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  • Introduction to Emerging Research Areas of Interest to Artists (Technological & Artistic research in GPS,Biotechnology, Biosensors, Materials Science, Wearable Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, etc)
  • Bibliography focused on intersection of art, science, technology, culture(Stephen Wilson)

  • Compiled by Stephen Wilson, Professor, CIA Program , Art Dept, San Francisco State University 
    ###Note these links are part of the research for Wilson's books Informati on Arts (MIT Press,2002)  and Art,+Science Now (Thames & Hudson, 2010) Please see the books for more details about the artists, organizations, and texts listed in these links and for extended analysis of the relationship of art and research.  The links are constantly being revised and suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to use these resources but please attribute source. Copyright, 1999-2009 Stephen Wilson.


    Online Essays - Theory Resource

       Syllabi of Courses 

    caitlin fisher  - Future Cinema Course
    Lev Manovich courses
    Contemporary Computer Topics: Visualizing Culture |spring 2008
    History of Art and Technology  Winter 2008
    Contemporary Computer Topics: Visualizing Culture | winter 2008
    PhD seminar: Design, IT, Globalisation | Spring 2007
    History of Art and Technology  Winter 2007
    Computers in the Arts: Current Topics  winter 2007
    Introduction to Computing in the Arts | spring 2006
    researching computing culture 9: winter 2006
    PhD seminar: Software Theory (Theories of New Media) | : Winter 2006
    Mapping New Media
    Digital Culture Studies
    Phd seminar s07 -
    Flat Word, Branding,  Experience Economy,  Long Tail, , Interaction Design, Mass Collaboration, Search,

    Stephen Wilson/ Paula Levine CIA Courses
      Art & Emerging Technologies (Stephen Wilson)
      Art & Telecommunications (Stephen Wilson)
      Art and GPS - Paula Levine
    Art and Technology. Performance & Media (Christa Erickson)  Links to essays
    Trebor Scholz - The Social Web (Web 2.0: What Went Wrong?)
       Net Cultures: Art, Politics, and the Everyday
       Cultural Theory & Data-Based Art  
    Fred Stutzman - Technologies of Friendship
    Creativity: the Convergence of Science, Art, and the Humanities  (amy ione) 
    Gender and Technology (Sherry Turkle MIT)
    Biology and Sculpture (Charles Tucker)

    computing in the arts (Adirenne Jenik) 
    The Internet (Mark Poster)
    Theories of Technology & Culture (Mark Poster)  
    Natalie Bookchin
       Net Art Course  Natalie Bookchin  Assignments in Intro to Computing in the Arts&&
       Digtal Revolution? Natalie Bookchin 
      Net Art (bookchin?) 
    Digital Cultures Course in UK(Sean Cubit - good bibliography, course guide to cyberculture, cyberfemism, luddities, computer tech, hypermedia,etc) 
    Cyberwars - Baudrillard & Problem of Mimesis (Cynthia Haynes-Burton) 
    Interactive Media (Randall Packer) 
    Imaging the Future (Friedman - Duke) 
    Multimedia - History, theory, practice (Randall Packer) 
    Digital Culture (Heidi Gilpin)**
    Cyberspace Humanities (Arthur Chandler) 
    Sociology of Cyberspace ( Leonardo Salamini and Jim Brazell)**
    Art-Science Course** (Marta Lyall)  ##
    Graduate Electronic Media ( Christa Erickson) 
    Computer Information Links -  Jennifer Steinkamp 
    Web Design for the Culture - Goldsmiths college, UK
    Science Fiction VR course
    Interactive Media and Lingo (George Legrady) 
    Experimental Media (Sharon Daniels) **
    Eugene Thacker (Gatech)
      Proseminar in Digital Media (LCC8801, S07), syllabus
      Biomedicine and Culture (LCC3318, S07), syllabus
    Net Cultures: Art, Politics, and the Everyday -    Trebor Scholz 
    Cultural Theory & Data-Based Art  - Trebor Scholz &&
    Networked Art Practice  Netcultures - Trebor Scholtz
     Intro to Digital Art  John Hopkins  (U colorado) 
    Advanced Computer Imaging - Mark Amerika - net art 
    Web Studies - David Gauntlett  (chapter 1 of book) 
    Intro to technoculture - Ingrid Richardson &&
    Social studies of  information &  technology - anne galloway 
    The Digital - CCA - Andy Cox Steve Hartzog
    Hybrid Arts (Donald Day cca)
    Alan Boldon - .falmouth - Art and Ecology

    Technoculture New Media   - kim stringfellow **
    Experimental Media - andrea polli **
    Special Topics in Cultural Studies: Cyberculture - steven shaviro 
    Image - Time - Motion II - Andreas Treske  (also good links on hypertext) 
    Laura Baigorri and Pau Alsina - Bibliograpy: glocal heterotopies  - On line reader about art, activism and technology
    Ruth West - course on genetics/art
    Responsive Environments and Data Landscapes - Teri Rueb
    Artistic Practice in the Digital Age - Kim Stringfellow&&
    SITEspecific - Alison Sant and Elizabeth Goodman
    Pace, Place, Interface: Issues and Projects in Locative Art - Leslie Sharpe
    Art and GPS - Paula Levine  interview Spatial Dissonance, Subjective Imagination and Locative Media
    The Pedagogical Practice of Locative Experiences  - Ann Morrison, Lorna MacDonald, Ian MacColl
       and Matthew Simpson
    Locative Media - Pete Gomes
    Neighborhood Narratives - Hana Iverson, Steve Bull, Nick West
    Locating multimedia practice in the internet of things - Derek Hales
    LEA locative media syllabi
    Rhyzome syllabi project (in process 7/06)
    Art, Science and Technology - Victoria Vesna

    The Internet as a Space for Art Making - Mark Tribe

    Introduction to Computing in the Arts - Adriene Jenik
    Survey of new tech art  - UCLA

    Eugene Thacker   (Georgia Tech)

    ] Proseminar in Digital Media (LCC8801, S07),
    ] Biomedicine and Culture (LCC3318, S07),
    ] Science, Technology & Postmodernism (LCC2116, F06)
    ] Intro to Science, Technology & Culture (ENGL1102, F06)


