotany show (human plant communication)
Katsuya Nishimori Plant Sculpture
Kathryn Miller - Seedbombs
Birgit Kratzheller The Wind Cradle , Pataters
Huong Ngo  - Moss Bulbs (small living environments inside bulbs)
Chris Drury  Time Capsule, maini site 
Tony Bellaver  Woodland Recovery Project,  Green Thoughts**
Allison Kudla: the search for luminosity (circadian phototropic manipulation) LV08
Jason Taylor - Underwater Sculpture (coral reef regeneration)
Ola Pehrson Yucca online trading  
Christina McPhee - Slipstreamkonza (breathing praire)
& Yoke & Zoom - cloverfield
Andy Gracie - Hostprods  fish, plant, rack, autoinducer_Ph-1 (cross cultural chemistry) 
Martin Bonadeo - Plant event
Kaoru  MOTOMIYA  California Lemon sings a song
Manuel Kettl, Barbara Hurler, Julian Kruger - Peter Hadsell  Lemon Concierto  alt
Victor Grippo  Analogia **
S.W.A.M.P. (Douglas Easterly / Matt Kenyon) - Spore1.1  (watering system linked to stock price)
Mateusz Herczka - Life Support Systems: Vanda (upload orchid sounds)
carol selter - plant photo studies
miya masaoka - pieces for plants
Monica Bello - Composition Living Things **
Future Farmers - photosynthesis machine, DIY Algae/Hydrogen Bioreactor. Botanical Gameboy (lemon power) Robots like H20  alt site
Julie Ryder - art and the bryophyte 
Gail Wight- Floraphobia, Creep
Douglas Repetto - Molto Lento  (light sensitive plant helps compose music)  Fly Away (Not Going Very Far) - video record of plant cycles
Tim Knowles - Four Panel Weeping Willow Tree Drawing
Åsmund Boye Kverneland  - Singing Plant (theremin wired)
Miya Masaoka  Brainwaves & Plants
Satoshi Kuribayashi, Akira Wakita -  Growable Media Design (data affects water & light)
Very Important Now Network - monitor flow of sap - data made available on Internet
Michael Prime -Cellular Radar (music from bioelectric signals of plants)
Richard Reames - arborsculpture
ICC - Silent Dialogue show  07
FUJIHATA Masaki + DOGANE Yuji - Botanical Ambulation Training 07
FUJIEDA Mamoru + DOGANE Yuji - Paphio in My Life 07 (bioelectric potential of plants)
Michael PRIME - Ha, Ha! Your Mushrooms Have Gone 05 (bioelectric potential of mushrooms)

Mark Quinn - Garden (plants in frozen silicon)
Jennifer Hall and Blyth Hazen
 -Laboratory for ephemeral investigations, art/biology
Ivan Nikolić Lesh and Ines Krasić, Banana Poetry (music powered by fruits and vegetables)
You Say Potatoe, I say Potato,  sonic properties of Genetically Modified potatoes
Mogens JacobsenPower of the Mind 3 / "I Hear Denmark Singing",  (potato powered)
Jo Coupe - Enough Rope (plant power saws to cut legs)  Give and Take (electroplating process on roses)
David Webber   Organic Interface #5 (trees as interface)
John S. Lathram III  - Synthetic_Soul, Televisuality for Xenia,The Reader, Music for Twelve Trees (trees as interface)
Pavel Sterec - Symbiont (biorobotic tree)
Michel Blazy - Post Patman - mushroom installation
MachineAria - bamboo plant activate microcontroller fans
Satoshi Kuribayashi, Akira Wakita - Growable Media Design (plants respond to rfid and user information)
Andreas Angelidakis - mummified plants architecture
Dogane  Yuji, Fujieda Mamoru - Pianola Plantron (leaf potentials control sound)   Ecological Plantron (alt link)   Mamoru Fukieda - Patterns of Plants CD - alt link
Rob Kesseler - graft, pollen

Norman Lederman , Gary Burke - Stereofernic Orchidstra  (leaf potentials play sounds)
Roger P. Hangarter - Plants-in-motion time lapse gallery
Christopher Robbins - Plant Breath blog
Marie-Jeanne Musiol - kirlian plant energy project
Joyce Campbell  - La Botanical  (collection of what grows in LA)
Sara Gadd- Lunar Seeds (develop seeds based on lunar tide pull on ground water)
Natural Resources Show**
Botanica Show**
LandaTownsend  Treo Grafte**
Heather Barnett - As Nature Intended? (growth processes), Rooted (gravity)
Dave Pritchard - Dendros (tree growth, relation to climate)

Sanghun Lee et al - Mr Lee's Experiment  (viewers can move people around and study them sig09)  alt
Nicolas Primat - Portrait de Famille, Demo Bonobo,(works with primates artcat09)
Kira O'Reilly - Falling Asleep With A Pig (artcat09)
Antony Hall -  Enki Experiment 4 - (communication with electric fish artcat09)
Ruth Maclennan - birds of prey (artcat09)
Rachel Mayeri's Primate Cinema (artcat09)
Diana Thater -gorillagorillagorilla (video installation based on primate center 08)
Natalie Jeremijenko,  Phil Taylor - OOZ,For the Birds (interspecies communication)  alt site
George Legrady - Dynamic Modulations (animations affected by fish movement)
 Eduardo Kac & Ikuo Nakamura 
Essay Concerning Human Understanding 
Carsten Höller -Loverfinches, House for Pig & Man, Lax Clothes
AbA Logic (Håkon Lindbäck ) - Six Muses of Randomness (mice eating logic books trigger electronic messages) 
David Rothenberg - plays music for whales alt
Damien Hirst - suspended animals
Angelo Vermeulen, - Blue Shift [Log.1] (adaptivity environment)
Adrian David Cheok, Vladimir
Todorovic, Goran Andrejin,  Mixed Reality Lab - Metazoa Ludens  (interactive games with pets)  Poultry Internet
Emerging Forms Research Group – RASTER Vladimir Todorovic, Goran Andrejin, Damien Lock  -  Transcoded Nature (games with rodent movements)
Me-Art, ( Symbiotica) - rat neuron control drawing arm
Sam Easterson - Animal ,Vegetable Video (animals with video cameras)  
Ted Purves  Art & Biology
Marc Böhlen Advanced Perception
Brandon Ballengée  fish/amphibian art/research , melamp, recliming species
Felix Hess - extended sense reordings 
Melanitis Yiannis - Biomusic (mice and human movement shape  music)
Tiffany HOLMES    Follow the Mouse main site
Diana Domingues, Robotic Snake
mixed reality lab - Poultry Internet
James Auger  Jimmy Loizeau - Augmented Animals
Jim Nollman, Communication experiment with white whales
Rupert Sheldrake and Aimee Morgana - N'kisi Partnership Interspecies Communication
gail wight -  Rodentia Violoncello, Rodentia Chamber Music
Elio Caccavale - Utility Pets 
Beatriz da Costa,Cina Hazegh, Kevin Ponto - Pigeon Blog
Colin Ives -  Nocturne  (track night animals)  For the Birds (web cam of birds)
Karolina Sobecka - Wildlife
Don Ritter - Elephant Keyboard
Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid   -  Elephant & Art Conservation site, Eco-labor-ation  (beavers)
Richard Lair - The Thai Elephant Orchestra
Amos Latteier - Pigeon Aerial Photography., Pigeon Condo,
Damien Hirst - animal works
Virgil Wong - Clyven  (interact with  intelligent transgenic mouse)
Kathleen Rogers - Tremor (developmental biology of Zebrafish)
Brian Knep - Frog Time (interactive video of development)
George Legrady - Dynamic Modulations (fish movments control algortihmic image generation)
tEnt (TANAKA Hiroya + CUHARA Macoto) - Call ⇔ Response  07 (simulated bird calls)
Fernanda D'Agostino- Flight of Birds motion studies
Arts Catalyst - Interspecies Project (Nicolas Primat - Ape Video Skills, Kira O'Reilly - sleeping with pigs, Antony Hall - communicate with electrical fish,  Department of Eagles-Ruth Maclennan - communication with falcons)

