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  • Bibliography focused on intersection of art, science, technology, culture(Stephen Wilson)

  • Compiled by Stephen Wilson, Professor, CIA Program , Art Dept, San Francisco State University

    ###Note these links are part of the research for Wilson's books Informati on Arts (MIT Press 2002) and Art,+Science Now (Thames & Hudson, 2010).  Please see the book for more details about the artists, organizations, and texts listed in these links and for extended analysis of the relationship of art and research.  The links are constantly being revised and suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to use these resources but please attribute source. Copyright, 1999-2009 Stephen Wilson.



    Ars Electronica  Current & Past Winners Prix  archives (net vision & digital communities)
    (** see detailed listings of artists at bottom of page)
    2007 Prix Ars Electronica Digital Community Prizes 
    2006 Prix Ars Electronica Digital Community Prizes
    2006 Prix Ars Electronica Net Vision Prizes

    Siggraph 2003 web expo
    Siggraph 2002 Art Site - Web Art
    Siggraph2001 Art Site - Web Art
    Siggraph2000 Art Site - Web Art
    Siggraph99  Art Site - Web Art
    Siggraph98  Web Art

    ISEA98 Web Art**
    ISEA98 - Web Art  Cafe Internet  - top 20 web sites **
    ISEA97 Web Art **

    Rhyzome commissions   2007  2006 

    Webbys 2003,  (art and other categories)
    Webbys 2002, 2001,2000,1999 arvchives

    Digital Salon Home site
    7th,8tyh,9th digital salons

    Japan Media Arts Web Competition 

    Museum Based Shows

    Whitney - Bitstreams Show
    Whitney -  Air Port
    Whitney - Code Doc
    Whitney - Idea Line (Martin Wattenberg - visual catalog  of net art works)
    Whitney - 2002 Biennial

    Walker - adaweb archive
    Walker - bits and pieces - list of projects
    Walker Museum - Shock of the View
    Walker Museum - Net Art Shows/Projects,/Entertainment Network

    ZKM Net Condition Show  ZKM Net Condition Links
    ZKM (Karsltrube Media Academy) Web Projects  Alt Site

    010101 - art in technological times  (San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)
    Crossfade (experimental web sound events)

    PORT: Navigating Digital Culture - net art show at MIT Museum

    Machida City Museum (Japan) net art shows
    Tate s net art commissions
    Nabi (Korea) - digital storytelling show
    Data Meanings Show (Paris 08)  net art - data based art - Christophe Bruno (FR), Claude Closky (FR), JoDi (NL), Ubermorgen (AT), Mindaugas Gapsevicius (LT), Ricardo Iglesias et Mario Ruiz (ES), Joan Leandre (ES), Michael Takeo Magruder (UK), Lee Marc (CH), RYBN (FR)

    Net Art Organizations

    Rhizome Net Art Competition Winners and other works  commissions info
    Rhizome Artbase  - Rhyzome commissions
     list of sitesMongrel Projects - http://www.mongrelx.org/Project/index.html
    Hz Organization - net gallery links to art sites

    Web Flash Festival (Fance)
    Turbulence organization
    ArtNet & Intelligent Agent List of Web Art Projects
    Fine Ars Forum
    Net Art Review (includes list of sites and essays)
    The Thing  (experimental projects) article wolfgang staehle
    Dia Center (Artists Projects for the Web)  main site Dia
    Year01 organization - gallery, search engine netart and mediart
    netzwissenschaft  - (net art links, books, essays, organizations) **
    net Art lists
    Google net art links
    Physics Room (NZ) "Corruption/Encryption" curated web projects
    Beyond Interface
    World Wide K-bit Network Art 98  (Japanese only)
    Maid in Cyberspace (Women Web Artists)
    Art Gogitans  - net art list
    Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
    http://www.javamuseum.org (JAVA=Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs) winners (mez- mary-anne breeze, Tiia Johannson, Jody Zellen)

    Paradise Lost - School of Art Institute/chicago  web art moving against web commerce
    Furtherfield list of net artists
    Mapping Transitions (U of Colorado)
    Leonardo On Line
    Index site to Latin American net artists
    Subterranian Notes on the Web (WebLog)
    Guggenheim Cyberatlas
    Artifices 4  choice web sites 
    Fred Forest - web  net museum
    Hot Tube (Web sites by women) AEC **
    Digital Interactive Artists' Network (DIAN)
    ICC Gallery of Web Art**
    Studio211 - The Online Art Source
    Intima.organiztion links
    Alternative Browser Day (Center for New and Old Media) Wired story Site address
    Transmedia Internet Projects (Berlin)
    La Biennale de MontrÈal 2000 autre monde/Out of This World  (projects about death)
    AIM III International Online Student Exhibition
    Metafiler  - http://www.metafilter.com .
    3-0, http://www.threeoh.com
    n3xt show
    Fred Forest - webnet museum
    Linkdup list of web art
    Web3D  Symposium and art show
    Mediatopia  Network technology for the creative and critical - symposium and net art show   http://www.mediatopia.net
    Sala 1 Gallery (italy) - shows net art
    Decade of Web Design  conference/site
    ljudmila media lab

    Lists of Sites

    Whitney - Idea Line (Martin Wattenberg - visual catalog  of net art works)
    Natalie Bookchin Net.Art Course Links
    Alt- X  curated show of web art  (history of web art TECHNE - u Colorado)  interviews - Mark Napier, Young Hae-Chang Heavy Industries, Ben Benjamin, Melinda Rackham, Alex Galloway, Lev Manovich, Giselle Beiguelman, Heath Bunting, John F. Simon Jr, Erik Loyer, Mary Flanagan, Lisa Jevbratt, John Klima, Christiane Paul, DJ Spooky, Mark Tribe, Andy Deck, Randall Packer)
    netzwissenschaft - list of netart sites, people, institutions
    DARE - list of web art
    CalArts NetNet Lecture Series**
    Cal Arts  - Net Art timeline  (natalie bookchin)
    Star Sites (Natural Selection Organization selection of sites with critical perspectives)
    The Works Some of My Favorite Websites are Art
    Net.art  (links to sites & theorists)
    Conexion Remota - curated list of net art
    Alt- X  curated show of web art
    Planetary vigil of NetArt - (net artists asked to chose exemplary works and comment)
    Le Musee di-visioniste - Net art show
    Lawrie Hunter's net art links - http://www.info.kochi-tech.ac.jp/lawrie/links/netculture.htm
    Sonar net art show -  http://www.sonar.es/portal/eng/online.cfm?id_sonaronline=13
    Netkunst list of sites**  
    Christa Erickson Digital Arts Course Links**
    Mark Tribe - Classics of the Web List
    Transnational Temps (list of interventions around the world - political, cultural)
    Hz Journal - Net Art Gallery
    center for hardwired arts (Stephan (Spiv) Schröder)  - Net Art Database

    Organizations/Cool Web Site Lists

    Yahoo Index to Best of the Web Lists (updated) (Links to all kinds of best and worst of the web sites)
    Yahoo Best Picks site
    Cool Site of the Day
      Popdex - website popularity index


    Pirelli Awards
    Gangart Awards 2002,2003
    Art on the Net (Japan)
    Seoul Net Festival
    Instanbul Museum of Contemporary Art   - Web Biennial
    Internet-Kunstpreis der Saarbrcker Stadtwerke "net-award" of the Saarbrcker Stadtwerke (energy supplier of Saarbrcken) is going to be awarded for the second time in November 1998. The jury awards the piece of art which uses the medium Internet with all its possibilities in the most effective way. The topic is a very broad one: Energy in the broadest sense.
    Shrinking Worlds
    5K Competition (limited to 5k file size)
    Neizens  - net art competition  - (artists - Yael Kanarek, Mouchette, David Still, Ben Fry & Casey Reas, Dellbrgge & De Moll, Medard Gabel, Federico Amico/Kalimera, Markus Kleine Vehn, Lia, Martin Franklin, Kouladjie, Eryk Salvaggio, Claudio Morici/Marco Quintavalle, Andy Cox, Christophe Bruno.
    UNESCO WebprizeUS mirror  ** (discontinued 2003) 
    ARCO - Spain - net art competition

