Wireless Tab unit from PARC ubiquitious research
Wireless Tab unit from PARC ubiquitious research

Ubiquitous-Embedded Computing/ Tangible Bits/ Activated Objects

Researchers believe that information technology will eventually become "invisible" parts of our total environments;  it will be everywhere (ubiiquitous) and the objects of life will communicate in intelligent ways. 

Ubiquitous Computing/ Tangible Bits/ Pervasive Computing

Marc Weiser Ubiquitous Computing home page at Xerox PARC
Ubiquitous computing company description of ubiquitous computing
Some Computer Science Issues in Ubiquitous Computing
Research on Ubiquitous Telepresence
MIT Media Lab Tangible Computing (link information with physical objects) Ishii/Ullmer Chi Paper
Media Lab Things That Think Consortium
Professor Warwick implantable location chip
IBM Pervasive Computing Pages   IBM White Paper on Home Networking  IBM Links
HomeRF Wireless Working Group
Donald A. Norman- Human-Centered Design     Invisible Computer Table of Contents
IBM Systems Journal Issue on Pervasive Computing (1999)   Turning Pervasive Computing into Mediated Spaces (W. Mark)
Pekka Ala-Siuru (Finnish ubiquitous computing artist/researcher)
Ubiquitous Computing News
eBiquity  (news about pervasive computing)  eBiquity links (research, publications,etc)
Ubicompinfo links (extensive categorized list -  Wearable Computing, Augmented Reality, Telepresence, Tangible Bits, Roomware, Cooperative Buildings, Information Appliances, Proactive Computing, Amorphous Computing, Digital City, PUI, User Experience Design, Pervasive Computing)
 Mobile and Wireless Computing (WWW Library list of links)
 Journal on Personal and Ubiquitous Computing

CooolTown project (HP)
Hal: The Next Generation Intelligent Room (MIT)
TecO Home (The Telecooperation Project University of Karlsruhe)

Artists & Ubiquitous Computing

Rich Gold (Xerox PARC) essay "Art in Age of Ubiquitous Computing"
Steve Wilson  links to artists working emerging technologies

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