Emerging Research Areas

New biology  Extra-sensory phenomena 
Animal Consciousness  Brain Function 
Medical technology  Touch, Taste, and Smell research 
Biosensors  Artificial life 
Materials Science 
Nanotechnology  Electroluminescence 
Piezo Crystals  Rapid Prototyping 
Extensions to Computing 
Artificial Intelligence  Agents 
Gesture recognition  Wearable computing 
Hypermedia  Information visualization 
Ubiquitous Computing  Intelligent home 
Intelligent hi-way  Virtual Reality 
Speech recognition & synthesis  Robotics 
Inspectable movies  Intelligent Image Recognition 
Groupware  Computer-Telephone Integration 
Surveillance & , ID technologgies, remote sensing 
Bar codes and auto ID  GPS (geographic locating systems) 
Astronomy & Space Science 
Cosmology  Extra -terrestial intelligence 
Non visual astronomy 
Alternative Energy & Ecology 
Superconduction  Solar Energy 

Research has become a critical center of cultural development.  It is important that artists become active in monitoring and shaping frontier areas of research.  This site is devoted to providing resources so artists can learn about important areas of emerging technological and scientific research.  Two papers elaborate this theme in more detail:

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