Emerging Technologies and the Arts

by Stephen Wilson, Art Dept, SFSU http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~swilson

Research is radically shaping our culture. Everything from the gadgets of everyday life to basic concepts of self, community, and the universe are being changed. The arts can fill a crucial role as an independent zone for research where values other than marketability and academic disciplinary acceptance can set research agendas. Here are links to web pages that provide introductions to emerging technologies.

Global Positioning Satelite (GPS)

coast card basic gps info
good gps intro utexas
ELIRIS Inc. gps introduction
GPS - General Information Sites

Biotechnology Intro

iowa state course in biotech
BioTech.uindiana.ed guide
BioTech.u.indiana.interent directory
Principles of Biotechnology.umd course
About Biotechnology.uwash


PHYSIOMETRIX Neurophysiology, EEG Diagnostics and Monitoring
Fluorescent Chemosensors and Biosensors Database
BIAweb, Biosensor HomePage

Materials Science

Smart Structures '97 & materials
material science links

Wearable Computing

Smart Clothes: Wearable Computing Intro Page

Ubiquitous Computing

Some Computer Science Issues in
Ubiquitous Computing

Emerging Technologies with Interesting Cultural Implications

New biology Extra-sensory phenomena
Materials science Brain physiology
Animal Consciousness Non visual astronomy
Cosmology Artificial life
Alternative Energy Medical technology
Biosensors Surveillance & remote sensing
Gesture recognition Speech recognition & synthesis
Wearable computing Information visualization
Space science Artificial Intelligence
Hypermedia Robotics
Groupware Computer-Telephone Integration
Inspectable movies Virtual Reality
Ubiquitous Computing Touch, Taste, and Smell research
Bar codes and auto ID GPS geographic locating systems
Intelligent home Intelligent hiway

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