Stephen Wilson "Excursions in Emotional Hyperspace"

Computer Speech & Recognition

Investigations of speech recognition and speech synthesis 

Research on Voice Recognition and Synthesis

Speech Research Sites (both synthesis and recognition)

CMU FAQ on computer speech   (synthesis, recognition, understanding)
Survey of Human Language Technology - CMU
Bill Buxton Review of Speech Research
Speech Research Sites  UK master list of web lists of research sites
Speech at CMU - Carnegie Mellon University's information resource on speech research)
STAR Speech Technology and Research Laboratory (SRI - Stanford Research Institute)


Kurzweil Voice Recognition on the Web
Yahoo's list of Voice Recognition Products
Yahoo list of voice recognition research
Scientific American: Talking with Your Computer
Voice Recognition Report -
 FAQ - comp.speech.users


Yale-Talking Heads Links to Research & History of Talking Machines and Electronic Speech Synthesis
Yahoo list of Speech Synthesis Sites (research and commercial)
Speech Toys Home page
History of Speech Synthesis (U of Indiana)
Speech Synthesis Systems (overview of available systems - Jon Iles)

Artist Explorations of Voice Technology

Stephen Wilson - Links to Artistic Experimentation with Emerging Technologies
Stephen Wilson "Excursions in Emotional Hyperspace"  (Mannequins sensed movement of viewers and responded by telling their reactions to being in exhibit)

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