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  • Introduction to Emerging Research Areas of Interest to Artists (Technological & Artistic research in GPS,Biotechnology, Biosensors, Materials Science, Wearable Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, etc

  • Bibliography focused on intersection of art, science, technology, culture(Stephen Wilson

    Compiled by Stephen Wilson , Professor, CIA Program , Art Dept, San Francisco State University 
    ###Note these links are part of the research for Wilson's book Informati on Arts (MIT Press,2003). Please see the book for more details about the artists, organizations, and texts listed in these links and for extended analysis of the relationship of art and research.  The links are constantly being revised and suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to use these resources but please attribute source. Copyright, 1999-2004 Stephen Wilson.

     Artists' Work - Index
    Kinetics & Robotics
    Virtual Reality
    Motion, Gesture, etc
    Artificial Intelligence
    Information Systems
    Computer Media
    Telecom - radio, telephone, telepresence 
    Web Art 
    Animals & Plants
    Body & Medicine
    Math, Algorithms, Artificial Life 
    Particle Physics, nanotechnology
    Dynamic Systems, Geology, Chemistry
    Rapid Prototyping 
    Space Science

    ** Indicates missing or broken link

      Conceptual Kinetics & Robotics
    Kinetics, Commentary,
    & Conceptual Art

    Frank Malina 
    Perry Hoberman - main site
    Alan Rath - digital video & robotic sculptures 
    Rath Robotics
    Bruce Cannon
    Peter Dittmer
    Paul Demarinis
    Marc Bohlen
    Heri Dero** 
    Bryan Rogers** 
    Mark Madel
    Joseph DeLappe
    Tammy Knipp
    Jim Pallas
    Erik Hobjin **
    Sheldon Brown
    Ken Feingold
    Daniel Jolliffe
    doug backl** 
    Loretta Skeddle - The CyberRosary
    Deadtechs - artist group 
    Val Valgardson
    Gregoary Barasamian
    Amy Youngs
    Milton Komisar
    Jason Ditmars
    Norman White
    Jennifer Steinkamp
    Soda Group Kinetic experiments 
    Arthur Gansonal,
    Donald Day
    Daniel Miller
    Douglas Edric Stanley, Asymtope
    gregory shakar  mood vector 
    Daniel Rozin- Wooden Mirror
    Raina Ho - F ree Range Appliances
    Jennifer Hall - Acupunture For Temporal Fruit, 
    Virtual Body/Physical Body
    Martin Riches - Talking Machine
    Eric Orr - tesla sculpture
    Hiro Yamata NGC6093 (laser light** installations)
    James Woodfill 
    Larnie Fox 
    Michael Rees - Sculptural User Interface
    Mark Thorpe  Robot Wars, Kinetic works

    Miyajima - Floating Time
    Istvan Kantor - filecabinet
    Lewis DeSoto Main page , Recital
    Barney Haynes
    Eval Sutton - sumie robot 
    Todd Margolis - Main site
    Charles Gadeken qbox , burning art 
    Joseph Nechvatal  main site , Robotic Paintings
    Wim Delvoye - Cloaca   (Digestive system simulation) main site
    Heidi Kumao - Cinema Machines
    Power Tool Races 
    Bill Urmenyi    Also book/cd "Elecronics for Artists"
    Sharon Englestien


    Simon Penny
    Nicolas Anatol Baginsky
    Robotrinka exhibition
    Yves Klein  alt site
    Ken Rinaldo 
    William Tomlinson - ethical autonomous creatures 
    Beatriz DA COSTA  CELLOmain site 

    Destruction, Mayhem

    Survival Research Labs
    Robot Wars
    Christian Ristow
    Chip Flynn** , Kimric Smythe ** 
    People Hater Group
    Human Product Group
    Human Product links
    Eric Hobijn , alt site
    Spiral Tribe** 
    Mutoid Waste Company** 


    Art and Robotics Links (Arg)
    Critical Art Ensemble Contestational Robotics 
    Kinetic Art Organization
    Black Arts foundation (Burning Man) 
    Artbots (2002 Brooklyn museum) 
    Active Robots catalog (uk) 
    robtoics society

    Social Metaphor

    Louis-Phillipe Demers and Bill Vorn
    Jim Whiting
    Clayton Bailey
    Kenji Yanobe 
    Norman White
    Art & Robotics group
    frank garvey
    Paul Granjon
    Ken Feingold
    Istvan Kantor - Intercourse** 
    Institute for Applied Automony
    ahaag and chip.kali Roving Walter 
    Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen Breed, Tickle, Notnot, Etickle
    France Cadet - Dog [Lab]01 (manipulated dog robots) 
    Jrg Lehni & Uli Franke - Hektor (wall painting robot) 
    Chris Csikszentmih·lyi - Afghan explorer - robot reporter - DJ I, Robot **
    Tamara STONE  Are You Afraid of Dogs

    Extending Robotic Motion and Interfaces

    Chico MacMurtie and Amorphous Robot Works
    Austin Robot Group
    Ulrike Gabriel** 
    Martin Spanjaard Adelbrecht** 
    Nick Donaldson - Hexapods **
    Cynthia Breazeal - sociable robots
    Stephen Wilson Demon Seed

    Robotic Architecture

    Ted Krueger

    Robotic Theatre, Dance, Performance 

    Ullanta Robot Theatre
    Margo K. Apostolos 
    Adrianne Wortzel
    Wolfgang Hilbert
    Unander- Scharin 
    Doug Hamby Dance - Dance with Robots
    Seth Riskin Light Performance 
    Center for Robotic and Synthetic Performance
    International Robotics Effects Robots 

     Kinetic Instruments, Sound Installation, Industrial 
    Barry Schwartz(Robotrinka)
    EMAF show
    Matt Heckert
    Ed Osborn
    Bill Fontana
    Nigel Hilyer
    Nicolai Carsten Frozen Water
    Sabrina Raaf- Unstoppable Hum 
    William Louis Sørensen - soundguns
    Tomoko Ueyama - Watashi-chan 
    Jeff Burns - Pano of Light 
    Shawn Decker Night Sounds
    Nick Collins: Table de Seance**  art works
    Guillermo Galindo - interactive fm radio installation
    Ron Kuivila  DEAF 2000- Twilight of the second hands Other works 
    David Webber 
    douglas irving repetto 
    David Birchfield
    Ranjit Bhatnagar 
    John S. Lathram III 
    Australian sound design project (sound in public space) 
    Michel deBroin ** 
    Barbara Musil - Alert car alarms reprogrammed 
    Net Noise (ctheory multimedia - Akuvido, Simon Biggs, YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES,
    Shu Lea Cheang, Takuji Kogo (Candy Factory), Christina McPhee, MEZ, Plasma Studii, Michal Sellam, Zvonka Simcic, Tanja Vujinovic, Jody Zellen) 
    Gordon Monahan
    Minoru Sato - Finding of a State of Light
    Bosch & Simons
    Buchen sonic architecture
    Akitsugu Maebayashi  - Sonic Interface 
    Don Buchla - alternative insturments
    Knowbotics Research, Anonymous Muttering
    Gordon Monohan - spe aker swinging
    Tina Blaine (aka Bean)
    Soundless Music (infrasound) 
    Steim organization - research on instruments 
    Jeff Talman  soundspaces
    The Crackling John Duncan
    Edwin Heide  - sound installations - visualize wave forms 
    23five organziation Alternative musician links
    Cadre Switch - sound artists list 
    Sonic Circuits
    rhythm and noise
    Autechre  &&&&&
    Aphex Twin & Chris Cunningham
    Infrasound Collective
    Acousmatic - music objects, spacial sound 
    Schizophrenia site - sound installation links
    Soundsite - links and texts
    Leif Brush list of links** 
    simply the best sound page

      Virtual Reality
    Unorthodox Spaces

    Brenda Laurel and Rachel Strickland - Placeholder    Laurel site
    Michael Naimark MainSite , BeNow Here
    Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun - Inherent Rights,Vision Rights
    Char Davies - Osmose, Ephemere
    Richard Brown - Alembic
    Michael Scroggins & Stewart Stuart Dickson - Toplogical Slide
    Ulrike Gabriel & Bob O'Kane - Perceptual Arena
    Teresa Wennberg  Paralell Dimension ,Digital Runes (with Sandra Gering)
    Virtual Architecture competion
    Canali & Campione, Satori
    Toni dove - Artificial Changelings
    Sophie Lavaud - Centre Lumière Bleu  n°2
    Margaret Watson. Liquid Meditation
    CAVE -EVL home page

    VR Music and Theatre
    Jaron Lanier - Chromatophoria
    Mark Reaney - Adding Machine, Wings, Tesla Electric
    George Coates -20/20 Blake and other productions
    Tapio Takala - Virtual Orchestra
    Mark Palmer
    F.A.B.R.I.CATORS Kali 

    VR World as Metaphor, Metaphors for the body

    Maurice Benayoun - World Skin, Is God Flat main site main site 2 
    Sheldon Brown - Apparitions
    Teresa Wennberg- Parallell Dimension, Digital Runes Welcome to my Brain 
    Tony Dove- Seth Thompson video
    alok nandi - HyperAdventures & Lingua moo 
    Margaret Dolinsky- Dream Girls, Blue


    Relationships Between the Physical and the Virtual

    Masaki Fujihata - Global Interiors
    Eben Gay, Amatul Hannan, et al - Faery Garden
    Agnes Hegedus - Handsight
    Ellen Sandor - art)n Laboratory
    Robin Petterd - Clouds Of
    Boissier, F lora
    Jay Lee and Bill Keays' Suspended Window 
    Diane Gromala vr & the body 
    Maurice Benayoun- Crossing Talks
    Fakeshop, Multiple Dwelling
    Desert Rain by Blast Theory (U.K) - a virtual reality game/installation 
    Kaeko Murata Fisherman's Cafe

    Altrernative Objects & Characters

    Jeffrey Shaw - Legible City
    Golden Calf , Place - a User Guide
    Robert McFadden - Picture Yourself In Fiction**
    Scott Fisher - Menagerie Chemerium
    Ampcom - Conversations with Angels
    Sally Jane Norman

    U Wash Links to VR Art 

    Information Visualization

    Dirk Lsebrink/Joachim Sauter Art+Com 
    Invisible Shape of Things Past
    paul hertz - , Fools Paradise 
    Maharaj Singh, Franz Fischnaller, & F.A.B.R.I.CATORS - main site
    Multi Mega Book,  'LUl tima Cena,,Kali, 
    Flavia Sparacino, Alex Pentland, Glorianna Davenport, et al - City of News
    Monika Fleischman, Wolfgang Strauss -main site  Home of the Brain**
    Rita Addison, Marcus Thiebaux, and David Zeltzer 
    - Detour: Brain Deconstruction Ahead
    Benjamin Britton - Lascaux Caves
    Margot Lovejoy - Turns
    ramon guardans, adolph mathias, mathias gommel  - algorithmic echolocation
    Kevin Seifert - Model of Harmony
    Knowbotics Simulationsraum  SMDK 
    Select Parks
    Adelheid Mers - Text Diagrams
    Marcos Novak, Transarchitecture
    Open Source Architecture
    John Tonkin - The All Star Data Mappers
    Agueda Sim÷- Microworlds, Sirens and Argonauts

