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Stephen Wilson, Professor, Art, Conceptual/Information Arts Program, San Francisco State University
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Around the world in 80 links
Around the World in 80 Clicks
Worlds largest WebCam -long aplpha cities
The World Right Now
Cams, Cameras, Web Cameras,
Cameras from around the world
Welcome to the ConnecTV directory listing
EarthCam - We Never Close
WebCam's World
Michael's List Of International Outdoor Web Cams
WebCam Central
dcn.com's World Wide Webcams
Web Cams - Leonard's Cam World - Web Cams
Looking for a webcam? Come to dcn.com, the Digital Camera Network.
Tommy's List of Live Cam Worldwide
JASBITS Top5 netcams - webcams homecams girlcams and MORE!!!
Web Cam World
 WebCam Central
 The Ultimate Camera Page
 Ryan's Webcam Utopia --Outdoor Cameras--
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 Peeping Tom Homepage
 Intelligent Technologies Camera Index
 Cammunity searchable index
 Daniel's Live Cameras
 WOW! World Of Webcams

Interesting Web Cams - US

EarthCam Metros - San Francisco
Walt Disney World - Theme Parks Live Cameras are unavailable
time square
 View of the Niagara falls from the top of the Fallsview
 LIVE - CAM-vienaa
 Mawson Station, Antarctica

Interesting Web Cams - non US

 taiwan camaera
 Aish HaTorah - Window on the Western Wall
 Bogaz TV-turkey
 Helsinki-kamera - Linkit

Special Web Cam Situations

WebCrawler Entertainment: Humor: Web Cameras: Weird & Cool
WebCam Central : Category : Strange-Unusual
 Miscellaneous Cameras - Index
Web Cam Central - sorted by category
 Live Almaden CattleCam
Yahoo - Animals, Insects, and Pets
Yahoo- Parodies
Yahoo - Adult Web Cams
Multi-Cultural Recycler
Random Camera

Artist Web Cam Installations



Diller, Scofidio, Refresh
Wilson, 50 points
 Telegarden, The
 Icepick: Cool and to the Point
 Dislocation of Intimacy
Christa Erickson's Web Cam installations

Critical Essays

GhostCritic - Essay on WebCams and surveillance (David Hunt)
Ken Goldberg - chapter 1 "Introduction: The Unique Phenomenon of a Distance" from Robot in the Garden (book on Telepresence)

Other Related Sites (Satellites, Devices)

Earth and Moon Viewer
Earth View.shadow earthmap
Date and Time Gateway
Yahoo - - Devices Connected to the Internet
 Cornell University's CU-SeeMe Page
The Reflector-cuseem.ezine