Bonnie SherkPublic Lunch
Joseph Beuys  I Like America
Rachel Rosenthal   The Others
Newton  Harrison    Shrimp Farm, Fish Farm, Hog Pasture
Ann Hamilton   Dissections, Privations & Excesses, Reciprocal Fascinations



Julie Freeman: The Lake (tagged fish create composition)
Andy Gracie - hostprods (robot & fish)
Ken Rinaldo - Augmented Fish Reality 
Ken Goldberg et al Infiltrate (reconstruct fish point of view)
natilie Jeremijenko  - bouys  (fish activated/ food to help excrete toxins)
Seth Weiner - Terranaut (fish driven vehicle)
George Legrady - Dynamic Modulations (graphics from motion tracking of fish)

Acoustic Ecology

Lief Brush  Terrain Broadcasts ,World Soundscape
Eric Samakh & David Rokeby  Petite Terre
Christain Muller  Growing Grass
David Dunn - Acoustic Ecology 
Chaos and the Emergent Mind of the Pond
Cusack, Peter - Sounds from Dangerous Places
Richard Lerman - Sounds from Living Systems 

Natural Systems, Monitoring Pollution,  Visualization / Eco-media, studies, Climate Change

Helen Evans  Heiko Hansen  / HEHE - Pollstream - Nuage Vert (laser projection on cloud of energy usage AE09)
Greg Niemeyer - CO2 Playground (plant & human use visualizaiton)
Arcangel Constantini - Nanodrizas - floating scultpures use ad hoc nets to report polution levels - LV08
Stephanie Sandstrom -  EPA Dress (dress sensors read air quality and crumple on bad days)
ZeroOne competition for climate clock - Usman Haque and Robert Davis (Wired Wilderness Greenmeme); Chico MacMurtrie with Amorphic Robot Works (Organograph); and Freya Bardell, Brian Howe and Brent Bucknum (Huey-Dewey-Louie Climate Clock)
Amy Balkin - Public Smog
Janine Randerson - satellite tracking of Arctic animal and plant life
St ephen Barron  main site  Ozone
JosE Wagner Garcia  Amazon (multi distance images of River basin) alt (french)
Basia Irland - River Sculptures  (collecting of samples)
Kim Stringfellow - Salmon City, Greetings from the Salton Sea
beaumont, Betty.  Ocean Landmark
Christiane Robbins - I-5 Passing 
Tiffany Holmes - 7000 Oaks, Floating Point, eco-visualization - paper on eco-awareness 
Ecoviz - visualization of ecology based information blog
Andrea Polli - ecomedia - Airlight Taipei (air pollution) , Queensbridge Wind Power Project, Heartbeat of the City
Beatriz da Costa,Cina Hazegh, Kevin Ponto - Pigeon Blog  (air quality monitoring)
Tad Hirsch, Yang Ruan, Raul-David "retro", Poblano Miguel Manchu - Tripwire  (noise of aircraft)
Christina McPhee - Slipstreamkonza (breathing prairie carbon flux)
Natalie Jeremijenko OneTree Project  alt
ramon guardans, adolph mathias, mathias gommel  - algorithmic echolocation  (visualize co2 cycles)
Transnational Temps - Ozone Watcher  (screensaver showing ozone levels - proposal)
Jean-Pierre Aubé - sedimentation (clean river water)
Kim Abeles -  Smog Painting  alt
Andy Goldsworthy - cass foundation,    reflections on  natural systems.   smithsonian article
Cape Farewell Project - climate change - ship with artists & scientists -
ivan ivanoff, Jose Jimenez - VideoCode02: - (visualization of ecological system)
Joyce Campbell - Bloom (collect water samples)  alt
New Climates - art related to air, breath, global warming
Talking about the Weather project
Rachel Chapman, Jane Nicklin - Mapping the Air (spores, pollen, etc.) 07
Hybrid-Art Group - reflections on medicine & eco science
Amy Balkin - Public Smog
Preemptive Media - AIR (Area's Immediate Reading)
Sarah Jane Pell - Interdepend, Undercurrent
HeHe - Pollstream (Champs d'ozone and Nuage Vert) H

Reclamation/environmental public art

Laurie Lundquist main site , Lagoon Project
Alan Sonfist   Time Landscapes  Time Circles
Buster Simpson  Beckoning Cistern, Tide is Out**,Host Analog
Peter Richards  Acid Mine Reclammation **
Bonnie Sherk  - the Farm , Life Frames,  Green Museum summary
AMD&ART/ T. Allan Comp - Litmus Garden (polluted water treatment ponds)
Jackie Brookner - biosculptures (optimized for reclammation)
Georg Dietzler - Oyster mushrooms for bioremediation 
Aviva Rahmani Ghost Net, Virtual Cities and Oceans of If
Lynne Hull  - Bird Barge (habitat restoration)  alt
Herman Prigann, Water Levels (reclamation)
Shai Zakai - eco-art (Israel)   stream reclamation
natilie Jeremijenko  - bouys  (light up fish activated/ food to help excrete toxins)  main
Tim Collins & Reiko Goto   Nine Mile Run
Mel Chin   Revival Field