    Individual Projects*

    (* Sorry, pending support - links will be html-activated during our next update)

    Archive/Information Sites

    Inventory of the Shadows  UNESCO 07 j(collect shadows from inaternational participants)
    osephine starrs & leon cmielewski - The Seeker ( migration, territorial boundaries, conflict commodities and human displacemen) AE07, Floating Territories 
    The Ahmad Sherif Project (annoymous site for Egyptians to reflect on political situation)

    Global Voices Online - (organize blogs on newsworthy events - AE08)
    PatientsLikeMe - (cumulate experienes of chronically ill patients - AE08)
    Groklaw - (information/discussion about opensource -AE08)
    adrien herbez - Everything you ever wanted (endless consumer trinckets)
    *Muntadas, File Room - http://www.adaweb.com/influx/muntadas/bbs/links/mindex.shtml file room site
    *They Rule - Josh Oh / Futurefarmers - http://www.theyrule.net/  (interlocking board of directors)
    Leon Cmielewski, Josephine Starrs  - Seeker (migration)
    Boredom Research (Vicky Isley & Paul Smith) - Wish, Forest of Imagined Beginnings, Sky-rail
    Disseminet - (Sawad Brooks and Beth Stryker) - homelessness and dispersal experiences
    79 Days - Trebor Scholz  (wars in iraq/kosovo)
    A Map Larger Than the Territory - karen orourke
    Public Secrets - Sharon Daniel
    The Therapist - http://www.TheTherapist.com
    Stanza - The Central City (algoarithmic, mix of live net and city scenes morphing)
    Disinformation - http://www.disinfo.org
    La Finca - http://www.rtvf.nwu.edu/Homestead/
    O'Rourke, Paris Reseeau -http://perso.wanadoo.fr/korourke/index.htmlMap larger than the territory
    Stasuk, Pocket Protector - http://web.nwe.ufl.edu/~rstasuk/PocketPro/pocprotr.html
    Wagenaar, Portrait - http://www.sva.edu/salon/salon96/net works/akke/Portrait/index_small/description.html
    Stromajer - http://www2.arnes.si/~ljintima2/in/about.html
    Davis, Sentence - http://math240.lehman.cuny.edu/art/index.html
    Art-Crimes - http://www.graffiti.org/index/story.html
    Last Will - http://will.teleportacia.org
    Daniel Burckhardt et. al, HUMBOT
    Wilson, Hair - http://www.anu.edu.au/ITA/CSA/textiles/hairinquiry/hair_inquiry.html
    Mother Millenia - http://mothermillennia.org/
    Private Loves/Public Opera - http://www.ylem.org/private_loves/public_opera.html
    Waggenaar, Hiroshima - .http://www.aec.at/fest/fest95/mythos/wagenaar.html
    ArtAids - http://www.artaids.org.uk
    Media Filter - http://Mediafilter.org/MFF/mfhome/
    Vissar,Lesko's Codebox - http://www.codebox.com/**
    david lu - three views of us senate - http://david-lu.net/v5/_senate.html
    Site of the Empire- http://www.soros.org.mk/scca/empire/aboutthe.htm
    Multiple Homes - http://www.artlink.org/visual_arts/feature/moldova/text.html
    Lily Diaz-Kommonen - Voice for the Map of Mexico 1550**
    Atteqa MalikDiary of a Pakistani vegetable cart**
    Anna Brag - World Tour  ( real & virtual travel, world communication)
    Brad Brace 24 hr Jpeg project
    Ricardo Miranda Zuniga  - Dentimundo
    Michael Aschauer - Dun.AV - Danube Panorama Project
    Christoph Wachter, Mathias Jud - zone interdite
    Jakub Segen, Marek Walczak, & Martin Wattenberg - No Place (utopia visions)
    Alastair Dant, Tom Favis, Victor Gama & David Gunn - Folk Songs For the Five Points
    Paula Levine  - Shadows From Another Place
    Marketa Bankova - New York City Map
    Melinda Fries and Bonnie Fortune - In the Weather
    Tsang Tsui  - All About my Ho Chung
    Kayte Young & Bill Rankin - Radical Cartography: Exploring Nice
    J. R. Carpenter   - How I Loved the Broken Things of Rome
    Adios Barbie
    Jenny Polak and Lauren Gill - Hard Place
    Chris Csikszentmihalyi - Open Secrets
    Mary Kim Arnold and Matthew Derby - Kokura
    Caitlin Fisher: - "These Waves of Girls"
    Future Farmers  - Gardening Silicon Valley, web projects
    Treasurecrumbs - worldofawe 
    Josh On, Futurefarmers : "They Rule" http://www.theyrule.net
    Vanessa Gocksch - Intermundos
    Natalie Jeremijenko, Chris Dierks, Jesse Arnold, Robert Twomey - how stuff is made (collab research to create wiki)
    Ian Clothier  - Leistavian FBI 
    Stencilboard - (preserve graffitti)
    Graham Budgett, Jane Mulfinger - Regrets

    Projects to Cumulate Web Viewer Opinions

    Komar, Melamid, Most Wanted - http://www.diacenter.org/km/intro.html
    Holzer, Truism 33 - http://www.adaweb.com/project/holzer/cgi/pcb.cgi
    Scher - http://adaweb.com/project/secure/
    The Lost Project -- Alan Sondheim   http://trace.ntu.ac.uk/lost/index.htm
    h.o - COLORS Project  (collect emotions)
    Marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg - Paste   NoPlace
    Jason Freeman - Graph Theory (web users navigate musical structure choices - affect public performances of work by violinist) sig08

    Genetic Art Using Web Visitor Voting

    John Tonkin, f
    Identity Swap Database
    Persistant Data Confidante - http://www-crca.g.edu/~pdc/

    Recomposing Web Resources

    Golan Levin, Kamal Nigam and Jonathan Feinberg - The Dumpster
    Shu Lea Cheang - St(r)eaming the fields
    Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead - Decorayive Newsfeeds and Unprepared Piano (collects midi from Internet and switches channels)

    Sonar 2007_Spam as an art form show**
    Spam, the Economy of Desire - Alessandro Ludovico
    Jonathan Land - The Spam Letters
    Richard Airlie, Ian Morrison- Spamradio
    Alex Dragulescu - Spam Architecture
    Bill Shackelford - Spamtrap
    Markus Boeniger- Spam Shirt
    Luca Bertini - 800-178968, a Toll Free Number
    Dean Cameron, Victor Isaac - Urgent & Confidential
    Nick Philip - Nowhere.com
    Today's Spam

    Esprsso - Amos Bloomberg (aggregate rss feeds, determine interests)
    Interface - Net Man and the Net Woman  (composite portrait) **
    Daniel Young - NewZoid (generate fake news)
    Public News Network  (3D space representation of Web news sources )
    Germaine Koh - The Splash Page Project  **
    Diane Ludin - Converging Body and News
    Super Collider - http://www.eecs.harvard.edu/collider.html
    Stephan Baron - web compost - texts are intemittantly sent with new web material interposed
    Stephen Wilson,   50 points
    Marcos Weskamp  - Newsmap
    Fred Forest - Ina
    Stephane Degoutin & Marika Dermineur - googlehouse
    Diller, Scofidio, Refresh - http://www.diacenter.org/dillerscofidio/index.html
    The Multi-Cultural Recycler - http://shoko.calarts.edu/~alex/recycler.html
    Carlo Zanni  EpicTale  (renders site in old english)
    Retypescape - (your text inserted into copy of site)
    The Shredder - http://www.potatoland.con/shredder/
    Blank & Jeron, re-m@il: http://www.sero.org/re-mail
    Shane Cooper, Remote Control: http://www.shanecooper.com
    Peter M. Traub, Bits and Pieces: http://music.dartmouth.edu/~peter/bits/
    Natalie Bookchin and Alexei Shulgin, The Universal Page: http://universalpage.org
    Bentham ArtNode- Martin Pingel, Niels Bonde and Mogens Jacobsen (animations from web cameras)
    Turbulence The Secret Lives of Numbers
    Digital Landfill
    Enrique Radigales - IdealWorld
    Gast BOUSCHET Nadine HILBERT - Turstfiles
    John Kekron/Peter Castine/Realities:United  - Realitv  (repurpose tv feeds)
    Every Icon
    Mark Napier - Potatoland - Riot
    Milos Rankovic - Volatile Public Static
    Jon Winet - Goal 2006 (rss feeds from soccer countries)
    David Link - Poetry Machine  (semantic net derived from web)
    Marek Walczak, Martin Wattenberg-  MW2MW- Paste (stores everything pasted in computer work), Launch (collects stores of lives in apartment building)


