Essays on Emerging Technologies & Art

  • Research as a Cultural Activity (invited editorial published in London Times) (4k)
  • Dark & Light Visions : The Relationship of Cultural Theory to Art that Uses Emerging Technologies - (72k) Dark & Light Visions abstract (4k)
  • Excerpt from proposal "Potential Contributions of the Arts to Research Agendas in Ubiquitous Computing and Gesture Recognition"
  • The Aesthetics and Practice of Designing Interactive Computer Events - (44k) Aesthetics of Interaction abstract (4k)
  • Art as Research - (21k) Artist.researcher abstract (2k)
  • Myths and Confusions in Art, Science,Technology (paper presented at CAA, NYC, 2000)  20k
  • Noise on the Line: Issues in Telecommunications Art (17k) Noise abstract (2k)
  • Research and Development as Source of Inspiration for Artists (44k)
  • Artificial Intelligence Research as Art(40k)
  • Designing the Web of the Future (25k)  Designing web future abstract (2k) Keynote speech presented to Hong Kong International Web Symposium, 1997
  • List of Publications in print

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