Hans Haacke Grass Grows, No Mans' Land   wiki  art online
Joseph Beuys   7000 Oaks
Newton & Helen Harrison
Green Museum links,
Feldman Gallery  - Lagoon Cycle, San Diego Meditation, Breathing Space
Nancy Holt - artencylopedia, osu articleSky Mound
Patricia Johanson -    Leonhardt Lagoon
Agnes Denes   Wheat Fields,Tree Mountain
Survey of Earth Works

** Note this section primarily focuses on the biological aspects of ecology, see the weather/climate and geology sections for works that concentrate on those aspects of ecology.  Only a few illustrative examples are listed here.  Also note that there are many more artists whose work targets the aesthetics, concepts and politics of ecology than are listed here.  (for examples see green museum site)  This section focuses on those who attend to concepts, tools, and processes of science and advanced technology to address issues of ecology.

Installations of ecological systems, sculptures, metaphors

SIMON STARLING - UNDER LIME  (cactus in Berlin is heated by car)
Sota Ichikawa, Max Rheine), Ákos Maróy,Kaoru Kobata), Satoru Higa, Hajime Narukawa, / doubleNegatives Architecture - corpora in Si(gh)te (sensor networks convert temperature, wind, etc data into virtual architecture for live location AE09)
Syntfarm: Andreas Schlegel, Vladimir Todorovic - SYNTBOUTIQUE - IS08 (generating objects via rapid prototyping as comment on sustainable living)
David Birchfield, David Lorig, Kelly Phillips - Sustainable (closed water gong distribution system) 
Doug Buis Digital Gardens, Earth with Protective Cove 
Cary Peppermint -The Department of Ecology, Art, and Technology
Desert/Moisture projects - interview - Kathy Chenoweth, Susan Se Barnet, Bernard Perroud, Adam Belt, Peter Fend, Deena Capparelli, Mark Tsang, Carrie Patterson, and Claude Willey  ( Yearning Bush, etc, water reclamation in the dessert) alt UCI Beall Center Show
Future Physical - ecotechnology
Marcus ahlers -  Electrolysis, fuel cell project, electrochemical system
andy gracie/ Brian Lee Yung Rowe - autoinducer_Ph-1 (cross cultural chemistry of rice-  LV9) bacteria control robots which control environment
Future Farmers - Amy Franceschini et al photosynthesis machine, DIY Algae/Hydrogen Bioreactor
Sabrina Raaf - Translator II: Grower (co2 sensor robot)
Amy Youngs Digestive Table,
Jo Coupe - Electroasis (household devices  and therograph create ecosystme)
Susan Boafo- Catchment (stencil, sunlight, algae growth)
Eve Andre Larame - Parks on Trucks
Studio Roosegaard -Sustainable Dance Floor (dancing generates electricity)
Lyndal Jones - avocaproject (restore old house with sustainable technology)

Studies of Phenomena, Mapping

Brandon Ballengée - Malamp, Everchanging Tides (biodiversity viewed through fish markets) ,  reclaiming species, fish/amphibian art/research ecology, The Red Bloom and Brown Tide
Environment 2.0 at Futuresonic (air ciculation study with bubbles)
Joseph Ingoldsby - Landscape Mosaics (vanishing landscapes, endangered species)
John Isaacs - The Turning Point (effects on animals)
Ingrid Koivukangas   5 circle project (collecting samples), Finn Slough, Cellprints,
Ann T. Rosenthal -  Recipes for Catch & Release (toxins in fish)
Basia Irland  - A Gathering of Waters, Waterborne Dis/ease, Atlas Scroll,  (gathering of data samples on water ecology)
Jesper Dyrehauge, Marie Markman and Nis Røme - Planteundersøgelser / Plant investigations  (Cophenhagen locative city plants)  alt 
Mark Dion   Bio Type-Jungle, Nurse Log Vivarium, South Florida Wildlife Rescue Unit, Curiosity Shop A Tale of Two Seas,  The Garden of Earthly Delight,   Watson garden roundup   gallery images 
Anya Gallacio (studies of processes)
Joyce Campbell - Bloom (microbe testing of water in LA) , La Blotanical (images of all plants that grow)
Jane Atkinson - Trace Elements 4: Mapping by Water (river samples extraction,x-ray florescence, grow microbes, map)
Brandon Ballengée - Data Collection projectgs
J Quon - Ballast Exchange **

Recycling, Garbage

Pablo and Blas Montoya  - Trashformaciones  Green Museum summary  (turn trash into sculpture)
Tarcisio Lucas, Emiliano Causa, Matías Romero (proyectobiopus) - Sobra La Falta - 2 robots build out of trash and then clean up - LV08
Susan Leibovitz Steinman - build from trash flow
Yolanda Gutierrez, "Santuario", (recycled materials refuge sea birds) 
Tue Greenfort - London site studies
Sara Lewison Fat of the Land
Mierle Laderman Ukeles Manifesto: Mintenance Art , Touch Sanitation, Flow City
saso sedlacek - recycling strategies
Steve Bradley   gren museum site  reading the river, trash totems, value/devalue

Energy Use, Alternative Energy, Sustainable Architecture, Solar

Thomas Traxler - Idea of a tree (solar activated machines that simulate factors influencing growth of trees AE09)
Xn Croft - energy harvesting shoe
Pollstream - Nuage Vert (laser projection on cloud of energy usage AE08)
Amanda Parkes - clothing extract power from human motion 05) alt
Ben Engebreth - Personal Kyoto (view own enegy usage)
matt gorbett - solar collector 08
xncroft - energy harvesting shoe (harvest energy from roller shoes)
Eliot Anderson - Unnatural Selection
Ameila Amon & Wendy Brower. SolSpherica
Armory Center for the Arts. Armory Solar Project
Steven Badgett and Matt Lynch SemarchClean Living (self sustaining work environment), Dirty Water project
Lucy Stockton-Smith - East of Eden (self contained food pods)
Marjetica Potrĉ - Solar-Powered Desalination Device, Turbine Balcony , Power from Nature
Matt Gorbet, Rob Gorbet, and Susan Gorbet - Solar Collector  (collects energy in day - light displays shaped by web visitors at night)
Soleri Arcosanti
joaquin fargas - sunflower sentinel of climactiac change
daniel trama - methane
Myriel Milicevic - human powered  workshop
Rainer Prohaska - Global Human Electricity
Ken Rinaldo, Amy Youngs - Solar Powered Hydroponic Herb Garden

