Conceptual Design/Information Arts Gallery

Art works created by faculty, sudents and alumni of the Conceptual Design/ Information Arts Department at San Francisco State University.

Art Exploring the World Wide Web as Context (1995)

Art Exploring Telecommunications and the World Wide Web as Art Contexts (1996)

Home Page as Cultural Phenomenon

Topic Based Information Art

Arists each selected a "topic" to focus on.  They created a site that contextualized that explored ways of contexualizing the topic and provided links to web and non-web based resources related to that topic.

Paris/San Francisco Experiment in International Collaborative Art

Art students in Paris and San Francisco each selected one object to represent themselves.  Students in the correspondent city then each chose one object and placed it in a location in their own city.

Documentation of performance events exploring non-electronic methods of communicating over a distance

Web sites exploring new technologies or socio-cultural issues related to the World Wide Web

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- Some of the art was created as part of the Art511 Art&Telecommunications course (
- A comprehensive guide to Web design is available in the book World Wide Web Design Guide (Hayden Books) by Stephen Wilson