    Distributed VR

    Carl Loeffler
    Alan Dunning and Paul Woodrow - Einstein's Brain
    Select Parks
    Sylvia Eckermann, Mathias Fuchs) game spaces

    VRML Worlds
    Comprehensive links
    Web3dL art 
    CYBERPITCH 2.0 (web 3d competition) 

    Motion, Gesture, Touch, Gaze, Manipulation, Activated Objects, Haptics

    David Rokeby - Very Nervous System, Silicon Remembers Sand, 60, Measure
    Paul Garrin - Border Patrol , White Devil , Yuppie Ghetto
    Monika Fleischmann - Rigid Waves, Visualising Cultural Identity
    Myron Krueger - Critte rs, Small World
    Rafael Lozano-Hemmer -main site  Re:Positioning Fear , Displaced Emperors , Trace Standards and Double Standards
    Vicki Bennett - Remote Controller (movie activated by motion) 
    Nancy Paterson- The Meadow
    Christian Moeller - Audio Park-The Party Effect, Electro Clips, Electronic Mirror 2, Chronolysis
    Akitsugu Maebayashi - Audible Distance,Cause and EffectMain site
    Hanna Haaslahti - White Square (shadows dance at feet of visitor) 
    Jim Campbell -main site   Untitled (for Heisenberg) ASU exhibit  UCLA statement
    Stephen Wilson - Excursions in Emotional Hyperspace, Father Why 
    Scott Sona Snibbe -main site Boundary Function 
    Marie Sester - Access project - track anonymous people 
    Chris Dodge - What Will Remain of These?
    Peter Franck and Daniel Schwartz - D- rhum room
    Miroslaw Rogala - Lovers Leap, Divided We Stand, Garden: NatuRealization
    Michael Saup - Supreme Particles Group Binary Ballistic Ballet, Melkway , Plasma:Architexture
    Henry See - Regard
    Don Ritter - Crowd Control, Skies, TV Guides, Intersections
    George Legrady - Tracings, Pokcets Full of Memoriesmain site
    Doris Vila
    Camille Utterback, Romy Achitu -Text Rain
    nathaniel stern - [odys]elicit (movment begest speech) 
    Tiffany Holmes - Nosce Te Ipsum
    Perry Hoberman, Roc ParÈs andNarcisParÈsLightpools
    Bill Keays- metafield motion
    Simon Biggs  waiting room; parallax
    Martin Riches, Interactive Field
    Onno Ernst -  Artscape** 
    Masayuki Towata and Yasuaki Matsumoto, Transgression** 
    Edwin Heide  - hovercraft playground 
    Studio Azzurro, main site, Landing Talk** 
    Electronic Shadow - responsive envrionments 
    Sine::apsis , Amy Youngs, Daniel Wayne Miller 
    Jordan Crandall - body tracking
    M Behren- Tokyo Circle (ICC Sound as Media Show)
    Toni Dove - Artificial Changelings
    Miquel Chevalier 
    Magali Desbazeille, Siegfried Canto you think therefore I am
    Edwin van der Heide, Marnix de Nijs Spatial Sounds
    Spirited Ruins D. Moser 
    Joshua Churchill & Larnie Fox, 
    Reverse Flow
    Marnix de Nijs and Edwin van der Heide  Spatial Sounds
    ruth west et al.  Ecce Homology (motion activate human genome data experiment) 
    Mirjam Struppek - Interactionfield  (interactive media in public space)
    Marc Downie, Paul Kaiser, Shelley Eshkar - Loops (motion capture and aglogrithms)
    Anneke PETTICAN, Spencer ROBERTS   The Trespass of Her Gesture alt site 

    Dance, Performance & Technology

    Dance Technology site
    dance and technology zone
    John D. Mitchell & Robb E. Lovell ASU Intelligent Stage
    Georgia Technology Institute, Dance Technology 
    Penn State Performative Sites conference**
    Technology Project
    Extensions: The Online Journal for Embodied Technology (UCLA)
    VTL Experimental theatre 
    dance & technology essays
    computer theatre refs - Claudio Pinhanez 
    Jaime Del Val - Proyecto REVERSO - Morfognesis

    Activated Spaces 

    Consuming Spaces - Creative Time 
    Latent Architecture
    Marcos Novak, Transarchitecture


    Gesture/ wearable

    Pameala Z - Body as Instrument
    Joanna Berzowsk - wearable computing
    Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau Trans Plant, Intro Act
    Wayne Siegel - Movement Study
    Jamy Sheridan, Tree of Life
    Maubrey -Audio Ballerinas 
    Cyber Bunraku
    Sally Jane Norman 
    Xin Wei Sha, Sponge Group Sponge siteT-garden
    Ranjit Makkuni - main siteCultural Learning Projects - The Crossing
    Loren Carpenter Audience Events
    Andrea Polli 
    Naoka Tosa
    Camila Valenzuela, Chris Fayers - Memory Release (motion detection hanging body) 
    Plasm - Mathe matically Illustrated Musical Insturement MIMI
    Bill Keays Metafield Maze
    Laetitia Sonami Lady's Glove
    Steven Schkolne Surface Drawing
    Future Physical - wearable 
    HaruoIshii,Hyperscratch projects 
    Isa Gordon - cyberfashion show
    Steven Schkolne, Surface Drawing
    Mark Coniglio, Dawn Stoppiello - Future of Memory 
    Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel, Ajay Naidu and MichaelUwemedimo - Ambienttv (streaming roving theatre) 
    Laurie Anderson
    Jean-Marie Dallet- Ile de Batz **
    Wearable ARchitecture -  txOom [textiles in bloom]
    Jefferson Kulig - digital fashion
    Maggie Orth - electronic textiiles
    Eric Paulos, Experimental Interaction Unit
    Ingrid Bachman,Knit One, Swim Two
    Jakub Segen Visual Conductor

    Touch, Tactility

    Monika Fleischmann - Liquid ViewsMARS main site
    Thecla Schiphorst - BodyMap, Int eraction97 des
    Stephen Wilson - Demon Seed
    Christain Ms¯ller Audio Grove, The third dimension of the painting 'Ritratto di Gentilumo
    Iain Mott - Squeezebox
    Louise Provencher and Charles Halary - Wearable projects **
    Stahl Stenslie and Kirk Woolford - CyberSM
    Stahl Stenslie - Senseless 
    Kazuhiko Hachiya - Interdiscom munication Device, Inter-skin
    F.A.B.R.I.CATORS - Tracking the net

     Weinbren- Frames

    Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby -Fields and Thresholds


    Char Davies - Osmose, Ephemere
    Ulrike Gabriel - Breath
    Elaine Brechin- Windgrass
    Michel Bret  Edmond Couchot
    Scott Snibbe Breath Mirror
    Chris Chafe and Greg Niemeyer Oxygen Flute

    Face Recognition, Biometrics

    Joseph Hyde - RememberMe  (remember faces) 
    Alexa Wright and Alf Linney - Alter Ego (respond to facial exptression) 
    Trevor Darrell, H. Baker, F. Crow, G. Gordon, and J.Woodfill Mass Hallucination, Magic Morphin Mirror
    Rob Myers, Peter Broadwell, Rebecca
    Fuson & Delle Maxwell - Plasm:Yur Mug
    Jeffrey Shaw - Web of Life  (biometric reading of palms) 

    Activated Objects

    David Small & Tom White - Steams of Concisousness
    Toshio Iwai - Music plays images x Images Play MusicViolin ~ Image of String Composition on the Table   main site
    Masaki Fujihata - Beyond Pages , Inter actions 
    Amanda Parkes, Hayes Raffle -Topobo  
    Georg Ritter - Autodrome
    Rafael Lozano-Hemmer main site  Vectorial Elevation, Relational Architecture 
    Joseph Michael  Holodeck
    Perry Hoberman  - Cathartic User Interface (&Nick Philips) Bar Code Hotel, TimeTable -Systems Maintenance , main site
    Masahiko Inami - Virutal Object
    Motoshi Chikamori & Kyoko Kunoh - Kage
    Ian Ginilt & Saoirse Higgins - The Star-Dogged Moon
    Keith Roberson - Little Havoc
    Smart Studio, Interactive Institute / Servo -  The Responsive Field of Lattice Archipelogics
    Jamie Sheridan - Sandbox
    Douglas Edric Stanley, Asymtope
    Museum of Pure Form (force feedback) 
    Motoshi Chikamori, O[en]
    Kumiko Kushiyama - Hide-and-Seek 
    Kaeko Murata, Fisherman's Cafe
    Hiroshi Ishii et. al. (Tangible Media Group ) Pinwheels , Musical Bottles 
    Chris Janney, Performance Architecture
    Jean-Marie DALLET - Ile de Batz 
    Martin Riches - Interactive Field** 
    Niel gershenfeld-MIT Media Lab- bits and atoms activated objects
    Pekka Ala-Siuru -alt site Ubiquitous computing art
    Rebecca Allen - Bush Soul   (haptic represenation of energy fields) 
    Simon Schiessl - Haptic Opposition (object with moody force resistance 
    Mary Flannagan - Career Moves
    Laura Beloff  Markus Decker - HAMEalt site 
    nu-k-ke by beloff, lindinger, praxmarer 
    Matt and Susan Gorbet - Drake Hotel Project 
    Guan Hong Yeoh  - The H.E.A.R.T of Stone
    Gershenfeld Activated Museum Project
    PARC,Experiments in the Future of Reading** 
    Studio Arrouci Tamburi
    Association.Creative Bump (physical bridge transmitting actions between places) 
    Herwig Weiser zgodlocator  (activated sand)
    Pamela Jennings - Artronics (smart art) 
    Ars Electronica Futurelab Nuk-k-e:  doll as interface.  Smoke-Sign (smoke as display) ** 
    Doors of Perception - Flow (pervasive computing conference) 
    Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau  - nanoscape (force feedback)
    Haruki Nishijima - Remain In Light 


    Lynn Hershman - Room of One's Own, America's Finest
    Seiko Mikami - Molecular Clinic , alt site
    Kazuhiko Hachiya Vanishing Body,   Seeing Is Believing**
    Jochem Hendricks  Eye, 2001 (gaze drawings) 
    Dirk Lüsebrink, Joachim Sauter sauter main site - Zerseher** Iconoclast (eye tracker) 

    Complex Actions - Balance, Walking, Bicycling

    Jeffrey Shaw - Legible City Distributed legible city, 
    Monika Flesichmann - Spatial Navigator, House of Illusion, Skywriter
    Christain Muller - Virtual Cage
    Kazuhiko Hachiya - Over the Rainbow, Light/Depth
    Brian Duggan,  Jason Ditmars, and  Ronen Mintz Virtual Wheeelchair
    Peter Broadwell and Plasm Group - Plasm Above the Drome, Plasm: A Nano Sample
    Times Up  Body Spin
    Roberto Larraguibel  - balance event 
    Feng Mengbo - Ah_Q 
    Jamy Sheridan - works
    Winet, Crane,Sunset** 
    Beryl Graham
    Kim Binstead, HyperMask
    Marnix de Nijs-  Panoramic Acceleration
    Stephen Wilson  BodySurfing

     Artificial Intelligence & Agents
    Algorithms for Creativity

    Music, Mind, Machine Research
    Harold Cohen- Aaron main  lnks2
    Institute for Artificial Art 
    Beatriz DA COSTA  CELLOmain site 
    artbot  - leonel maura 
    Artur Matuck - Landscript
    Smart Graphics conference
    MIT Computational Aesthetics
    Design Computing and Cognition Conference
    Conference on Web Intelligence