    Search Engine/Social Computing/Wiki/ Distributed Computing Art, Ebay, Google Maps

    Stephen Wilson, Traces of Culture
    Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn  - Endless Forest (all players are part of distributed screen saver)
    grahme harwood - Net-Monster (search-robot look for a set of predefined words on-line that relate to image)
    Carlo Zanni  - Ebay Landscape
    eteams - Franziska Lamprecht and Hajoe Moderegge - International Airport Montello (buy land on ebay and engage it)
    Kate Rich - Feral Trade - trades coffee over social networks
    JODI - Geogoo  (manipulate Google maps)
    Amber Frid-Jimenez - WikiPhone (people modify online video) OpenBrand (rewrite advertisements) Emma On Relationship (video blog on love advice)
    Hans Bernhard and Alessandro Ludovico - Google Will Eat Itself  (ad revenue intervention)
    Cirio, Lizvlx, Ludovico, Bernhard - Amazon Noir  (stolen books from amazon via ripper - legal disputes on copyright  De07)
    N. Bookchin-  Searching for the Truth
    Christopher Bruno - The Google Adwords Happening
    christophe bruno - fascinum  (images from active news stories)
    Michael Mandiberg - Real Costs -  (firefox plugin - calculates co2 in  flight searches)
    Michael Mandiberg -   Oil Standard  (converts prices in oil barrels)
    Angie Waller's  - http://myfrienemies.com/
    Ben Engebreth -  http://personal-kyoto.org/
    xtine hansen's  - http://delocator.net/ , http://yourneighborsbiz.com/
    christophe bruno - logo.hallucination (image recognition software look for logo ip violations) 06

    Mongrel Collective - Natural Selection
    Pedro Fernandes - Now Are
    Lisa Jevbratt's 1:1
    Peter Traub,  Amy Alexander, NetSong:
    Amy Alexander - Performance Engine
    Carlo Zanni  Ebay art
    Anna and Bernhard Blume -  Spinning the Web: Ebay connection
    Christophe Bruno - Human Browser  (performer reading google feeds)  Google Adwords Happening
    Leonardo Solaas- dreamlines  
    Hans Bernhard, Alessandro Ludovico  - gwei - google will eat itself
    Yves coussement - insert the name of the city here
    AND-OR / Beat Suter, Rene Bauer - Streamfishing
    Charles Fairbanks - Googled Self-Portraits
    Jim Edwards - Docinema
    Google Groups Art
    Dan Phifferautomate annotations 
    Valery Grancher - Self Portrait
    Juliana Sato Yamashita - SearchScapes  (Manhattan via web data)
    Jonah Brucker Cohen -  Search Engine  (physical interface activates search) 07
    Markus Kison -  Vanity Ring (shows your number of google hits)
    christophe bruno. - Life -  match the linearity of onelife with the infinite dimensionality of the space of discourse, Dreamlogs - browsing via interconnected dialogs ,  non-Weddings, Fascinum - compare yahoo news items by country, Epiphanies - google hack art
    Dana Moser  - String Creature.  (visually respond to data from web)
    Trebor Scholz - The Social Web (Web 2.0: What Went Wrong?)  History of the Social Web


    Studio XX - Science Fair: Feminist Configurations in Cyberspace - 8 experimental feminist sites
    mark amerika  Grmmatron  http://www.altx.com
    More web based hypermedia on wilson art links page
    Mike Roy Dramat-iBlaster
    Yael Kanarek - World of Awe
    Caitlin Fisher's "Three Waves of Girls"   http://www.yorku.ca/caitlin/waves/
    Open Source ? Vivian Selbo  http://opensource.walkerart.org/
    Rice ? Geniwate
    Zoe Beloff - Illusions
    Stuart Moulthrop -  Hegirascope
    David Blair -  Waxweb
    Tina Laporta- Distance
    peter horvath- intervals
    Ana Torfs - Approximations/Contradictions
    Empty Velocity - Angie Eng  http://turbulence.org/Works/empty/
    My Body, A Wunderkammer ? Shelley Jackson    http://www.altx.com/thebody/
    Michael Mateas, Nick Montfort, Stuart Moulthrop, Andrew Stern and Noah Wardrip-Fruin - Grand Text Auto www.grandtextauto.org (hypertext, net art blog)
    Benoit Blein/Sylvain Barra/Laurent Padio - Collectif Anonymes *
    Han HOOGERBRUGGE  - hotel
    Trebor Schultz - Social web, The Distributed Learning Project (DLP), SubmaP,Twenty-Four Dollar Island -

    Ranjit Makkuni - Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum
    Judy Malloy  main site  Uncle Roger  alt site
    Mark Amerika  main site Grammatron Filmtext
     retrospectiveEast Gate systems hypertext
    Michael Shumate - Hyperizons
    Eastgate systems - artists
    Patrick Lichty
    Shilpa Gupta - Blessed-bandwidth.net  (get blessings from Internet)
    Jean Pierre Balpe Trajectories
    Darcey Steinke Blindspot:
    Giselle Beiguelman, The Book after the Book
    Tom Goldpaugh, Postmodern Theory, Culture Studies and Hypertext
    Ed Falco - Charmin' Cleary
    Christy Sheffield Sanford - SAFARA in the BEGINNING
    Jan Millsaps - Future Cinema
    Jody Zellen  - Crowds and Power
    Own, Be Owned, or Remain Invisible
    Jenny Weight  - E-Poetry

    bujar bala - Conceptual Net Art
    jodi zellen - Ghost Cities , Pause
    lisa bloomfield - Web Stories
    Simon Byford - Love Story 
    Maria Damon and mIEKAL  -  Erosion

    Collaborative Environments and Person to Person Communication

    Inventory of the Shadows (people contribute photos or videos/convert to shadow - UNESC0 07)
    Steve Museum Project (using social tagging to enrich appreciation of museum collections - AE08)
    Man With a Movie Camera: The Global Remake  ( people upload videos based on script of movie - AE08)
    OpenStreetMap ( open user generated, editable maps of the world - AE08)
    FFFFOUND! - (image tagging and recommendation site - AE08)
    ReadMe (sharing reflections etc  about books - AE08)
    Yee Yan (volunteer translate articles - English/Chinese - AE08)
    The Freesound Project - (opensource free sound site - AE08)
    Nico Nico Douga - (Japanese online video sharing with comments overlayed - AE08)
    Endless Forest (social screensaver: every player is a deer )
    Sara Diamond - Banff Code Zebra  (interactive software and performance environment)
    Desktop Swap - see other's desktops
    workXspace - collaborative space
    Calc collective - Communimage
    Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July -Learning To Love You More (visitors given assignments) Creative Capital http://www.learningtoloveyoumore.com/
    Trebor Scholz and Geert Lovink - Conference on collaborative web environments
    Natalie Bookchin & Jacqueline Stevens - Agora Exchange (online colaborative game design)
    Bonnie Mitchell When Worlds Collide  "As Worlds Collide" is a project developed to enable people around the world to manipulate each other's artwork (worlds) by integrating time-based expressive QTVR worlds which are able to be manipulated by other people. 
    margot lovejoy - turns - www.myturningpoint.com (dynamic mapping of contributed info)
    Stastny, Infinite Grid- http://www.sito.org/sito/synergy/infgrid/index.html
    An Anatomy ? Auriea Harvey   http://ananatomy.walkerart.org/  (visualize others on at same time)
    Gates - collaborative networks
    Keith Armstrong - Intimate Transactions (remote body movement communication)
    Paul Mathis - Drive Me Insane -http://www.drivemeinsane.com/  (web visitors broadcast into house)
    Crossfade - musicians collaborate (sfmoma,zkm,walker)
    Knowbotic Research -- IO_DENCIES - http://www.khm.de/people/krcf/IO/
    Park Bench - http://www.cat.nyu.edu/parkbench
    Andreas Broeckman and Diana McCarty, Remote C -
    A2 Arts : Agogical Interventions web art project
    OpenX - http://www.aec.at/fleshfactor/openx.html
    Madelyn Starbuck, Honoria - www.cyberopera.org
    Sharon Daniels, Narrative Contingencies: http://metaphor.ucsc.edu/~sdaniel/
    Guggenheim, Brandon: http://brandon.guggenheim.org
    My Boyfriend Came Back From the War -Olia Lialina http://www.teleportacia.org/war
    ArtBase - Rhizome Communications Inc.(archive of internet art)
    Andy Deck and Mark Napier, Graphic Jam: http://bbs2.thing.net/jam/
    Dirty Fingerprints by Nico Westerdal  (collect mouseclick positions from computers around the world)
    Blah...blah...blong Palm Beach Museum
    Audio Hyperspace
    Conversation with Angels
    Chain Art Project**
    Vicky Isley & Paul Smith - Boredomresearch  http://www.possessed.uk.co
    Olivier Auber - poietic-generator

