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Bibliographies in Art&Science, Descriptions of Emerging Technologies, Critical Theory and Analysis of the Relationship of Technology and Culture, Technology and Cultural Implications of Computers

CD/IA booklist 1995

Programming, HyperCard, Macintosh, &ampc., Technical, Computer Games, Computers and Art, Technical, Robots, Artificial Intellegence and Artifical Reality, Telecommunications and Networks, Technical, Hypermedia, Multimedia, Technical, Contemporary & Conceptual Art , Cultural Theory, Communication, Semiotics, Media, Technology, Design and Interface, Technical

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Digital Video links - quicktime, mpeg

Hypermedia, Interface Design Theory

Internet links -  web publishing at sfsu, html guides, internet guides, www searching guides

Art/Tech links - experimental art projects, organizations, theory

Ermerging Technology  links - GPS, Biotechnology, Biosensors, Materials Science, Wearable Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, etc.

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