Brain Research 

Scientists are trying to understand how the brain functions and how brain functions can be sensed, represented, and manipulated.  They are exploring the possibility of brain-ewuipment interfaces.  Some are investigating the relationship of brain and mind.

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Links to research on brain functioning

Neurosciences on the Web - links
Neuroscience Resources for Kids (good introductions)
Yahoo neruoscience links
(Scripps Institute research on pyschopharmacology)**
Brain Research Co. (excellent links to neuroscience and biotechnology)
IBVA brainwave analyzer

brain research center - RIKEN Japan.
Whole Brain Atlas - Images of the Brain

Neurology background.html
Consciousness Research (R. Hernegger)
Brain Briefings Home Page  Research Index of Knowledge, Simulation of Human Memory, Creativity, Perception
Brain Research Home\app - electronic simulations and interface devices
An Internet Review: The Compleat Neuroscientist Scours the World Wide Web
Brain-Computer Interface Links (Toby Howard)
Mind Uploading
Consciousness Studies: Conference
Conference - Enigma of Consciousness

Artist Experimentation with Brain Research

Stephen Wilson - List of Artists Experimenting with Biology and the Body

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