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Agents, Synthetic Characters

An Artificial Intelligence technology that creates smart software that learns a user's needs (either through observation or instruction) and then pursues the user's goals.  Examples include network savvy agents who search the net trying to find academic or consumer resources.

Links to agent / artificial character research and companies

UMBC AgentWeb Agent Page (includes tutorials, links)
Agents97 list of links
Agents97 conference
Yahoo list of companies selling agents
P.Doyle list of research projects to develop intelligent synthetic characters
Artificial Character Research Links
Avatar Research (Visual Representations of Intelligent Digital Entities)
Avatars Conference
Intelligent Software Agents (CMU links)
NetWatch Top Ten - Intelligent Agents / Information Agents

Artist Work

Stephen Wilson - Links to Artistic Experimentation with Emerging Technologies (agents, ai)

OZ Project   Joseph Bates (dramatically sophisticated agents including emotion)
Stanford Virtual theatre Project
Brenda Laurel research on Agents review and commentary on agent article from book Art of Computer Human InterfaceNotes on Characters, Agents, and Narrative Play  In Defense of Anthropomorphism

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