    Speech and Image Recognition

    Naoko Tosa - Neuro Baby,  MIC, MUSE
    Jonathan Klein - Turn Styles
    Hubbub - sha xin wei, anne-maria korpi, james hsu 
    Marc Bohlen - Dinner Table (automatic conversation tone interpreter) 
    Heather Cassils and Cathy Davies  - Microsoft Me / Click and Drag  (speech synthesizer) 
    Victor Liu -  Turn All Things (automatic movie editor) 
    Golan Levin, Zachary Lieberman, Jaap Blonk, Joan La Barbara- Messa di Voce 

    Conferences/ shows 

    machinista 2003

    Interactions with Artificial Characters

    Sara Roberts - Early Programming, Elective Affinities alt site 
    Stephen Wilson - Excursions in Emotional Hyperspace, Is Anyone There
    Luc Courchesne - Landscape One, Hall of Shadows, Family Portrait
    Joseph Bates  Oz
    Michael Mateas Terminal Time - Expressive AI
    MIT Media Lab Synthetic Characters
    Catherine Ikam & Louis Fleri - The Other, Le Messager Virtuel   alt site
    Michael Mateas, Paul Vanouse,Steffi Domike - Terminal Time (AI Interactive cinema) 
    Janine Cirincione and Michael Ferraro - 
    RL - (Real Life) 
    Michael Girard  susan Amkraut - artificial characters 
    Ken Fiengold -  If/Then
    Andrew Stern - virtual Babyz
    Atau Tanaka & Antoine Schmitt - Frankenstein netz
    Lynn Herhmann - Agent Ruby  (ai chatterbot) 
    christophe bruno & jimpunk - gogolchat
    Antoine Schmitt - Avec Détermination
    Kelly Heaton -  Bibiota
    Pinhanez I/It
    Daniela Alina Plewe  ultimate ratio
    AI game site
    site to more artificial characters

    Affective Computing

    MIT Media Lab Affective Computing
    Naoko Tosa - Interactive Poem, Romeo & Julliet in Hades
    Jonathan Klein, Turnsyles


    Brenda Laurel, Abbe Don Guides** 
    Jean-Marc Gauthier Intelligent Avatars
    MIT Media Lab Agents Group
    Bibilography on believable agents
    Robert Nideffer - agent based art 
    Vesna & Nideffer - Information Personae

    Music, Performance

    Todd Machover - brain operaSharon Daniels
    Panel on computers in theatre 
    Stanford virtual theatre
    Mary Flanaghan Virtual Performance 
    Michael Young , Liquid Narrative
    Laurie Spiegel, MusicMouse
    Ray Kurzweil, Cybernetic Poet

      Information Systems, Surveillance, Science as Information System, Shadow Corporations
    Bar Codes & ID Technology RFID

    Paul Vanouse - Items 1-2,000: A Corpus Of Knowledge On The Rationalized Subject
    Perry Hoberman - Bar Code Hotel
    Eduardo Kac  Time Capsule
    Andy Deck Bar Code Shakespeare
    Scott Blake - Bar Code Art Site
    Nancy Nisbet - rfid works -  pop goes the weasel
    kevin warwick - body embedded chips
    Beatriz Da Costa, Jamie Schulte and Brooke Singer - Swipe

    Databases, Research Processes

    Natalie Jeremijenko -Bureau of Inverse Technologies,
    Slit, Suicide Box
    Stephen Wilson CrimeZyland
    Arts Electronica Infowar
    Konrad Becker - Synreal Systems
    Eugene Thacker-Database/Body
    Natalie Bookchin
    Karen O'Rourke , ArtChivist, Paris Reseau 
    George Legrady  Pockets Full of Memories
    Sharon Daniels,Mark Bartlett - Subtract the Sky
    Simon Biggs  Babel  (shared 3d data space) 
    Shawn Brixey, Richard Rinehart, and Fabian Wagmister  - Chimera Obscura
    Andrei Savitsky - trashback
    Robert Nideffer - proxy
    Robert Niderffer, Victoria Vesna, Database explorations
    Trebor Scholz, Geer Lovink - databases, free cooperation
    All Star Data Mappers - Dataterra
    Krzysztof Wodiczko  -Interrorgative Design
    V2 Information is alive  Making Art of Databases (conferences and books)
      Galloway, Rhizome
    Carsten Nicolai, Marco Peljhan; .-Project Atol Polar

    Reflections on Science

    Sara Diamond - Code Zebra (chat interchange/game) 
    Eve Laramee - Apparatus for the Distillation of Vague Intuitions, Instrument to Communicate with Kepler's Ghost
    Todd Siler - Metaforming
    Catherine Wagner - Investigating Matter, Cross Sections
    Edward de Bonov - Lateral Thinking
    Simon Robertshaw Nature of History
    Smithsonian - Science and the Artist Book
    Gail Wight
    Christine Borland  review 
    Marta Lyall, Catherine Richards, Mark Dion (see other sections) 
    Koan-Jeff Baysa - Dark Science

    Organizations as Information Art Structures

    Knowbotics Main Site,   Main Site alt, Annoymous Muttering, IO_Dencies
    Dialogue with the Knowbotic South,
    Joel Slayton  C5
    Gregory Green -  State of Caroline
    Stephen Soreff, AGAR 
    carsten nicolai; marko peljhan  POLAR
     Code Zebra
    Sheila Pinkel Information Art

    Surveillance, Viruses 

    Julia Scher - Security by Julia, Securityland 
    Rhizome - Carnivore events (commentary of cia email monitoring sofware) - artists Limiteazero;  Joshua Davis + Branden Hall + Shapeshifter;  Mark Napierl Cory Arcangel;  Mark Daggett; Scott Sona Snibbe; Entropy8Zuper!l Vuk Cosic; Golan Levin;  MTAA;  Lisa Jevbratt; Jonah Brucker-Cohen;  RSG; the Witness; Marcos Weskamp; RSG; Area3 
    Marie Sester - Access project - track anonymous people 
    Beatriz da Costa, Jamie Schulte and
    Brooke Singe - Swipe (reads people's credit car) 
    Simon Penny - Big Five,
    Steve Mann - Reflection Events
    Paul Vanouse Security Bra
    Paul Garrin Border Patrol, White Devil, Yuppie Ghetto (**dead?)  alt site
    Joel Slayton Telepresent Surveillance
    Richard Lowenberg - Infrared Events
    Jordan Crandall - main site  Vehicle RF-7600 
    Mina Langstrom - The Chinese Room
    Christine Meierhofer - Pretty Good Privacy
    Shootback day
    Eve Laramee - A Scientific Observation of a Private Obsession
    Surveillance Camera Players
    Marie Sester
    Mary Flanagan, Phage 
    Zina Kaye &  Kate Rich  sensitive areas broadcasts** 
    TELEMATIC SURVEILLANCE  Nungu  (hypercontrol) 
    Steve Appleton - About Face (biometrics)
    Night Vision show curated by Joy Garnett (Jordan Crandall | Christoph Draeger|Joy Garnett  | Adam HurwitzBill Jones + Ben Neill /John Klima  | Joseph Nechvatal  |  JonathanPodwil  |  Radical Software) 
    Mark Bohlen - Keeper of Keys
    Panoptican online
    Jordan Crandall - body tracking

    Information Visualization

    Donna Cox  Information Visualization
    Rachel Strickland Portable Effects 
    Ron Pelligrino, Visual Music ^^
    Jack Ox Archive Rooms
    Fabrice Oehl 
    MIT- Object Based Media
    Christine Paul - Cybertopography of Hypermedia
    John Klima - earth, datascapes 
    Martine Dodge,Rob Kitchin- Cyber-Geography Research
    Gerald de Jong, Fluidiom
    Christian Kessler  - Transverser 
    Public News Network  (3D space representation of Web news sources ) 
    John F. Simon: Every Icon 
    Ikuo Nakamura - The Mirror
    Marnix de Nijs - Panoramic Acceleration
    Virgil Widrich and Martin Reinhart - tx-transform
    Mulitimind - Jan Edler project [desktop]
    Marie Senster** 
    Fumio Matsumoto Ginga, "CT" (City Tomography)
    Stanza - The Central City (algoarithmic, mix of live net and city scenes morphing) 
    Tatsuo Miyajima   Floating Time
    Haruki Nishijima Remain in Light (visualize electronic waves)
    Marc Bohlen - Refrigerator Project (visualization of heat flow)
    Knowbotics sdmk
    Jim Mason - Stock Puppetsarticle
    Lynn Hershman Lesson Syntheia Stockstalter
    W Bradford Paley - TextArc
    Daniel Sauer; Osman Khan   - We interrupt your regularly scheduled program 
    Naziha Mestaoui, Yacine Aït Kaci - 3 minutes2
    Margot Lovejoy - Turning Point 
    Johsua Frost - Glass bead game and semantic web
    Lisa Jevbratt - Troika
    John Klima - CONTEXT BREEDER

    Marcos Weskamp  - Newsmap
    Text Mining Tool

    Hacktivism/Technological Subverson

    Progressive Critiques at Applied Autonomyinstitute, interventional groups
    Center for Metahuman Exploration
    Critical Art Ensemble
    Experimental Interaction Uni
    Web-zine on information Art
    Andy Cox  - Together we can defeat capitalism
    Electronic Disturbance Theatre
    Hacktivisim mailing list
    Cult of the dead cow 
    2600 Anti-online
    pirated sites 
    Artistvist film festival 
    Daniel Young  - NewZoid 
    MassMoca - Interventionist Show

      Speech Synthesis, Voice Recognition, and 3-D Sound
    3-D sound

    Iain Mott  Talking Chair, Opera-glass project
    Brenda Laurel & Rachel Strickland Placeholder
    Christian Moeller Light and Audio Park:The 220 V partyeffect, Botschaft der Musik
    Susan Alexis Collins AudioZone
    Stephen Wilson  Father Why, Oratorio for Religious Opinion, Memory Map
    Altzero - navigational spatial music 
    Nigel Heyer'sTransit of Venus
    Naut Humon, Sound Traffic Control
    Gerhard Eckel GMD  Camera Musica
     Hugo Zuccarelli Holophonics

    Speech Synthesis & Manipulation

    Arthur Elsenaar, Remko Scha  Huge Harry
    David Rokeby Giver of Names
    Jim Campbell main site I Have Never Read the Bible
    Ken Feingold Orpheus
    Ron Kuivila  On Schedule
    Barbie Liberation Front %% 
    Don Ritter Oh toi qui vis la-bas
    Bruce Cannon speech sculptures **
    david Rokeby - Universal Translator
    Chris Robbins main site
    Iain Mott - summorned voices
    nathaniel stern - [odys]elicit (movment begest speech)
    Amy Alexander - Netsong
    Jeff Burns - Speech works
    Martin Riches  Talking Machine

    Speech Recognition

    Sharon Grace  Millennium Venus **
    Stephen Wilson  Synthetic Speech Theatre, Inquiry Theatre
    Naoka Tosa
    Liz Vander Zaag 
    Golan Levin, Zachary Lieberman, Jaap Blonk, Joan La Barbara- Messa di Voce 
    Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau Riding the Net   Living Room