    Helen Thorington,Turbulence - http://www.turbulence.org
    Moove, Roomancer http://www.moove.de
    Best, Puustinen, Angels - http://ampcom.kaapeli.fi/
    Phase(x)3 - http://space.arch.ethz.ch/ss99/index.phtml

    Sherwood Forest - http://www.ccon.org/events/sherwood.html
    Lawrence Weiner -- Homeport http://www.adaweb.com/project/homeport/
    James Stevens , Backspace - http://bak.spc.org/
    Jerome Joy - http://www.imaginet.fr/manca/joy
    Res Rocket - http://www.resrocket.com/
    Net Rezonator -http://netrezonator.imgsrc.co.jp/

    Flax, Ex/Changing Families - http://www.cmp.ucr.edu/Ex/ex_changing_right.html
    Don, Back Porch - http://www.bubbe.com/
    Huffman, Wohlgemuth, Face Settings - http://thing.at/face
    Simon Biggs  Babel  (shared 3d data space)
    SETIathome - http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/
    Mikami, Molecular Clinic - http://www.cast.canon.co.jp/cast/al5/special-e.html
    Andy Deck - Screening Circle
    Tommaso Tozzi - wikiartpedia -
    Virtual Marathon
    Peter Edmunds - SwarmSketch
    Amelia Kirby, Donna Porterfield, & Nick Szuberla -Thousand Kites  (community-based performance, web, and radio project, centering on the United States prison system)
    Peter d'Agostino - @Silicon_Valley
    Maria Mencia - Cityscapes: Social Poetic
    Trebor Scholz - Self organized cultrual projecst   distributed creativity 
    Inga Zimprich - Thinktank 

    Sound Collectives
    from sonar 7 list




    "The Freesound Project"

    http:// www.jamendo.com

    http:// www.pandora.com




    Mark Frauenfelder bOingbOing, (nerd lifestyle magazine)  - http://www.boingboing.net
    Heather Havrilesky  The Rabbit Blog - http://www.tinylittlepenis.com
    Live from the Blogosphere event -  http://rhizome.org/la/blogosphere.php
    Evan Williams - Pyra Labs  Bloggerhttp://www.evhead.com
    Susannah Breslin - Reverse Cowgirl's Blog  http://blogs.salon.com/0001437
    Michael Mateas, Nick Montfort, Stuart Moulthrop, Andrew Stern and Noah Wardrip-Fruin - Grand Text Auto www.grandtextauto.org (hypertext, net art blog)
    International art Blog show - Centere of attention gallery 9UK)
    Doc Searls - http://doc.weblogs.com
    mez- netblog to log[]arhythm - special blog biomeicry
    good random stuff

    Development of New Capabilities - Alternative Browsers

    Jon Ippolito  - The Pool   Thoughtmesh  (enabling collaboration in development of ideas)
    Daniela Alina Plewe - web thing (interactive metabrowser which substitutes in real-time the words on websites)
    Drupal - ( opensource web site creation and content management system - AE08)
    Scratch - (language for generating online games/animations etc - AE08)
    Ginga - http://www.plannet-arch.com/ginga.htm
    Netsquat  Amos Bloomberg (doodle over favorite websites)
    stillman project - Lisa jerbratt
    Disseminet - (Sawad Brooks and Beth Stryker) - alternative browser access to dispersal info
    Web Stalker I/O/D - http://www.backspace.org/iod/
    Netomat  (Maciej Wisniewski) http://www.netomat.net
    Riot,  [Mark Napier] main site
    Ambulator  **  ambulator description
    Third Voice **
    <earshot> **    (** denotes defunct or missing link)

    Nooface  News site for alternative browsers
    google directory of alternative browsers  (mostly not art  works)

    Lynn Herhmann - Agent Ruby  (ai chatterbot)
    christophe bruno & jimpunk - gogolchat
    Hachiya, Post Pet - http://www.postpet.de/
    olor of email- http://www.werft22.com/html2003/main_03.html
    Anningan   (hypertext chat-bot )
    City Clusters - FABRICators (networked vr)
    RHIZOMEBOT -  Christopher Fahey (instant messenger experiments - artificial character)
    MAPTIVIST 2.0 - Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA) and  Hacktivist.com  (wireless sharing of information about surveillance)
    CONTEXT BREEDER -  John Klima - (java based alternative visualizer of information)
    TELEMATIC SURVEILLANCE -  Nungu  (exploration of hypercontrol)
    TROIKA - Lisa Jevbratt - (experimental interface in which each pixel is link)
    Proxy - Robert Nideffer - (Peer to peer exchange of information - dynamic information visualization)
    tsunamii.net   - Move website from server to server around the world
    Linux - http://www.linux.org
    Smartmoney - http://www.smartmoney.com/marketmap/
    Shadow Server - http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~swilson/
    Inxight - http://www.inxight.com/
    Wonderspace - http://www.siggraph.org/s97/conference/garden/wonder.html
    Name Space - http://name.space.xs2.net/
    Konsum Art.Server, LinX3D Console: http://www.konsum.net/linx3d
    Alternative Browser Day (Center for New and Old Media) Wired story Site address
    Maciej Wisniewski , Netomat: http://www.netomat.net/
    EtherPEG (view all jpgs going by on the net)
    Lynn Hershman Lesson  Rosetta (alife evolving on web)
    Deskswap (sharing desktop images) - http://www.deskswap.com/
    Society for New & Old Media Competition for Alternative Browsers  Wired Article
    SANO Katsuhiko - diagram
    Roxana Torre - Personal World Map
    Tim Plaistead  - Surface Browser
    Jimpunk - 1n-0ut meditation
    Dan Phiffer - box-grid   shiftspace
    Mary Flanagan, Daniel Howe, Chris Egert, Junming Mei, and Kay Chang  - Meme Garden (generates trees of related meanings)
    HIRAKAWA Norimichi - Driftnet  (web visualized as ocean, accessed physical movements)

    WebCam works

    Links  of Web Cam Art  (Wilson)

    Visualizing the Net

    Warren Sack, Conversation Map (interactive diagram of hundreds or thousands of email messages)
    Marek Walczak, Martin Wattenberg - Visualizing the Flow (wiki  processes)
    carlo zanni - The Possible Ties Between Illness and Success (movie of ill man affected by web usagelevels) ; (with Yucef Merhi
    Ping Crossfade
    Ben Rubin -  Listening Post  - http://www.earstudio.com/projects/listeningPost.html  (phayical installation screens monitor web text, chat rooms, etc in real time)
    Mark Hansen, Ben Rubin - Listening Post 
    Randall Packer, Steve Bradley - telemusic
    Igor Stromajer - Oppera Internettikka (singing html code)
    Gavin Baily, Tom Corby  - cyclone.soc (link weather with extrme talk in newsgroups)
    James Coupe - Difference Engine
    ** see also wilson artlinks in telecommuncations section
    Maurice Benayoun and Jean-Baptiste Barri‚ Spotting' (Emotions Spotting)  (performance enacts emotions from web)  alt

    Visual/Sound Explorations (Algorhymic and animations and Interface)

