Conceptual Information Arts Links

Intersections of art, science,technology,culture

Artists' Work 

Introduction to Emerging Research Areas of Interest to Artists - (Technological & Artistic research in GPS, Biotechnology, Biosensors, Materials Science, Wearable Computing, Ubiquitous Computing, etc.) 

Art Festivals, Competitions, Shows 

Art Organizations, Journals, Research Centers, Research Organizations, Aternative Science

Online Essays - Theory Resources - Syllabi 

Web Art - works, festivals

Hypermedia, Interface Design Theory

Bibliographies in Art&Science Descriptions of Emerging Technologies, Critical Theory and Analysis of the Relationship of Technology and Culture, Technology and Cultural Implications of Computers

Report on Teleaction Orb project:  A project to test body based telecommunication by creation of two identical activated rooms in two locations.  Collaboration with the Interactive Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Technical Guides

Web Authoring How-to Guides  (Technical guide and links to advanced web authoring - sound, video, style sheets, dynamic html, javascript)

CIA health and safety guide - ergonomic dangers of working with electronic devices and good work practices

Arduino Resources (open source hardware) sample code for general purpose IO controller

Internet/Web Background-  web publishing at SFSU, html guides, internet guides, www searching guides, validation services

Director Lingo Guides, Steve Wilson Guides and mini-tutorials, Links to online resources 

Sound Resource links  - shareware software, archives 

Bay Area & SFSU Resources

Bay Area events, galleries, lectures (an intro)

Jobs, Grants, Events in Bay Area   also national and international lists

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