      Computer Media

    Jill Scott  Frontiers of Utopia, Paradise Tossed
    Lynn Hershman  Lorna, Deep Contact
    Christine Tamblyn She Loves It She Loves It NotMistaken Identities
    George Legrady - Main Site An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War,  The Clearing,  Slpery Traces, alt site
    Peter Weibel   Curtain of Lascaux
    Sonya Rapoport  Arbor Erecta
    Marita Liulia   Ambitious Bitch
    Greg Garvey  Gender Bender
    Arno Coenen & Rene Bosma events
    Zoe Beloff media history
    Claude Closky  Do you want love or lust?
    1000 Deathclock in Paris - Miyajima Tatsuo, Tachibana Hajime 
    Perry Hoberman   The Subdivision of the Electric Light
    Majorie Franklin   Digital Blood
    Rapaport Make Me A Jewish Man    Alternative Masculinity
    Carlo Zanni a.k.a. beta 
    Grahame Weinbren Frames
    ZKM, Net_condiiton


    Susan E. Metros 
    Good Daughter
    Graham Harwood   Rehersal of Memory
    Lisa Prah   Bernadette
    Kevin & Jennifer  mccoy   Small Appliances
    Paul Badger - Cyborg Resolutions**
    Peter D'Augostino   Traces
    Mike Mosher Community Art Machines 
    Annette Weintraub Sampling Broadway
    Lev Manovich, Freud-Lissitzky Navigator



    Bill Seaman  main site The Exquisite Mechanism Of Shivers,  Watch Detail, Passage Sets,  World Generator DEAF site
    Tamas Waliczky  main Landscape. Focus, the Forest
    Erwin Redl   You me and  Truth is a Moving Target
    Shibayama Nobuhiro  Bio-Morph Encyclopedia**
    Paul Brown Red Wedge
    Joseph Squires  Urban Diary **
    Annette Weintraub  Pedestrian
    Constance DeJong, Tony Oursler, Stephen Vitiello   fr antastic prayers
    Chris Hales   The 12 Loveliest Things I Know
    Julliet Martin  Please Stay on the Line**
    Erik Adigard and David Kushmerick  Site of Hours
    Pamela Jennings - Solitaire
    Dr Hugo - Museums of the Mind
    Kursweil Poetry Generator
    netartefact - Virtual poem
    Studio Azzurro Landing Talk  Animisms 
    LA Freewaves - experimental video artists
    Jason Lewis - t's Alive!  TextOrgan

    Multi Person Events

    Toshio Iwai   Resonance of Four
    Scott Sona Snibbe  Motion Phone

    Hyperfiction / hypertext

    Wilson - Hypermedia links in the Webart links web site 

    CD-ROM Interactive Events

    Centre Pompidou CD-Rom list  (including Actualité du virtuel/Actualizing the Virtual) 
    Cornell CD ROM Art links

    Concrete Poetry Sites 

    List of Concrete poetry -The Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry   -
    Concrete Poetry index - Michael P. Garofalo -
    Natile Bookchin - Intruder
    Nio- Jim Andrews
    Poems that go
    Poems that go sound/concrete poetry links
    John Maeda - Reactive Graphics
    Media Lab - Aesthetics of Computing Group
    sound concrete poetry site 
    ubu web - 

    (See also animation links in Wilson web art pages

    Video Installation

    Elizabeth Diller & Ricardo Scofidio Indigestion
    Jim Campbell main site  ICC documentation,  Hallucinat ion**  Memory Recollection  Transformation
    Masayuki AKAMATSU  Time Machine  mainpage
    Sidney Fels  Iamascope.
    Paul Kaiser - Arrival
    Ed Tannenbaum  Recollections,  Sym-ulations,  Elastic Surgery
    Tamiko Thiel  Totem of Heavenly Wisdom
    Gary Hill
    Bill Viola(sfmoma)  main site 
    Jennifer Steinkamp
    Janet Cardif
    Nam June Paik electronic superhighway site, alt site

    VRML Environments

    VRML Art VRML art show 
    VRML 3d art stite


    Multimedia: From Wagner To Virtual Reality (On-line)   Randall Packer, Ken Jordan 
    Arte Vision: Una Historia del Arte Electrnico en Espaa (Art Vision: A History Of Electronic Art In Spain) - CD ROM 
    Video History Project
    Siggraph pioneers profiles
    Richard Rinehart - Archiving Digital and Video Medi
    Arts, Contexts, Histories (UK history of computer art) 
    Net Art timeline  (natalie bookchin)
     Idea Line (Martin Wattenberg - visual catalog  of net art works)
    RE:SEARCHING OUR ORIGINS: Critical and Archival
    Histories of the Electronic Arts - Paul Brown, Catherine Mason 
    International Database of Virtual Art
    Alt- X  curated show of web art  (History of Web Art - TECHNE - u Colorado) 


      Artist Games
    Artist Games

    Stephan Eichhorn, Tjark Ihmels ,  KP Ludwig John, Michael Touma Die Veteranenrreview
    Webster Lewin, Bill Barminksi ,Jerry Hesketh   Encylopedia of Clamps
    Jutta Kirchgeorg   Information Age
    Youn H. Lee   Land of Time
    Ilias Marmaras and Nina Vagic - Personal Cinema (wargames) 
    Jacques Servin  Beast
    Beverly Reiser  Voice Garden
    Hemner - 33 questions per minute
    Open source media art project, esc to begin
    Timothee Ingen-Housz,
    Ben Benjamin Superbad
    Blast Theory - Desert Rain (multiperson audience paprticipant game) 
    Robert Nideffer - creepy comics
    Selectparks game art archives
    John F. Simon's Every Icon
    Feng Mengbo - Ah_Q 
    Sara Diamond - Code Zebra (chat interchange/game)
    ricardo miranda zuiga  Vagamundo: A Migrant's Tale  (ice cream cart mobile game event) 
    Oliver Pietsch -Heroes  motion track 1st person shooter 
    Joesph DeLappe - wireless games
    Natalie Bookchin & Jacqueline Stevens - Agora Exchange (online colaborative game design) 
    Natalie Bookchin -  Games and links to artist games
    Natalie Bookshin, The Intruder   Metapet 

    Arteroids (literary computer game for the Web)

    Games (cont) 

    c-level, Tekken Torture Tournament,
    Anne-Marie Schleiner, Madame Polly
    Brody Condon & Anne-Marie Schleiner, Velvet-Strike
    John Klima, Tierra
    Sissyfight 2000
    Josephine Starrs & Leon Cmielewski, Dream Kitchen
    Eddo Stern, Summons to Surrender Shiek Attack*
    Bang Bang (you're not dead?)
    Mary Flannagan - Domestic,Career Moves , Phage (vius)
    Alex Dragulescu, Suspended Gardens
     // LUCKYKISS_XXX > adult kisekae ningyou sampling ^_^
    Lara Croft Stripped Bare
    The Sims
    ( links from Adriene Jenik  Course )
    Lonnie Flickinger- Pencil Whipped 
    Thomson & Craighead, Trigger Happy
     Switch hacking art


    Theory/ Organizations/ Shows

    Gamasutra game development site 
    Digital Games Research Association
    Digital Performance archive
    Bit Forms show
    Game Over show 
    Gamelab - independent game dev 

    Game Studies Journal
    Game Developer's net
    Henry Lowood course in game design with links
    Select Parks ( Independent games) 
    Future Screen 2003: Plaything (australia) 
    GameOn - UK exhibit on history of computer games
    Art of Computer Game Design - Chris Crawford - online book
    Mary Flannagan Games courses and writings
    Adrienne Jenik - Computing in the Arts Course
    Natalie Bookchin - Course

    Telephone Art/ Cell Phone

    Jim PallasDiale- vents Phoene-vents
    Disembodied Art Gallery  Disembodied Voices, Answering Machine Solution
    Heath Bunting  Kings Cross Call-in, Cybercafe  (possibly dead link) 
    Ian Pollock and Janet Silk  Museum of the Future, Area Code, Local 411, Dead Air, Radio from beyond the Grave main stie**
    Neal White?s - Telesymphony 
    Fred Forrest  Watch-Towers of Peace
    Benoit Maubrey  Celluar Buddies, Electronic Speakers Corner
    Stephen Wilson  Is Anyone There
    Nick Wray Living Garden
    Center for Metahuman Exploration Boundary  Link
    Dialtones -TelesymphonyGolan Levin
    Lance Shields Tele-phony
    Christoph Ebener  Uli Winters If you don't think this is art, call this number!  **
    Imahima **
    Teri Rueb - Open City 
    victoria Vesna - notime: cellular trans_actions
    Sergio Maltagliati& Alessandra Rossi  NextOpera (cell phone opera) Random Cell phone event
    Kevin Haywood, Myriel Milicevic - cellular gaming
    Emil Hrvatin - Miss Mobile
    Antonia Hirsch's - Lines Spoken For (voice messaging)*8
    Robert Whitman - cell phone works  samples
    Francis Alÿs/ MATRIX 145
    List of cell phone links

    Radio, TV, Wireless, Art Radio , Spectrum

    Free/Pirate Radio - Free Radio Network
    KunstRadio  Horizontal Radio, Famile Auer,Rivers and Bridges
    Acoustic Space (including artist use of old kgb parabolic antenna) 
    Ricardo Zufilga  - Broadcast Cart
    New American Radio
    Radio art mobile 
    Neil Wiernik  How To Become An Amateur Radio
    gregory whitehead, kathy kennedy, christof migone, hank bull, tetsuo kogawa, dan lander, julia loklev, helen thorington, jean frocois denis 
    Evolution 2002: PROCESS Cell phone event  **
    John Duncan - phantom broadcast 
    Mobile Radio Art
    Sommerer & Mignonneau Ikki ikki - alive via cell phones 
    Yury Gitman and Carlos Gomez de Llarena - Noderunner (wireless game) 
    Christophe Bruno - A Pain in my SSID (wi-fi pain inducer based on words on news sites) 
     Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA) - MAPTIVIST 2.0  (wireless sharing of surviellance) 
    cntrcpyô - SMS game
    Joyce Hinterding, spectrum works
     Stephen Wilson - presentation on Wireless Art - past, present, future (Cuxhaven, Germany) 
    Bas Van Koolwijk &  Derek Holzer  Ozone (feedback via electromagnetic emanations ) 
    Thomas Weyres - coding in mobile 
    Anthony Dunne and Fiona Raby - Placebo Furniture, De-Electrification Center
    Igor Stromajer - Custom Mobile software
    Wi-fi sm  -Christophe Bruno   pain inflicted by news summaries coming over wi-fi 
    Iso-phone James Auger, Jimmy Loizeau, Stefan Agamanolis 
    Christian Terstegge - electromagnetic sponge
    Wireless Art Conference  ohne_schnur 
    Joeseph DeLappe - wireless games
    Wilson - paper on wireless art

    Net Radio/TV

    VanGogh TV- Ponton European Media Art  Piazza Virtuale,  Media Bus, 
    Radio Lada, Aura Radio, Celluar Pirate Radio, Free Planet Radio, 
    Radiotopia  (ars electronica) 
    Kunstradio Soundrifter 
    Audio Hyperspace
    Radio Internationa Stadt
    Jerome Joy homestudio, Audiolab,
    AudioHyperspace list

