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Logo from U of Konstanz Hypertext resource site 


Hypermedia is an approach to organizing information that stresses its non-linear and interconnected nature.  Researchers are attempting to understand how to facilitate people's ability to use and authornon linear information structures.  The field also studies the interrelationships of various media types.

Links to Hypermedia Research

Yahoo Hypermedia category
Hyperizons - hypertext fiction site
Hypertext resources site at University of Konstanz
ACM SIGWEB (ACM Special Interest Group on Hypertext, Hypermedia and the Web)
New Review of Hypermedia Main Page
Hypertext FAQ
Memex and Beyond Web Site (bibliographies, archives, projects)
Bowerbird hypertext research search engine

Links to Artistic Experimentation

Stephen Wilson - Links to Artistic Experimentation with Computer Media
Eastgate Systems, Inc (Hypertext literature site)

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