Political Action/ Education

Superflex  Supergas  alt
foAm  GrowWorld  (Maja Kuzmanovic & Nik Gaffney)  discussions on global issues
Ichi Ikeda -  Water Sudies
Transnational Temps (Andy Deck, Fred Adam, Veronica Perale) Aquanades (digital voice on ecology in bottle set in sea)
Erica Fielder "The Gesture Of Return"   (mapping, walks)
Herman Prigann - Terranova
dennis summers - crying post (pdf) (solar powered cry generators placed at places of ecological damage)
Deborah Kennedy - Project Nexus, Ring of Life
Future Farmers - Amy Franceschini et al photosynthesis machine, DIY Algae/Hydrogen Bioreactor. Botanical Gameboy (lemon power) - Free Soil  FRUIT, Public Air Quality Indicator
Tue Greenfort - Photosynthesis show  Herbarium of Origins, Public flower pollination,  Chaudfontaine Condensation Cube,Designer water – solid, liquid, gas
London Field Works - Outlandia  (Sustainable architecture)
Bill Tomlinson and Lynn Carpenter - Ecoraft (interactive computer game on destruction of ecosysems)
Alexis Rockman   Mud Drawings, Concrete Jungle, Manifest Destiny
Robert Punkenhofer  - Aritificial Island
Terranode - Earth Art for 21st Century
Farmlab (land use)
Boundary Project   - cross disciplinary art science, ecology

Ecology & Art Resources, Shows, Conferences

Paolo Manzelli - egocreanet conference
Leonardo - Lovely Weater - call for ARt & Climate work
Weather Report: Art and Climate
(Lucy Lippard)  07
What will you do
Sustainable Futures Show  (Natalie Jeremijenko, Brooke Singer, Joline Blais, Jane Marsching, Colin Ives, Alex Galloway, Amy Franceschini, Tom Sherman, Michael Alstad, Don Miller (aka no carrier), and Andrea Poll)
artists respond. - Museums send artists to world heritage sites to inspire works focused on ecology
avant guardians - list of eco artists
Ear to the Earth - sound and ecology
Partly Sunny   RISD show
ANAT - Sustaining Ecologies (elist discussion press release pdf)
Eco-Meda - Ecological Strategies in Today*s Art   (artists - Ieva Auzina/Esther Polak, Critical Art Ensemble und Beatriz da Costa, Free Soil, Tue Greenfort, Christina Hemauer/Roman Keller, infossil, Natalie Jeremijenko, Franz John, Christoph Keller, Tea M Eva und Franco Mattes a.k.a., MVRDV, Iigo Manglano-Ovalle, Andrea Polli, Sabrina Raaf, Transnational Temps, Insa Winkler, Yonic)
Green Museum - Aer (andrea polli curator 07)
E.P.A (Environmental Performance Actions) show
edith-russ-haus - Ecomedia. Ecological Strategies in Today*s Art show
Shaffer and Anderson photos of 9 year ritual projects
art science nature weblinks blog
9 Mile Run List of Reclammation Art
Serpent's eye links
Ghost Net LInks
Green Arts bibliographylinks
RANE (Research in Art Nature and the Environment)  alt
Getty ArtsEdNet (environmental arts links)
Women environmental artists links
Ecovention (timelines) 
fundwildnature (ecology based art funder) 
Leanring Stone links
Arts & Ecology site
Ecological Arts
Carnegie Mellon  - Mapping the Terrain:Environmental Thinking and Art Practice bibliography
RSA funding of Art & Ecology Projects
Artful Ecologies conference
An Ear to the Earth Conference (sound,ecology)
Art & Ecology Symposium
Unnatural Selection - UCSC - Eliot Anderson
Art & Marine Ecology (Jane Quon)
No Way Back? - UK conference
Earthly Concerns show - USF, Women Environmental Artists
Eco-Poetics  06
Beyond Green Show 07
Places of Transition show (Maribor Art Gallery -AABO (Teja Kovac & Matej Lozar), Ben Cain & Tina Gverovic, Marta Deskur, Aleksandra Gruden, kitch‚ Mari Laanemets & Killu Sukmit, Marko Lulic, Polona Maher, Katja Majer, Iztok Maroh, Hajnal Nemeth, Marko Ornik, Neriman Polat, Massimo Premuda, Mileta Prodanovic, son:DA, Samuil Stoyanov, Simona Suc)**
Exit Gallery - the Drop (water)   Artists Formerly Known as Women, Lillian Ball, Brandon Ballengée, justin beal, Bob Braine, Jackie Brookner, Donna Conlon, Nancy Drew, Peter Fend, Catherine Forster, Adam Frelin, Tony Hamboussi, Basia Irland, Sant Khalsa, Eve Andrée Laramée, Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo with Eric Forman, Carolyn Monastra, Lucia Pizzani, Andrea Polli and Joe Gilmore with meteorologist Dr. Patrick Market, Aviva Rahmani, Ann T. Rosenthal and Steffi Domike, Christy Rupp, Fidel Sclavo, Arbuzo Virtmanis, Harlan D. Whatley, Bryan Zanisnik
Beyond Green: Toward a Sustainable Art - show at ic
end of the world biennia - ushuaia argentina
Weather Report: Art and Climate
(Lucy Lippard curator  07)
Exit Art - Environmental Performance Actions Show 08


