Wearable Computing

Researchers are studying ways of incorporating information technologies into everyday clothes.  Some research even seeks to power the computers by the static electrical energy generated by walking.

Links to Information about Wearable Computing

MIT Wearable Computing Page (links, intros) 
International Symposium on Wearable Computing
Wearables Fashion Show Tokyo
Context Awareness in Wearable Computing
Augmented Reality
Steve Mann Wear Cam WearComp site - humanistic intelligence
U of Washington HITL Lab Links to  Wearable Research Projects
Research Directions in Wearable Computing (Billinghurst)
U of Washington HITL Guide to the Literature of Wearables
Article "Contrasting paradigms for the development of
 wearable computers"  (IBM Systems Journal)
 Wearable Computing Resource Page (Brian Rudy)
Georgia Tech (Wearable Motherboard t-shirt)
 Wearable Computing Research  (University of Oregon)

Nomadic Radio

Artist Activity with Wearable Computing

Steve Mann (Wearable cameras, Interrogable Art)
Stephen Wilson - Links to Artist Experimentation with Emerging Technologies

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