Exploring Artists Working in Emerging Areas of Technology and Science

Art 412  -  Assignment 1B
Conceptual Information Arts Program, SFSU Art Dept

Contemporary artists working with technology and science face a dilemma.   They need to master the current tools and contexts - for example, in our era,  computers, Internet, and  digital video.  Since research is moving so fast, they also need to  become masters of emerging technologies and  frontier areas of scientific research.  The last decades have clearly shown that esoteric research areas can soon become artistic media and generate significant cultural impact beyond their narrow scientific niches. 

This assignment asks you to familiarize yourself with some the artists working with emerging technologies.  Many of the artists have created extensive web sites that document their artistic projects and often include papers and statements that offer conceptual background.  This assignment asks you to browse through artists working in various areas and pick two for special focus.  You can use the CIA page of links to artist's web sites.

CIA Artists Links - http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~infoarts/links/wilson.artlinks2.html 

1.  Go to links site and browse artists working in at least four catgories
2. Pick two for special focus.  Go deeper into thier sites studying at least two installations and artist statemets or papers for each.
3.  Write a paragraph for each explaining what you found most noteworthy or problematic in the artists' work.
4.  Select one for which you will make a 2 minute presentation to the class.  The presentation should summarize one of the artist's works in concrete detail.  What was the installation?  What did visitors experience?  What was the artist's agenda in creating the piece?  What are your reactions to the piece?