  Body & Medicine
Electronic & Electromechanical Stimulation, acoustic shock

Stelarc Blender(excised fat), Hexaprod, Stomach Sculptures, Amplified Body, 3rd  Hand, Stimbo, Net Control Antunez Roca   EpizooV2,
Arthur Elsenaar (artifacial) & Remko Scha - Facial choreography. Varieties of Human Expression, Huge Harry, Institute for Artificial Art  Morphology/Face Shift
Safety guidelines
Stahl Stenslie and Kirk Woolford  main site CyberSM, Inter_skin
, Knut Mork Skagen et al  Erotogod Sense:less, Solve e Coagula
Bob Flanagan   Fleshbiz - business of the flesh  (history of use of body parts in art)
Shawn Brixey - Altamira (eye stimulation)
Phillip Warnell, Ric Allsopp -  Shock (video of body response to acoustic shock) , Endo-ecto (capsule endoscopy), Borborygmus (broadcast from inside stomach)
Christophe Bruno - A Pain in my SSID (wi-fi pain inducer based on words on news sites)
The Centre for Metahuman Exploration. Paradise, Absentee Ballot (callers control voter via exoskeleton), Interactive TV Show
Lara Greene - You Move Me (6 people must control)
Christopher Rhomberg, Tobias Zucali - maschine-mensch
Lynn Pook - Fleur de Peau (sound sent through body)
Kaffee Matthews,Annette Works  - Music for Bodies,  sonic furniture (direct interface to body, effects of vibrations on body)
Sabrina Raaf - REM static (close ups of skin after stimulation)
Electric Body Manipulation as Performance Art: A Historical Summary (paper)
Markus Kison- Touched Echo (sound of air raids conducted to ear via elbow - AE08)

Flesh, Blood, Skin, Bone

Verena Friedrich - Tranducers (different people's hair strands activated to produce sound - Sig09)
Orlan  main site
Paul Thomas - Nanoessence (nanoscale study of skin)
Eduardo Kac  Time Capsule, A Positive
Laura Splan events (blood, medical) 
Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen Breed, Tickle, Notnot, Etickle
Kira O'Reily - blood perfromance   channel 4
Franko B channel 4 summary
Julia Reodica- artificial hymens
SymbioticA - Boo Chapple (w William Wong) - bone audio speakers  alt
Joan Fontcuberta Hemograms**
Nita Sturiale blood magnetics
Michalis Pichler kuh  (cow skin sculpture)
giovanna maria casetta  blood letting 5
Mark Quinn - Self (blood sculpture)
 Ron Athey
Alexa Wright - skin (exploration of skin disease)
Keith Alexander**
Susan Stryker  Anarchorporeality Project**  article\
Elizia Volkmann Phat Media Blast**
Oliver Irwin **

Body Modification, Bionics, Gender, Extreme, Trans-Human, Extropian, Disability

Fakir Musafar
Body Modification Ezine
Psymbiote Project (isa gordon,
Jesse Jarrell & DEvan Brown)  body machine cyborgs
Orlan  main site 
Lukas Zpira.- Body Art Net
Break21body artists (Marijan Crtalic, Kira O'reilly,  Dietmar Bruckmayr, Niko Raes ) 
kevin warwick - body embedded chips
Floris Kaayk - Microbia Metalosis Maligna (film about person turning into android)
ReSearch Modern Primitives
Christophe Luxereau - Electrum Corpus
Jane Holt   Transhuman bionics
Oreet Ashery -
niko raes - suspension
boris sincek - bullet performance
Julia Reodica - Hymen Project
eclipse - dildo joystick
Steve Haworth - magnetic implants
Alexa Wright - I (morph of artist and people with disability)
Paddy Hartley - facade (facial reconstruction)
Marc Quinn  -main   statues of disabled
Zhang Huan, Zhu Ming and Liu Jin - Tormented Skin
Jae Rhim Lee - N=1=NPK=KIMCHI=N (ate to maximize nutritional value of urine to plants)
Natasha Vita-More - primo postmodern, Transhumanist Arts & Culture
Bionarts - Planning Future Human site
Biomimcry Guild  Institute
Anders Transhuman Page
Transhuman Organization
Mobile/Immobilzed: Art, Technologies & (Dis)abilities  colloquium


Tilman Reiff and Volker Morawe - PainStation, LegShocker
C-Level - Tekken Torture
Randy Sarafan- Tazer Tag

Smell, Taste 

Jenny Tillotson - Scentsory Design (emotional clothing, aromas, colours and healt)
Takuya Iwamoto et al - Back to the Mouth (odor in breath affect virtual world - sig09)
David Hines, Joyce Hinterding- Earthstar (smells of the sun and air  AE09)
Mei-Kei Lai - Does it make scents to have fun? IS08 (game navigation via smell)
SERU  Reodorant
Claire Ursitti,  olfactory portraits (with Dodd), Co-habitation, Bill, Pheromone Link Dating Service
leslie hill helen paris- on the scent   curious
FIVE HOLES: reminiSCENT (scent based performances)
Ming Yuen S. Ma - Sniff**
Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan - Scentbar
Jenny Marketou, Smell  Bytes , Smell you smell me
Usman Haque - Scents of Space , Moody Mushroom Floor
Julie Newdoll - Sense based Kimonos
erik hobjin - Olfactoric Nervous System
Kunstraum-Innsbruck, Invisible Touch show
Olfaction, memory, and emotion (show focused on smell (A.L. Drezner, Jessica Higgins, S-, Andrea Torres, Diane Jackson,  Peter Hopkins, Erika Knerr, Ginger Andro, Chuck Glicksman, Catya Plate; Koan-Jeff Bays,a curator)**
sonya rapoport - smell your destiny
yasuyuki yanagida -scent projector (generate odor)
martin bonadeo- odotipo   Smell & Identity
caitlin berrigan - The Smelling Committee
Sissel Tolaas - Smell of Fear 07
Graham Smith -  the Emotional Chair (convert info into sound, wind, smell)

david-howes - Beyond the Aesthetic Gaze Project (near senses)
Concordia Senses Conference

Consciousness, Extra-normal events , Sleep, Emotion

Arleen Hartman - sprituality & technology
London Fieldworks - sleepbaby  (Bruce Gilchrist, Jo Joelson)
Suzanne Treisteir - Hexen 2039  (Mind control)
Brian Mackern - Chamanic interferences
Usman Haque, Chris French - Haunt
maurice benayoun - Mechanics of Emotions
Birgitta Zics -   VirtuAlcor (Body storage - avatar )

