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    Compiled by Stephen Wilson, Professor, CIA Program , Art Dept, San Francisco State University
    ###Note these links are part of the research for Wilson's new book Informati on Arts (MIT Press 2001). Please see the book for more details about the artists, organizations, and texts listed in these links and for extended analysis of the relationship of art and research.  The links are constantly being revised and suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to use these resources but please attribute source. Copyright, 1999-2001 Stephen Wilson.

    Art Festivals, Competitions, & Shows

      Ars Electronica
  • ARS ELECTRONICA home page Prix & Festivals   Page for the Prix
  • Ars Electronica Symposia and Shows
  • Future Lab (Projects in Residence) Projects

      Ars Electronica Interactive Winners
    David Rokeby  - 'n-cha(n)t' 
    Ranjit Makkuni - The Crossing Project: 'The Crossing: Living, Dying and Transformation in Banaras' 
    Rafael Lozano-Hemmer - 'Body Movies - Relational Architecture No. 6' 

    Luc Courchesne  - The Visitor: Living by Number 
    Volker Morawe - PainStation
    Hay Young - Body-Brush: An Interface Where Aesthetic and Technology Meet
    Crispin Jones - An Invisible Force 
    Ryota Kuwakubo - PLX
    Golan Levin, Scott Gibbons, Greg Shakar, Yasmin Sohrawardy, Joerg Lehner, Joris Gruber, Erich Semlak, Gunther Schmidl  - Dialtones (a telesymphony)
    Yasuhiro Suzuki; - Digital Stadium
    MEET Autorenwerkstatt Bonn Development Workshop - FX Factory
    Tetsuya Mizuguchi - Rez
    Atau Tanaka, Kasper Toeplitz - Global String
    Synthetic Characters Group - Alphawolf
    Michael Saup & Supreme Particles 

    association.creation "bump" 
    Carsten Nicolai, Marco Peljhan; Artlab Canon Inc.-Project Atol "polar" 
    Haruki Nishijima; IAMAS : "Remain in Light" 

    Signwave Auto-Illustrator Ade Ward Signwave 
    Camera Musica Gerhard Eckel GMD - Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik 
    Floating Eye Hiroo Iwata University of Tsukuba
    Rakugaki Keiko Takahashi Japan Electronics College 
    Brainball Smart Studio The Interactive Institute 
    you think therefore I am Magali Desbazeille, Siegfried Canto Fresnoy, studio national
    des arts contemporains 
    zgodlocator Herwig Weiser 
    Autopoiesis Kenneth Rinaldo Emergent Systems 
    Spatial Sounds Edwin van der Heide, Marnix de Nijs 
    Schmarotzer - Parasites Frank Fietzek
    RainDance Paul de Marinis 

    Rafael Lozano-Hemmer-   Vectorial Elevation, Relational Architecture #4
    Golan Levin-   Audiovisual Environment Suite
    Institute for Applied Autonomy-  GraffitiWriter
    RoboCup Federation

    Naoko Tosa- Unconscious Flow
    Andrea Zapp- A Body of Water
    Orit Kruglanski- As Much As You Love Mev
    Michael Bielicky- DAS ZIMMER MIT AUSSICHT
    Jason E. Lewi- The ActiveText Project / TextOrgan
    Tomoko Ueyama- Watashi-chan
    Rania Ho- Free Range Appliances in a Light Dill Sauce
    Masamichi Udagaw - Designing Experience
    Hart Laurent - Borderland
    Istvan Kantor- Intercourse
    Jim Campbell- Experiments in Touching Color2000

    Difference Engine 3 - Lynn Hershman USA 
    Landscape One - Luc Courchesne (Canada) 
    Systems Maintenance - Perry Hoberman USA 

    Easel - Daniel Rozin USA 
    Dispersion - Eric Paulos USA 
    NYC Thought Pictures: Memories of Place - Russet Lederman USA 
    Descartes oder die Einsamkeit der interaktiven Skulptur - Beate Garmer D 
    TRACES - Simon Penny USA 
    metaField Maze - Bill Keays, Ron MacNeil CDN 
    Augmented Reality Fiction - Stefan Schemat D 
    Scanner++ - Joachim Blank, Karl Heinz Jeron D 
    Sound Creatures Canon ARTLAB:- Kouichirou Eto J 
    HAMSTER - symbiotic exchange of - Christoph Ebener, 
    hoarded energy - Frank Fietzek, Uli Winters D 
    HAZE Express - Christa Sommerer, Laurent Mignonneau A/J

