Art 511  Art & Emerging Technologies  - List of Links from Spring, 03

Stephen Wilson, Professor, Conceptual/Information Arts, Art Department

Tech Artists 1

-Transgenic Art- Cactus growing human hair 
Artist Laura Cinti uses human DNA on a cactus to grow human hair
Amy Young 
Amy Young uses "electronics, kinetics, sound, insects, plants and pixels to create art about the complex relationship between technology and our changing concepts of nature and self". 
Ata-fractal sculpture 
Fractal art in France in 2D, 3D,,4D, computer structures realized in real time, outside the computer
Bill and Mary Buchen--Sound Architects 
Husband and wife team that build sound sculptures, and use wind as motion detection
Buster Simpson 
Lewis "Buster" Simpson's art is about increasing public awareness of the environment, often by using Òquick fixÓ solutions to major global problems (like acid rain or deforestation).
Char Davies-Immersence 
"My work as an artist explores VR's capacity for refreshing our "ways of seeing" through the design of immersive virtual environments unlike those of our usual sensibilities."
Chihuly in the Park:A Garden of Glass 
Glass artist bringing arts and plants together in a way in which both are transformed-essay describing Chihuly's glassworks with interesting overview of gardens and conservatories-iphotos of work incredibly surreal and delightful. Want to experience the real thingLR 
Dr. Hugo - Museums of the Mind 
Eye-catching site featuring the work of this Belgian painter/ new media researcher. Includes many links to his personal interests including research on synesthesia.
Independent game development group seeking to advance the medium of video games through innovative concepts, aesthetics, and gameplay.
Glen MCcKay: Altered States 
A painter by training and an innovator in spirit, Glenn McKay (b. 1936) expands the capabilities of the audio/visual hardware of postwar industrial display such as the overhead projector and the automatic slide projector.
J.Feldschuh' art 
The artist uses Cosmic Microwave background with Galactic and Astronomical formation in acrylic paintings on canvas.
Sculptural Work in Collaboration with Trichoptera 
Artist Hubert Duprat "collaborates" with the caddis worm to make jewelry-like sclupltures.
Surveillance Camera Players 
Guerilla programming of video surveilance equipment-cool manifesto and performances
The Humperdinck Effect 
Artist Adam Zaretsky plays a varitey of music from Humperdinck to Chili Peppers for E. Coli bacteria and pond microorganisms.
amy youngs 
she's a little everything


Tech Artists 2

Astronomical photography 
Anglo-Australian telescopes capture images of supernovas, nebulae, galaxies, etc.,
Dialtone Symphony 
A group of artists who developed a system to create a symphony by dialing the audience's mobile phones
Fine Art Holography 
Shaping empty space with light
Golan Levin 
An artist, designer, and software engineer whose work deals with synesthesia and how technology impacts consciousnesss
Index of/~diane [Diane Bertolo] 
Archive of Diane Bertolo's online works, including channelUntitled
American born artist merging virtual and actual conditions (viractuality) to create interesting artwork.
London Fieldworks 
London Fieldworks was co-founded in April 2000 by artists Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson as an umbrella organisation for their interdisciplinary collaborations. Their Flash Based interface is cool and so are their concepts and projects.
Modern Sculpture 
sculptures using water and light
Paul Friedlander Light Sculpture and 
The human intercations with lightbeams trigger different responses to different waves of energy.
Paul Sermon 
Telematic Art
Seth Riskin 
Optical dancer and painter of light, working with light boxes,hologra[hic scrims,lasers,and mirrors Rikins' work transforms space into a trascendent experience
Texture, Grace, and Drama An interview with Mary Lucier 
internationally renown pioneer of the video installation genre -
A commissioned piece by Diane Bertolo where she explores the link between telecommunications and voices of the dead. SD

Interesting Journals

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer 
Research publications. Dark Matter
Digital Bauhaus 
New media arts
Journal of Computer Mediated Communication 
Part of USC, the Annenberg School for Communication has been a (FREE) online resource which includes various journals, articles, abstracts, etc. Their main focus is on how technology has altered, intermeshed, changed, and guided how people communicate throughout the world.
Interesting journal focuses on science, art, and humanities. Issue 02 includes interesting thoughts on human cloning. - NB.
Social Research 
Journal published quarterly focusing on the social sciences. The Spring 2001 "Privacy" issue has articles pertaining to the ways surveillance harms personal privacy.- NB
Space Daily 
Informative articles about recent research in space science
UCLA Journal of Technology 
Great article -"The Tools of Mass Monitoring" overview of current technilogical/legal/ethical concerns around the issue of surveillance

