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  • Introduction to Emerging Research Areas of Interest to Artists (Technological & Artistic research in GPS,Biotechnology, Biosensors, Materials Science, Wearable Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, etc)
  • Bibliography focused on intersection of art, science, technology, culture(Stephen Wilson)

  • Compiled by Stephen Wilson, Professor, CIA Program , Art Dept, San Francisco State University
    ###Note these links are part of the research for Wilson's book Informati on Arts (MIT Press,2003). Please see the book formore details about the artists, organizations, and texts listed in these links and for extended analysis of the relationship of art and research.  The links are constantly being revised and suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to use these resources but please attribute source. Copyright, 1999-2004 Stephen Wilson.

       Artists Organizations, Institutes, Journals, Magazines, Science Resources

       Art  - Science/Technology Sponsors, Competitions, Academic Convergence Programs/ New Funding Initiatives

       Portals Blogs - links to technology & art sites

       New Tech E-zines and Organizations

       Art Science/Technology Collaborations
    ***For a detailed analysis of these and other art/technolgoy/science synthesis 
    structures, see Michael Century's "Pathways to Innovation in Digital Culture
    Also Michael Naimark Rockefeller foundation study on alternative structures

       Resources/Conferences in Particular Emerging Technology Areas

       Educational Programs

       Internet culture/ cyberculture theory links

    Sites exploring relationships of humanities/arts/science

       Research Centers
    knowledge ecologies, network devices and document services, emerging document types, smart matter, information fabric
     List of Projects    Aspect-Oriented Programming, The Bayou Project, Digital Libraries, Digital Video Analysis, Dynamics of Computation,
    Fluid Documents, High Performance Sensor Arrays  for Digital X-ray and Visible Light Imaging, HTTP-NG, Human-Computer Interaction,
    Human Vision Model, Image Understanding, Interactive Information Services, Internet Ecologies Area, Inter-Language Unification -- ILU,
     Internet and World-Wide Web Overview, Machine Learning in Information Access, MagicLenses, Map Documentation, Model-based Computing,
    MEMS, MEMS-based Active Control of Macro-Scale Objects, Metaobject Protocols, Nanotechnology, Natural Language Theory and Technology,
    Open Implementation, PAIR: "PARC Artist In Residence Program", Smart Matter, Sparrow Community-Shared Web Pages, User Interface Research,
    Work Practice and Technology   Xerox PARC forums
    • MIT Media Lab.
      • Inquiry Areas(Perceptual Computing, Learning & Common Sense, Information & Entertainment)
        Projects:  Aesthetics and Computation, Affective Computing, Computers Seeing Action, Electronic Publishing, Epistemology and Learning,
        ,Explanation Architecture, Gesture & Narrative Language, Interactive Cinema, Machine Listening, Machine Understanding, Media and Networks,
        Micromedia, News in the Future, Nanoscale sensing, Object-Based Media, Opera of the Future, Personal Information Architecture,
        Perceptual Intelligence, Physics and Media, Sociable Media,Society of Mind,  Software Agents, Spatial Imaging Speech Interface Group,
         Synthetic Characters, Tangible Media, Visible Language Workshop, News of the Future Group
    • Interval Research  (now defunct)
      • Signal Computation, Tangible Interfaces, Human Studies, Reconfigurable Computing, Demographic / Lifestyle Studies, New Media Experiments,
         Home Media Tools, Portable / Wearable Devices, Digital Home Entertainment Systems, Electro-optic and Mechatronic Design,
         Social / Domestic Communication, and New Graphic Architecture 
    • ATR(Japan) Media&Communication Lab
      • Reconstruction and Creation of Communication Environments, - Communication Support, Mental Image Expression and Transmission,
        Human Communication Process, Art & Technology Project, Enhancing human-machine communication technologies
          Human  Information Processing Lab HIP  Spoken Language Processing, Visual Information Processing,  Mechanisms for Information Generation and Integration 
    • Microsoft New Technology Research 
    Adaptive systems and intelligence, collaborative and Multimedia Systems - Natural Language Processing, 
    Speech Technology, Telepresence, User Interfaces, Virtual Worlds, Vision Technology, Sensecam, socio digital systems , continuous audio logs

       Patent Resources

       Science / Technology Magazines and E-zines

       Emerging Technology News Sources/ Alternative Science Ideas and Tools

    Gadget Web Sites

    • the-gadgeteer links  (including many below)
    • The Obsessive Gadget Blog
    • GadgetSpy
    • Engadget Engadget
    • TechLore
    • Gizmag
    • HipTechBlog
    • Gizmodo
    • he Gadget Blog
    • Daily Gadget
    • Coolest Gadgets
    • Preview Gadgets
    • Gadgetwhore


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