    Maurice Benayoun/Jean-Baptiste Barrire (Frankreich) "World Skin" 
    Christian Mller (Deutschland) "Audio Grove" 
    Peter Broadwell/Rob Myers (USA) "Plasm: not a crime" 
    Stephen Wilson (USA): "Crime-Z-Land"
    Tams Waliczky (D): "Focus" 
    Akitsugu Maebayashi (J): "Audible Distance" 
    Scott-Sona Snibbe (USA): "Boundary Functions" 
    Iain Mott/Mark Raszewski / Jim Sosnin (AUS): "Sound Mapping" 
    Jim Campbell (USA): "Simultaneous Perspective" 
    Rafael Lozano-Hemmer / Will Bauer (E): "RE: Positioning Fear"
    Christoph Ebener / Uli Winters (D): "Byte" 
    Rachel Strickland (USA): "Portable Effects: A Survey of 
    Nomadic Design Practice" 
    Joseph Michael (GB): "Holodeck" 
    David Small / Tom White (USA): "A Poetic Interactive Garden" 
    Lisa Prah (USA): "Bernadette"


    "Music plays Images x Images play Music" 
    Toshio Iwai / Ryuichi Sakamoto (J) 

    "Border Patrol" 
    Paul Garrin / David Rokeby (USA/CA) 

    "The Invisible Shape of Things Past" 
    Joachim Sauter/Dirk Lsebrink (D) 

    Honorary Mention 

    KP-Ludwig John/Bertram Quosdorf (Deutschland): "Ottos Mops (trotzt)" 
    Mark Madel (Niederlande): "Jewelry Box" 
    Jon Berge (USA): "Life Journey" 
    Tamio Kihara/Toshihiro Anzai (Japan): "Moppet" 
    Knowbotic Research (Deutschland): "Anonymous Muttering" 
    Bill Barminski/Webster Lewin/Jerry Hesketh (USA): "The Encyclopedia 
    of Clamps" 
    Kazuhiko Hachiya (Japan): "Seeing is Believing" 
    Die Veteranen (Deutschland): "Venetian Deer" 
    Marita Liulia (Finnland): "ambitious bitch" 
    Jutta Kirchgeorg (USA): "The Information Age" 
    Stefan Zeyen (Deutschland): "Akt (Ein Portrait des Knstlers)" 
    Arthur Elsenaar/Remko Scha (Niederlande): "On The Expressive 
    Possibilities Of ...." 


    Global Interior Project 
    Masaki Fujihata 

    Motion Phone 
    Scott Sona Snibbe 

    Louis-Philippe Demers & Bill Vorn

    Honorary Mention 

    Hiroo Iwata - "Cross-active System" 
    Hachiya Kazuhiko - "Inter Dis-communication Machine" 
    Harwood/ARTEC - "Rehearsal of Memory" 
    Elizabeth Goldring /MIT - "Eye to Eye: Interactive Cybervision 
    Environments for the Visually Challenged" 
    Knut Mork/Kate Pendry/Stahl Stenslie/Marius Watz - "sense:less" 
    Erwin Redl - "Parallel Mesmerization of Eleven Blondes and 
    Eleven Brunettes by Two Computers" 
    Silver - "Resident" 
    Ronen Mintz/Brian Duggan/Jason Ditmars/Bridge Interfaces - 
    "Virtual Wheelchair" 
    Ken Feingold - "where i can see my house from here so we are" 
    Michel Redolfi et Luc Martinez / CIRM - "In Corpus" 
    Nobuya Suzuki - "Three men three legs" 
    Knowbotic Research - "Dialog with the Knowbotic South" 


    Ehrenpreis fr das Gesamtwerk 
    Tim Berners-Lee 

    Binary Ballistic Ballet 
    Michael Saup

    Passage Sets/ One Pulls Pivots at the Tip of the Tongue 
    William Seaman 

    Las Meninas 
    Michael Tolson 

    Honorary Mention 

    Maurice Benayoun (F) 
    Peter dAgostino (USA) 
    Franz Fischnaller (I) 
    Peter Grucza (CDN) 
    Lynn Hershman (USA) 
    Mogens Jacobsen (DK) 
    Mihoko Kosugi / Asuhiko Ando (J) 
    Webster Lewin (USA) 
    Rafael Lozano-Hemmer / Will Bauer (MEX) 
    Jon McCormack (AUS) 
    Christian Mller (D) 
    Kirk A. Woolford (USA) 


    Christa/Laurent Sommerer/Mignonneau 

    Kinoetic Evolution 
    Loren Carpenter 


    Honorary Mention 

    Max Almy / Teri Yarbrow (USA)
    Edward Elliott (USA) 
    Friedrich Frster (D) 
    Michael Girard / Susan Amkraut (USA) 
    Richard Kriesche (A) 
    Wolfgang Krger (D) 
    Brenda Laurel / Rachel Strickland (USA) 
    George Legrady (USA) 
    Patti Maes (USA)
    Christian Mller (D) 
    Christian Mller / Rdiger Kramm (D) 
    Catherine Richards (CDN) 

       SIGGRAPH - Art shows at International Computer Graphics Meetings 

       ISEA- International Symposium of Electronic Arts

    (ICC InterCommunication Center Tokyo center for new arts - journal,database,shows) 

       Digital Salon Shows (sponsored by School of Visual Arts NYC - SVA)

       International Academy of Arts and Science (Sakane)

    V2 Organization - Symposia, Exhibitions, DEAF (Dutch Electronic Arts Festival)

    ZKM - Exhibitions, Museum, Research 

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