Art 511 Conceptual/Information Arts: Trio of Experimental Art Technologies
Tentative Course Schedule  (Note subject to change)      REVISED!!!!!!!!!!

Tues date Tuesday Thursday 
Jan 27 
Feb 1 Overview of Course 
Introduction to 3 technologies 
Read Electronics web tutorial 
Read Wilson. article.sensor artists 
Read Sensor Magazine 
Find artist, sensor research 
Develop sensor proposal 
Read ADB-IO documentation
Introduction to Electronics 
Introduction to ADB-IO Interface
Find sensor research
Feb 8 Introduction to Electronics 
Introduction to ADB-IO Interface cont.
Proposals for project 1 Sensors/Devices due
Report on Sensor/Device Artists
Discussion on Wilson.article.sensor art
Feb 22 Troubleshooting/open lab Troubleshooting/open lab
Feb 29  Troubleshooting/open lab Sensor Research
March 7  Troubleshooting/open lab Project 1 Sensors/Devices Presentations
March 14 Project 1 Sensors/Devices Presentations Introduction to GPS 
Read GPS World Magazine 
Read GPSy and Garmin docs 
Find GPS artist or research site 
Develop proposal 3 GPS
March 21 Develop GPS proposals Proposals for project 2 GPS due
March 28  Troubleshooting/openlab Review of GPS Artists or Sites
Discussion wilson.GPS.article
April 4  Troubleshooting/open lab Project 2 GPS Presentations
April 11  open lab Proposals for project 3 Final project due
April 18  spring vacation*** spring vacation**
April 25  Troubleshooting/open lab Class session on Final presenations
May 2  Troubleshooting/open lab Troubleshooting/open lab
May 9  **Final Presentations   **Final Presentations 

Stephen Wilson, Professor, Art, Conceptual/Information Arts Program, San Francisco State University
Information about the Conceptual/Information Arts program  Wilson web page
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