Neurology/ Brain

Andrew Carnie - neurology
StephenJones, Brain Project
neuroculture show (Suzanne Anker, Andrew Carnie, Giovanni Frazzetto, Frank Gillette,Buhm Hong, Steve Miller, Warren Neidich, Michael Rees, Alan Scarritt, Mary Ann Strandell, Fred Tomaselli, Hanneke vanVelzen)
 Helga Griffiths - Brainscape
Shilpa Gupta & Pamela Sklar - is fear gentic (Le Labtoire research center)
susan Aldworth - Matter into Imagination
Suzanne Anker - Origins of Consciousness or Bio-Blots and Other Matters    main site
Art Brain site
Warren Neidich, Robert Zimmer, Thibaud de Souza - Society of neurons: an arts/science project
O’Shea and Sneltved- Mindscape: An Attempt to Visualize the Workings of the Brain
Heather Barnett.,  Robert Whittle - Drawing the Line
Pierre Proske - Deep Limb Sensation
Simon Pope, Vaughan Bell - Walking Here and There
Katharine Dowson - Myriad
Laura Splan -Reflexive
Eva Lee - Five Emotion (video based on eeg during various emotions)
 Antoni Malinowski - Neurotopographics**
Wayne McGregor, Patrick Haggard - Choreographing for the Brain (brain areas activated in dance)
Julie Freeman - in sound mind (mri track brain acitivity)
Catherine Richards    I was scared to death,  (brain entrain with pulsing plasma)
Cod.Act Michel Decosterd, Andre Decosterd, JacqueDecosterd ]insofern[  (synthetic brain activated by users)
Teresa Wennberg Brainsongs,Welcome to my Brain
phillip warnell - O unseen (artist fabricated contact lens to change perception of movie)
Warren Nedich - Space of the Psyche
Art and Cognition Web Conference
Sal anderson, emma crichton- miller, roz mcCarthy - eye see - visualize brain disorder 
giles lane, andre kolling,  mark Lythgoe - joubert syndrome -mapping perception
me-art , brain neuron control art  Alexander C. Shkolnik, Guy Ben-Ary, Thomas B. DeMarse, Iain Sweetman, Phil Gamblen, Ionat Zurr, Oron Catts, Steve M. Potter
Rob O'Neill - Morphology Project (animate cranial measurements)
Catherine Richards- I was scared to death / I could have died of joy (plasma tubes respond to visitors)
Exit Arts Brainwave: Common Senses show
Weinberg Gil., Thatcher T - Interactive Sonification of Neural Activity (installation people manipulate neural data 05)
Stephen Barrass,Mitchell Whitelaw, Freya Bailes - Listening to the Mind Listening: An Analysis of Sonification Reviews, Designs and Correspondences   (27 composers respond to brain activity dataset 05)

Creativity & Cognition

2007 ACM Creativity and Cognition conference

NSF CreativeIT program

Creativity Support Tools Group


David Rosenboom   On Being Invisible
Ulrike Gabriel  Terrain_02 : Solar Robot Environment for Two
Fernando Orellana and Brendan Burns - sleep walking robot (controlled by rem waves 07)
Jamie O’Shea - sonic incubator (assess neuronic activity in forehead)
Paras Kaul   Mind Garden, other shows  brainwave activated games
Werner Cee & Horst Prehn   Braindrops
Nina Sobel  Brainwave Drawing Game
Sylvia Pengilly   Brain music
Rokeby - Memex (cyborg - brainwave montioring, internet upload)
Darij Kreuh & Davide Grassi - Brainscore  (link vr and brainwaves)  alt
Nita Sturiale- Thoughtflow (thought about river flow)
Interactive Institute,Smart Studio  Brainball
Robotlab - Emphathizer (robot control by brainwave)
eduardo reck miranda, andrew brouse - Neuro Music
M. Ballora, B. Pennycook, P. Ch. Ivanov,
david first - Dave's Wave
Mariko Mori - UFO brainwave installation  Wave UFO
Miya Masaoka - Brainwaves & Plants
- MultiElectrode Array Art (MEART)  Devices controlled by cultured brain cells 
Jonny Bradley and Bruce Gilchrist  Thought Conductor 
London Fieldworks  - Syzygy (send brainwave & weather data to gallery)
Eyal Fried & Luther Thie- Acclair:  (biometric brainprinting system commentary)
Pia Tikka, Rasmus Vuori, Joonas Juutilainen - Obsession (4 screen movie controlled by bio indicators)
Christian Möller - Light Blaster  (heart rate control light)
Eva Lee - Five Emotion  (video based on eeg during various emotions)
Yoshimasa Kato, Yuichi Ito - White Lives on Speaker  (starch mixture takes shapes influenced by sound & brain waves) ae07
Davide Grassi - Brainloop, Brainscore
alan dunning, paul woodrow - Einstein's Brain  (brain/body monitoring, shape of thought, Body Degree Zero)
Anna Dumitriu - Bio-tracking 07
Choreography and Cognition 07

Hans H. Diebner - Brainwaves in art & science links
ArtEmergent (build physical object based on brain waves) alt **
richard kreiesche - brain main site
Mel Alexenberg, sculptor  biofeedback**
David Atherton, homeopathic artist**
Gene Cooper, brain-body interface**
Paul Earls, MIT dreamscape** 

Sleep/ Hypnotisim

Bruce Gilchrist & Johny Bradley  SleepEvent  
Janine Antoni  Slumber
Lynne Sanderson - Somnolent Fantasies , Lucid Touch (body signals control simulation of dream states) alt  
Tom Sapsford, Honey Brothers - Hypnos (performance) - sleep/hypnosis  alt
Luke Jerram - sleep director (sounds played during REM), Sky Orchestra (music composed for the sleeping)

Heart/Pulse//Skin Resistance/muscle

5voltcore, Emanuel Andel - -knife sent between fingers space - influenced by skin conductance  -LV08. DE07
Rafael Lozano Hemmer - Pulse Park (hundreds of lights in part pulse with persons heartbeat) Almacén de Corazonadas, Pulse Room (each person''s heartbeat transferred to array of lights, 06)
Symbiotic Computer Laboratory- U of Oklahome - Pulse Pool - wearables send and receive pulses of nearby people - irepresentative mages projected of waterdrops.
Takehito Etani - Masticator (audio-visual feedback of chewing 05)
Akitsugu Maebayashi    Audible Distance, Hypersynch
Seiko Mikami    Dismembered Body, Borderless Under the Skin  (hear inside sounds exploration of all senses - anechoic chamber)
Catherine Richards   Spectral Body,  Charged Hearts
Dave  Everitt CubeLife (audience affect graphics with heartbeat)
Christa Sommerer   Laurent Mignonneau - Mobile Feelings  - (mobile phone send body data)  main Picoscan (bio signals affect development of alife)
Christopher Janney, Heartbeat architecture dance
Ansuman Biswas, Self/Portrait Wired article, CAT (study of heartrate - emotion link)
Sharon Daniel, Strange Attractors
Seemen - bio signal activated robotics
Joe Davis -  poetica vagina  (reading vaginal contractions of ballerinas)
Barney Haynes Symbiont  (breathing ,temperature)
Lynne SandersonLucid Touch  (body signals control simulation of dream states)
Lynn Hughes and Simon Laroche - Perversely Interatctive stystem  (biosignal control access to synthetic character)
A. Goldberger, L. Glass - Heart Rate Sonification
Tobias Grewenig - Emotion's Defibrillator (measure rate/breathing, administer shocks, change video)
 Tinapple - Pimp My Heart  (car blasts driver heartbeat)
Gijs van Bon -  Heart- Beating- and -Heated -Seat
George Khut, Lizzie Muller y Greg Turner - Cardiomorphologies
Tina Gonsalves - Feel:trace (video hynotist induce states - heart monitor), Feel:Perspire (read sweat), MEDULLA INTIMATA ( bio responsive video jewelry)
Simmer Down Sprinter - (bio-feedback control runners)
Carlos Castellanos - BodyDaemon  (biosignals control parameters of web client)
Marcus Woxneryd, Francis Wells - Sonic Body (inner body sounds)
Palindrome Dance Troop  - Schlamp, SchattenSpiel (motion sensing, body signals)
SparkleLabs - squeeze me, biotelles (send over cell phone)
Angelo Vermeulen, Tamuraj - Skanner (horror movie activate by heart beats)