    Marc Lafia , Fang-Yu Lin The Battle of Algiers
    Qubo Gas -
    Watercouleur Park, 2007
    Nio  (Jim Andrews)
    yugop   (visual experiments in animated interface)
    Nails -hoogerbrugge.
    Apartment (marek Walczak and Martin Wattenberg) semanatic analysis of inputs generates architecture space
    trevorvanmeter. - flyguy
    Mark Napier - Point to Point
    Turbulence list of interactive sound events
    MIT Aesthetics and Computation
    Future Farmers
    Yugo Nakamura - Industrious Clock - Rigid Bodies
    Benoit Blein/Sylvain Barra/Laurent Padio - Collectif Anonymes *
    OISHI Akinori - OPNIYAMA

    Fighting Stick Men (updated)
    Poems that go (animated poetry)
    Naoko Tosa - ZENetic Computer Online
    Karim Rashid - design experiments
    Nervous Matrix (rotating animations, time based works)
    Motomichi Nakamura - whitney Black carbon Drop animation    home site
    Isabel Saij - http://www.saij-netart.net
    mark Napier - potatoland
    Tony Oursler - timeStream
    SuperBad  - http://www.superbad.com
    SiteSakamoto - http://www.sitesakamoto.com
    PotatoLand - http://www.potatoland.org/
    Omma - http://www.art-omma.org/

    Andrius Ventslova - "1234"  (VJ visualization program)
    Stanza - Amorphoscapes
    Stuart Pound - Plaza Continuum
    Arno Coenen - Time To Bone
    NomIg - NomIg
    restate - Restate/Rebelle
    Antoine Schmitt - Venus1
    Simon Richardson - VJ Vitascope
    betker, deissler - Lleuchtmittell   (windows media player movie)
    Videotone - Somework **
    Ryan Geiss & Rovastar - Milkdrop
    Craig ROBINSON - Valley of the Cnuties
    WADA Nanahiro - Treasure Box
    Michael POLYAKIN - Walking in Hell with Akutagawa
    Glen Murphy - Bodytag
    Isobel Knowles - ik rocks it 
    Enrique Radigales - Idealworld
    alan becker - animation experiments

    Social Computing reflections

    Eugenio Tisselli - Degenerative (text destroys self when viewers come)
    Jens Wunderling - default to public (Twitter signals made physical on projections, stickers etc  AE09)
    Metahaven, Tsila Hassine - Exodus. IS08 (system based on social rankings in search and 2.0 social computing)
    Art show on social computing
    (Cory Arcangel, Jonah Brucker-Cohen / Mike Bennett, Nick Crowe, Exonemo,
    Ute H‚rner / Mathias Antlfinger, Humanbeans, Miranda July / Harrell
    Fletcher, Olia Lialina / Dragan Espenschied, Les Liens Invisibles,
    Jillian Mcdonald, Marisa Olson, Tanja Ostojic, Anninat, Thomson &
    Craighead, ubermorgen.com / Paolo Cirio / Alessandro Ludovico, Angie
    Eugenio Tisselli - Degernative (text that destroys self when viewers come)
    xn croft - Freudster (explores how Freud's theories might be understood by the millions of people presenting themselves via text & images on MySpace)
    Peer to Peer list of books

    see also critiques
    Trebor Scholz - The Social Web (Web 2.0: What Went Wrong?)
       Net Cultures: Art, Politics, and the Everyday
       Cultural Theory & Data-Based Art  
    Fred Stutzman - Technologies of Friendship

    Reflections about the Net

    Cornelia Sollfrank *Déjà Vu. First Plagiarism Detection Software for Fine Arts*   Art Generator
    Real Time Strategy Group: Kristian Lukic & Vladan Joler - Civilisation V Eastwood Game - IS08 (simulation game focused on We b 2.0 companies)
    Daniela Alina Plewe - WebThing (replace words on web page based on various similarities)
    neterotopia - 11 artists take over web spaces usually used for advertising
    christophe bruno - logo.hallucination (image recognition software look for logo ip violations)
    NOVUS.EXTINCTUS  - Andy Deck, Fred Adam, Verónica Perales (Transnational Temps)  link new web site formation with species extinciton
    Temple of Conessions - http://www.echonyc.com/~confess/
    Jodi - http://www.jodi.org
    lexei Shulgin' Form Art  http://www.c3.hu/collection/form/Links to other works
    Desktop Is
    Form Art
    Roberta Bosco y Stefano Caldana   net art commentary
    Eva and Franco Mattes (0100101110101101.ORG) vaticano.org ( published a new version of the official Vatican web site.)
    How Latitides Become Forms - Walker Art Center - reflections on globalism http://latitudes.walkerart.org/
    Alison Cornyn and Sue Johnson  360degrees.org ( part of the Race in Digital Space project) Spellman College Museum
    Pirated Sites -  http://www.pirated-sites.com/
    Newzoid - (generate headlines)
    Mongrel Projects - http://www.mongrelx.org/Project/index.html
    Reamweaver - http://www.reamweaver.com/  (copy look and feel of a site)
    The yesen  (imposters)
    Carlo zanni - altarboy (platform for selling net art)
    Tana Hargest - New Negrotopia
    Rhizome - Carnivore events (commentary of cia email monitoring sofware) - artists Limiteazero;  Joshua Davis + Branden Hall + Shapeshifter;  Mark Napierl Cory Arcangel;  Mark Daggett; Scott Sona Snibbe; Entropy8Zuper!l Vuk Cosic; Golan Levin;  MTAA;  Lisa Jevbratt; Jonah Brucker-Cohen;  RSG; the Witness; Marcos Weskamp; RSG; Area3
    Form - http://www.c3.hu/hyper3/form**
    Souleles, Riley &V ogler - http://www.voyeurmagic.com.au/rules.htm
    Cosic, Ablink - http://www.ljudmila.org/~vuk/
    Heath Bunting, ReadMe - http://www.irational.org/heath/_readme.html
    Melinda Rackham: < www.subtle.net>
    Igor Stromajer's INTIMA: < http://www.intima.org>

    Digital Landfill - http://www.potatoland.org/landfill/
    Nick Phillips, Nowhere - http://nphilip.best.vwh.net/instal.htm

    Lucas, Rock and Hard Place - http://www.diacenter.org/lucas/index.html
    Round trip ticket - http://labart.univ-paris8.fr/BILLET/JJRbillet.html
    Malloy, Flame War - http://www2.links2go.com/go/www.artswire.org/~jmalloy/flamewar.html

    E-toy - http://www.etoy.com
    Forest, Time-out - http://www.gpdoc.com/htm/filnet05.htm
    Digi-crime - http://www.digicrime.com/dc.html
    Admist the White Noise - http://www.banffcentre.ab.ca/mva/deep_web/dprojects.html
    Vuc Cosic, Documenta mirror - http://www.ljudmila.org/~vuk/dx/
    Hack, Virtual Roof - http://www.hack-roof.de
    Schmidt, MMF - http://ga.to/mmf/

    C5, IP Project: http://www.c5corp.com/
    Noah Wardrip-Fruin, Impermance Agent: http://www.cat.nyu.edu/agent/
    Janet Cohen, Keith Frank, Jon Ippolito, The Unreliable Archivist: http://www.walkerart.org/gallery9/three/

    RTMark: http://rtmark.com/
    Mongrel: http://www.mongrel.org  alt site
    Redundant Technology Initiative: http://lowtech.org
    Fabian Wagmister, Cultural Specificity: http://fabian.resnet.ucla.edu/

    Zanni  - Cookie portraits
    Banner Art Collective
    madge gleeson - bar codes, data surveillance
    Andy Cox - Together we can defeat capitalism
    Old Boys Network
    Ian Haig- Web Devolution - infection
    Uncomfortable Proximity by Harwood@Mongrel  http://www.tate.org.uk
    Pixel Plunder©  (show exploring artistic authenticity, intellectual property and copyright - Harwood tate expropriation, Trip Dixons ÎCling Wrap & Gag, 0100101110101101.ORG ÎLife Sharing, MTAA Collective Digital Readymades, Joanna Briggs HaikooÌ, mouchette.org)
    Read_me show winners