    Link Resource Sites (links to texts and other resources)
    Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies (includes list of syllabi, bibliography) 
    Resource Center for Cyberculture (w wash) 
    Voice of the Shuttle&&
    Media History Project (telephone, telegraph, mass media, computing) 
    Cultural Studies Readings links**
    Marist Postmodern Theory, Culture Studies and Hypertext**
    IDC - Institute for Distributed Creativity (mailist discussions of social web, internet of things, etc)
    U of Colorado Postmodern Theory & Philsophy sites
    The Cyberspace and Critical Theory Overview (Landow - Brown University, good links, articles)** 
    George Landow Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, and Critical Theory Links on: Cyberspace, Virtual Reality, and Artifical Reality; Discussions involving Critical Theory about Self and Identity;&&
    Cyborgs, Gender, the Body;  Image and Symbol; Media; Location, Space, Architecture 
    Everything Postmodern (Journals, texts, other links -  Broquard) 
    Links to Electronic Texts (Christa Erickson) 
    Montreal Museum Contemporaire Media Center&& List of theorists**
    Artnetweb links to texts
    Mobilis in Mobili:theory   (Essays by/about Guattari&Deleuze, Baudrilllard, Virillio, Cybertheory)&&
    Concepts on the Move (Netherlands) 
    Digital Cultures Project - links to critical texts on technology
    Mots Pluriels (  links to ezines, essays, conferences) 
    V2 Links to Essays
    Rose Goldsen Archive of New Media Art (Timothy Murray - Cornell U - essays and art documentation)
    ICC InterCommunications - Links to Essays
    Media Theorists Links
    Leonardo Electronic Almanac - Links to Articles by author &&
    SUNYSB multimedia course list of essays **
    Simon Biggs list of essays &&
    vispo links to essays 
    Hz Organization - links to  essays,
    sonic arts links to essays
    Third text - Third world perspectives on art & culture 
    netzwissenschaft  - (net art links, books, essays, organizations) 
    ELA - Art/Science Links**
    Technoetic Arts (Roy Ascott editor)  &&
    Leonardo Abstracts Service - LABS (abstracts of theses)
    Ravi Vasudevan, Ravi Sundaram, Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula, 
    Shuddhabrata Sengupta [Sarai] Geert Lovink, Marleen Stikker [Waag] - Sarai Reader (full texts) 
    UNESCO. MEDIA ART _ PROSPECTS (series of online seminars)  Villem Flusse (cooridnator) - incluedes seminars:
    christa erickson - links to essays from art 525 course  (classics, art & technology, technoculture, body, imaging)
    Danube University Telelectures
    V2 ARchive (papers and artists) 
    Digital Salon 10th anniversary curator essays on best digital art
    Fine Arts Forum lists of back issue essays
    New Media Reading List
    Database of Virtual Art
    Refresh - Conference on New Media - Banff  video archive
    Ars Electronica Timeline - Mike Naimark
    Eddie Shanken site
    Spectre (online discussions in new media)
    Space & Art Bibliogrpahy
    mutamorphosis conference:Challenging Arts and Sciences  - Prague 2007 abstracts   alt
    Creativity and Cognition donference papers (Edmonds)
    Langlois e-art sympoisum 2007
    Danube TeleLectures   partial list - Machiko KUSAHARA, Sarat MAHARAJ, Gunalan NADARAJAN, Christiane PAUL, Paul SERMON, Jens HAUSER..
    Panel Ars Electronica 2007 - Art Engineers vs Machine Divas (Nina czegledy, Diana McCarthy, Andrea Sodomka
    Kathy Rae Huffman, Eva Wohlgemuth and Inke Arns )   http://ima.or.at/?language=en
    ISEA 2006 Papers (Intelligent Agent -  Interactive City, Transvergence, Community Domain and Pacific Rim)


    Nina Czegledy, Welcome | Patrick Lichty & Christiane Paul, Introduction (pdf)


    Steve Anderson, Aporias of the Digital Avant-Garde (pdf)
    Jon Ippolito and Joline Blais, Art as Antibody (pdf)
    Ned Rossiter, Organized Networks, Transdisciplinarity and New Institutional Forms (pdf)
    Josephine Bosma, Voice and Code (pdf)
    Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr, Towards A New Class of Being - The Extended Body (pdf)

    community domain

    Kevin Hamilton, Absence in Common: An Operator for the Inoperative Community (pdf)
    Joline Blais, Indigenous Domain: Pilgrims, Permaculture and Perl (pdf)
    Mara Traumane, Media References - Knowledge Networks in Experimental Arts (pdf)
    Sharon Daniel, Public Secrets: Information and Social Knowledge (pdf)
    Valentina Nisi, Dr. Ian Oackley, Dr. Mads Haahr, Inner City Locative Media: Design and
    Experience of a Location-Aware Mobile Narrative for the Dublin Liberties Neighborhood (pdf)
    Online only:
    Trebor Scholz, The Participatory Challenge: Incentives for Online Collaboration (pdf)

    interactive city

    Alison Sant, Redefining The Basemap (pdf)
    Mirjam Struppek, Urban Screens - The Urbane Potential of Public Screens for Interaction (pdf)
    Franck Ancel, From Scenography to Planetary Network: Shanghai World Expo 2010 at ISEA San Jose 2006 (pdf)
    To be published later this week:
    Tapio Mäkelä, Ars Memorativa in the Interactive City: Private Layers in Public (pdf)

    pacific rim

    Timothy Murray, The Archival Event: Thinking Electronic Art Via Cornell's Goldsen Archive of New Media Art (pdf)
    Machiko Kusahara, Device Art: A New Form of Media Art from a Japanese Perspective (pdf)


    Speed and Information: Cyberspace Alarm! by Paul Virillio &&
    Code Warriors by Arthur and Marilouise Kroker 
    Mark Poster (links to interviews, papers) 
    Mark Poster, CyberDemocracy
    UC Berkeley Art/Technology/Culture Presentations videos (George Lewis, Christine Paul, Debra Solomon, Leonard Shlain, Sara Diamond,
    Steve Wilson, Michael Naimark, Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky, Victoria Vesna, Paul Kaiser, Robert Atkins, Anne Wagner, 
    Chip Lord & Constance Lewallen,  Pamela Lee, Mark Hansen, Shawn Brixey & Richard Rinehart, Jim Campbell, Nina Katchadourian)
    Christiane Paul - Reflections on Information Visualization
    Julian Dibbell, Rape in Cyberspace&&
    Sally Jane Norman - Culture and the New Media Technologies
    Pierre Levy, Toward Superlanguage   home site
    Roy Ascott - Technoetic Pathways toward the. Spiritual in Art: A Transdisciplinary. Perspective on Connectedness
    From Appearance to Apparition: Communications and Consciousness in the Cybersphere by Roy Ascott &&
    Introduction to Consciousness Reframed  Roy Ascott &&
    The Architecture of Cyberception Roy Ascott&&
    Implicate Art - Roy Ascott &&
    Other papers  - Roy Ascott 

