Web Camera Links

Stephen Wilson, Professor, Art, Conceptual/Information Arts Program, San Francisco State University
Information about the Conceptual/Information Arts program    (415) 338-2291  Wilson web page

Artist Web Cam Installations

art in general - Coming to You LIVE  (Ian Burns, Francis Carlow, Saskia Holmkvist, Kimberly Miller, Ola Pehrson, Andrea Polli, Katya Sander)
Markus Kison -  Roermod-Ecke-Schönhauser (web camera images projected on 3d models)
Ken Goldberg et al  Tele-actor (audience votes on actions to be taken by a wireless enabled human surrogate) Telegarden,  Too Close for Comfort (surveillance of free speech plaza - Berkeley)
STanza  Central City  (webcamers and fragmented images/sounds)
Eric Paulos    PRoP: Personal Roving Presence   (roving video robots under internet visitor control)
Diller, Scofidio, Refresh    ( multiple web camera scences some of which are staged and some real)
Stephen Wilson   50 points of Light (simultaneous views of 50 places in the world)
Tina LaPorta - VOYEUR_WEB  (matching of blue print with live web cams - archive version)
 Wolfgang Staehle Empire 24/7  (Empire State Building homage to Warhol)  http://live.thing.net
Adriene Jenik, Lisa Brenners - Desktop Theater (who create spontaneous theater with cuseeme videoconferencing contexts
Keith Roberson   main
Open Directory  Webcam spoofs
 Icepick: Cool and to the Point
 Dislocation of Intimacy
Christa Erickson's Web Cam installations
Steve Mann  Reflection Events
Multicultural Recycler
Cheryl Sourkes - Live from the Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas
BlueScreen -  streamScape ( hybridised images world webcams)
Markus Kison - Roermond-Ecke-Schönhause
Janet Cardiff - Eyes of Laura  (surveillance web cam & blog)
exonemo  -  The Road Movie  (constant updates make origami image)
Susan Collins - Fenlandia (build image from one pixel a second)  images of loch
valery grancher - Cybertime
Simon Biggs - IDFone  (consolidated image of remote and local)
Theresa Senft (on webcamming, micro-celebrity, and performance in everyday life)

Web Camera Indexes

Yahoo Directory of Web Camera Links
Google Web Cam Index 
Alex webcamera links
Earth Cam links
BBC Web Cam Index
123 cam (list by continent)
Cams, Cameras, Web Cameras, (by state/country)
Web Cam Index
EarthCam - We Never Close (by category, wierd, science, animals, scenic, office - includes porn)
Michael's List Of International Outdoor Web Cams (extensive by country)
WebCam Central (by location or category)
Web Cams - Leonard's Cam World - Web Cams (airport, college, us, international)
JASBITS Top5 netcams - webcams homecams girlcams and MORE!!! (divided into porn and family-safe)
 Daniel's Live Cameras (Indoor/Outdoor  US/International)
 WOW! World Of Webcams (by country/ poll of most popular)
Webcamgo  (new one every few seconds)

Web Cam Central - sorted by category
Around the World in 80 Clicks
Miscellaneous Cameras - Index
Yahoo - Animals, Insects, and Pets
Yahoo- Parodies
Random Camera

LA Car Live Cam

Critical Essays

Ken Goldberg - chapter 1 "Introduction: The Unique Phenomenon of a Distance" from Robot in the Garden (book on Telepresence)
Luisa Paraguai Donati, Gilbertto Prado - Review article "Artistic Uses of Webcam on the Internet"
Watch Me! Webcams and the Public Exposure of Private Lives - Critical Essay - Art Journal

Technical Resources - Conferencing Software, Web Camera Software

We have a copy of Oculus that can be used with the Mac OS
Insturctions for setting up Oculus are at this location -http://userwww.sfsu.edu/%7Einfoarts/cdmain/Tele/webcaminstructf/webcam.instructions.html
Link to Oculus download and info site

NuSpectra offers a freeware web cam 2.2 for PC at   TrueTech
Pure Mac list of web cam software for Mac http://www.pure-mac.com/webcam.html  (good list shareware webcam)
A list of web camera software is available at http://developers.webcamworld.com/slist.html
Simply best shareware list of web cam software
About.com  How to Set up a Web Cam
cuseeme reflector site http://www.rocketcharged.com/cu-seeme/
cu-see-me official white plains software
cu -Central - reflector sites
cu- cool site (reflectors, download free version)
cu world 

Streaming Video Services

possible   blip.tv, vimeo.com ,  youtube.com

PC webcamera software

File Transit list of web cam shareware for Windows - http://www.filetransit.com/category.php?id=181
Pure Mac list of Macintosh web cam shareware - http://www.pure-mac.com/webcam.html
camarades     http://www.camarades.com/
ivisit       http://www.ivisit.com/download.htm
matti Tiainen - List of links to web camera software

Macintosh USB camera drivers

MacCam free driver   - will enable to Coolcam (loaner cameras)

Dynamic DNS service
DyDNS  (allows visitors to find camera that has changing DHCP IP address)

Other Related Sites (Satellites, Devices)

Earth and Moon Viewer
Earth View.shadow earthmap
Yahoo - - Devices Connected to the Internet
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