    :: SCREEN SAVER by Eldar Karhalev and Ivan Khimin
    :: DESKSWAP by Mark Daggett
    :: TEXTENSION by Joshua Nimoy

    :: RE (AD.HTM by mez breeze
    :: PORTRET OF PRESIDENT by Vladislav Tselischev
    :: WINGLUK BUILDER by CooLer

    Simon Biggs - Echelon (reflection on spy listening software)  Other Biggs Web Works
    Igor Stromajer - Oppera Internettikka (singing html code)
    Golan Levin Kamal Nigam ,Jonathan Feinberg  Dumpster (visualization of online teenage breakup texts)
    Wayne Clements - un_wiki  (visualize  wikipedia rejections)
    Mendi and Keith Obadike - Blackness for Sale  (ebat art)
    Valery Grancher - Webpaintings

    Arrangements that Use Readings of the Physical World to Affect the Web,  Mixed Realities

    joseph delappe - 200 mile avatar (real treadmill linked to virutal events)
    zachary lieberman - Picturing Family (family photo navigation linked to elevator)
    Spencer Roberts - Newsdrip (drips activated by web info)
    Jonah Brucker Cohen -  Search Engine  (physical interface activates search)
    Fang-Yu "Frank" Lin -Channeling the Net Through a Robotic Typewriter
    Douglas Easterly , Matthew Kenyon  - Improvised Empathetic Device  - deaths in iraq war reported on web activate led armband LED indicator
    Nurit Bar-Shai with Zach Lieberman and Rich Miller  - Nothing Happens  (web visitors activate objects)
    Wafa.Bilal  - Paintball project (youtube)(web visitors can activate robotic throwing of paint balls)
    Shu Lea Cheang - Baby Love ( Spinning amusement park teacups with rubber clones linked wirelessly to visitor choices of music)
    Tim Otto Roth  - Alexandria (public space lights controlled by Internet visitors)
    Zhang Ga  - The Peoples' Portrait

    Not TV show - http://www.ucl.ac.uk/slade/not-tv/  (Tina La Porta, Victor Vina, Fiona Jackson-Downes,Doron Golan, Crankbunny, Shirin Kouladjie, Mark Jackson-Downes, Brad Brace, Gregory Chatonsky, Raphael DiLuzio, Lewis LaCook, Eugenia Fratzeskou, Laura Floyd, Amy Cunningham, Emily Webber)
    runrobotrun -
    Elliot Anderson - Mecurial Reflections
    Mark Napier - Point to Point  (people moving in gallery affect web images)  waiting room (visitors affect animated projection in gallery)  - potatoland
    gregory chatonsky - installations
    Burnes, Davies - http://no.va.com.au/lingua/information.html
    Christophe Bruno - A Pain in my SSID (wi-fi pain inducer based on words on news sites)
    Cheang, Bowling - http://bowlingalley.walkerart.org/
    Becker, Remote Viewing - http://www.t0.or.at/~konrad
    Fred Forest, Internet-Graffiti: http://www.fredforest.net
    Jenny Marketou, SmellBytes (T,M.): http://smellbytes.banff.org
    Valery Grancher, Feelings: http://ww w.imaginet.fr/nomemory/
    Jordan Crandall, Drive, Track #3 : http://blast.org/crandall/
    Markus Huemer, The Rules are no Game: http://www.khm.de/~huemer
    Ken Feingold, Seance Box No.1 http://www.kenfeingold.com
    Steven Greenwood, Woven Presents: http://www.telesthetic.org/woven
    Jeffrey Shaw, Distributed Legible City: http://escape.lancs.ac.uk
    Richard  Alain-Martin   L'Atopie (physical objects tracked in the world)
    Tina Cassani and Bruno Beusch  TNC Network   Crash Party and Clone Party (nexus of net and physcial reality)
    Ana Giron  Artificial Time**     (control robot arm and sundial)
    Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Vectorial Elevation, Relational Architecture #4  control lights over Mexico City <http://www.alzado.net>
    Blinkenlights (control lights in a building)
    Clickscape  (control lights in building from web)
    Eduardo Kac  Telepresence events
    Ken Goldberg   Telepresence events
    Brixey  - Chimera Obscura  - (telerobotic maze)
    Garnet Hertz - Fly, Experiments in Galvanism  (fly and cockroach with embedded web server)
    HIRAKAWA Norimichi - Driftnet
    Michael Stadler - Tsunami Harddisk Detector  (link hard disk vibration detectors around world)
    Sandro Catallo, Markus Cremers - Tank-FX   (sounds subjected to huge tank reverb)
    mixed reality lab - Poultry Internet
    James Coupe  - 9PIN++
    Douglas Easterly - Spore
    JD Beltran - Secrets (mini screens scatered)
    Julian Bleecker  -  WiFi ArtCache  
    Mark Scheeff - Want #1 (continuous)  (prints want ads onto slips of paper)
    Carlos Corpa / Ana María García Serrano - PaCo – Poeta Automático Callejero Online (Spanish)  Vida 7.0 (wheelchair robot poet tied to web)
    Ingrid Bachman - digital crustacian (crabs search the web)

    (See also telepresence and activated objects listings in artist web page)

    Eco Poetics Show  (the electronic interfaces between sustainability and environmental thought)
    The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF):

    Digital Artists Selected for EcoPoetics Exhibition

      1. Ryan Griffis, United States
      The Temporary Travel Office: Parking Public (2005)
      2. Ian M. Clothier, New Zealand
      Roll over Oe sun, roll over Oe rain
      3. Andrew Bucksbarg, United States
      Consumertopia (2001) Duration: Variable-Interactive
      4. Judy Malloy, United States
      Concerto for Narrative Data
      5. Diane Ludin, United States
      Version 3.0. I BPE, Ecological and Seed-Based Patents
      6. Thorsten Knaub, United Kingdom
      GPS Diary
      7. Claude Shannon, United States
      AstroDime Transity Authority
      8. Olga Kisselva, Russia/France
      My Conquest of Iraq
      9. Ollivier Dyens, Canada
      The Profane Earth
      10. Joseph Rabie, France
      Landscopes/Ayguesvives /"Here Comes the Sun"
      Landscopes/ Jerusalem, Old City/"Possession"
      11. Lillian Ball, United States
      12. Katerie Gladdys, United States
      Commuting: Ditch
      13. Annette Weintraub USA
      The Mirror That Changes
      14. Tiffany Holmes, United States
      Floating Point
      15. mIEKAL aND, United States
      16. Maria Damon and mIEKAL aND, United States
      17. Agricola de Cologne
      Message from Behind a Wall
      18. Regina Célia Pinto (Brazil)
      I Want Some Red Roses for a Blue Earth

    Web used to promote social action

    1kg more (bring teaching materials to China AE08)

    Take Back The Tech! Reclaiming ICT to End Violence Against Women (using technologies to combat violence - AE08)

    Web used to accumulate open source sounds




    "The Freesound Project"





    VRML-based Art

    CYBERPITCH 2.0 competition

    Flash/Digital Movie Sites

    Jorn Ebner - Navigator sig08
    Above Stream  - streaming video on art
    Diamond 16 Puzzle
    Flash 99% Good
    Hidenori Watanave  - Photon
     Isabel Saij - flash events
    Atom Films
    Video Data Bank
    Electronic Arts Intermix
    4 minute wonders
    Peter Greenaway & Istvan Horkay - Bolzano Gold
    Mark Amerika  -  DJ RABBI
    Juliet Martin -  Womb
    Paul Brown - Works from Transfigure
    Avid 60 second winners


    See Stephen Wilson List of Essays/syllabuses (special section on Net Art)
    Wilson list of  interface/information design theory resources


    Lists of Winners

    Ars Electronica Prix archives    (past winners)
     (note these lists derived from Ars Electronica Web site)

    2009 Digital Communities



    Red Psi Donkey
    Jens Brand (DE)

    rAndom International (Stuart Wood (UK), Florian Ortkrass , Hannes Koch (DE)) & Chris O'Shea (UK)
    http://www.random-international.com   http://www.chrisoshea.org

    Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus
    Benjamin Maus , Julius von Bismarck (DE)
    http://www.allesblinkt.com    http://www.juliusvonbismarck.com