Christian Nold - Bio Mapping (map gsr to locations)
Yuri Gitman - Beating Heart (imagines GPS track bio signals attached to places)
Hans H. Diebner' - Biofeedback in the Arts Site

Atsuhito Sekiguchi   Connecting RE- Body Body Scanning ,homepage (japanese only)
Masayuki Towata and Yasuaki Matsumoto Body Suspension Events**
Didi Bruckmayer - body amplification **

Network Heart Beats/ biosignals

Gilad Lotan & Christian Croft - imPuls (heartbeats communicated and graphic affected)
Steve Helsing & Maroussia - dBPM
The Heart Chamber Orchestra (musician heartbeat affect flow of music)
JEREMY CHAN, JON CHAU, CHRISTIAN FRIAS, KIMBERLEY LAI, ERIC PANG & LISA TAm - the Heart (telecommunicate heart beats)
Orna  Portugali, Daphna Talithman and
Sharon Younger  - Heartbeats  alt   (collaboration brings up media event)
Christa Sommerer   Laurent Mignonneau - Mobile Feelings  - (mobile phone send body data)  main 
Thecla Schiphorst and Susan Kozel - Whisper  (wearable body signal wireless communicators)
Mary Lucking - Pas de Deux (breathing patterns of 2 people affect projection)
SparkleLabs - biotelles (send over cell phone)


Alexander Ponomarev - wave (artist breath controls pulsing of wave - AE-08)
Sabrina Raaf - Breath events
Char Davies  Osmose, Ephemere
Suzi Webster Electric Skin (beathing controls lights)
Dalziel and Scullion - Breathe (process of  breathing carbon transfer)
Michael Burton, Jason Pearson, Emma Reading - In-spire   (telemetry on dancer breathing)
Kelly Dobson - OMO (breathing robot respond to human touch/breathing) lv10


Frank Fietzek -  Schmarotze - Parasites
Heather Barnett - Transient Touch (thermal signatures of body) 
martin bonadeno - Thermosynthesis (devices respond to temperature generated by people in room)

Electromagnetic Fields

Sonia Cillari  - Se Mi Sei Vicino (LV9), conscious space, wooing disruption   (visualize electromagnetic fields around bodies )

Sensory Isolation

Iso-phone James Auger, Jimmy Loizeau, Stefan Agamanolis (isolation tank for telephone call)

Body Imaging

Markos Novak - Allobrain@Allosphere (vr space modeled on brain fMRI)
Paul Vanouse  Items 1-2,000: A Corpus Of Knowledge On The Rationalized  Subject
Steve Miller   Representation with Identification, Johanne
Patrice Caire   Cyberhead  alt
Victoria Vesna  Bodies Inc
Mariela Cádiz, Kent Clelland. -levantate  (body decay metaphor)
Eva Wohlgemuth   BodyScan
Justine Cooper - RAPT mri , Tulp
Erich Berger, Patricia Futterer and Sandy Stone   Cyborg Detector
Chapman Brothers   Mannequins
Marilene Oliver - I know you inside out (MRI)  Family Portrait
 Rune Peitersen - Saccadic Sightings (imaging the inner eye)

Jeffrey Shaw (with Michael Gleich, Lawrence Wallen, Bernd Lintermann and Torsten Belschner) - Web of Life - (unique patterns of his individual hand lines affect media experience)
Annie Cattrell - MRI based works  alt
Susan Aldworth - Brain work   alt
Tamiko Thiel Metamorphoses , Totem Project
Mona Hatoum Corps étranger  alt
R. Zwijnenberg et al.  Mediated Body Program
Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau - Picoscan (body scan influence alife form) 
Phillip Warnell - ENDO-ECTO (endoscopy)
steven oscherwitz - cancer cell paintings
Drew Berry - Body Code
Laura Splan - Bone Plate 
Julie Newdoll - Taste Bud Cell Kimono
Carter Hodgkin - Six Breaths (lung tissue)
Virgil Wong - corporal garden (mri imagery projection) , NanoDocs
Steve Miller - L'Origin du Monde (sonogram)
Suzanne Anker - Butterfly & the Brain
Warren Neidich - Mutated Observer (apparatus  connection between brain function & media) , Artbrain - neuroaesthetics journal,  Blow Up (book about brain/media connection)
Pauline Aitken - Cardio-active
Bradley Rubenstein - Puppy dog eyes 
Melanitis Yiannis - the Garden (thermal imaging, saliva activate chemicals)
diana domingues - heartscapes
Susan Rankaitis - Limbic Work, , Brain
marta de menezes - Patricia (fmri of brain function)
alt  alt
Madee Gage - Body casts, body scans (rapid prototype)
David Jane - Inner Landscape (microscopic images)
Paul Clancy - Visible Human
Jeremy Hight- MRI Music
Virtual Explorer**
Out of Sight Show ** 
Microscopy magazine

