Chemical & Biological Warfare:  Sites exploring new developments that use biological and chemical technologies for military purposes.  Exploration of technical and political implications. biohazard.logo

Links to research in chemical & biological warfare

Biological warfare project

Cal poly Bio Warfare Site

Chemical bioloical warfare defence Military Agency

Jim Planke's NBC links  chemical warfare, biological warfare,

 THE CBIAC's Homepage

 the chemical and biological warfare project

 BioWar links (Dutch)

 PBS Frontline: plague - report on biological warfare

FutureWar (Airforce paper) Future Studies

 21st Century Soldier

 Other Sites of Interest - bio and chemical weapons

Darpa research priorities

 Article: The Specter of Biological Weapons  (Scientific American: December 1996)

 Biological Weapons (Federation of American Scientists)

 Chemical Warfare Agents

 CBRNE - Biological Warfare Agents from Emergency Medicine / Warfare - Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear And Explosives
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