    Jammer Horn
    Willy Sengewald

    CONNECT – feedback-driven sculpture
    Andreas Muxel (AT)
    http://www.andreasmuxel.com http://connect.andreasmuxel.com

    Call Cutta in a box
    Helgard Haug, Daniel Wetzel, Stefan Kaegi (DE)

    Opera Calling
    !Mediengruppe Bitnik (CH) and Sven König (DE)

    Double-Taker (Snout)
    Golan Levin with Lawrence Hayhurst, Steven Benders and Fannie White (US)

    Future Kiss
    Lenka Klimesova (CZ)

    The Physical Value of Sound
    Yuri Suzuki (JP)

    In the Line of Sight
    Daniel Sauter, Fabian Winkler (DE/US)
    http://daniel-sauter.com  http://web.ics.purdue.edu/~fwinkler

    Watch Me!
    Yasushi Noguchi, Hideyuki Ando (JP)

    2008 Digital Communities

    1kg more


    Global Voices Online


    Scratch Online Community

    Nico Nico Douga

    The Freesound Project
    Music Technology Group / Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona






    Man With A Movie Camera: The Global Remake

    Take Back The Tech! Reclaiming ICT to End Violence Against

    steve: The Museum Social Tagging Project

    2007 Digital Communities

    Overmundo (BR)

    dotSUB LLC (US)

    Electronic Frontier Foundation (US)

    Wiener Tafel(AT)

    mySociety (UK)

    Translate.org.za (ZA)

    OScar - reinvent mobility (DE)

    Martin Wattenberg & Marek Walczak with Johanna Kindvall, Chuck Crow (US)

    Radia.Fm (INTL.)

    Women on Web

    dropping knowledge (DE)

    Rassismus streichen (AT)

    herinnerdingen (Things to remember) (NL)

    AHA: Activism-Hacking-Artivism (IT/DE)

    cafebabel.com (FR)

    2006 Net Vision

    exonemo - The Road Movie
    Michael Stadler - Tsunami Harddisk Detector
    Wayne Clements  - un_wiki

    Ricardo Miranda Zuniga - “Dentimundo
    Michael Aschauer - “Dun.AV - Danube Panorama Project
    Sandro Catallo, Markus Cremers - “Tank-FX
    Roxana Torre - “Personal World Map
    Virtual Marathon Team  - The Virtual Marathon
    h.o - COLORS project
    Peter Edmunds - “SwarmSketch
    Hasan M. Elahi - “Tracking Transience
    Gavin Baily, Tom Corby - “cyclone.soc
    AND-OR / Beat Suter, Rene Bauer  - “Streamfishing
    Christoph Wachter, Mathias Jud  - “ZONE*INTERDITE

    2006 Digital Communities

    canal* ACCESSIBLE
    Roman Bleichenbacher - Codecheck
    Denis Viola, Thais Corral, Madalena Guilhon, Silvana Lemos  - "PROYECTO CYBERELA – RADIO TELECENTROS

    The Organic City
    Mountain Forum
    stencilboard.at - prevent disappearance)
    Northfield.org – Citizen Journalism
    UgaBYTES Initiative
    The Freecycle Network
    Charter97.org - news from Belarus
    Pambazuka News

    2005 Net Vision winners
    Benjamin Fry , Casey Reas , processing community:
    Yugo Nakamura :
    UBERMORGEN.COM; lizvlx/Hans Bernhard :
    10x10  - Number27 (Johnathan Harris)
    OPERATION CNTRCPY (tm)  CNTRCPY[TM] (Konstantin Demblin, Martin Sägmüller, Rainer Prohaska)
    CyberSpaceLand - Amy Alexander
    NEtROBOtProject - Hidenori Watanave (NEtROBOtProject)
    GWEI - Google Will Eat Itself  - Hans Bernhard, Alessandro Ludovico  (UBERMORGEN.COM & Neural.it)
    Message in a Bottle - Layla Curtis
    decoy- Rainer Mandl
    Presstube- James Paterson (Presstube)
    iSee- The Institute for Applied Autonomy
    From the Great Beyond: Internet as an Entity? Channeling the Net Through a Robotic Typewriter   - Fang-Yu “Frank” Lin
    Universal Digest Machine- Marius Watz
    Confluence- Alex Jarrett

    2005 Digital Community

    Free Software Foundation
    www.fsf.org    www.gnu.org
    www.ngvision.org   www.telestreet.it
    Wikimedia Commons
    The Sout-East Asian Earthquake and Tsunami Blog
    Sistema de Información Agraria vía Internet para Agricultores del Valle de Huaral, Perú
    Borneo Project: Mapping Their Future: Digital Communities, Indigenous Lands
    Catalytic Communities (CatComm)
    CouchSurfing Project

    Net Vision Winners 2004
     "Creative Commons"

    "Bush in 30 Seconds"
    - MoveOn

    "Newsmap" - Marcos Weskamp - Dan Albritton

    "BumpList – Eine E-Mail-Community für Entschlossene" - Jonah Brucker-Cohen - Mike Bennett

    "Flight 404: version 7" - Robert Hodgin

    "Money Plus"- Peter Cho

    "Neural" - Alessandro Ludovico
    http://www.neural.it     http://GWEI.org/gwei

    "Nude Messenger"- Francis Lam

    "The Public Broadcast Cart" - Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga

    "Runme.org" - Runme.org

    "Somnambules" - Jean-Jacques Birgé, ,Nicolas Clauss , Didier Silhol

    "The Contagious Media Project" - Michael Frumin, Jonah Peretti, Chelsea Peretti

    "txtkit – Visual Text Mining Tool"
    schoenerwissen / OfCD -  Anne Pascual - Marcus Hauer
    http://www.minitasking.com - http://www.txtkit.sw.ofcd.com

    Digital Communities 2004
    "The World Starts with Me"
    - The World Starts with Me


    "dol2day - democracy online today"

    "The Cancer Compass"
      - Krebs-Kompass

    "Open-Clothes - 6 billion ways of producing fahion for 6 billion people" = Open-Clothes

     "smart X tension"- Tonga.Online

      "Cabinas Públicas de Internet / Peru"

    "Children With Diabetes"- Children With Diabetes

    "Daily Prophet"- Heather Lawver

    "DakNet: Store and Forward"- DakNet

    "Del.icio.us"- Del.icio.us

    "DjurslandS.net" - DjurslandS.net

    "iCan"- iCan


    "Kythera-Family.net"- Kythera-Family.net

    "The Lomographic Society International"- The Lomographic Society International

    "Nabanna" - Nabanna

    "NYCwireless" - NYCwireless

    "Télécentre Communautaire Polyvalent de Tombouctou"
    Télécentre Communautaire Polyvalent de Tombouctou (RMM)
    Télécentre Communautaire Polyvalent de Tombouctou

    "Wikitravel"- Wikitravel

    Winners & Honorary Mentions 2003 Net Vision & Excellence

    Carlos J. Gomez de Llarena, Yury Gitman (Venezuela / USA): "Node Runner"  (wireless teams compete) - netVision-   www.noderunner.com
    Sulake Labs Oy (Finland): "Habbo Hotel"  netExcellence (virtual community with artificial characters) excellence www.habbohotel.com
    David Crawford (USA/Sweden): "Stop Motion Studies" (web based animations)  net vision   www.lightofspeed.com
     Golan Levin (USA): "The Secret Lives of  Numbers" (search to determine most popular integers on web)  netvision www.turbulence.org/Works/nums/
    James Tindall (UK): "Boards of Canada" www.boardsofcanada.com  net excellence (band interactive 3d - visitors can remix music)
     Lia (Austria): "re-move.org"   net excellence www.re-move.org (visitors create images - also intrinsic algorithms) 