    Telematic culture

    Roy Ascott Shanken telematic article  archetecture of cyberception

    Free Radio, Piraate Radio

    Tetsuo Kogawa Polymorphous Space


    Telecomferencing, Videoconferencing, Satlellite, Instant Messaging, Streaming and Internet (except web)

    Richard Kriesche  Telematic Sculpture 4
    Paul Sermon Main site Telematic Dreaming, Telematic Vision
    Sara Diamond - Code Zebra (chat interchange/game) 
    Brian Springer   Celluar Phone Events, Spin Satellite Monitoring, 
    Gregory Garvey  Smart Stall
    Adriene Jenik, Lisa Brenners - Desktop Theater 
    Keith Roberson  C-U-See Me Events main 
    Nel Tenhaaf   Neonudism 
    Adrianne Wortzel  Starboard
    Ebon Fisher  Wailing In the Alula Dimension
    Tina LaPorta - C-u-see-me work 
    G.H. Hovagimyan - Art Dirt 
    La Fura dels Baus  Work in Progress
    RHIZOMEBOT  Christopher Fahey. (instant messenger) 
    Shu Lea Cheang - Buy One Get One, 
    Manu Luksch, Mukul Patel, Ajay Naidu and Michael Uwemedimo - ambienttv (streaming roving theatre) 
    Switch Journal - Collaboration projects and articles 
    Jeffrey Shaw - Web of Life
    Anabel Fearson -Baudr   - chatroom intervene
    Geert Lovink - Trebor Scholz  - Free Cooperation
    Kingdom of Privacy 
    Rhizome - Carnivore events (commenary on cia email listenting software) 
    Email art show 

    Visualizing Net & Telecom Activity

    Stelarc   Parasite, Ping Body
    Project Taos  Sensorium, Web Hopper  alt page 
    Nacny Paterson, Stock Market Skirt
    Art+Com - Ride the Byte
    Ben Rubin - Net sound level event  Listening Post  
    Atau Tanaka& Kasper Toeplitz. - Global String
    Joseph Nechvatal - computer virus project
    Lisa Jevbratt - TROIKA (each pixel interface) 
    Laura Beloff / Erich Berger - Spinne (Searchbots generate sound event) 
    Linda Wallace - Love Hotel
    Chong - CrossTalk
    Chris Chafe, Greg Niemeyer Ping -Crossfade alt site
    Randall Packer, Steve Bradley - Telemusic

    Parapsychological Communication

    Kathleen Rogers  PSInetExper iments** 
    ICC Show - Portable Sacred Grounds** 
    Bill Seaman site

    Telepresence in Virtual Worlds

    Bill Seeman  World Generator Masaki Fujihata's projects


    Sherrie Rabinowitz & Kit  Galloway Electronic Cafe
    Ken Goldberg    Mercury Project, Telegarden, Shadow Server, Momento Morin  Legal Tender, Ouija 2000  alt site Tele-actor Public Keys
    Elza Mazeau merged images
    Eduardo Kac  Ornitorrinco in Eden,  Rara Avis,  Ornitorrinco on the Moon, Teleporting an Unknown State, Uirapuru
    Eric Paulos   PRoP: Personal Roving Presence, Mechanical Gaze, Ubiquitous Tele- embodiment via Blimps
    SRL (Survival Research Labs - Mark Pauline)  Lethal Experimentation, Increasing the Latent Period in a System of Remote Destructibility 
    Rafael Lozano-Hemmer  main site   The Trace, Idle Hands Fear
    Nina Sobell and Emily Hartzell  Virtual Alice Parkbench
    Michael Rodemer  About Nowin Chicago; About Here, Now
    Shawn Brixey, Richard Rinehart, and Fabian Wagmister  - Chimera Obscura
    June Houston  Ghost Watcher
    melanitis Yiannis - Pleasure Machine (control of person)
    Garnet Hertz  Interface, Doppleganger
    Rosa Trujillo Bonalo  Amazonas Interactive**
    Joel Slayton Telpresent Surveillance
    ArtLab, sound creatures
    Lynn Hershman, Difference Engine
    Moeller & Sauter, Netskin
    Fusion  - telpresence/collaboration project**
    David Rokeby - Memex
    Cassandra Lehman - vehicle event** 
    Knowbotics Research - Mental imMigration - (global telework) 
    George Coates - Crazy Wisdom Sho (callers control actors) 
    Multimind (local video, wearable network) 
    Project Combutt (linked chairs) 
    Association.Creative Bump (physical bridge transmitting actions between places) 
    Art Node, Users Club (museum web connection)
    Ivan Pope north/east/west/south (web visitors request mobile  information) 
    Adrianne Wortzel - net controlled robots
    Sommerer & Monginniueu  Life Sapcies (affect alife by email) 
    Interactive Institute.  Emotional Communication via stones
    Fabricators - CITYCLUSTER virtual-reality 
    Victoria Vesna - Cellular Trans_Actions
    Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla - Traffic  Pattern Puerto Rican Light - link with light in puerto rico. solar energy store
    Garnet Hertz - core dump (net activity of many users affect robotics) 

    Networked Performance,Dance

    Internet and Dance Project  Eurodans Sita Popat, Hands-on paper
    Helen Thorington-Adrif (network perform)
    Rieko Nakamura, Rengai-za 
    Susan Collins - In conversation (remote mouth projected on sidewalk) 
    Interface list of interactive performance
    Atau Tanaka - Frankensteins Netz
    TransDance** (telematiac performance) 
    Shibuya Suzuki, remote moppe
    Laura Knott-world wide simulatenaous dance
    Teledramatics program - CSU Monterey 
    Time's Up Closing the Loop
    Plaintext Players 
    The Association for Dance and Performance Telematics (ADAPT
    Workshop in performance telematics (ASU) 
    guide to performances on internet 

      Web Art
    Web Art Links, Competitions (Stephen Wilson)  

      Biology: Microbiology
    Heredity, Genetics & Bioengineering

    George Gessert  Iris Project, Scatter,  paradise now show Art Lifealt site
    Christopher Ebener & Uli Winters Winters main site, Ebener main site Byte
    Gina Czarnecki's -  Silvers Alter 
    Joe Davis  Microvenus Scientific American article Davis article     alt link 
    Jon Tower   Gene Room**
    Adam Zaretsky Ecoli events   main site 
    David Kremers  Kremers main  alt link
    Knut Mork Skagen   Drop of Blood
    Gail Wight main site, alt site,
    Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey main site  Mother and Child Portrait  Sunbathers** (geneitcally manipualated imagery in grass) 
    Creative Art Ensemble Genterra, Cult of the New Eve
    Gary Schneider:Genetic  Self Portrait** 
    Du Seid - Blood Lines (Out of Sight show)** 
    Eduardo Kac  Transgentic Art - GFP Bunny, Eighth Day
    Natile Jerijemko main sit  OneTree official site 
    Beatriz DA COSTA Molecular invasion  Transgenetic release machine
    Reinhard Nestelbacher  Green
    Karl S. Mihail & Tran T. Kim-Trang - Gene Genies   The Creative Gene Harvest Archive
    Future Physical - biotechnology x-change 
    Stanza - Genomixer (web mix chromosomes)  alt site
    Laura Cinti - Cactus experiments  alt site new scientist article
    Steve Miller - Protemics
    Chng Nai Wee - Biotechnics, Molleculux

    Shows, Conferences etc

    Bio-Tech Network Exchange (Banff, Futrue Physical) 
    Arts Catalyst - Clean Rooms Show
    Henry Art Gallery - Gene(sis) Show (Artists Explore Human Genetics) 
    Leonardo Art & Biology Exhibit  Art&bio bibliog
    Smithsonian Artist Book Exhibit 
    Paradise Now: Picturing the Genetic Revolution (show & commentary) 
    Genomic Art. Org ( exhibitions, gallery)

    L'Art Biotech at Lieu Unique  (Nantes, France)**
    Ars Electronica - Life Sciences (99)  Next Sex (2000) 
    Biofeel Show (Australia)
    Bioart show (02)  Biodifferences 04 (part of BEAP)
     Review of 02 ousiders art show (original website no longer has information. 

    Course Genetics and Culture Links
    Mini-survey of artists focusing on bioengineering**(Steve Wilson)
    From Code to Commodity show alt   - Ellen Levy 

    Nancy Burson - Human Race Machine 
    Thomas Grunfeld Misfit 
    Paul Vanouse - Relative Velocity Inscription Device
    Critical Art Ensemble - Beer Project with human genome implanted in yeast
    Shawn Brixey, Richard Rinehart, and Fabian Wagmister Chimera Obscura
    Catherine Chalmers Transgenic Mice Series
    Eva Sutton - Egg (program to craft bioengineering experiemtns )
    Daniel Lee - Manimals, Judgement
    Coalition of Artists and Life Forms Let it Breed -Bio Arts Gallery

    Chromosomes. DNA

    Susanne Anker - Zoosemiotics, main site  geneart interview,Celluar Script
    John Dunn & Mary Anne Clarke  DNA Music Dunn site
    Susan Alexjander and Dave Deamer  DNA Tunings
    list of dna musidna music list 2
    Kevin Clarke  Portraits
    Thomas Kovachevich  Portraits**
    Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle - Garden of Delights
    Gregor Mobius- DNA/RNA
    Jaq ChartierBlots and Dilutions,Dye Sequence
    Jan-Willem Wartena  DNA sculptures
    Marta de Menezes - Nucleart (paint with DNA) 
    Green Reinhard Nestelbacher **
    Jill Reynolds - Family Tree


    Sonja Rapoport  Transgenetic Bagel, Redeeming the Gene
    Andrea Zittel  Breeding Unit 
    Michael Spano - Scientists at Work **
    Ruth West - course on genetics/art 
    Neil White and the Soda Group - Inheritance
    Creative Time  DNAid projects (Copyright your DNA, genetic game, billboard exhibitions) 
    Arts Catalyst - Biotech Project
    Gina Czarnecki - (breed virtual humans0 
    Natilie Bookchin  Biotech course - links to essays/art Metapet (transgenic virtual pet game) 
    ruth west et al.  Ecce Homology (motion activate human genome data experiment) 
    critical art ensemble bio-life event
    rtmark - Biological Property Mutual Fund 
    Critical Art Ensemble Art Life
    John Tonkin - Meniscus & Personal Eugenics
    Cornelia Hesse-Honegger After Chernobyl  article
    Larry Miller -Genomic License No. 7
    Catherine Wagner - Still-Lifes  (reflection on reseach labs/ processes) 
    Amy Youngs - transformed cactus
    Christine Borland HeLa
    Chapman Brothers
    Neal White?s - Uncontrolled Hermetic (contamination) **
    Adrian Van Allen   Fauna
    Bill Scanga - Eighteen Frogs with Pants
    Dario Robleto-  If We Do Ever Get Any Closer At Cloning Ourselves 


      Biology: Animals & Plants

    Stephen Wilson - Protozoa Games
    Gail Wight Turb ulent Landscapes**
    Neural Primer,Spike Projects 
    Andrew Kare   Moosesc ape
    Athena Tacha  Human Body: Invisible Ecosystem
    Daro Montag - microorganism action on photo emulsion - alt site
    Nole Giulini Puppets
    Ken Rinaldo   Technology Recapitulates Ontogeny,  Delicate Balance
    val vagardson** 
    Them show
    Laura Splan events
    Felice Frankel - viruses  
    Ellen Levy - Mendels Garden (painting with bacteria) 
    Sabrina Raaf - Breath Cultures
    Frances Whitehead Virus Installation ** 
    Christine Borland video.microscope
    Lane Hall & Lisa Moline  - Parasite, Avatar  Bad Science Web Site   Criminal Animal Site 
    JosE Wagner Garcia- Frankensculpture** 
    Architecture + Urban Research Laboratory - bioluminescence 
    Jill Reynolds Family Tree II**. - (yeast sculpture) 
    Bioglyphs(paint with bioluminescent bacteria) 
    tom cross, dorothy cross - Medusae
    Catherine Watling - Temporal Manifestations  3D immersive environment explore microscopic world. 