Think Tanks

Website of German research and design group specializing in human interface design and interactive and artificial environments.
Equator Research Collaboration 
Equator is a six-year Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration(IRC) supported by EPSRC that focuses on the integration of physical and digital interaction.
Honda Worlwide 
Honda Worldwide's R & D department is pushing the barrier of science & technology, yet stays grounded through a concern for the environment.
Interaction Design Institute - Ivrea 
An Institute located in Ivrea, Italy specializing in Interaction Design through a graduate study program and work in their research lab. Their goal is to develop new ways of interaction through communication, networks and information technology.
MERL: Mitsubishi Electronic Research Laboratories 
the North American arm of the central R&D organization of Mitsubishi Electric Company - conducts application-motivated basic research and advanced development in computer and communications technology. SD
SOMA Social Matrices 
SoMa is a think tank for culture which conducts research into creative practices and their effects on culture and society.
Santa Fe Institute 
multidisc iplinary pure science lab, with emphasis on dissolving borders between disciplines
WWW resources on Biologically inspired ResearchÊ 
Genetic Algorithm Research& Application Group maintains
World Resources Institute 
World Resources Institute is an environmental research and policy organization that creates solutions to protect the planet and improve peopleÕs lives.
biodiversity research group 
natural science research 
Steven J. Milloy uncovers common health scare tacticts that are often claimed by the media, politics, and businesses. SD

Miscellaneous Interesting Sites

Add a Garden 
Plant a flower in Iraq
Are paranormal phenomena electromagnetc? 
The law of conservation of ebergy
Automatic Plant Watering Systems 
"Plantsitters" to water your plants while you're away..or just too lazy..or busy.

Extraterrestial Intelligence 
Extensive online listings of astrobiological research. Seti articles
Imagineering On-Line Magazine 
Below are over 100 construction project ideas I have been collecting for many years. Some I have actually built, others never made it beyond the conceptual stage and would therefore require some experimentation to finalize a design.
Sacred Geometry
Dr. Judith Cornell describes the art of mandalas and the luminoussymbols for healing.
Monkey Fist Collective/Progressive web magazine 
Our goal so far has been to come to conceptual terms with the embodied experience of being the subject of surveillance. There is a rigorous and growing body of theoretical work that aims at a formal, systematic understanding of surveillance society. We're interested in that theoretical work and the ways it can be used to understand and subvert the lived, embodied reality of surveillance.
Rich's Hints & Kinks 
Rich's Hints & Kinks is a collection of useful information gleaned from many years of experience in running Autonomous Robotics at CWRU (LEGO 375/475 and its predecessor, LEGO 479). Rich's Hints & Kinks is not intended to replace student experimentation or stifle student creativity; rather, it is a helpful guide to some of the known pitfalls that have needlessly ambushed students in the past. Your mileage, of course, may vary.
Rudie Berkhout Artist/Holographer 
Holographes of holograms
Scince and psychic abilities 
Psi and electromagnetic abilities
Solve et Coagula 
" mates man with a machine turned human and everything that goes with it:ecstatic, monstrous,perverted,craving,seductive,hysterical, violent and beautiful."
Sun Drawings 
A changing image of light
Tantra is an eminent science having thousands of principles. In fact, it is the system of our life and a science of practice and practical knowledge. Through Tantra, we can attain superb powers by attracting and deriving the divine faculties pervading the entire cosmos. The aspirant of Tantra makes his internal capacity sharp and intensely forceful just like a magnet. This science is the process of activating the various dormant vital glands and Chakras of the astral form, present inside the human body. It makes us aware of the truth that a person can get liberation from his own subjugation, can achieve immense power and even with the physical body present, can free himself from his body and expand his faculties infinitely. 
The 1997 New York Video Festival 
It is time once again for an exciting exploration of a medium we never quite know where to place within the realm of moving images. But that is the allure of video. A
The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer 
Research into Dark Matter
The Carnivorous Plant FAQ 
An informative and funny FAQ page about carnivorous plants
The Ears Hear 
Description: The EAR is an outdoor microphone which connects to your existing stereo system inside a home or office, allowing outdoor sounds to be heard clearly inside the house.
Theory of Chaos 
Are paranormal phenomena electormagnetic?
A collection of resources, examples, and lecture notes for the physical computing courses at ITP
Tracking the Next Military and Technological Revolutions is an attempt to track the breakthroughs and implications of the next military and technological revolutions
Trey's Theory Links 
links to a couple articles of interest.
United States Air Force Counter Proliferation Center 
Labs, Research, & Technologies -you name it, they got it and Lots! I can only hope this is a mock site as it is the most terrifying piece of work I have seen in quite a while.
Virtual Reality of Sunnywapta Falls 
Virtual waterfalls can connect...
harmful and beneficial health effects of Bioelectromagnetics 
James Beal whose site this is appears to be a very important source of knowledge in this area-interesting site with good list of links -LR
the LEV List. 
he Live Experimental Video mailing list, otherwise known as the LEV List. This is an email discussion list for anyone who is interested in experimenting with video