    Telematic Embrace and other papers Edward Shanken&&
    Online Papers on Consciousness - links  David Chalmers 
    The Connective State: Europe's technoetic dimension  Roy Ascott 
    Distance and Aura Lev Manovich &&
    Cinema as Cultural Interface  Lev Manovich &&
    Computer as a Filter to Culture Lev Manovich**
    An Archeology of a Computer Screen  Lev Manovich &&
    Heve Fischer - Critical Texts
    Eddie Shanken (tech & art historian) - essays&&
    Californian Ideology  Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron 
    Response to Californian Ideology Louis Rosetto &&
    Cheap, Fast, and Out of Control  Tim Druckrey 
    TELEKPHRASIS Tim Druckrey &&
    Nina Czegledy  - digitazed bodies, virtual spectacles / crossing over - curated events &&
    Brian Thomas Carroll - Architecture of Electricity
    Schematic differences between modernism and postmodernism (Hassan) &&
    MediaMente (Italian resource of interviews on topics in digital culture) 
    Digital Imaging Forum (excerpts from various theorists)
    Society of the Spectacle   Guy Debord &&
    Gene Youngblood - Expanded Cinema (1970 classic)
    Peter Marshall, Guy Debord and the Situationists from Demanding the Impossible &&
    Reflexionism & Diffusionism  Steve Mann (surveillance) &&
    City of Bits (William Mitchell) &&
    Switch E-zine special issue on data and informaiton structures (Slayton, Thacker, Manovich, Deiitrich) 
    Katherine Hayles(textuality, science) Virtual Bodies and Flickering Signifiers
    Katherine Hayles , Prologue to How we became posthuman;   "From Hyphen to Splice: Cybernetic Syntax in Limbo  :  "Liberal Subjectivity Imperiled: Norbert Wiener and Cybernetic Anxiety"
    Francisco Varela 
    Vesna, V. and J. K. Gimzewski (2003). "The Nanoneme Syndrome: Blurring the fact andfiction in the construction of a new science." Technoetic Arts 1(1): 7-24
    Brett Stahlbaum - Large Data Sets and the Sublime (July/August 2004 issue of Ylem Journal)&&
    Lev Manovich Anti-Sublime as Data Art&&
    Lisa Jevbratt  "a prospective of the sublime in data visualizations"&&
    Gary T. Marx - Electric Eye in the Sky: Some Reflections on the New Surveillance and Popular Culture
    Manual DeLanda  Other writings & Switch Interviews &&
    Critical Art Ensemble - books on Technoculture && 
    Technophrophets - analysts of the technofuture - Grobin 
    Surveillance Systems - Towards an electronic panoptical society? - Interview David Lyon 
    Being in Cyberspace (links to readings)&&
    Marcos Novak (interview - Poetiecs of Cyberspace)
    Richard Wright - Art & Science in Chaos (Comments on Visualization) 
    quickstepping through digiland - Amanda Steggell 
    Beyond The Orality/Literacy Dichotomy: James Joyce And The Pre-History Of Cyberspace (Donald F. Theall )&& 
    The Cultural Roots of Globalization - Annick Bureaud&& !!!!
    Critic as Curator - interview Peter Lunenfeld 
    Critical Art Ensemble  Electronic Disturbance, ELECTRONIC CIVIL DISOBEDIENCEDIGITAL RESISTANCE
    Machiko Kusahara - device art
    Birger Hj�rland & Jeppe Nicolaisen (eds.) - The Epistemological Lifeboat - Epistemology and Philosophy of Science for Information Scientists
    Tilman Baumgartel - Data Recycling
    Michael Hohl - Transformation or "mapping from one domain to another
    Anne Nigten - Processpatching: Defining New Methods in aRt
    IDC archives - critique on web and techno optimism
    Michael Arnold Mages - Digital Aesthetics resources
    Anat Online Discussions on bioart, artificial intelligence, robotics, climate change and space,
    art engineers versus machine divas  ( Retro-Utopian Investigation of Machine Theatre)



     General Art & Technology
    The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction by Walter Benjamin 
    Digital Digressions: Art at the End of the Millenium by Edward Earle 
    techno.seduction: There is nothing alarming in this situation by Berta M. Sichel, 1997
    techno.seduction: Turning on Technology by Roy Ascott 
    No Go Zone  Hakim Bey 
    Culture, Technology, Creativity by Simon Biggs 
    Web Schmeb - The Death of Computer Art by Lev Manovich 
    Cinema and Digital Media  Lev Manovich 
    Death of Computer Art   Lev Manovich 
    What is Digital Cinema  Lev Manovich 
    An Archeology of a Computer Screen - Lev ManovPostmodernism and Photoshop - Lev Manovich 
    How to Do Things with Pictures William J. Mitchell 
    Intention and Artifice William J. Mitchell 
    Dark & Light Visions Stephen Wilson 
    Critical Issues in Electronic Media Simon Penny 
    Artist in Dataspace by Simon Penny 
     From A to D and back again: The emerging aesthetics of Interactive Art   - Simon Penny 
    What is digital studies?  Alex Galloway 
    Surf-Sample-Manipulate: Pla(y)giarism On The Net - Mark Amerika 
      gerhard richter - nanotech, blur and tragedy
    Utopian Plagiarism, Hypertextuality, and Electronic Cultural Production - Critical Art Ensemble 
    Olats - Space Art - bibliography and links 
    Annick Bureaud Review of Mir Art/Zero Gravity projects
    Review of McLuhan theories
    Origins of Virtualism: An Interview with Frank Popper -   Joseph Nechvatal 
    Telematic Manifesto  Randall Packer 
    The Electronic Word: Democracy, Technology, and the Arts - Richard A. Lanham 
    Database of Virtual Art  - Oliver Grau 
    CRUMB (papers for those who curate, exhibit, organise, or archive new media art) 
    links to artists' papers  Ken Rinaldo 
    Collecting the UnCollectable (problems of archiving new media art) - Michele Thursz 
    A brief overview of media art in Croatia (since 1960s) 
    Pour une typologie des interfaces artistiques - Annick Bureaud 
    Open_Source_Art_Hack - Jenny Marketou and Steve Dietz 
    Media matters (conservation of new media)  www.tate.org.uk/mediamatters
    Promoting E-Literature by Ethnic Writers -Jaishree Odin 
    Leonardo - Master Draugthsman Metropolitan Museum web exihibit 
    Anomalie digital_arts - multilinqual articles on digital arts 
    Lin Hsin Hsin - Conceptualizing a Digital Media Museum
    Preservation of Digital Art - Richard Rinehart 
    DOCAM (Langlois project on preservation of digital art)