Medicine, Hospitals, Bodily Fluids, Birth, Death , Disease, Drugs, Blood , Dis(ability)

caitlin berrigan - Viral Confections - taste based disease virus in candy (Sig 07)
Paul Thomas - Nanoessence (comparison of AFM images of living and dead skin cells 08)
Jeanne Susplugas - (medical and phamacological meintenance of the body ) 08  think21 gallery
Pietro Antonio Bernabei - sperm, venoms, and biological androidism (paintings based on research)  alt
London Fieldworks - Hibernator: Prince of Petrified Forest,   (Walt Disney simulation of suspension LV 07)
Etoy - Mission eternity sarcophagus (container with led screens, spare cyles on net keep informaiton alive LV08)
Pawel Wojtasik, Autopsy 08
monochrom and death (people buried)
John Tonkin - Body Works (track and visualize body data)
Gordan Savicic- Constraint City / the pain of everyday life  (body corset tightened in relation to wi-fi signals - AE08)
Yann Marussich - BleuRemix (blue fluid flow from the body - AE08)
Mobile/Immobilized: Art, Technologies & (Dis)abilities Colloquium 07
Eve Andrée Laramée   Celluar Memories
Alexa Wright   Taking Our
, Breakthrough
Raquel Renno, Rafael Marchetti - Influenca
Louise K. Wilson  alt1   alt2
Helen Chadwick - Unnatural Selection
Colleen Wolstenholm   Pill Sculptures
Marta Lyall   Reconstruction Installations  alt
Virgil Wong - male pregnancy, medical practice, playdoctor, PhineasMap(all sicknesses visualized in synthetic body)
Franko B   Im Not Your Babe,
César Martìnez Silva   Las Transpiraciones del Desgaste installations
Damien Hirst - comments on pharmaceuticals
Inigo Manglano-Ovalle Banks in Pink and Blue (sperm cryogenic preservation)
Gromala, Ettinger -  Geography of Pain
Beagles and Ramsay - Black Pudding (own blood in cooking)
Diana Domingues  Trans-e 
Reiner Maria Matysik - comics
Gail Wight  Emotonil
Richard Stanford  Reconstructing Death, Programmed Cell Death  
Kim-Trang Tran - blindness series, death  alt
Melinda Rackham    Carrier
Ann Chamberlain - vital signs, genetic fingerprint 
Jean-Gilles Décosterd &  Philippe Rahm Melatonin Room
Wim Delvoye - Cloaca  (Digestive system simulation) ae07
Joan Fontcuberta - Hemograms
zoran todorovic -  surgery performance
valentina carbro - pregnancy performance **
mat fraser- disabled bodies
Margi Geserlink, Twins, Mirror
Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle - Banks in Pink and Blue (bodily fluids) 
marijan crtalic  - drowning performance **
L'autre monde/Out of This World 'death' exhibition
Blood/Brain Barrier Show - Koan Jeff Baysa, Dominique Nahas 
Gina Czarnecki - infection, contagion 
susan robb - golden tower
Emily Watson - jewelery influenced by body image
fernando ariasalt HIV, public health
richard sawdon-smihh - AIDS
oliver kunkel - mosquito Box  (AIDS)
Ubermorgen - Psych|OS , Lilly controls my originals
ive tabar - acceptio (self surgery) **
Chng Nai Wee - Biotechnics, Biometry
Jason Nelson  - Pandemic Rooms
Jordan Baseman, Francis Wells - Circulate
Etoy - Mission Eternity (store personal info for after death)
David Goodsell - HIV in Blood Serum
Mark Quinn - Self  (cast of head out of blood cryogenically frozen)
Laura Splan -Simple Maneuvers  (paper models of surgical procedures), Stethoscope, Integrated Bodies, Bone plates, Wallpaper, Trepidation, Negligee #2 (Serotonin)" based on molecular structure of the neurotransmitter Serotonin, Trouseau (facial peel)
Helen Donis-Keller - migraine aura
Neal White - Let's Experiment on Our Selves
Diane Ludin - Viral Portraits
Jane Prophet - Distinctions and Counterposes (transplants mri to rapid prototypes of heart data)
Suzanne Anker - Golden Boy  alt  (aborted fetus)
Steve Miller - Neomort 
Kathleen Rogers - Heart (development of heart)
Phillip Warnell, Ric Allsopp -   Endo-ecto (capsule endoscopy), Borborygmus (broadcast from inside stomach)
Alexa Wright - Push (pain)
Gordana Novakovic   (modeling immune system)
Luke Jerram - Avian Flu Sculpture
Davide Grassi - Nuclear Baby (imaging via nculear isotopes)
Anna Dumitriu -Sensitive (tracking allergies)
Angela Rumble - Facial Nerve, Patients, Madness , radiography (images inspired by medicine)
Andrew Carnie -  Disperse (death), Hygiene
Tammy Knipp - CASE STUDY 9983  (models near death experience) **
Etoy - Mission Eternity Project  05
Heather Barnett - Excision, Specimen, Examination
Hybrid-Art Group - reflections on medicine & eco science

Wellcome Trust (curators Caterina Albano, Ken Arnold , Marina Wallace)  Head On - Osi Audu (Seeing Mind - inner images,MRI, Andrew Carnie (Magic Forest - growth of neurons), Annie Cattrell  (Seeing - brain areas, fMRI, rapid prototyping), Katharine Dowson (Dsylexia brain areas of reading, fMRI,), Letizia Galli (Parking, anxiety disorder), Claude Heath (Tilting Forward -  eyemovements, drawing), Gerhard Lang (Imago Cerebri I- brain structure, cabinet of curiosities), Tim O'Riley (Mirror - brain internal sense, illusion)
Coventry medical arts show
Wellcome trust medical art
Medicine as Metaphor - ICC show
Nina Czegledy, Digitized Bodies
Ars Electronica Life Sciences, Next Sex
Out of this World Montreal Biennale show 
Carnal Knowledge Show
Art and Biomedicine (NL)


Carol LaFayette et al - I'm Not There: Extending the Range of Human Senses to Benefit Wildlife Corridors - sig09
Luke Jerram - retinal memory volume , Tunnel Vision,  Ghost Plane

Physiology of Voice, Vision

Mike Edgerton Speech experiments 
christof migone - voice and sound experiments
Arijana Kajfes  - Occular Witness
Robin Hawes, Tim Hodgson- Private View (neurological processes of vision)
Brigatta Zics -  Mind Cupola (frequencies affect perception)
Carsten Holler - Upside Down Goggles , Light Wall, the Forest
Dis-commuication Device **
Jaewook Shin  - Afterimage - Mind Frame 07



Jack Ox   Virutal Color Organ - Gridjam
Dr Hugo
International Congress Synesthesia, Science and Art  09

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