    Acoustic Ecology

    Lief Brush  Terrain Broadcasts ,World Soundscape
    Eric Samakh & David Rokeby  Petite Terre
    Christain Muller  Growing Grass


    Hubert Duprat  Sculptures
    Etre Nature** 
    Joseph Scheer - insect scans
    Miya Masaoka  Ritual
    Marta Menezes butterfly modification 
    Mark Thompson   Bee Installations
    Garnet Hertz - fly with web server 
    Amy Youngs Cricket Call
    Nikolaj Recke Dialogue II  (fireflies) 
    Ed Tannenbaum  Bee- vision
    Garnet Hertz - Fly, Experiments in Galvanism  (fly and cockroach with embedded web servers, cameras) 
    Yasushi Matob, Hiroshi Matoba  Micro Friendship .video interface to insects


    Philip Ross
    Richard Lowenberg  Secret Life of Plants**
    Laura Townsend  Treo Grafte**
    Katsuya Nishimori Plant Sculpture
    Kathryn Miller - Seedbombs
    Birgit Kratzheller The Wind Cradle , Pataters
    Huong Ngo  "Moss Bulbs"**
    Chris Drury  Time Capsule, maini site 
    Tony Bellaver  Woodland Recovery Project,  Green Thoughts**
    Ola Pehrson Yucca online trading
    Natural Resources Show**
    Botanica Show**
    Kaoru  MOTOMIYA  California Lemmon sings a song main site
    Victor Grippo  Analogia **


     Eduardo Kac & Ikuo Nakamura 
    Essay Concerning Human Understanding 
    Bonnie SherkPublic Lunch
    Joseph Beuys  I Like America
    Carsten Höller -Loverfinches House for Pig & Man, Lax Clothes
    Ken Goldberg et al Infiltrate (reconstruct fish point of view) 
    Ken Rinaldo - Augmented Fish Reality
    Rachel Rosenthal   The Others
    Symbiotica - rat neuron connection
    Newton  Harrison    Shrimp Farm, Fish Farm, Hog Pasture
    Ann Hamilton   Dissections, Privations & Excesses, Reciprocal Fascinations
    Sam Essterson - ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, VIDEO (animals with video cameras) 
    Ted Purves  Art & Biology
    Marc Bohlen Advanced Perception
    Brandon Ballengée  fish/amphibian art/research 
    melanitis Yiannis - Biomusic (animal music)
    Natalie Jeremijenko - OOZ 

    Brandon Ballengée - melamp, recliming species, 
    Tiffany HOLMES    Follow the Mouse main site
    Diana Domingues, Robotic Snake
    Jim Nollman, Communication experiment with white whales


    Hans Haacke Grass Grows, No Mans' Land  linksbibliography
    Joseph Beuys   7000 Oaks
    Newton & Helen Harrison  Lagoon Cycle, San Diego Meditation, Breathing Space
    Nancy Holt  Sky Mound
    Patricia Johanson   Leonhardt Lagoon
    Agnes Denes   Wheat Fields,Tree Mountain
    St ephen Barron  main site
    Superflex  Supergas
    Laurie Lundquist, Lagoon Project
    Brandon Ballengée - melamp, recliming species, 

    Ecology & Art Resources 
    Shaffer and Anderson photos of 9 year ritual projects
    art science nature weblinks blog
    9 Mile Run List of Reclammation Art
    Serpent's eye links
    Ghost Net LInks
    Green Arts bibliographylinks
    Getty ArtsEdNet (environmental arts links)
    Women environmental artists links
    Ecovention (timelines) 
    fundwildnature (ecology based art funder) 
    Leanring Stone links

    Alan Sonfist   Time Landscapes
    Buster Simpson  Tide is Out**,Host Analog
    Peter Richards  Acid Mine Reclammation **
    Ozone Watcher (screensaver) 
    Ozone  stephan baraon sound installation
    Betty Beaumont   Ocean Landmark, Decompression
    Doug Buis Digital Gardens, Earth with Protective Cove 
    Andy Goldsworthy - reflections on  natural systems.   smithsonian article 
    JosE Wagner Garcia  Amazon
    John Isaacs - The Turning Point (effects on animals) 
    Steven Badgett and Matt Lynch  Clean Living (self sustaining environment) 
    Future Physical - ecotechnology
    Bonnie Sherk
    Brandon Ballengée  fish/amphibian art/research ecology 
    Aviva Rahmani Ghost Net
    Erica Fielder "The Gesture Of Return"   main site 
    Yolanda Gutierrez, "Santuario", (recycled materials refuge sea birds) 
    Ingrid Koivukangas installations and eology 
    John Klima - earth, datascapes 
    Natalie Jeremijenko OneTree Project 

    Mark Dion    A Tale of Two Seas,  The Garden of Earthly Delight ** picture**  Watson garden roundup 
    Alexis Rockman   Mud Drawings, Concrete Jungle
    Sara Lewison Fat of the Land
    Anya Gallacio
    Soleri Arcosanti
    Joyce Campbell - Bloom (microbe testing) **
    Robert Punkenhofer  - Ariticial Island
    ramon guardans, adolph mathias, mathias gommel  - algorithmic echolocation (visualize co2 cycles)
    Transnational Temps - Ozone Watcher (screensaver showing ozone levels) 
    Kim Abeles -  Smog Painting

    Restore Damaged Land 
    Lynne Hull -
    Herman Prigann, Water Levels (reclamation) mainalt site
    Tim Collins & Reiko Goto   Nine Mile Run

    Reclamation/ experimental technology
    Mel Chin   Revival Field
    Georg Dietzler - musrhoom soil reclame 

    Recycling /Garbage

    Steve Bradley  mainalt site 
    Mierle Laderman Ukeles Manifesto: Mintenance Art , Touch Sanitation, Flow City, 


      Body & Medicine
    Electronic & Electromechanical Stimulation, acoustic shock

    Stelarc Stomach Sculptures, Amplified Body, 3rd  Hand, Stimbo, Net Control Antunez Roca   EpizooV2,Leo gallery,
    Arthur Elsenaar & Remko Scha  Varieties of Human Expression, Huge Harry, Institute for Artificial Art
    Stahl Stenslie and Kirk Woolford  main site CyberSM, Inter_skin
    Knut Mort et al   Sense:less, Solve e Coagula
    Bob Flanagan 
    Fleshbiz - business of the flesh 
    Phillip Warnell, Ric Allsopp -  Shock (video of body response to acoustic shock)  main site
    Christophe Bruno - A Pain in my SSID (wi-fi pain inducer based on words on news sites) 
    The Centre for Metahuman Exploration. paradise home site

    Flesh & Blood

    Orlan  main site
    Susan Stryker  Anarchorporeality Project**  article
    Eduardo Kac  Time Capsule, A Positive
    Laura Splan events (blood, medical) 
    Elizia Volkmann Phat Media Blast** 
    Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen Breed, Tickle, Notnot, Etickle
    Aaron Gach   Tactical Magic
    Oliver Irwin **
    Joan Fontcuberta Hemograms
    Nita Sturiale blood magnetics

    Body Modification, Bionics

    Fakir Musafar
    Body Modification Ezine
    Orlan  main site 
    Break21body artists (Marijan Crtalic, Kira O'reilly,  Dietmar Bruckmayr, Niko Raes ) 
    kevin warwick - body embedded chips
    ReSearch Modern Primitives
    Christophe Luxereau - Electrum Corpus
    J.Holt   Transhuman


    Dodd & Ursitti, sciart link olfactory portraits
    leslie hill helen paris- on the scent 
    Jenny Marketou, Smell  Bytesalt site
    usman haque - Cents of Space
    Kunstraum-Innsbruck, Invisible Touch show
    Olfaction, memory, and emotion (show focused on smell (A.L. Drezner, Jessica Higgins, S-, Andrea Torres, Diane Jackson,  Peter Hopkins, Erika Knerr, Ginger Andro, Chuck Glicksman, Catya Plate; Koan-Jeff Bays,a curator)** 

    Concordia Senses Conference

    Physiology of Voice

    Mike Edgerton Speech experiments


    Jack Ox   Virutal Color Organ - Gridjam
    Dr Hugo 

    Brainwaves, Heartbeats, Breath, & Biosensors, Cognitive

    David Rosenboom   On Being Invisible
    Ulrike Gabriel  Terrain_02 : Solar Robot Environment for Two
    Paras Kaul   Mind Garden, other shows
    Werner Cee & Horst Prehn   Braindrops
    Nina Sobel  Brainwave Drawing Game
    Bruce Gilchrist & Johny Bradley  SleepEvent
    Janine Antoni  Slumber
    Sylvia Pengilly   Brain music
    Akitsugu Maebayashi    Hypersynch
    David Rokeby - Memex
    Seiko Mikami    Bo rderless Under the Skin
    Char Davies  Osmose, Ephemere
    Catherine Richards   Spectral Body, Charged Hearts
    D. Everitt CubeLife
    Sabrina Raaf - REM Static
    StephenJones, Brain Project
    Darij Kreuh & Davide Grassi Bra nscore
    Iso-phone James Auger, Jimmy Loizeau, Stefan Agamanolis 
    Space of the Psyche 
    Nita Sturiale- thoughtflow
    Christopher Janney, Heartbeat
    Ansuman Biswas, Self/Portrait Wired article
    Sharon Daniel, Strange Attractors
    Atsuhito Sekiguchi   Connecting RE- Body Body Scanning ,homepage (japanese only)
    Masayuki Towata and Yasuaki Matsumoto Body Suspension Events** 
    Interactive Institute,Smart Studio  Brainball
    Frank Fietzek Schmarotzer - Parasites** (heat detection) 
    Teresa Wennberg Brainsongs,Welcome to my Brain
    Nancy Nisbet biochip implants
    Seemen - heartbeat activated robotics
    Joe Davis, esp. poetica vagina 
    Barney Haynes Symbiont
    Sawad Brooks and Urapong Amornvivat Emotional Lighting Systems
    Mel Alexenberg, sculptor  biofeedback** 
    David Atherton, homeopathic artist** 
    richard kreiesche - brain main site
    Gene Cooper, brain-body interface
    Paul Earls, MIT dreamscape** 
    Lynne Sanderson - Somnolent Fantasies
    Garnet Hertz Galvinism experiments
    susan rankaittis neurosurgery works
    Alexander C. Shkolnik, Guy Ben-Ary, Thomas B. DeMarse, Iain Sweetman, Phil Gamblen, Ionat Zurr, Oron Catts, Steve M. Potter 

    Brainwaves, Heartbeats, Breath, & Biosensors, Cognitve (cont)