    Peter Walsh - The Web and the Horse in the Cave: New Technologies and the Meaning of Art
    Sean Cubitt - The Relevance of the Baroque An Outtake from Digital Aesthetics
    Sol Lewitt: "Sentences on Conceptual Art
    charles halary - Art and Electromagnetism: A Relationship in the Form of a Wave
    Media Arts Project Louise Poissant  English
    Sachiko Hayashi  - Between Art and Technology
    IDC discussion list on new media
    Robert Atkins - Camouflage
    Langlois - Issues in curating and preserving digital art
    Jeremy Hight - immersive-sight (tangible interfce, activated space)
    Fabrication Conference (architecture and rapid prototyping)

    Art and Research/Science
    Art as Research (Stephen Wilson) 
    Beyond Productivity - Resport to the National Academy of Science on need to involve artists in research 
    Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Money  Technology-Based Art and the Dynamics of Sustainability  -  Michael Naimark Rockefeller report 
    Science and Art - Looking Backward/Looking Forward  - Stephen Wilson essay for Neuro show catalog 
    Virtual Art as a Socio-Technical Interface  (Thierry Bardini & Michael Century) ;  Seminar in Cultural Policy
    Pathways of Innovation (Michael Century)  Links to Papers
    the_future_of_science is_art (Jonah Lehrer  - Seed Magazine)
    Simon Biggs.  Introduction for ITEM: Artists in research environments
    Jean-Paul Fourmentraux - Internet Artworks, Artists and Computer Programmers: Sharing the Creative Process  (Leonardo 39:no. 1)
    Role of Artist in Defining New Spaces Soulliac Charter (Don Foresta) 
    Review of Tauber PhilosophyArt/Science book
    Art in an age of science and technology Amy Ione 
    New Media Art | New Funding Models - Pamela Jennings 
    V2 Information is alive conference 
     Art Science (Sorensen, Vibeke )
    Code Zebra - Sara Diamond (Banff) 
    Ernest Jennings - studies of collaborations
    Innovation as Music:  A Non-Materialistic Perspective. - Bill Buxton 
    Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Money: Technology-Based Art and the Dynamics of Sustainability - Mike Naimark   Michael Naimark, ìFirst Word Art/Last Word Art,î FineArtForum vol.15, issue 8, August 2001 
    Stewart Brand, Creating Creating, Wired 1.01, March/April 1993 
     Michael Naimark, ìArt (andî or ëversusí) Technology: Some Personal Observations,î in Art@Science, Christa Sommerer, editor, Vienna and NY: Springer Press, 1997 
     Michael Naimark, Short Speech, Art at Interval, Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, 1999 
    Stephen Webster - analysis of Wellcome Trust Science on Stage & Screen program
    Lewis Wolpert - critique of art/science
    Eddie Shanken - Artists in Industry and the Academy: Interdisciplinary Research Collaborations
    Sara Diamond - Degrees of Freedom: Models of Corporate Relationships
    Stephen Webster - Art and science collaborations in  the United Kingdom 2005 in Nature (limited access)
    Wellocme Trust Engaging Science: Thoughts, deeds, analysis and action (book chapters )
    Peter Deuflhard  -  Painters, Murderers, Mathematicians
    Karin Beaumont - antartica art/science(pdf) 
    Information arts -  Murat Karamuftuoglu
    Avi Rosen - Art at the Event Horizon
    Simon Penny - From A Guide to Good Practice in Collaborative Working Methods and New Media Tools Creation
    Dana Consortium Report on Cognition and the Arts - Review of studies linking cognitive skills with art
    Sceptical Inquirer (special issue on art & science  11/06)
    artificial intelligence and art papers - AAAI
    David Peat - A World of Imagination interviews with artists, Meeting of Art and Science, Art and Biotechnology Discussion Forum    Thoughts on the Arts-Science Interface
    Semiconductor - Do you Think Science (film based on interviews with space scientists)
    Bronac Ferran,James Leach, Tony White(eds). Arts and Science Research Fellowships - Arts Council UK - Special Section in Leonardo Vol 39:5  2006.  (online versions via library services)   Overview essays and reports from various collaborations.
    Linda Dalrymple Henderson (ed). Science in Context. Special Issue: Writing Modern Art and Science. Cabmridge Uni. Press, London & New York. December 2004. Vol 17:4 (pp423-635)  access through online services
    CERN project Signatures of the Invisible (artists in residence)


      Art and Patents
    Robert Thill. "Intellectual Property: A Chronological Compendium of Intersections between Contemporary Art and Utility Patents." Leonardo 37.2 (2004): 117-24
    online articles at  http://www.clancco.com
    robert thill - patent course
     Dieter Daniels und Barbara U. Schmidt.. Artists as Inventors - Inventors as Artist .Hatje Cantz., 2008
    artsactive.net - links to articles, interviews etc
    Yasmin discussion group archive on patents


