the good -the bad -the ugly
  1. It was a horrible website...that is a personal homepage...sorry about my tardiness with this looking up a greatest and worst homepage...but it is impossible to find a good on...this one was horrible to me due to the amount of loading time that it needed, and the pitiful amount of appeal that comes out of the final piece. I suggest that everyone stay away from this homepage. Or at least turn off the images within it.

    Now for the best Homepage...I just cannot say...I suspect that I will be able to pick on soon since our classes homepages are going up now...I suspect that they will be much better than the ones I have seen on the web so far...(it seems that there is something fundamentally wrong with the pieces I have seen so far. Though I cannot place my finger on it. (this is for you if you cannot was simple ...graphic and did not take forever to load..thank god.

  2. "Kool Koolthing"
    This homepage has kool graphics. They are strinking enough to really catch the browser's attention. The site also has interesting things to say about important subjects.
    evaluated by Kat

    "Violins Are Playing"
    This guy makes me wanna cry. What a loser, that he has to whine about how terrible his life is to thousands of people. No good pictures, all scroll.
    Evaluated by Kat

  3. Strong home page " appeal)
    This page makes use of the icons to navigate through the information provided. This gives it the ability to cross at least some language barriers. Something I think is important for a global medium.
    Evaluated by Charles Fleharty

    Weak home page
    This page just takes forever to load, note the overdone background graphics. It's full of links to things that you could say define the author but little information is provided about this person.
    Evaluated by Charles Fleharty

  4. Strong home page AM of the LF
    A great example of a calloborative effort of a group of people in creating a web page. There are little bios on the people who worked on it, as well as links to many different topics on what they find interesting.
    Evaluated by Ernest Cajulao

    Weak home page Ben Hom for Mayer of San Francisco
    Hom's page is as boring as it gets. So far, none of the links work, and there's a hugh picture file that takes a decade to download on a 14.4 modem. A bad example of political propoganda on the 'net.
    Evaluated by Ernest Cajulao

  5. Page
    Knatz's home page had strong graphics that linked to interesting stories and a thorough background on the page designer.
    Evaluated by Mark Daugherty Weak Page
    This page was poorly designed with tacky images and not enough info.
    Evaluated by Mark Daugherty

  6. This is my Strong : The Only Good HomePage on the Net as Found by Kat Kovacs and Stolen by Shannon
    The KoolThing site demonstrates the ways in which virtually all other sites have allowed themselves to fall into already stale traditions in the medium, and the vulgarity with which others apply themselves to the task of producing homepages. Koolthing is quick loading, visually arresting, simple yet intruiging to navigate, intellegent and provocative in content and style. It exists as a silhouette of self-portrait- the outline of KoolThings construction and content inform as to the matter its creators.
    Evaluated by Shannon Perkins

    The Bad: You Know That One Scene From Terminator 2 Where Sarah Connor Opens Up With Automatic Weapons Fire on the Quiet Suburban Home of the Man Who Invented the Computer Chip that Brings About the End of The World? Well, If I Where Sarah Connor That Man's Name Would Be Ralph Becker.
    Ralph Becker's homepage represents everything that sucks about the condition of homepages. It is self-serving, banal, superficial, vulgar, arrogant, timid, and dim witted. In short, it is a perfect replication of the model from which virtually all other homepages on the web are made.
    Evaluated by Shannon Perkins

  7. Per Scott Hartwig: A bad example of a personal home page, "Elwin's home page":

    An example of a good personal home page:

    Review of The Zone I Gallery

    Review of The Zone I Gallery,

    home page of E.A. Kennedy III
    reviewed by Jean Eger

    My favorite home page is The Zone I Gallery by E. A. Kennedy. Kennedy has created a home page which shows his back and white photographs in the most beautiful and dramatic way imaginable, given the World Wide Web resources. His opening photo, "Homeboy," is so tantalizing that it demands a scroll down to look at the rest of it. There is really a lot of good material here, not surprising when you find out that Kennedy is a professional news photographer--another reason to admire him. Kennedy's homepage has had a big influence on my web design.

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    Review of FIVAonline

    Review of VIRTUAL CONCRETE Virtual concerete (along with the Smell Garden by Sonja Rappaport) is the best of the FIVAonline bunch. The opening image contains memorable lettering, which is a typeface of disintegrating type called(I don't remember its name), av ailable commercially, I think. At any rate, the artist pulled it together in a subtle, attractive way by using black letters for the word "Virtual," and blood red with pink background for the word "Concrete." The red letters were also outlined a little b it with a pool of grey, which made them a little more palatable. The FIVA background was then a calm, violet blue.