    Christophe Bruno The Google Adwords Happening http://www.iterature.com/adwords
    ubermorgen.com  INJUNCTION GENERATOR  http://www.ipnic.org
    Agathe Jacquillat,Tomi Vollauschek FL@33 presents >>> bzzzpeek.com http://www.bzzzpeek.com
    LAN   SuPerVillainizer - Conspiracy Client
    INSERTSILENCE -  http://www.insertsilence.com
    Axel Heide, onesandzeros, Philip Pocock, Gregor Stehle -  UNMOVIE   http://www.unmovie.net
    Antoni Abad - Z -  http://zexe.net 
    Gil Kuno, Han Hoogerbrugge -  FLOW
    Frederic Durieu, Kristine Malden; LeCielEstBleu -  PuppetTool - http://www.lecielestbleu.com/puppettool 
    Martin Stiksel, Felix  Miller, Michael Beidenbrucker, Thomas Willomitzer; last.fm ltd -  Last.Fm/Flast.Fm
     LAN -  tracenoizer - http://www.tracenoizer.org
    Jared Tarbell -  Levitated - http://www.levitated.net
     OSDNOpen Source Development Network -  sourceforge http://sourceforge.net
    Shinya Yamamoto -  SINPLEX SHOW http://www.sinplex.com

    Winners & Honorary Mentions 2002 Net Vision

    RSG  "Carnivore" http://rhizome.org/carnivore/
    It's Alive!  "BotFighters" http://www.botfighters.com/demo/index.jsp
    Maia Gusberti, Michael Aschauer, Nik Thoenen, Sepp Deinhofer "./logicaland" http://www.logicaland.net
    Jonathan Gay Macromedia Flash 
    Alexandra Jugovic, Florian Schmitt; Hi-Res!   The Third Place  http://archive.hi-res.net/thethirdplace.com/
    Harper Reed  Audreyhacking.com - Hacking the Audrey http://www.audreyhacking.com
    Winners & Honorary Mentions 2002 Net Excellence
    Josh On, Futurefarmers : "They Rule" http://www.theyrule.net
    Schoenerwissen  "Minitasking" http://www.minitasking.com
    Alexandra Jugovic, Florian Schmitt; Hi-Res! : "Donnie Darko" http://www.donniedarko.com
    Kenneth Hung, TINKIN.COM http://www.1111111111111111111111111111111
    Peter Kuthan, Sabine Bitter, Helmut Weber, Thomas Schneider; Arge Zimbabwe Freundschaft  TONGA.ONLINE
    Francis Lam; IdN db-db OUR.DESIGN.PLAYGROUND  http://www.db-db.com/   altlt link
    Elan Lee, Microsoft Cloudmakers - the 'AI' Web Game

    2001 Net Vision

      Sebastien Kochman; team cHmAn (France): "Banja, the online game"
      Yuki Naja; Sonic Team (USA): "Phantasy Star Online"http://www.sonicteam.com/pso/
      Neeraj Jhanji; ImaHima Inc. (Japan): "ImaHima" http://shiva.imahima.com

      micromusic.net, lowtech music for hightech people http://www.micromusic.net Gino
    Esposto, Mike Burkhardt, Paco Manzanares; micromusic Switzerland 
      Gamelab's games (Blix, Loop)http://www.gmlb.com/games.html Eric Zimmerman,
    Gabelab Inc. USA 

    2001 Net Excellence

      Chris McGrail; Kleber (UK): "Warp Records" http://warprecords.com 
      Joshua Davis; maruto (USA): "|P|R|A|Y|S|T|A|T|I|O|N|" http://www.praystation.com 
      Brian McGrath; The Skyscraper Museum (USA): "Manhattan Timeformations"

     The Walker Art Center http://www.walkerart.org Walker Art Center 
      Rhizome.org http://rhizome.org Rhizome
      360degrees.org- Perspectives on the U.S. Criminal Justice System
    http://www.360degrees.org Alison Cornyn, Sue Johnson; Picture Projects USA 
      Kaliber10000http://www.k10k.net/ Michael Schmidt, Toke Nygaard, Per Jørgensen ;
    Kaliber10000 UK 
      DMG:I.O* vs R3:DEV*http://www.gmunk.com/r3dev Bradley Grosh; gmunkstudio UK 
      austropolis - empower your citizen http://www.profil.at  Barbara Neumayr; sysis
    interactive simulations ag Austria 
      BoomBox.net http://www.boombox.net Laurence Desarzens Cannemeijer Switzerland 
      Ultrashock.com http://www.ultrashock.com Ultrashock.com Inc. USA 
      Fucked Company http://www.fuckedcompany.com Philip Kaplan USA 
      Bytes for All, Computing and Internet for the Majority of the World
    http://www.bytesforall.org Frederik Norona; Bytes for All South Asia 
      Chi-Chian http://www.scifi.com/chichian/ Voltaire; USA Netoworks Interactive/SCIFI.COM
      CUB http://www.whitehouseanimationinc.com/ Steve Whitehouse; Whitehouse
    Animation Inc. Canada
      Netbabyworld http://www.netbabyworld.com Netbaby World AB Sweden 
      Tehelka http://www.tehelka.com Tarun Tejpal; Tehelka India

    1999 Winners
    "LINUX": http://www.linux.org**
    Linus Torvalds (SF) 

     "Res Rocket":http://www.resrocket.com**
    Matthew Moller and Willi Henshall (UK) 

     "KEO": http://www.keo.org
    Jean-Marc Philippe (F)

    Honorary Mentions 

    2000 Winners
    "In the beginning was the command line" (excerpts)
    Neal Stephenson http://www.well.com/user/neal
    "The Exquisite Corpse"**
    Sharon Denning http://www.repohistory.org/circulation/exquisite/
    Telezone Team http://www.aec.at/en/archives/center_projekt_ausgabe.asp?iProjectID=11091

    Honorary Mentions

    1998 Winners
     "IO_DENCIES questioning urbanity"**
    Knowbotic Research (D/A) 

     "Post Pet"**
    Kazuhiko Hachiya (J)

     "Xchange" E-LAB (LET

    Honorary Mentions

    1997 Winners 


    MMF - Make Money FastHomepage

    Honorary Mentions

    1996 Ars Electronica Web Winners


    Ed Stasny

    VVV - Journey as an exile**
    Manuel Schilcher, Dietmar Offenhuber, Gerda Palmtshofer, Martin Rutgerson 

    Honorary Mentions 


    1995 Web Winners

    Idea Futures**
    Robin Hanson

    t0 Public Netbase**
    Konrad Becker

    Ringo++  **
    Pattie/Max Maes/Metral 

    Honorary Mentions

    • Station Rose (D)
    • Antonio Muntadas (E)
    • Ed Stastny (USA)
    • Stephanie Cunningham (USA)
    • HotWired (USA)
    • Scott B. Gregory (USA)
    • Charles Henrich (USA)
    • Klaus Johannes Rusch (A)
    • Bonnie Mitchell (USA)
    • David Chaum (USA)
    • Catherine de Courten (CH)

    • Christoph J. Mutter (A) 

    Siggraph98  Web Art
    Mark America GRAMMATRON - hypermedia narrative ennvironment
    Robert Fabricant - Cathedral - 3d VRML
    Gregory Garvey - Gender Bender - Mock interactive gender test
    Julliet Martin - Please Stay on the Line - Interactive event (telephone as metaphor)
    Bonnie Mitchel - When Worlds Collide - collaborative quicktime VR constructive worlds
    Sonya Rapoport - Arbore Erecta - hypermedia mapping of sex change experience to Papua New Guinea tribal initiation rite
    Jacques Servin -  Beast - Game derivative pushing limits of computer systems
    Jospeh Squires - Urban Diary - Hypermedia narrative using diary pages as interface
    Igor Stromajer  - R E : V O L U T I O N -  hypermedia exploration of popular culture, current events, & sexual mores
    Igor Stomajer -  e/motion HELP - Is There Anybody Out There? -  Interactive event commenting of aloneness with metaphor of astronauts
    Annette Weintraub - Pedestrian Walking as Mediation - expoloration of urban environment (Walking as metaphor)
    Anne Wilson - Inquiry About Hair - Constructive Archive of viewerís experience with hair

    Compiled by Stephen Wilson, Professor, CIA Program , Art Dept, San Francisco State University
    ###Note these links are part of the research for Wilson's new book Informati on Arts (MIT Press,2001). Please see the book for more details about the artists, organizations, and texts listed in these links and for extended analysis of the relationship of art and research.  The links are constantly being revised and suggestions are welcomed. Feel free to use these resources but please attribute source. Copyright, 1999-2001 Stephen Wilson.

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