    Technology/Body/Biology/Physical Computing/Wearable/Robotics
    Cyborg Manifesto  Donna Haraway    The Ironic Dream (earlier version)
    Will the Real Body Please Stand Up?  Sandy Stone 
    CyberIntimacy: >From Net Nookie to Coffee Talk Kathy Rae Huffman 
    Utopian PromisesóNet Realities   Critical Art Ensemble  FLESH MACHINE MOLECULAR INVASION 
    The Body as Artistic Focus  (exerpts from Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology)  - Stephen Wilson
    Orlan and the Transgrssive Act Barbara Rose 
    The Virtualisation of Art Practice Simon Penny 
    Transgentic Art  Eduardo Kac 
    Fast, Cheap & Out of Control - Errol Morris (film about Rodney Brooks and robotic research)
    We Sing the Body Electronic Imaging the Body in the Electronic Media  Josephine Anstey 
    Body Noise Thecla Shiphorst 
    Haunted: Digital Embodiment and Memory, Paul Kaiser of Riverbend, at ATC aUCBerkeley, 10.28.02.(streamed lecture) 
    "Plastination,"   - Body Worlds Web Site
    Susan Elizabeth Ryan - Re-Visioning the Interface: Technological Fashion
    Rogue, Evelyne - Chimeres : du mythe a la realite
    Bodies Connected in Space**  Stahl Stenslie 
    Anna Barros  - Feature: Body, Place-Time and New Media
    Dance & Technology Zone (links to articles)
    Bodies in the age of Electronic Reproduction (Nicky West) 
    Cybernetic Bodies (links to articles
    Malcolm McCullough - preface from Digital Ground: Architecture, Pervasive Computing, and Environmental
    Fuller,  . Perfect Match: Bodies and Biometrics in a Networked World
    Natalie Bookchin Biotech course links
    Ruth West - Genetics and Art course links
    Extensions: The Online Journal for Embodied Technology (UCLA)
    Lev Manovich - poetics of augmented space
    Eugene Thacker Bioinfomatics
    George Landow Cyborgs, Gender, the Body links 
    Nina Czegledy, Digitized Bodies Art and BiomedicineDigitized Bodies Show
    George Gessert, Bibliography on Art & Genetics
    Bettyann Holtzmann Kevles & Marilyn Nissenson  Picturing DNA
     Camille Baker - embodiment, technology, telepathy 
    Linda Carroli - Intimate Transactions 
    David. Saltz, The Art of Interaction: Interactivity, Performativity and Computers
    Bodies and Technology course reading list
    Visual Knowledges Conference (Edinburgh)  - some papers on medicine/art 
    Tom Igoe  Bibliography in Physical Computing
    Carol Gigliotti - AI Society, Genetic Technologies and Animals
    N. Katherine Hayles - Flesh and Metal: Reconfiguring the Mindbody in Virtual Environments
    journal of neuro aesthetics
     Herbert Blau - The Human Nature of the Bot
    Jens Hauser - Art & biology cagtalog  essay (french)
    Natasha Vita-More - The New [human] Genre — Primo Posthuman
    Art Review - Green Issue
    Leonardo Almanac - Special issue on Wild Life and Digital Life
    Ernestine Daubner - From Virtual Reality & Artificial Life to Real Life: The Emergence of Bio-Tech Art
    Daubner, Ernestine - Art, (bio)technologies & (dis)abilities: Challenges of an Expanding Body/Mind
    Natasha Vita-More - Wisdom [Meta-Knowledge] through AGI / Neural Macrosensing
    Papers on art & brain
    Thecla Shiphorst  - Wearable literature review   review of projects
    Visual Culture and Bioscience virtual seminar
    ethicbots: conference on Ethics of Human Interaction with Robotic, Bionic, and AI Systems
    Chris Oates - What if Bionics Were Better?
    Pau Waelder Laso - Games of Pain: Pain as Haptic Stimulation in Computer-Game--Based Media Art  -  Leonardo
    Eugene Thacker essays
    "Nine Disputations on Theology and Horror", Collapse [link]
    "Pulse Demons", Culture Machine [link]
    "Biological Sovereignty", Pli: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy [link]
    "Biophilosophy for the 21st Century", CTHEORY [link]
    "Cryptobiologies," ArtNodes Journal [link]
    "Nomos, Nosos, and Bios in the Body Politic", Culture Machine [link]
    "Networks, Swarms, Multitudes", CTHEORY [link01] [link02]

    Can Art Save the Polar Bear? by Martin Spray
    Birthing A Virtual Residency by Aviva Rahmani
    Ferran, Bronac / Ratto, Matt - Artists and Scientists as Extremophiles: Extreme Environments and Ecology
     Greta de Groat -  Artists and the Environment: report from seattle CAA
    Alan Boldon - reading list in art & ecology

    Art and Neurology
    neidich,  zimmer  Society of Neurons
    O’Shea and Sneltved - Mindscape: An Attempt to Visualize the Workings of the Brain
    Heather Barnett. and Robert Whittle - Drawing the Line:. Some Observations on an. Art/Science Collaboration
    Damian Murphy - spatial Audio Measurement,. Modeling and Composition


      Virtual Reality
    Aesthetics of Virtual Worlds Lev Manovich 
    Avant-Garde, Cyberspace, and Architecture of a Future Lev Manovich 
    Virtual Reality as the End of the end of the Enlightenment Project Simon Penny 
    Without Interaction we Live in Absurdity  Jaron Lanier 
    "Constructions and Reconstructions of the Self in Virtual Reality" - Sherry Trukle 
    "The Pearly Gates of Cyberspace,"  - Margaret Wertheim 
    **Links to Interviews on VR & Culture (Meidamente Italian e-resource) 
    Enthralling Spaces - The Esthetics of Virtual Environments  Margaret Morse 
    Philosophonics of Space: Sound, Futurity and the End of the World  Frances Dyson 
    The Architecture of Cyberception Roy Ascott 
    art hsitory and virtual reality  Oliver Grau 
    Frame and Excess Joseph Nechvatal 
    Intelligent Agent Articles on VR
    Dena Elisabeth Eber, "Artistic Virtual Environments, Aesthetics and Experiences"
    Dena Eber, Greg Little, Brian Betz, "The Aesthetic Experience, Emotion and an Artistic Virtual Environment"
    Josephine Anstey, "Agents in Love. On the Construction and Use of Emotional Characters in VR"
    Patrick Lichty, "Derivative Touch Designer"
     Patrick Lichty, "Sudeki"
    Peter Anders  A Procedural Model for the Integration of Physical and Cyberspaces in Architecture
    Lev Manovich, The Aesthetics of Virtual Worlds: Report from Los Angeles
    George Landow  - Location, Space, Architecture links
    Enthralling Spaces: The Aesthetics of Virtual Environments** - Margaret Morse  ##
    Tiffany Sutton - Immersive Contemplation in Video Art Environments
    Avatar and the Power Grid - Michael Heim  links to other essays
    Alterne - papers on virtual reality