    - MultiElectrode Array Art (MEART)  Devices controlled by cultured brain cells 
    Art and Cognition Web Conference
    Tom Sapsford, Honey Brothers - Hypnos (performance) - sleep/hypnosis 
    Sal anderson, emma crichhton-miller, roz mcCarthy - eye see - visualize brain disorder 
    giles lane, andre kolling,  mark Lythgoe - joubert syndrome -mapping perception
    Jonny Bradley and Bruce Gilchrist  Thought Conductor   primiteives and eeg
    brainwave/weather links

    Body Imaging

    Paul Vanouse  Items 1-2,000: A Corpus Of Knowledge On The Rationalized  Subject
    Steve Miller   Representation with Identification, Johanne
    Patrice Caire   Cyberhead
    Victoria Vesna  Bodies Inc
    Mariela Cádiz, Kent Clelland. -levantate 
    Eva Wohlgemuth   BodyScan
    Justine Cooper - RAPT mri 
    Samuel Bianchini and Peter Hanappe If I were U
    Erich Berger, Patricia Futterer and Sandy Stone   Cyborg Detector
    Chapman Brothers   Mannequins
    Virtual Explorer**
    Out of Sight Show ** 
    Tamiko Thiel Metamorphoses
    justine cooper Transformers/Raft 
    Mona Hatoum Corps étranger
    Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau - Picoscan (body scan influence alife form) 

    Medicine, Hospitals, Bodily Fluids, Death
    Eve Laramee   Celluar Memories
    Alexa Wright   Taking Our Medicine,Transplant.**Breakthrough
    Louise K. Wilson
    Colleen Wostenholme   Pill Sculptures
    Marta Lyall   Reconstruction Installations
    Franko B   I'm Not Your Babe,
    César Martìnez Silva   Las Transpiraciones del Desgaste installations
    Inigo Manglano-Ovalle Banks in Pink and Blue (sperm cryogenic preservation) 
    Diana Domingues  trans-e   homesite 
    Gail Wight  Emotonil
    Richard Stanford  Reconstructing Death, Programmed Cell Death
    Nina Czegledy, Digitized Bodies
    Ars Electronica Life Sciences, Next Sex
    Melinda Rackham    Carrier
    Ann Chamberlain - vital signs, genetic fingerprint 
    Jean-Gilles Décosterd &  Philippe Rahm Melatonin Room
    Wim Delvoye - Cloaca  (Digestive system simulation) 
    Out of this World Monteal Biennale show 
    Lifemedic system** (Singapore) 
    Joan Fontcuberta - Hemograms
    Margi Geerlinks, Twins, Mirror
    Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle - Banks in Pink and Blue (bodily fluids) 
    L'autre monde/Out of This World 'death' exhibition
    Blood/Brain Barrier Show - Koan Jeff Baysa, Dominique Nahas 
    Coventry medical arts show
    Wellcome trust medical art
    Medicine as Metaphor - ICC show 


    Gregory Fischer - tissue sculpture
    Neil Theise, Jane Prophet - Cell (virtual/web commentary on cell processes) 
    Tissue Culture & Art, Symbiotica stem cell projects, If Pigs Could Fly,  Fish and chips (fish neurons activated robotic drawing arm) 
    Gina Czarnecki, Human Stages


      Algorithms, Art & Mathematics, Genetic Art, Artificial Life
    Algorithmic Art, Code

    Roman Verostko
    Ken Musgrave
    George Legrady
    AlgoArts Links 
    PARC Algortithmic Art Show
    Pioneers of Algorithmic Art

    Charles Csuri
    Iota Organization - Archives of Visual Synthesis (Larry Cuba et al) 
    Andrew Noren (historical abstract animation) 
    MIT Aesthetics and Computation - John Maeda, Tom White, Golan Levin, David Small, Bill Keays, Joanna Berzowska - main
    Ade Ward Signwave Auto-Illustrator
    Computational Aesthetics
    Golan Levin Floo Meshy
    International Society For Mathematical And Computational Aesthetics
    casey reas - bitforms
    Manfred Mohr - 3d motion etc
    Artists working with algorithmic generation - Martin Sperka,Frieder Nake, Raymond Lauzzana, Peter Beyls, Gerd Doeben-Henisch** 
    Turing Train Terminal - Severin Hofmann, David Moise 
    Jason Lewis - Dynamic Poetry
    Robert Nideffer - agent based art 
    Read_me software art show 
    3-d forms - lin Hsin Hsin
    Nio  (synchronized graphic/audio) 
    read_me show - Programming as art 
    John Simon  interview
    Christiane Paul -Whitney - Code Show 
    Shirley Shor & Aviv Eyal - architechtural algorithmic art
    brody condon - c0a0
    Thor Magnusson - ixi software
    Fishwick - aethetic computing  digital worlds

    Art & Mathematics 

    Stuart Dickson 
    Brent Collins  , alt site
    Carlo Sequin
    Helaman Ferguson   alt site  interview
    John Sullivan
    Donna Cox
    Manfred Mohr
    Brian Evans
    David Auburn Proof (a play)
    BRIMS Art & Math Project **
    Sito Math Art Gallery
    4-D Website** 
    Math & Art Web links
    Transcendal Math Art Gallery **(fractals, ray tracing, knots) 
    Bit Art Archive
    Mathematica Gallery
    Bridges 2000: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science. Southwestern College 
    ISAMA 2000:  SUNY/Albany 
    Math & Art essays
    Mathematics & Sculpture links
    International Society of Arts, Mathematics & Architecutre  (list of conferences 98-04 & other resources )

    Fractal Art

    Clifford Pickover 
    Art by Math 
    Yahoo Fractal Listings
    Fine Arts Forum List

    A-life Sculpture

    Ken Rinaldo The Flock, Autopoesis
    Joel Slayton   Telepresent Surveillance
    Simon Penny   Petit Mal
    Louis-Phillipe Demers & Bill Vorn  Scavengers
    Yves  Klein  Scorpiobot, Lady Bug, Octofungi** 
     Reva Stone -  Carnevale 3.0
    Erwin Driessens and Maria Verstappen Breed, Tickle, Notnot, Etickle
    Louis Bec  Hypozoologie alt site 

    Theory Related to Artificial Life  & Genetic Art
    Simon Penny "Darwin Machine" article on artificial life 
    Edward Shanken paper on ALife "Life as it Could Be
    Ken Rinaldo paper on ALife** 
    Thomas Ray paper on"Evolution as Art"
    Latham&Todd  "Evolutionary Art & Computers
    Nell Tenhaaf   "As Art Is Lifelike" 
    Mitchell Whitelaw  Metacreation

    Genetic, Evolutionary, Complexity, and Organic Art

    Sever Tipei, James Bohn - Manifold Music
    Tom Kemp - Partilce Painter  (generative images simulating charged particles) 
    Genetic Art,Alife, and Music Web Galleries 
    Soban generative art 
    t0links, musgrave links**, mlewis links, Italian links,** 
    Francesca de Santis - insects
    Marc Lafia - Ambient Machine
    antoine schmitt - the nanomachine
    Penousal Machado - NEvAr
    Ethan Bordeaux, Ben Recht, Noah Vawter and Brian Whitman - Concrete Music
    Francisco Javier Fernndez Herrero -
    Artificial Architecture, 1.0
    Conplexity Art Show 
    Emergence (generative art conference) 
    GA 2000: The 3rd International Conference on Generative Art and Design   Milan, Italy 
    Marc Downie, Paul Kaiser, Shelley Eshkar - Loops (motion capture and aglogrithms)
    Generative Art Conference
    Complexity - Art and Complex systems art show  (curated by Ellen K. Levy and Philip Galanter) Includes artists - Manuel Baez, Jonathan Callan, Remo Campopiano, Nancy Chunn, Janet Cohen, Philip Galanter, Frank Gillette, David Goldes, Hans Haacke, Paul  Hertz, Ellen K. Levy, Brian Lytle, DaroMontag, Jack Ox, Daniel Reynolds, Marianne Selsjord, John F. Simon Jr., Karl Sims, Nell Tenhaaf, Steina Vasulka, Woody Vasulka, and Leo Villarea )

    A-life Art

    Thomas Ray tierra  alt site
    Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau  A-volve, picospan GENMA, Phototropy, Life Spaces II
    Jane Prophet Technosphere (**?)  main site 
    Karl Sims    main stie
    Michael Grey  Jelly Life** 
    Troy Innocent  Iconica,
    Nell Tenhaaf
    Jon McCormick  Turbulence
    Julien Maire  DEMI-PAS  
    Rebecca Allen  Bush Soul 
    john tonkin  body works
    Ulrike Gabriel  Perceptual Arena
    Tsuneya Kurihara  Dolphins 
    Scott Draves Electric Sheep
    Transnational Temps (Andy Deck, Fred Adam and Veronica Perales) - Novus Extinctus
    Chen Chu-Yin - Quorum Sensing
    Daniel Mange - Biowall 
    Haruki Nishijima-Remain in Light
    Diane Ludin - Avatar/agent art
    Richard Brown  Biotica     alt site
    Willy LeMaitre and Eric Rosenveig  Appearance Machine
    Ken Feingold  The Head
    Paul Brown Sandlines
    Perry Hoberman, Roc Parés and Narcís Parés, LightPools
    Lynn Hershman Rosetta 
    Mauro Annunziato & Pero Pierucci - Main site, Plancton -alife instrument 
    Paul Hertz  Prairie, Criadero
    Scott S. Fisher, Michael Girard,  Susan Amkraut Menagerie
    Peter Broadwell, Rob Myers, Rebecca Fuson  Plasm:Yur Mug
    Michael Tolson  Las Menias** 
    William Latham  Evolutionary Images
    Iota Organization
    Life Drop
    Swimmers/ Darwin Pond
    SingleCell collection of a-life forms 
    Leonel  Moura - Swarm Paintings ; On the Implicit and the Artificial
    Stephen Rooike - Evoloutionary Art
    Nik Gaffney
    Eidea alife environment
    Craig Reynolds Boids
    Sharon Daniels Alife-info works

    Eduardo Fuentesal Escudero, Pedro Diaz del Arco (Sculptor Zeta Cluster)  -  Dadatron


     UCLA Show, ECAL97**
    VIDA Artifical Life Art Competions (1-6)
    Santa Fe Links


      Atomic Level Physics, Nanotechnology
    Atomic & Molecular Level Physics

    Shawn Brixey Alchymia, Instruments of Material Poetry, Aurora, Celestial Vaulting,Eon (sonoluminescence)    main site
    Banayoun, quarxt, alt site
    John Duncan - The Crackling
    Anthea Maton Art & Physics Education
    Scripts Molecular Graphics Show 
    Bettina Brendel  Molecular Visualization
    Marina Koraiman Signatures of the Invisible Superstrings
    Tom Kemp - Partilce Painter  (generative images simulating charged particles) 

    Nuclear Science

    James Acord  Hanover Monument
    Kim Stringfellow Safe as Mother's Milk 
    Steve Hartzog - main site
    Peter D'augostino Traces
    Cornelia Hesse-Honegger After Chernobyl 

