Organizations and Government Efforts

Encouraging Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology

OLATS (L'Observatoire Leonardo des arts et des technosciences)  - in Paris - Ministry of Culture -  Annick Bureau - Pioneers and Pathbreakers, Virtual Africa, Space Institute

Example:  Conference on Composing Messages for Extra-Terrestials


Artists in the Lab in Zurich - Swiss government - Rene Stetler and Jill Scott

Artificial Life, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Databases, Ethics, Ecology, Global Information Systems, Interactive Sculpture, Microbiotics, Micromontage, Microrobotics, Models of Communication and Abstraction, Nanoscience, Plant Cultures, Physics, Radiology, Robotics, Scientific Visualization, Solar Technology, Synchrotron Light Research.


ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie - Karlsruhe - museum, research center


Hexagram - Montreal - private and public money - Charles Halary

 Example: Wearable Computing


European Cultural Backbone - Common Market attempt to fund art/media experimentation


Ars Electronica - Linz, Austria - Theme Shows, Prize, Research Center

Code Show - Programming/Scripting as cultural language

Interactive Institute - Sweden - Network of research centers - ubiquitous computing, games, interactive theatre

Example:  Brain bar - mix drinks by brain waves

Arts Catalyst - London - Conferences/ Research Projects


V2 - Rotterdam