      Hypertext/ Interactivity
    George Landow   The Definition of Hypertext and Its History as a Concept   Critical Theory:Overview in Hypertext 
    George P. Landow, (links to theorists and critical texts)   Hypertext and Literary Theory  
     Definition of Hypertext and Its History as a Concept
    MultiMedia: CD-ROM and the Internet by Simon Biggs, 1994 
    Art on the CD-ROM Frontier - a Mirage, a Fly in the Eye, or a real Thing? by Erkki Huhtamo 
    Bill Seaman - Recombinant Poetics
    Bill Buxton - papers on interactivity and interface
    Thoughts on Narrative ## by Toni Dove  %%
    Jodi - essays on hypertext
    Jump over Proust: Toward Multimedia Writing  Lev Manovich 
    Vannevar Bush "As We May Think" (1945) 
    Alexei Shulgin Art, Power, and Communication
    Grahame Weinbren, The Digital Revolution is a Revolution of Random Access
    Martin Ryder Links to hypertext history and theory
    Margaret Morse  Poetics of Interactivty
    Steve Wilson   Links to Hypertext, interactivity theory, design theory
    Susana  Tosca and Jill Walker Hypertext Criticism: Writing about Hypertext 
    Hypertext and Hypermedia Bibliography 
    Mark Amerika Hypertextual Consciousness
    Hypertext & hyperfiction site - theory
    Christiane Paul - forms & models of online reading - links
    Anna Best, Yvonne Dröge Wendel, Nikolaus Gansterer, Lino Hellings, Mine Kaylan and Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Wietske Maas.
    Architecture of Interaction.  http://www.architectureofinteraction.net/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=AoI.ArchitectureOfInteraction
    Cinema,interactivity and society symposium (fr)

    Katherine Hayles - Textuality   %%
    Hayles, N. Katherine. "Hypertext Hamlet." :http://www.usis.usemb.se/sft/sf14108.
    Pamerla Jennings - Narrative Structures for new Media
    Philippe Codognet  THE SEMIOTICS OF THE WEB
    Larry Wendt   Narrative as Genealogy: Sound Sense in an Era of Hypertext essays 
    Jenkins, Henry. "From Home[r] to the Holodeck: New Media and the Humanities http://media-in-transition.mit.edu/articles/australia.html
    Joyce, Michael. Afternoon, a story 
    Joyce, Michael "Forms of Future."   presentation at the Transformations of the Book Conference http://media-in-transition.mit.edu/articles/joyce.html
    Culture Machine - Database Fever
    N. Katherine Hayles - Deeper into the Machine: The Future of Electronic Literature
    Mark Amerika -  Literary Ghosts: Liner Notes
    Mark Amerika -   Literary Ghosts
    Ted Striphas -   Book 2.0
    Murray, Janet. "The Cyberbard and the Multiform Plot."  Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace. New York: The Free Press, 1997.
    Mark Bernstein - Patterns Of Hypertext  (not in navigator 4) 
    Electronic Signs -  Jay David Bolter 
    The Heresy of Hypertext: Fear and Anxiety in the Late Age of Print - John Tolva 
    Susana Tosca and Jill Walker - Hypertext Criticism: Writing about Hypertext (inclues links to others) 
    Eastgate Systems links to texts, examples, products, people 
    Hyperizons:  Theory and Criticism of Hypertext Fiction 
    4x4 Generative Design -Gavin Sade 
    A Fresh Understanding for Interactive Media Design - Rick Bennett 
    Strings - Dan Weber (experimental hypertext essay) 
    MIT Hypertext Theory links
    Hypertext Now Journal
    The Battle to Define the Future of the Book in the Digital World  - www.firstmonday.dk/issues/issue6_6/lynch/

    Salon Collection of articles on e-books   Google directory on ebooks  conference on the future of the book
    Nick Montfort  - examples of interactive fiction and essays

    ** these readings from syllabus organized by Mark Tribe on Net Art
     Nick Montfort  "Toward a Theory of Interactive Fiction."
     Nick Montfort  Twisty Little Passages: An Approach to Interactive Fiction.
    Randall Packer: "Net Art as Theater of the Senses: A HyperTour of Jodi and Grammatron"
    Electronic Book Review - image and narrative http://www.altx.com/ebr/ebr6/
    Mark Amerika: "Tryptich: Hypertext, SurFiction, Storyworlds (Part One)"
    Mark Amerika: "Designwriting: A Post-Literary Reading Experience"
    Alex Galloway Interviews Mark Amerika
    Scott Rosenberg: Clicking For Godot
    Chris Carney: “I Want My  Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace”

    New Media Poetry and Poetics Essays (Leonardo Almanac Special Issue) - Tim Peterson (ed)


    Erkki Huhtamo - Seven Ways of Misunderstanding Interactive Art
    George Legrady - Interface Metaphors & New Narratives in Interactive Media
    Monika Fleischmann - Interactivity and the Metaphor of Navigation
    Erkki Hutamo -  Art on the CD-ROM Frontier - a Mirage, a Fly in the Eye, or a real Thing?
    The History of the Interface in Interactive Art - Soke Dinkla  alt link
    Marie-Laure Ryan, Immersion and Interaction
    Andy Cameron Dissimulations: Illusions of Interactivity
    Totalitarian Interactivity  Lev Manovich 
    Simon Penny  From A to D and back again: The Emerging Aesthetics of Interactive Art
    Stephen Wilson The Aesthetics and Practice of Designing Interactive Computer Events
    Stephen Bell  How can we talk about the aesthetics of Interaction
    Jim Campbell "Delusions of Dialogue: Control and Choice in Interactive Art"
    Tom Igoe  List of Articles on Interactivity
    Sakane Interactions97 Essay on Interactivity
    George Legrady  Interface Metaphors and New Narrative in Interactive Media
    Paul Brown  the ethics and aesthetics of the user interface 
    Language of Interactivity  (Australian symposium) Robin Petterd 
    Czedgandy, Nina.  Interactivity conference

     Comentary on Games 
    Mary Flanagan, The Sky is Falling: Why are Virtual Worlds so Desolate?
    Game Theory
    Ann Marie Schneider, Does Lara Croft Wear Fake Polygons?
    Jussi Holopainen & Stephan Meyers - Neuropsychology and Game Design 
    Art of Computer Game Design - Chris Crawford - online book 
    Amy Jo Kim, Ritual Reality: Social Design for Online Gaming Environments
    Jesper Juul, Clash between game and narrative
    Artificial Zine (Denmark)  essays on games
    Pau Waelder Laso - Games of Pain: Pain as Haptic Stimulation in Computer-Game--Based Media Art  -  Leonardo

    Gamasutra game development site 
    Digital Games Research Association
    Digital Performance archive
    Bit Forms show
    Game Over show 
    Gamelab - independent game developer 