    AS I CONTINUED TO LOOK AT THE INTERACTIVE EXHIBITS IN THIS SHOW, I CAME TO BELIEVE THAT FIVA HAD SUPERIMPOSED THE EXHIBITORS IMAGES ON FIVA'S OWN HORRIBLE BRIGHT AND GAUDY BACKGROUND COLORS. THERE IS REALLY NO WAY OF KNOWING IF THE ARTISTS THEMSELVES SELECTED THE BACKGROUND COLORS. SOME WERE SO BAD THAT IT IS HARD TO BELIEVE THAT THE ARTISTS WOULD HAVE DONE THAT TO THEMSELVES. In Virtual Concretee, body parts with electronic pieces attached float against the violet background with subtelty of color combinations, marred by the choice of text colors. Each of six body parts was a link to another part of the show. The title, "Vi sual or Virtual Concrete" was intriguing: the idea of concrete seems to antithetical to the ephemeral quality of the World Wide Web.

    The word concerete brings to mind such sayings as, "written in concrete, concrete boots," and so on. Give me some con crete evidence that I should go on looking at the FIVA web site. The body construction in the body gallery might not have stood up against a white or grey background, but what the heck, black is IN this year. Even Seybold had their so-called fine art displayed on black background, something that would have given Remb randt indigestion. Perhaps a Mosaic browser would have been more merciful. I'll check it out later, if I have time. As I scroll down and the bodies jerk up, being pulled toward cyberheaven. The Body Gallery is a long list of names whom you could addre ss comments to. It was a strange detour. I guess this site is about being digitally disembodied: that is the concept behind the whole thing.

    THE NEXT OFFERING WAS WAXWEB by David Blair. After I had looked at the opening image I clicked on what I thought was the most logical link to lead me to the next page. I clicked on "next." Only later on did I discover I was supposed to click on the word after TITLE. That was some kind of cruel form which was imposed by the FIVA people.

    At any rate, I was taken to the NEXT WEB SITE WHICH WAS TRACKS by someone else. "Tracks" takes a long time to load. Finally one is treated to horrible garish yellow type against a black background. It's Halloween, folks!

    I guess the NEXT ONE WAS MEMORY-BODY because those were the first words I saw on the opening graphic. But, no, that was not the title. The title was Body-Space-Memory. The graphic was good design, but is is fine art? NOT! a couple of clicks later the page loaded in blank, as I sat staring at the screen, needing a moment to mediate upon my assignment. NOT!

    YLEM's ART ON THE EDGE, is the production of some homeboys. It is sponsored by the Exploratorium. First off you might say what is a YLEM? It sounds like the name of a cult group. Their opening graphic is a real color overload: orange and purple on a blue FIVA background. Yes, folks, Halloween is gertting near. YLEM includes letters which are too small for this 53 year old to read with glasses on. It is a creative optomotrist's test! If you scroll past the combination of FIVA overhead strip of eclectic and hot steam-table icons and YLEM's purple puke, you will be rewarded by, you guessed it, more halloween lettering.

    THE NEXT ONE, HOMR, was down, thank goodness. Having the FIVA graphic at the top of every page essentially destroyed the visual aesthetic of all the individual artists.

    The MEDIA RENNAISSANCE had a picture that had kind of a neat 3-D lettering effect, with a hand trying to get out through the computer screen. Click on the graphic and one goes to a fast-loading blessedly plain title which tells us that there are perf ormances by well-known groups on this site. But the link just leads to photos, just promo pieces for these groups.

    TELE GARDEN was out of order.

    SMELL YOUR DESTINY proved that the artist did have some control over the opening image. Sonya Rappaport planned it so the title would come up first. I guess I am partial to pictures on white pa per. She presented an image with enough white space so that it made sense. This fascinating site leads to pages of HTML code which you can "save as" and then open up in your viewer, making it a truly interactive piece. The conceptual idea is that of fi shing around in a polluted ocean. What you're really getting is source code, which has bneen transformed. Good work, Sonya!


    Copyright © 1995 Jean Eger

    1. Strong HomePage but simple)
      This page has very interesting(tricky) graphics. Buttons are not linked to anything even though they do look like they are linked.
      Evaluated by Hiroko Muto

      Weak HomePage Why? Why?)
      How could they do that to me? Sillicon Graphics? What a disappointment. Too many colors! Too many buttons! Full of links! Too many different types of logos and graphics!
      Evaluated by Hiroko Muto

    2. Strong Home Page Jim Davies Page and JD's page for Laurie Anderson
      I liked this page because of his background and the humorous photo of the puppet which visually gives an insight into his personality. I also ,like one of his links which I included because it has a very good interface. It use little icon pictures and short bits of text to lead you on.
      Evaluated by John Blackkett

      Weak home page
      Thamer's weak attempt
      I felt this was a poor example because it was visually unapealing and not very interesting. He also didn't offer much in the way of personal data, just some links he thought were interesting.
      Evaluated by John Blackett

      URL to John Blackett's Home Pages
      John BLackettHome Page
      URL to John Blackett's Future Home Page
      John Blackett Future Home Page
      one of the worst pages i've seen is : ting-snitches-madden-93-dominator-all-day- beat-your-j-make-you-pay It was nothing but an advertisement one of the better pages i've seen was: I liked it becauce he/she made it easy for me to turn on and off pics by giving me commands. I also find it interesting on the subject matter and this one concerning celeberty deaths actually had me looking around. I don't know maybe I'm