Interventions/Context Critique

Survey of Artists Exploring Genetics
Stephen Wilson, Conceptual/Information Arts, Art Dept, SFSU

Critical Art Ensemble

Biotech projects
(Flesh Machine, Cult of the New Eve, Genterrra)
(Interventions that explore the political and economic structure of bioengineering.  Flesh machine invites visitors to check whether they are qualitified as donors - blood is taken, dna is analyzed and samples are frozen.)

Creative Time

(Multiple projects:  Copyright your DNA, coffeecups, genetic game (Bookchin), billboard exhibitions (Rockman, Burson) 





Hexterminators information site

Monsanto project, Artists for Responsible Genetics
(Mutant street theatre, interventions at professional meetings)

Other Projects and Groups

Heath Bunting & Natalie Jeremijenko     Biotech Hobbyist Magazine.

Bureau of Inverse Technology    Half Life, Sperm Economy;  (bid on sperm based on qualities of the donor)

Larry Miller     Genomic License  (transfer of genomic rights, collection of samples).;  Finger Exercise/Transplant; Genetic Code Copyright Certificate (copyright protection for one's own genome)

Neil White and the Soda Group    Inheritance

rtmark    Biological Property Mutual Fund

John Tonkin - Meniscus & Personal Eugenics

Cornelia Hesse-Honegger After Chernobyl  article

Gail Wight     Hereditary Allegories, other projects

Sonja Rapoport  Transgenetic Bagel, Redeeming the Gene

Cornelia Hesse-Honegger After Chernobyl  article