    Game Studies Journal
    Game Developer's net
    Henry Lowood course in game design with links 
    GameOn - UK exhibit on history of computer games 


    Mary Flannagan Games courses and writings
    Hedley Roberts  - Interactive Game Design Course (lots of examples of Director based work/ theory, etc) 
    Adrienne Jenik - Computing in the Arts Course
    Natalie Bookchin - Course

      Internet/Web /  Net Art / locative media/ Information Flow

    Trebor Scholz - The Social Web (Web 2.0: What Went Wrong?)  History of the Social Web
    Rafael Lozano Hemmer, Jennifer Laughlin - visual survey of precdents to amodal suspension (art history/ communication/ public art/tech)
    Joachim Blank, What is netart ;-)?
    Multicultural Issues in Web Design
    Transcultural Media reader (collection of papers on locative and other media)
    Adrienne Russell, Mizuko Ito, Todd Richmond, and Mark Tuters.  Networked Public Culture
    Andreas Broeckmann,Net.Art, Machines, and Parasites  Tactical Art Media
    netart on nettime
    meta-matic theory on alternative browsers  theoretical studies
    andres ramirez gaviria - when is informaiton visualization art?
    Arie Altena  The Browser Is Dead
    Siegfried Zielinski, "7 Items on the Net
    Erkki Huhtamo, "Seven Ways of Misunderstanding Net Art." 
    Robert Adrian: "Net Art on Nettime.
    Critical Art Ensemble,Mythos Information: Welcome to the Wired World The Mythology of Terrorism on the Net
    Tilman Baumgaertel   Art on the internet - part 1,
    Tilman Baumgaertel  art on the internet - part 2 
    Anne Galloway  Intimations of Everyday Life: Ubiquitous computing and the city
    Jack Miles and Douglas McLennan Digital Goes Critical
    Context as Moving Target: Mapping the Digital World, Christine Paul,  -  atc Colloquium  (streamed lecture) 
    The Virtual Barrio @ the other Frontier," Guillermo Gómez-Peña 
    How We Made Our Own "Carnivore  by RSG 
    Paul Brown Networks and Artworks
     T. Berners-Lee, J. Hendler and O. Lassila, "The Semantic Web," in *Scientific American* (May, 2001).
    Lev Manovich  Detour to the East
    Ars Electronica(97) Web Art Jury Statement
    Siggraph98 Web Art Jury Statement
    Architecture of Cyberception Roy Ascott   homepage (other papers)** 
    Technology and Intuition: Is there Love in Ascott's Telematic Embrace (review by Edward Shanken ) 
    Andreas Broeckman "Net, Art, Machines, Parasites" 
    Interactive Art on the Internet (Edurardo Kac) 
    Art & Telecommunications (Perry Hoberman interview)
    The Future of Communication Formats-Webness**(Derrick de Kerckhove) 
    Network Art and Virtual Communities  (Derrick de Kerckhove) 
    Mythos Information (Critical Art Ensemble) Utopian Promises - Net Realities Home Page 
    Electronic Culture (excerpt from Tim Druckrey's book) 
    Net Art as Theater of the Senses   A HyperTour of Jodi and  Grammatron (Randall Packer) 
    Old Boys Network(cyberfeminist critique) 
    Berkeley Consortium - Symposium on Net Art Issues  %%
    Geert Lovink  Interview with Web Stalker creators
    net art in the age of digital reproduction   -  David Ross 
    Fred Forest essays
    Derrick de Kerckhove Webness

    Timothy Druckrey Networked Identity   %%
    first monday - essays on internet culture
    Randal Packer Telematic Manifesto
    Mark Amerika/Techne - Histories of Internet Art project at U Colorado alt site  (Mark Napier, Young Hae-Chang Heavy Industries, 
    Ben Benjamin, Melinda Rackham, Alex Galloway, Lev Manovich, Giselle Beiguelman, Heath Bunting, John F. Simon Jr., Erik Loyer, 
    Mary Flanagan, Lisa Jevbratt, John Klima, Christiane Paul, DJ Spooky, Mark Tribe, Andy Deck, Randall Packer, et al) 
    Cal Arts - Story of Net Art
    AratMedia  (Aesthetics of Communication and Netart - French/english)
    discussion on locative media

    net art bibliography
    Walker Art Center - List of Essays on Web/ digital Art
    Net.Art conference  (Europe - critique)
    Essays - Geert Lovink 
    Alt-X  List of Essays
    Digitial Revolution? (Natile Bookchin syllabus on web art & cyberculture) 
    Classics of Net.Art  (Vuk Cosic ) 
    netzwissenschaft  - (net art links, books, essays, organizations) 

    Jorge Luis Borges, "Library of Babel
    Michel Foucault, "Of Other Spaces (1967), Heterotopias.
    alvaro barbosa - displaced soundscapes 
    Binaural Media - Interviews on locative media

    <>** these readings from syllabus organized by Mark Tribe on Net Art
    Bruce Sterling: “A Short History of the Internet,” The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, February 1993
    Rachel Greene: “Web Work: A History of Internet Art,” Artforum, May 2000

    "6 Questions in search of a network: Matthew Fuller Interviews Simon Pope
    Alex Galloway, “Possibility”
    Hakim Bey: Art Sabotage
    Niall McKay: "The Golden Age of Hacktivism"
    A Hacker Manifesto [version 4.0], by McKenzie Wark
    Hacking = Labor = Art," by Christine Smallwood
    Every Bit is a Work of Art," by Michelle Delio
    Live from Cyberspace, or, I was sitting at my computer this guy appeared he thought I was a bot," Location One. - Philip Auslander 
    Jordan Crandall: Symposium on Performance & Technology
    Martha Wilson: "Historical Summary of Live Art on the Internet"
    Herbert Blau: “The Human Nature of the Bot”
    Caterina Davinio: "Net-Performance Processes and Visible Forms" -
    Jon Ippolito: “Why Art Should Be Free"
    Rosi Braidotti: "Cyberfeminism with a Difference"
    Cornelia Sollfrank: "Not Every Hacker is a Woman"
    Alex Galloway: "A Report on Cyberfeminism"
    Lev Manovich: Database as a Symbolic Form
    Richard Stallman: "Can you trust your computer?"
    Ulises Mejias - Social Media and the Networked Public Sphere 
    Chris Byrne - Mobile Realism?
    see also section on hypertext below

