Stephen Wilson- Is Anyone There Art installation in which computer called 5 payphones every hour for a week

Computer Telephone Integration 

Exploration of ways computers and telephone systems can be integrated - includes topics such as smart answering machines, unified messaging systems, automatic voice response systems, smart forwarding systems, lifetime telephone numbers, intelligent call centers, and telephone mediated groupware. 
Stephen Wilson "Is Anyone There" Art 
installation in which computer called 5 payphones 
every hour for a week.

Research & Development Focused on Computer Telephone Integration

CTI Primer
Computer Telephony Journal
CTI - Introduction
Computer Telephone Integration Introduction (Andrew Grygus)
Telephone, Fax, Internet Phone and Computers ( CTI ) (The Computer Information Center )
The New IVR: (Intelligent Voice Response) (Convergence Magazine)

Artist Experimentation with Computer Telephone Integration

Stephen Wilson - Links to Artistic Experimentation with Telephones

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