Image from Center for Ultraviolet Astronomy
Image from Center for Ultraviolet Astronomy

Cosmology,Astronomy, SETI, and Space Science

Researchers are investigating the origins of the universe and looking at it using a variety of modes besides visible light.  They are trying to understand the nature of exstraterrestial environments, microgravity and the effects on human biology.  They are exploring the possibilities of intelligence in places other than earth.

Astronomy/ Cosmology Links

AstroWeb Consortium (master list of astronomy resources)
Center for Ultraviolet Astronomy
Yahoo astronomy & space listings
General Relativity Site
NASA Electromagnetic Spectrum Site
Exploratorium - Cool Space Science Sites
Popular links to the frontier of physics
SkyView Virtual Observatory-telescope.wavelength
Multiwavelength Milky Way
Cambridge Cosmology (big bang, gallaxies, strings, relic radiation, etc)
Cosmology: A Research Briefing on Cosmology Research
Scientific American: Making Sense of Modern Cosmology
Brief History of Cosmology
Cosmology Essays (magazine essays on variety of topics)

Cosmology & Culture

Alexandria - Cosmology, Philosophy, Myth, & Culture
The Website Experimentation (particle physics, cosmology & spirituality)
Philosophy, Cosmology & Consciousness (College of Integral Studies program - inlcudes links to essays)
History of Astronomy: Topics: Cosmology, Cosmogony, Gravity and Relativistic Astrophysics (University of Bonn)
Culture, Astronomy and Cosmology (Science , Technology and Society Studies)
Philosophy and Physics links      (General + Causality + CP Violation + Interpretation
of Quantum Mechanics + Spacetime Structure + Time  Norman Redington-MIT)

Search for Extraterrestial Intelligence

SETI Institute - The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence
ABC Are We Alone? (summary news report)
Study of nature of possible communication with exterrestials (Douglas Vachoch SETI Institute)
Yahoo list of SETI research sites

Space Science, Gravity

NASA frequently-Asked Space Science Questions ( Physics and Space | Astronomy | Aerogel | Low-Grav Science | | Space Images | Engineering | Astronauts )
Gravity Links
NASA international space station site
Body Science: Zero Gravity (Discovery Channel)
Marshall Space Flight Center - Science in Low Gravity
Annotated Course of Study - Science - Gravity

Space Science, Exobiology

NASA the Problem of Space Travel: gravity, life support, propulsion, etc
American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology
Biozone: Space Biology  (extensive links)
Astrobiology At NASA

Alternative Science Resources

Bill B's Weird Science Page: Antigravity
Anomalies and Alternative Science
Alternative science in wilson listings of organizations and resources

Space Art Links

The OURS Foundation (Ars Astronautiica)
Space Art News (sometimes published as part of Journal Leonardo).
The I.A.A.A. - the International Association for Astronomical Arts
Ars Astronautical (sponsored by Swissart Network) available at
Dr. Fiorella Terenzii (music based on star positions)
Novaspace (galleries of space inspired art)
Chesley Bonestell Archives (space art publications from 1888-1986).
Leonardo Space Art Project

Stephen Wilson - Links to Artistic Experimentation with Space Technology

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