    LEA Special Issue on Locative Media 
    Locative Media as socialising and spatializing practice - Anne Galloway and Matt Ward
    Trace: Mapping The Emerging Urban Landscape - Alison Sant
    Swimming In The Grey Zones - Leslie Sharpe
    Locative Viscosity: Traces Of Social Histories In Public Space - Lily Shirvanee
    LEA Locative Media: A Brief Bibliography And Taxonomy Of Gps-Enabled Locative Media - Julian Bleecker and Jeff Knowlton
    Malcolm Mccullough On Urban Markup: Frames Of Reference In Location Models For Participatory Urbanism
    Michele Chang and Elizabeth Goodman Asphalt Games: Enacting Place Through Locative Media
    Steve Benford, Martin Flintham, Adam Drodz, Nick Tandavanitj, Matt Adams and Ju Row Farr The Design
        And Experience Of The Location-Based Performance Uncle Roy All Around You
    Lalya Gaye and and Lars Erik Holmquist Performing Sonic City: Situated Creativity In Mobile Music Making
    Sally-Jane Norman Locative Media & Instantiations Of Theatrical Boundaries
    Misha Myers Homing Devices For Unhomely Times

    Locative Media - Bibliography

    Michael Grebb Cities Unleash Free Wif (wired)

    Net Art as Theater of the Senses - Randall Packer
    Hypertextual Consciousness - Mark Amerika
    Introduction to net.art - Alexei Shulgin and Nathalie Bookchin
    Why Have there been no great Net Artists? - Steve Dietz
    Net.art in the Age of Digital Reproduction - David Ross

    criticalartware (Jon Cates, Ben Syverson and Jon Satrom)  likn: A Flexible Platform for Information and
    Metadata Exchange


     Virtual Communities / Telecommunications
    Howard Rheingold Virtual Communities Links
    Howard Rheingold Virtual Communities Book (on-line version) 
    Randall FarmerPaper on Habitat Virtual Communities also links to habitat pages 
    Annick Bureaud  Pour une typologie de la création sur Internet
    Knowbotics Research collection of essays
    Pierre Levy Collective Intelligence and its Objects: Many-to-Many Communication in a 'Meaning World'
    Mark Pesce  Proximal and Distal Unity


      Cyberfeminist Critique
    Cyberfeminism The world, the flesh, and the woman-machine relationship ## by Zoe Sofoulis 
    Old Boys Network 
    F E M I N I S A T I O N S  ##  by Sadie Plant 
    Switch Journal on cyberfeminism
    GENDER SWAPPING ON THE INTERNET by Amy S. Bruckman   other papers
    Notes on the Political Condition of Cyberfeminism Faith Wilding and Critical Art Ensemble 
    riding the meridien - women and technology 


      Artificial Life / Artificial Intelligence/ Robotics/ Generative Art
    The Darwin Machine: Artificial Life and Art by Simon Penny 
    Embodied Cultural Agents  Simon Penny 
    Agents as Artworks and Agent Design as Artistic Practiceas(Simon Penny) 
    Essays on Alife, Conciousness  Eddie Shanken 
    Artificial Intelligence Research as Art Stephen Wilson 
    AI and Aesthetics  Warren Sack 
    Life as We Know It and/or Life as It Could Be: Epistemology and the Ontology/Ontogeny of Artificial Life  Edward Shanken 
    As Att is Lifelike Evolution, Art, and the Readymade  Nell Tenhaaf 
    Implications of Intelligent Agents  (Howard Rhinegold) 
    emergent behaviours - towards computational aesthetics (Paul Brown) 
    Alien Intelligence Show Interview - Erkki Hutamo ##
    Papers on AI - Victoria Vesna 
    Theories of AI - Marc Bohlen Switch Article
    research on alife artists  Mitchell Whitelaw 
    Ramos,  Vitorino , Filipe Almeida, Artificial Ant Colonies in Digital Image Habitat
    Ramos, Vitorino - On the Implicit and on the Artificial - Morphogenesisand Emergent Aesthetics in Autonomous Collective Systems
    links to papers - generative art conference
    Why The Future Doesnt Need Us - Bill Joy 
    Physical Computing essays
    James R. Hugunin - aesthetic use of machinic beings (brief historical survey)


      Art & Mathematics, 4th Dimension
    4th Dimension Articles, art, other links
    Ivars Peterson - Mathematical Art Review  (includes links to artists)


    Julian Bleecker - RFID    Why Things Matter
    Timo Arnall - RFID
    Rob van Kranenburg - How I learned to love RFID   Internet of Things
    Mediamatic RfID reader
    Anne Galloway - Bibliography of Internet of Things
    Julian Bleecker -  Manifesto for Networked Objects (2005)
    Bruce Sterling - Shaping Things   "Dumbing down smart things"
    Ann Cavoukian - ag, you’re it: Privacy implications of Radio frequency identification technology 
    Sascha Pohflepp - Report on Triggered by RFID 2 - report on conference
    RFID & the Internet of Things- a workshop report
    Joost Broersen  - Report on Triggered by RFID
    Joost Broersen - Wearable Touch-tags
    Valentina Nisi - How can digital technologies support new ways of telling stories
    IDC archive of discussion of situated technology, rfid  10/06  9/06
    U of Massachusetts study of RFID security 


      Sound Art
    Aesthetic Issues in Sound Art
    Review of Kahn & Whitehead  Wireless Imagination (Timothy Taylor) 
    Doug Kahn - theory writings Audio Art in the Deaf Century
    Audio Hyperspace
    Frances Dyson - Circuits of the Voice 
    Frances Dyson, A Philosophonics of Space: Sound, Futurity and the End of the World
    Sound Unbound: Strategies for Reconstructing Media, Paul Miller aka DJ  Spooky, and Friends, atc colloquium (streamed lecture) 
    Radio Art 
    Sound Culture - links to essays
    Dan Lander - RadioCasting - http://cec.concordia.ca/econtact/Radiophonic/Radiocasting.htm


    Books and articles focused on intersection of art, science, technology, culture(Stephen Wilson) 
    VR and Art Bibliography
    Annotated bibliogrpahy in cyberculture
    General Bibliography in technological Art  - Annick Bureaud 
    David Silver - Annotated Bibliography - Exploring Technoculture:  Computers, Society, Pedagogy
    bibliography on cyberspace


       Art/Theory Organizations/Archives/E-zines

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