Art 511-Trio of Experimental Art Technologies 
Links: Alternative Interfaces, GPS, WebCams

Stephen Wilson, Professor, Art, Conceptual/Information Arts Program, San Francisco State University
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 Links for the Trio course including general and class related resources in Alternative Interfaces (Sensors, Device Control, Electronics); Webcameras; and GPS location sensing technology

Alternative Interfaces

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Topics in Electronics

What is electricity, voltage, amperage, resistance, watts, power, ohm's law?
What is alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC)?
How does one work safely with electricity?
How do batteries , transformers, rectifiers, voltage regulators work?
How do power supplies work?

What are analog electronics?  How do tubes work?
How do transistors work?  What are emitters, collectors, bases, gain, bias?
What is the difference between a NPN and PNP transistors?

How do switches work?  What kinds are available?
How do relays work?  What so relay ratings mean?
What is an optoisolator?  How does it work?
What is a triac?

How do digital electronics work?
What is a truth table?
How does an AND, OR, NAND, and NOR gate work?
What is the difference between TTL and CMOS chips?
How does a multiplexer work?
What kind of other digital chips are available?

How does one work with breadboards?  How does one solder?
What is a multitester?

How do motors work?  What kinds of lights are available?
What is an LED?

How does one interface with a computer?
What special considerations must one be aware of?