Conceptual/Information Arts Gallery

Art works created by faculty, students and alumni of the Conceptual Information Arts Department at San Francisco State University

Faculty Projects

Stephen Wilson
Paula Levine

Current Graduate Students

Genevieve Hastings
Jordan Perkins Lewis
Chrisopher Lopez
Elia Vargas

Group Show

Energy Harvesting as Public Art
(part of the knowledge hacking show at UC Berkeley Art Department Gallery (2010)
Seven installations by student and faculty teams

Past Undergraduate Student Projects

(** Many links have gone dead as student accounts have been purged - sorry)

Art 511 Physical Computing / Electronics  Final Projects  5/09   (Documentation - Eric Caselton)
unedited source video
CIA Senior Show 2008   Miss Eliza's Flickr photos

Projects from Art 412 (Intro to Art & Technology),  511 (Physical Computing/Emersive Environments),  and  511 (Network Tech)    Visiting Artist: Alex Killough    Fall, 2005

Projects from Art 511  New Communications Technology: Internet and Art (1996-2008)
Index to New Communications Technology projects (go to student project section)

Student Projects from  Art & Emerging Technologies 1999 - 2008
Index to student art and research projects 
(go to student projects section at bottom of web page)
(Web based presentations of projects built on concepts and research into emerging technologies.)
  examples from 2001

  • Designer corporate logo butterflies. -james m
  • A look at the future possibilities of chaos theory in control -  kerry l
  • An idea page about wiring your entire home, and putting your lifeon display to the internet via Web Cams. -Nathan Shelley
  • Dokodemo(Anywhere)Room- Ayumi Akasaka
  • the IC room allows visitors to manipulate a musical composition using gesture and touch. - bela
  • visit siteInteractive installation using biofeedback. -jonathan l 
  • Xenosex (capsules with celebrity sexual experiences.jonathan
  • visit site clothing goes beyond it's current function - changeable t-shirt logos (deadlink?) -mike p
  • Lil' Scientist Micro Injection Lab - transgenteitc fish -Laura t
  •   New kind of digital ink - andrew
  • The disposable GPS diaper. Jeff l
  •  Wearable computing out of control - mike o

  • Electronic dream catcher - dagmara
  • The saga of Nikola Tesla 
  • Synesthesia - the mixing of senses link site -  DB
  • 'Ware the stochastic sunusoidal reticulations! all books poltted - andrew wad
  • AURA SHADES.pseudoscience at its finest. jon apour
  • Teleportation-Ayumi
  • An exploration of using hacking as a new medium for visual expression, protest and performance. -Nathan Shelley
  • FEED - webcasting to a TV near you... bČla
  • Surveillance Disruption - jeff L
  • Perambulators roam the Earth... -Laura
  • McTechnoGod - customizable spiritual interface - patent
  • Monochromatic Viewing Device with Contrast Control - kl
  • Portable Lie Detector Patent -DB
  • Dream recorder and dream imagery reconstruction device. -Nathan
  • A powerful electronic device which simulates a crowd so the neighbors don't have to know how lonely you really are.
  • This is the ULTIMATE BATHROOM BUDDY... >>>>>JDA
  • visit site recently broke up? have an ex? send them a gift they'll never forget bad flower (dead link)... -mp
  • Method and device for replication of behavior patterns - wad
  • >Eyeglass and belt buckel digital imaging system. Jeff
  • 24 hours available secure vending system- Ayumi
  • A lighted, enclosed shelving unit featuring electro-luminescent lighting panels!! -Laura


    Projects from Art 511  Electronics and Robotics (2002)

    Art 511 robotics gallery compositie image  (120K)

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