    Victoria Vesna /Jm Gimzewski - Zerowave
    Alexa Smith
    Karl Bohringer and Ken Goldberg  Invisible Cantilever
    Kurt Kohl  Nanorobotic images** 
    Jennifer Steinkamp
    Charles Ostman 
    Steve J. Oscherwitz 
    Felice Frankel  On the Surface of Things
    Robert A. Freitas  Nanomedicine Art Gallery
    Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignonneau  - nanoscape
    UCLA/LA County Musuem  nanoculture show 


      Natural Phenomena - Non-linear Dynamic Systems, Water, Weather, Solar Energy, Geology, Mechanical Motion
    Non Linear Systems - Chaos

    Exploratorium  Turbulent Landscapes Show
    ICC  Sensitive Chaos
    Ned Kahn Main SiteTornado, Fluvial Storm,
    Sculpturesat Exploratorium, alt site1 
    ronald warunek, conplexity

    Sky, the Winds, and the Weather, Climate

    Project Taos  Sensorium
    Walter De Maria Lightning Field
    Gene Cooper Lightning/body events
    Amy Youngs - Alchemical Bloom
    Patrick Clancy, Writing Machine
    Sei Makoto Watanabe - Fiberwave 
    En el Cielo (skywriting) 
    Dance of the Auroras---Fire in the Sky - Choreographer Maida Withers, artist 
    Tania Fraga, composer Oystein Sevag
    Jon McCormick  alife w/links to weather 
    Natile Jerijemko  One Tree
    jeremy hight - right as rain (narrative connected to weather in 20 cities) 
    John Duncan - Infrasound (barometric measurements, seismic data, tidal readings}
    Andrea Polli - atmospheriecs/Weather Works
    Ozone Watcher (screensaver showing ozone levels) 
    Stephan Barron - weather in various sites
    Research Station for Antartica 


    Solart Global Network
    Jurgen Claus
    Christina Kubisch Clocktower Project
    Robert  Mulder  & Kristi Allik  Skyharp
    Seth RiskinSketches of Rainbow Man
    Dance of the Auroras-
    Alex and Martha Nicoloff Spectralwave
    Arts Catalyst  Eclipsing the Millennium
    Therese Lahaie Solar Sculptures
    Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla -  Puerto Rican Light - link with light in puerto rico. solar energy store
    Charles Ross Solar Burn 
    Ernie Althoff: Heliosonics  (solar instruments)
    Bruce Gilchrist, Jo Joelson and photographer Anthony Oliver  Polaria  (Greenland change from 24 hour day)

    Natural Phenomena - Oceans, Moving Liquid

    Peter Richards and  George Gonzales  Wave Organ** 
    Stephen Wilson  Ocean Merge
    MIchael Brown  Meanderings
    Paul Matisse  Frame of Harmony**
    Alex Wilkie  ph sensing umbrella **
    Sally Webber Threshold of A Singularity   Alignment
    Paul Sermon & Andrea Zapp - Body of Water
    Lewis Alquist Fickle Oracle
    Sam Bower - Moisture
    Andy Goldsworthy - snow/ice
    Pam Davis Taylor Column
    Athena Tach water works
    Joan Lederman Sediment based glazes
    Leonardo Virtual Africa Water Project
    Yuki Sugihara - water membrance image projection
    Jose-Wagner Garcia &  Paulo Roberto Martini - Amazing Amazon : Esthetique Evolutionnaire
    Michael Roedemer Water based works
    Nodoka Ui Wave Rings


    Sonia Sheridan Time Concepts

    Electromagnetic Spectrum, Auroras

    Eric Orr - Electrum Tesla Coil
    NINA CZEGLEDY - Aurora Universalis
    Anna Hill  - Auroral Synapse
    aelab giesele trudel - Sparks (based on Tesla) 
    marie jeanne musiol - Kirlian photography
    Craig Baldwin - Spectres of the Spectrum
    ELECTRA AND MAGNETICUS conference (Montreal)
    brian thomas carroll  - Electromagnetic Education Initiative  story of electromagentism

    Mechanics -- Oscillation, Pendulum Action

    Thomas Shannon Nothing Magnified**
    Normal Tuck  Art Machines
    Anna Valentina Murch Chaotic Chains 
    Michael Rees - Sculptural User Interface
    Soda Group, Constructor 


    Eve Laramee Eroded Terrain of Memory
    Joerg LenzlingerBlooming Saltgarden
    Al Jarnow  Terraforms
    Gloria Brown Simmons Oceanet, Visualization of Tectonic  Features
    John Holland - Seismic Waves, Cosmic Wave
    Rachel Rosenthal Pangaean Dreams
    David Rogers - earthquake simulator
    Ken Goldberg, Randall Packer, and Wojciech Matusik Mori alt site
    Jon Roloff
    LorOlafur Eliasson  - Geyser influenced art (Iceland)
    Lorella Abenavoli seismic music**
    Gillerman,Terry sun/moon 
    jean pierre aube - vlf earth magentics based sound
    Bill Thibault, Scot Gresham Terrain Reader
    Florian Dombois, Auditory Seismology
    Martyn John Fogg - Terraforming Pages  Richard Brook Cathcart   Responsive Super sculpture
    Robert Dell - Geothermal based works  Thermal Gardens**

    Fire, Magnetics, Explosives, Chemistry, Materials Science 

    Heather Mcgill & Stan Axelrod Magnetic Field Patterns**
    Nick Bertoni and Maggi Payne  Flame Speaker**
    Bill Parker Turbulent Business
    Juanita Miller Point of Criticality
    Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelf and Richard Chartier - Coccyx (chemo-luminescent) 
    Evelyn Rosenberg, Detnographics
    richard Brown - Preservation of Entropy
    Julian LaVerdiere - Cryongenic Bed 
    Chemistry & Art Show(Hyle journal) (David Clark ;Blair G. Bradshaw ;Paula Levine ;Brigitte Hitschler ;Christopher Puzio ;Gabrielle Hattesen ;Erich Fllgrabe ;Tamar Schori ;Cheryl Safren ;Lane E. Last)
    Strange Matter exhibit
     Bradshaw - Indeterminancy
    Toshiya Tsunoda - Monitor Unit for Solid Vibration
    Paula Levine - Bible Battery As if the laws were maleable
    Ronald Warunek, Chemical Painting
    Richard Lerman
    Ted Krueger
    Lane Last - Seconds before release;The Cabinet of the Blind Alchemist 

    Sha Xin Wei-  Topological Media
    Ted Apel - Potential Difference
     Rachel Wingfield - Digital Dawn (responsive window blind) 


    Rapid Prototyping Sculpture
    Christain Lavigne Essay "La sculpture numerique"  main site  alt site
    Richard Collins - stereolithography   for sculptors
    Andrew Werby -Computer Sculpture Links
    Dan Collins 
    Cyberarts show "Mind into Matter"
    Derrek Woodham
    Roxy Paine SCUMAK No 2 
    Karin Sander  1:10 
    Anthony Padgett Winged Figure, Circle of Figures
    Michael Rees
    Tom Longtin
    Keith Brown, Arghyro Paouri, Masaki Fujihata 
    Sheldon Brown, Istoria


      Space Art
    Space Art Organizations

    OURS Foundation exhibitions 
    Journal Leonardo Space Project
    Ars Astronautica organization - links, projects, papers
    International Organizations of Space Artists
    Brief History of Space Art - Arthur Woods 
    Space Art Bibliography
    Olats Leonardo workshops
    Outsiders Space Art Show
    Space and the Arts Database (Leonardo) 

    Space Painting/Photography

    Leah Lubin - Cosmos Paintings
    Jonathan Feldschuh  - observatory based painting
    Space Art Gallery** 
    Leah Gilliam: - Agenda for a Landscape

    Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)

    Richard Clar Spaceflight Dolphin
    Rob La Franais The Incident Conference 
    Seti conference on messages - seti org 
    Douglas Vachoch Communications with extraterrestials
    Encoding Altruism - Conference on art & science of extraterrestial communication 
    OLATS (Observatoire Leonardo des Arts et des Techno-Sciences), SETI conference
    Matthew Hurley - UFO Art 

    Views from Space

    Pierre Comte  Signature Terre** 
    Tom Van Sant  GeoSphere

    Art Viewed from Earth

    Pierre Comte Dialogues with Space** 
    Joe Davis - Aurora** 
    Pauline Oliveros, Scott Gresham-Lancaster - Echoes from the Moon 

    Art Executed in Space and Weightlessness

    Arthur Woods Cosmic Dancer
    Kitsou Dubois Gravity Zero, Arts Catalyst conference & gravity art project  Leonardo Article
    Charles Wilp and Burkhard Bratke Michaelangelo Project (international space station)** 
    Arts Catalyst/V2/Leonardo Zero Gravity projects MIR Collaboration v2 site  Arts Catalyst site
    Ansuman Biswas Diary of a Flight

    Conferences, shows 

    EXTREMOPHILES: Surviving in Space
    Olats/Leonardo Space Conference
    Space arts Conference
    Outsiders Space Art Show

    Conceptual and Electronic Works

    Richard Kriesche ARTSAT 
    Jean-Marc Philippe Minitel Project,Keo
    Ezra Orion  Milky Way Sculpture
    Charles Ross Solar Burn
    Nancy Holt  Sun Tunnels, Annual Ring, Dark Star Park 
    Anna Hill - works 
    Arthur Woods Seeds 
    James Turrell  Roden Crater
    Janet Saad-Cook Sun Drawing 
    Stephen Hughes - Asteroid Colissions
    Richard Clar - arttechnology site collissions2, 
    Michael Heivly  Terrain Sculptures
    Lowry Burgess Boundless Cubic Lunar Aperture
    Steven Hartzog Nukes
    Pauline Oliveros, Scott Gresham-Lancaster - Echoes from the Moon 
    Marko Peljhan, Makrolab -Aurora project
    Zina Kaye. - Contact Song
    Space Architecture
    OPEN SKY  Ewen Chardronnet (repurposing soviet radio telescope) 
    Michel Redolfi, Earthsounds


    GPS (Global Positioning System)
    Iain Mott Sound Mapping
    Paula Levine - Shadows
    Masaki Fujihata  Proposal of Impressing Velocity FieldWork 
    Laura Kurgan - You Are here
    Teri Rueb  Trace, The Choreography of Everyday Movement" , Drift 
    Stefan Schemat, Osmotic Minds**  Water
    Jeff Knowlton, Naomi Spellman,Jeremy Hight  - 34 NORTH 118 WEST 
    Hugh Pryor and Jeremy Wood,  GPS Drawing
    Marek Choloniewski  GPS-Trans Sound Map of Krakow
    Marc Tuters - gps works
    Warren Sack - Conversation Maps
    Projekt Atol Communications Cyborgs for Urban Survival  Clunes
    Andrea Di Castro Drawing with Global Technologies
    Stephen Wilson  The Telepresent
    David Rokeby - Memex
    Daniel Jolliffes GPS Experiments** 
    Tom Bonauro, John Randolph, and  Bruce Tombs  Gnomon** 
    Joel Slayton  GPS events 
    Takuya HOSHI    spatial memory architecture 
    Oliver Flexman - tracking people/webcameras **
    GPS Drawing Project 
    Ingrid Koivukangas  gps/ecology


    Rudie Berkhout
    Holos Gallery - holographic art gallery 

    Art in Holography Symposium (Nottingham) 
    Center for the Holographic Arts

    Holography art links
    Yahoo Holography art links
    Search the Light ** online catalogue 
    Holography [

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